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Tian Chua the Traitor

PKR Vice President Tian Chua was charged for sedition today. It was about his statement on the “Lahad Datu Incident being an UMNO sandiwara, ‘Wag the Dog’ “.

14 March 2013| last updated at 01:51PM

Tian Chua charged for uttering seditious words over Lahad Datu

By Irdiani Mohd Salleh
KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s vice president Tian Chua pleaded not guilty at the Sessions Court this morning to making seditious statements over the Lahad Datu intrusion.

 He was charged with making the statements that:

1. Shooting in Lahad Datu was believed to be a conspiracy of the Umno government to divert attention and intimidate the people;

2. The incident has raised many questions and doubts as to the drama staged by the Umno government;

3. The intrusion in Lahad Datu was described as only a drama by the government to intimidate the people and make it seem that Sabah is not peaceful:

4. There is a conspiracy by the Umno government to divert the attention of the Sabahan, particularly from the issue of giving identity cards to foreigners.

Alleging that the charge against him was politically motivated, Tian Chua claimed trial.

He was charge under section 4 (1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 and upon conviction, he can be fined up to RM5,000 or not more than three years’ jail or both.

Judge Mohamad Sekeri Mamat set bail at RM5,000 in one surety and fixed April 12 for mention.

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And The Star’s earlier story:

Published: Thursday March 14, 2013 MYT 10:15:00 AM
Updated: Thursday March 14, 2013 MYT 12:17:16 PM

Tian Chua charged with sedition over “Umno conspiracy” remarks (Update)

Tian ChuaTian Chua

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR vice-president Tian Chua has been charged under the Sedition Act 1948 with making statements linking Umno to the Lahad Datu shootings.

The Batu MP was charged under Section 4(1)(b) for alleging that the Lahad Datu incident was a conspiracy by the Umno government to divert attention and frighten the people.

He allegedly made the statements at 11am on March 1 at No 62-2-A, Fraser Business Park, Jalan Loke Yew here. He claimed trial.

Judge Mohamad Sekeri Mamat allowed bail at RM5,000 and fixed Apr 12 for mention.

Tian Chua was represented by Latheefa Koya and N. Surendran.

The charge carries a fine of RM5,000 or one to three years’ jail or both for the first offenders and five years for the subsequent offence.


Let us get the three facts about this charge, on someone who once found guilty of biting a Policeman on duty and led the mob charge across the Police line towards the Police in BERSIH 2.0 demonstration.

1. The Lahad Datu Incident has been proven to be an armed intrusion that from 1 March turned into a battle between this illegal Royal Sulu Forces and the Royal Malaysian Police, Armed Forces and backed by the entire Federal Government and Sabah State Government agencies to resolve the matter. At the same time, the same agencies were mobilized and co-ordinated to ensure the security and minimize the inconvenience of Sabahans in a few districts along the Sabah East Coast.

As such, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced the Special Security Area in five districts along the East Coast of Sabah which was modeled after the Rajang Security Command when the threats against Sarawakians was being resolved in 1970s. It has been renamed East Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM).

2. So far the attack at Kg Tanduo in Lahad Datu, Kg Simunul and Senalang in Semporna, Ops Sulu and Ops Daulat already at the cost of the ultimate sacrifice three Police officers, five Police personnel and two Army personnel. The six Policemen killed in Semporna were inhumanly murdered and the whole kampung of innocent civilians were under extremely hostility of brutal armed intruders for almost 30 hours.

3. Tian Chua was charged because of the public made 320 Police reports against him. It is so overwhelming on how the Malaysian public across the country was outraged for this, which include ex-Policemen and ex-Servicemen associations

This is not all about politics. This is about a Malaysian politician who took his ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to the border that he should be regarded as a traitor to the Federal Constitution and Malaysian public.

It is unimaginable that Opposition could go so low in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy. And yet time and again they break their own record.

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  1. He should be deployed to Lahad Datu to direct the “drama” there and we’ll see whether he has the quality of a REAL leader.

  2. The members of Federal Government, be it the cabinet or civil servants such as the AG, IGP, PAT, MACC, MCMC, EC etc swore to the Agong and by the constitution to uphold the law and protect this country.

    It is very clear opposition such as Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu, Azmin Ali, Nurul Izzah, Lim Guan Eng, Nizar Jamaluddin, Tian Chua, R Sivarasah, N Surendran, Ngeh Koo Ham, Nga Kor Ming and Rafizi Ramli overstepped the parameters and broke the law, in so many ways. Worse still, ever so often!

    When they are utter seditious words, then they hv committed treachery.

    All those who swore to uphold the constitution must do what they hv to do, unconditionally. The rights of the majority to live in a treachery-free nation is paramount.

    They are menace to this nation. Just like Chin Peng, the communist terrorists and now, these Sulu bandits.

  3. We have been lax too much, too often. After Merdeka, citizenship rules were relaxed in the issue of citizenship certificates, the language proficiency test was done away with. As a result, so many so-called Malaysian citizens couldn’t even speak BM. Until now.

    Vernacular schools are still around, even assisted. So, they don’t really care about BM, regard for BM as an element of national unity does not exist.

    History is only just beginning to be a compulsory subject in schools, otherwise they don’t care about the nation’s history, the background of the Constitution, about what citizenship entails, about loyalty and patriotism. They just take what they can get, to hell with things that don’t affect their material comfort and well being. Be damned about defending the country, even make light of the Sabah intrusion by armed fighters.

    So, whack the Tian Chua fellow as much as possible, get him a prison sentence. But the Government must start a programme of getting Malaysians to know about loyalty and patriotism to country. The Ministry of Information must do it. Information, propaganda, consciousness courses, what have you. Radio, TV, traditional and new media forms.


  5. When opposition politicians cannot delineate their political ambitions from national defence and security as in the case of armed foreign intrusions into Lahad Datu, then they have by their own political hubris erode their credibility and trustworthiness to govern any country in this world. Territorial integrity and sovereignty are
    core values of each individual that forms the people of an independent State. For anyone who is a national of a State to digress from that core value is an act of total disrespect for his or her fellow countryman. It is not the time nor the place to make fun of an invasion or intrusion of one’s country by unfriendly foreign elements. One would expect Tian Chua to apologise for the remarks he made instead of dragging the issue into court. Well, it just shows how important to have political maturity and self maturity. It separates the cowards from the gallant men.

    • *fellow countrymen and women.*

  6. Kasi masuk lokap saja ini Ah Beng. Unbefitting to be a Malaysian.

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