Crazy like the fox

Court-side jester Musa Hitam

Former Chairman of Sime Darby and Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam tried to be funny in another simplistic sweeping statement, when commenting that politics based on the interests of ethnicity and the outcome if the Opposition comes to power and takes over the administration.

Musa Hitam: Do not insult the electorate

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First Published: 8:09pm, Mar 12, 2013
Last Updated: 11:27pm, Mar 12, 2013

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  • Former DPM Musa, while saying he is still very much an Umno member, says the opposition would not be stupid enough to destroy the country should it come into power.

    Former DPM Musa, while saying he is still very much an Umno member, says the opposition would not be stupid enough to destroy the country should it come into power.

SHAH ALAM (March 12): Former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam said that it would be foolish for anyone to state that the country would be destroyed should the opposition comes to power.

“Do not insult the intelligence of the electorate.

“Saying that the country would be destroyed if the opposition takes over is (merely) a political statement. The opposition would not be that stupid (to destroy the country). It is also the opposition’s good that everything is for the betterment of the country – if not, why should they stand for election?

“The other side (opposition) would not knowingly allow the economy to collapse,” said Musa, who insisted that he is still very much an Umno member.

He was speaking to reporters after a talk on the survival of the Malay economy organised by Malay daily Sinar Harian and Astro Awani here today.

During his talk, Musa also lambasted politicians who resort to racism to gain votes.

“Those who use racism for politics, are bankrupt politician(s). There are so many more issues to be highlighted and there are so many successful government projects that can be highlighted. There is no need for the Malays to be frightened into submission,” said Musa.

He also talked of how Malays must get rid of their inferiority complex and strive for success in economy as “business successes do not come as government handouts”.

He further called on the Malays to be “ashamed of themselves” should they qualify for business tenders or high positions just because they are Malays.

He spoke of the need to get rid of the Ali Baba system, where the Malays are merely a front for the businesses, while it is run by the Chinese.

Yet, he said the Malays can apply for the Ali Baba system and use others as a front if they think it would make the business successful.

He cited examples of many Malays who have managed to make it on their own in the international economy without any government assistance and worked hard to achieve it without the Malay “race-merit” attached.

The Malay crowd of about one hundred people comprised Malay interest groups, Umno members and university students. The event was moderated by Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad.


Realistically, it is baffling that he was denied real information about things happening on the ground these past few years being cooped in ‘executive cave’ in the Sime Darby corporate office. His sweeping statement is reflective that he has never read the newspaper, watched local tv, never received sms from fellow Malaysians and his access to the cyberworld is everything but local political, economics and ‘market talk’ scenes.

There is no need to list every single bit that the Opposition is actually part, combination or in sundry either anti-Federal Constitution, anti-Islam, anti-Malay Rulers, anti-establishment, anti-order of nature, anti-establishment, anti-law enforcement, anti-order, anti-history, anti-Federation and most importantly, anti-Malay.

It is actually unbelievable that the intensity and frequency of insinuations, challenges, provocations, insults and any manipulation, deception and fabrication of facts to achieve the list stated above, have been done and carried out. Their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy is their only salvation to realize power, which include plan to turn this nation upside down in chaos and anarchy.

Musa should start talking to persons who are more grounded and actually understand the realities in the states which the Oppositions have been managing the past five years, They are so many scandals in Selangor, namely the Talam-gate, Kuala Semesta sand mining enterprise and the various PKNS projects which are gaining national attention. That is on top of the Oppositions failed to own up to their own promises.

Kg. Buah Pala, Kg. Manggis and Bayan Mutiara scandals in Penang are the three most identified. That is to add the fact that once industrious Penang’s latest GDP figures sliding downwards as the rest of the nation is on the upbeat trend.

Kelantan and Kedah have been plagued with indiscriminate illegal and over-logging. The recent Kuin-gate is a demonstration that PAS cannot manage. Kelantan, which was left pristine development-less the past 22 years, must also explain the monies collected from donations for the Lebuh Raya Rakyat.

The Oppositions’ track record the past five years to burn this nation down is something previously thought unimaginable beyond the Reformasi odd-blokes. They have time and again making seditious statements to stir up Malaysians’ emotions, even to the low point of demonizing law enforcement agencies. And yet, they keep achieving new milestones.

Tun Musa and Tun Abdullah

Tun Musa and Tun Abdullah

Musa is not new in the personalitties segment of making faux pas. In 2006, his comment on the Prime Mininister ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak and manipulated leadership, which saw the dismantling of the power of mainstream politics, administration, media and confidence of the public at large as simply “Elegant silent”.

If that wasn’t insulting the intelligence of Malaysians, we are not sure what is.

When Sime Darby was literally the laughing stock of the oil and gas industry for the cock-up and scandalous Qatar Petroleum and Maersk Oil Qatar ventures, Musa was adamant that Sime Darby was doing the right thing. By the time they realize the reality and effect of the combination of corrupt executive leadership, poor project planning and management and incompetent business development, Sime Darby already accumulated a loss of over RM 4 billion.

Of course, Musa did not assume responsibility and went off after the Sime Darby BOD eventually bit the bullet. He finally retired almost three years later.

It is naive for the authorities not to remind the Malaysian public what these evil-intent Opposition have done and capable to do. After all, stories about their antics, misbehaviour and acts of crime have become almost a daily diet to majority of Malaysians.

It is expected that only a mad person would make a sweeping statement just as this. Musa should stop insulting the Malaysian public with his single phrase statements. It is like a dark satirical comedy when someone who has been invested with Darjah Seri Setia Mahkota (SSM), makes an unbearably stupid statement like that.

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