Sino-nisation of Jauhar

Finally, the Emperorissimo of Middle Malaysia is ready to flash his Chinese Chauvinist clothes in his homestate. Batu Pahat born DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang daring himself to contest in Johor, after other DAP leaders like Dr Boo Cheng Hau already made considerable footings amongst the Chinese in the state.

A pro-Opposition news portal story:

Kit Siang to contest Gelang Patah in GE13, say DAP leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 — DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang will contest the Gelang Patah parliamentary constituency in Johor as part of the party’s push for more federal seats, say party leaders.

The DAP will also contest Segamat, Kluang, Kulai, Tanjung Piai, Labis and Bakri in the Barisan Nasional (BN) political fortress state to help Pakatan Rakyat (PR) win federal power in the national polls that are expected to be called in weeks.

“We want to win a cluster of new seats in Johor and help take over federal government because it is 50-50 at the moment,” a party leader told The Malaysian Insider today on condition of anonymity.

“Although Gelang Patah was won by MCA the last round with over 8,000 votes, it’s worth the risk,” he added.

PKR contested in Gelang Patah in the past two general elections, but lost both times to Johor Wanita MCA chief Tan Ah Eng. Tan kept the seat in Election 2008 with a majority of 8,851 votes, a smaller majority than the overwhelming 31,666-vote majority in 2004.

Chinese voters make up 54 per cent in the constituency, while Malays and Indians make up 34 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

Lim’s bid to contest in Gelang Patah, which is about 25km from Johor Baru, will quell the tension between the state’s DAP and PKR chapters that erupted publicly last month.

Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau had accused Johor PKR leader Datuk Chua Jui Meng of sabotaging the DAP in the southern state.

Chua, who was previously a veteran MCA leader and health minister, is believed to have his sights set on contesting in Gelang Patah in Election 2013.

“The seats in south Johor that can be won by DAP and PR are Gelang Patah, Johor Baru, Tebrau, Kulai, Pasir Gudang and Pulai,” another party leader told The Malaysian Insider today on condition of anonymity.

Lim, who is the Ipoh Timur MP, wrested the Tanjung parliamentary seat in Penang in 1986 from Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and also won the Kampung Kolam state seat. The DAP supremo also helped his party sweep nine other state seats in that year in what was known as the Battle of Tanjung.

In Election 2008, Chinese voters formed nearly half of Segamat’s electorate, with Malays at 41 per cent and Indians at 11 per cent.

PR is confident that it can wrest Segamat by riding on the strong anti-establishment sentiment among the Chinese voters.

It is learnt that Johor BN leaders estimate the present Chinese support to be at 30 per cent, 10 per cent more than its initial “pessimistic” estimates, and are aiming to increase it to 40 per cent once the state’s BN chapter enters into the final lap of its polls campaign.

PR leaders have said they are confident of denting BN’s Johor fortress with the help of Chinese support but admitted that capturing the state would be hard in light of the difficulties in securing the Malay vote.

Despite sweeping Penang, Perak, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan in Election 2008, the loose coalition of PAS, PKR and the DAP won just one federal and six state seats out of 26 and 56 seats respectively in Johor.


The Chinese Chauvinist DAP felt that since 12GE, more anti establishment Chinese available to Opposition’s support are made available in Johor, especially in the eight Parliamentary consituencies around Greater Johor Bahru.

Most of them are working and earning relatively better income in Singapore but at the same time enjoying their rights being Malaysians.

Since the past four years, DAP has been making pro-active efforts to register them as voters around the Greater Johor Bahru constituencies. Particularly in seats that an increased Chinese voters could be very strategic to the DAP cause.

This political agenda is the Opposition’s new turf and now they are coming in with a full force. It is an extension of the Sino-nisation of Greater Johor, which we previously discussed. Particularly, the extensive meteoric growth of one businessman in his attempt to do a grandstanding in the strategic property game and the inclusion of Singaporean and mainland Chinese entrepreneurs in a very large scheme of projects.

