‘Flip-Flop’ping over off-spring’s own honour

In a surprise turn-coating against his own son who was a victim in a sodomy case which is now in the process of appeal, Azlan Mohd. Lazim cried foul. He alleged his son Mohd Saiful Bukhari was a victim of a conspiracy against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, which involves a Special Officer to the Prime Minister Dr Khairul Annas.

Pro-PKR portal Free Malaysia Today’s story:

Father: Anwar innocent, Son: He is not

G Vinod

| March 8, 2013

Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s father says his son was used by several unscrupulous people, including a special officer to the PM, to fabricate lies against the opposition leader.


KUALA LUMPUR: In a shocking turnaround of events, Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s father has claimed that Anwar Ibrahim did not sodomise his son. But Saiful insists that he was.

In a hastily arranged press conference, Azlan Mohd Lazim,60, said that Anwar was a victim of a vile political conspiracy.

“My son was used by several unscrupulous individuals, including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s special officer, Khairil Annas Jusoh.

“These people masterminded the slander against Anwar, using my son,” he alleged.

Last year, Anwar was acquitted by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on charges of sodomising Saiful, his former aide.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers appealed against the verdict and the Court of Appeal is scheduled to hear the case on July 22.

Azlan, a semi-retiree, said that he had stood by his son’s accusation against Anwar in the past to provide moral support to Saiful.

“He’s my son and I know he is good person but as I was attending his trial in the last four years, I sensed something was amiss.

“Some people also gave me evidence which convinced me of Anwar’s innocence. As a Malay and a Muslim, I cannot continue being a pawn in this evil scheme of things,” he said.

‘My conscience is clear’

During the question and answer session, Azlan claimed that his previous statements to the media were scripted by his lawyer, Zamri Idrus.

“My lawyers prepared my statements, under the instructions of Khairil,” he alleged.

But he admitted that he has never met Khairil personally but heard about the officer from his son.

“The government did not meet me to discuss the case or even ask my opinion. Everything is carefully handled by Khairil,” said Azlan.

On why his son got involved the plot, Azlan said he was in the dark on the matter.

Whether Saiful is aware of him having a press conference today, Azlan refused to comment.

“If he is unhappy, that is up to him. All I know is that my conscience is clear,” he said.

Azlan added that he was prepared to repeat his statement in court if he was given the space.

“God willing, if I have the opportunity, I will also personally tender an apology to Anwar and his family for the troubles they have undergone,” he said.

Saiful had previously sworn in a mosque that he had been sodomised by Anwar, a charge which was always denied by the opposition parliamentarian.

Meanwhile, in a text message, Saiful said that he would not budge from his allegation and claimed that his father was being used by certain unscrupulous people.

“I will stand firm on my case,” he said, adding he is in the midst of contemplating his next course of action.


This claim by Azlan is really suspicious. Of course, the timing too.

First of all, it was done in secret to a select group of pro-Opposition media only. None of the mainstream media was present.

The other, he was accompanied by Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul. A former psywar and motivator in BTN when the agency under Prime Minister’s Department was a tool of indoctrination by Anwar. Johari was the PKR MP who brought by the ‘Dato’ T’ Trio to have a preview of the ‘Chinadoll video’ of someone believed to be Anwar Ibrahim having paid sex with a Chinese prostitute.

It is believed that Azlan dare not face mainstream media because most likely, this is a prepared script. He would not able to withstand the questions that would be thrown by the mainstream media journalists, who should have the facts in chronological order of the case where Saiful made a Police report against his Boss 28 June 2008.

These are material facts like Azlan accompanied his son in making the swear by Al Quran in a mosque infront of an Imam.

Another interesting fact is that Saiful was steadfast in getting the public prosecutor to appeal the case where Anwar was acquired by the High Court. This is reflective of someone who was victimized and wanted justice. The appeal case is scheduled for July.

Saiful is very consistent about his case. He braved all odds to come out and tell his story under oath, knowingly that the world would be prejudice against him.

His statement in response to Azlan’s restricted media statement:


1. Saya berasa amat sedih dan dukacita dengan berita mengenai bapa saya. Saya sedih kerana bapa saya telah menjadi mangsa kerakusan politik makhluk bernama Anwar bin Ibrahim.