Iskandar Waterfront Holdings turf, which include the Danga Bay, East-West, CBD and part of Iskandar Malaysia under IIB-Khazanah

Iskandar Waterfront Holdings turf, which include the Danga Bay, East-West, CBD and part of Iskandar Malaysia under IIB-Khazanah

Across the straits, the Singaporean authorities are giving a lot of attention and co-operation in the ‘Greater Johor Bahru Game’, particularly Iskandar Malaysia, Johor CBD and recently launched RAPID. They are even very interested in the infrastructure and communication projects.

The program for the Singaporeans to ‘annex’ Johor is very systematic and structured.

It is clear that the interest is very strategic as DAP is a spin off from Singapore’s ruling PAP. Their interest in Johor, as the supporting role for Singaporean middle income, has also been expressed clearly by their leaders.

Former Prime Minister and still PAP Supremo Lee Kuan Yew did state that he sees Johor as an adjacent of Singapore is part of the “Singaporean hinterland”. After assuming the executive control of the State of Penang, Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General has been making frequent trips to Singapore.

Puteri Harbour (termasuk dalam Pinyin)

Papantanda Puteri Harbour menyambut pengunjung (termasuk dalam Pinyin)

The writing is already on the wall. UMNO’s power base and electoral fixed deposit is being Sino-nised. The insults made by DAP leaders towards HRH Sultan of Johor depicts how arrogant they are.

If Lim wins at Gelang Patah, means the Johor State Government administration centre in Kota Iskandar and the heart of Iskandar Malaysia world class Edu City and world Theme Parks is being represented by a Chinese Chauvinist DAP MP.

Johor today is the same kingdom of the powerful Malay Johor-Riau Empire and is the symbol of Malay nationalism where UMNO was born, two of its Presidents and four its Deputy Presidents are sons of Johor. It is neccessary that the nationalists in Johor brace themselves for the ‘Sino-nisation of Johor’ and act quickly.

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  1. Bukankah UMNO juga membantu Johor menjadi “Singaporean hinterland”. Jadi, dalam tangan siapakah dan di manakah terletaknya sekarang “Agenda Melayu” di Johor?

    • Kau ada hujah hujah ke mengata “UMNO juga membantu Johor menjadi “Singaporean hinterland”.

      Kau menyindir bila menyanya “dalam tangan siapakah dan di manakah terletaknya sekarang “Agenda Melayu” di Johor?”

      Tak bijak lah buat gitu – menuduh liar, tak beri justifikasi atau apa apa penerangan pun.

      Aku pakai perkataan yang baik – ” Tak bijak”. Kau tahu ada lain perkataan yang sesuai bagi puak Pembangkang yang selalu menuduh liar tanpa justifikasi malahan tanpa penerangan pun.

  2. Tuan tanah, ingin memohon sedikit ruang untuk penjelasan penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris:

    Dari laman

    “Commentator vs. commenter

    A commenter is someone who makes isolated comments. These days, the word most often refers to people who post comments on blogs and news websites. A commentator is someone who provides commentary. The term usually applies to professionals in sports broadcasting or television news. Commentators don’t just make one comment; commenting is what they do.

    The difference between these words corresponds to the difference between a comment and commentary. A comment is an isolated remark, while a commentary is a series of remarks, explanations, and interpretations.”

    Sila rujuk juga:

    Terima kasih.

  3. Slumberjackass and Najib see Iskandar as the cash cow for they only see Chinese Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and mainland Chinese apart from others have the money and technology to invest. Both of them talk in terms of billions. The money supposedly coming in blinded them into opening the floodgate of sino-nisation that will overwhelm the Malays to mere tidbit pickers and losers.

    Compared to those Chinese we are but peddlers that can easily be bulldozed if not bought. These two jokers don’t think strategically of the effect of such a fast pace development. Economic development for JB yes but not at the brutal displacement of the Malays. This is how Najib thinks towards fast high income economy.

    That is why the scenic bridge is a strategic plan to develop JB within our means and pace so that we win both the war and ultimately the battle. Najib can’t see beyond his nose-bridge and will put Malaysia in dire straits (of Johore). What we need to do with such quick-fix-stop-gap leader?