2. Demi Allah, Agama Bangsa dan Negara tercinta, Saya ingin tegaskan bahawa saya tidak sama sekali akan berganjak dengan dakwaan saya. Saya akan terus Istiqamah dan berpegang teguh pada dakwaan saya, segala keterangan saya di Mahkamah, juga sumpah laknat yang telah saya lafazkan, sehingga ke akhir hayat.

3. Kepada Anwar bin Ibrahim, bertaubatlah. Telah 5tahun saya bertahan, dan berdiri teguh walaupun sukar. Saya pasti Allah akan balas apa yang saudara lakukan. Sungguh terdesak dan jijik sekali.

4. Saya juga memberi amaran kepada Anwar Ibrahim, walaupun terdesak, jangan membabitkan bapa saya untuk memutarbelitkan keadaan dalam mencapai matlamat beliau.

4. Saya percaya isu ini sengaja ditimbulkan bagi mengalih perhatian isu “pengkhianat negara” yang sedang beliau hadapi.

5. Walau apapun berlaku, saya yakin KEPADA ALLAH SWT..yang benar tetap benar. Kebenaran tidak dapat dihapuskan walau apa sekalipun.

6. Saya akan terus berdoa agar Allah bukakan hati bapa saya untuk kembali pada jalan Allah, kebenaran, pertahankan anak kandungnya yg menjadi mangsa.

7. Sebagai seorang anak, kasih sayang dan hormat kepada seorang ayah akan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.

8. Kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, saya menyeru agar tidak terpedaya dengan permainan jijik Anwar Ibrahim ini.

9. Kedaulatan Negara kini sedang diancam musuh, ditambah pengkhianat musuh dalam selimut membantu, sudah ramai perwira kita yang telah terkorban, marilah sama-sama kita doa dan pertahankan.

Akan terus Doa, Istiqamah dan Sabar



Sources said Saiful, who has not been close his father all the while, has not been able to contact the father for the past couple of weeks. Azlan who has been taken cared by Saiful, it said to have left home two months ago and where a bouts unknown.

It is believed also that Anwar has been consistent in his effort to court Azlan. Rumour has it that a ‘substantial amount of money was offered’, during these engagements to ‘win over’ both Saiful and Azlan. However, it was said that Saiful was very firm that no amount of money could substitute the fact he was sodomised.

It is ashamed if Azlan did ‘Flip-Flop’ and sold out his own son. Saiful only wanted his honour preserved and justice served, as someone who was victimized by Anwar.

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Five Years and Mr Mansuh

Today is the historic day  five years ago where Malaysians decided on the 12GE. Then Prime Minister PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Barisan Nasional Chairman unprecedentedly lost five-plus-one states and for the first time, unable to have 2/3 control of the Dewan Rakyat.

This 12th parliamentary electoral term has been the most controversial and politicized period in the history of Malaysia, where too many challenges were thrown in sundry. ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy was systematically spurred to near chaotic proportions. It is unbelievable the issues that were drawn into the political arena.

The Opposition manipulated and twisted facts and history and indiscriminately  lied on issues about and involving Federal Government agencies (Police, MACC, AG’s Chambers, Royal Customs), Armed Forces, State Government and local authorities, Federal Constitution, HRH Rulers, Islam and historical facts such as the Bukit Kepong incident.

This is on top of character assassination of leaders, especially the Sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak with fabrication and lies. The ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy is so ingrain amongst these deviant oddballs to a point that young Malaysians even demean the photo of the Prime Minister in the most unMalaysian manner.

The Opposition treated the Malaysian justice system as their ‘political game pitch’.

It is amazing how the Oppositions could continuously insult the intelligence and integrity of the majority of Malaysians with such intensity and frequency.

The most recent one is the Lahad Datu armed intrusion where the Oppositions tried to manipulate and politicize. However, the will of the majority of Malaysians are resolved and the nation united as one in throwing support to the Federal Government, the Police and Armed Forces in ensuring the sovereignty of the nation remain intact.

In capturing the imagination of majority of Malaysians and drawing them to support them with false hopes and deception, the Oppositions are throwing incredible promises that eventually drive the  Federal Government and nation into poverty and the people into chaos.

The clip above serves as a reminder for Malaysians to be very careful of giving away their mandate.

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