  4. Orang Cina bepolitik pakai akal dan strategy , orang Melayu bebuih mulut sana sini menang sorak kampong tergadai.

    Gani has set up a good foundation to wellcome Kit Siang .

    • Kamu saja yang “bebuih mulut sana sini”.

      Kamu kampong pun takda, nasib lah, kalau tidak memang semua tergadai kau buat.

      Macam kata Karpal Singh kpd Anwar, “Bertaubat lah”.

      Kau cakap 1-2 ayat, aku pun gitu juga. Asalkan pembaca nampak pendapat kau dah di kentotkan.

      • Sebelum bertaubat kena insaf dahulu ,barulah betul taubat tu ,takgitu?.
        Bekata-kata di sini bukanlah nak tunjuk pandiai ,tetapi memerhati apa yang belaku begitulah gamaknya ,kalaulah pandai tak main kat sini kot !, tetapi lazimnya orang yang pandai tak mainlah bahasa -bahasa seprti ‘dikentotkan’ dan mereka biasanya lebih terbuka ,takgitu ?.

      • takgitu.

        Anda mahu mengata dan menyindir kaum Melayu, tapi tidak memberi justifikasi atau penerangan pun. Seperti ada di sebut di atas tadi. Sekurang kurangnya beri lah contoh.

        Rasanya bukan so’al menunjuk pandai, tapi so’al adab, sopan santun bila bertutur, terutamanya secara tulisan.

        Setuju perkatan “dikentotkan” di gunakan sebagai balasan.

  5. Malay Johors have no choice..Every legible Malay voter has to vote Barisan National during this GE13…VOTE FOR BARGAINING POWER BABE…No represantation no talk Karpal one chided Malay Senator over in Dewan Rakyat..Give BN the thumping Victory first this time and later we will pressure UMNO leader and its Supreme Couincil members to toe the line not to repeat the PAST EXCESSIVENESS….

  6. I put my bet that Lim Kang Ho can beat Lim Lit Siang for Gelang Patah constituency

  7. Don’t say we have not warned UMNO and BN on the need to take good care of the loyal voters in Johore. What’s the point of rapid development in Johor if the price UMNO in particular has to pay is the loss of votes from its traditional true blue supporters. Have BN and UMNO done across the Johor State survey as to how the Johoreans feel about the mega devt of the State and around JB? What they did was bulldozed through with little regard for the locals. Not everything can be measured in terms of dollars and cents. Speak to the Johor folks who have given undivided support to UMNO and BN in every past GEs before it is too, too late. If they dont speak to these folks how would they know everything is ok.

    • Government have set upon the platform for EVERYONE to participate in the nation’s development. It is time all of us look beyond our racial and background boundaries to further advance this beloved country. While we squabble about who owns what, the rest of the world has moved along. China is fast becoming world’s superpower, taking away manufacturing hubs from other region. Indonesia has the fastest growing middle-income class in our region. Where does all these leave us with our measly 28 million population? Where will we be in the next 10 years? We have regional champion Petronas and Air Asia making acquisition after acquisition to remain relevant in the ever competitive world. We need more of them coming from our backyards.

      • You just don’t get it. You can talk in the language of dollars and cents but that is not all there is to it. You can give parallels of China, Indonesia, etc, etc. We know about that already. These economic emphasis is well documented, but you are oblivious to other non-economic factors that cannot be gauged unless one talks to the locals who are voters and who have put the BN and UMNO in power all these decades. Again, the usual argument is ‘ look beyond the race’. Come on haven’t we all done that for the last 50+ years, so much so this country is still standing. Don’t even begin to insinuate that one is racial when one talks about the importance of ensuring that local interests are not trampled? Now if you want to engage in a globalisation and neoliberalism discourse, that would be even better so that you can see the many downside to it too.

      • Oooh, the “evils” of globalisation and neoliberalism…..

        Just what are these “non-economic factors” that you mentioned?

        The next thing you know, some people will be caterwauling that Malaysia should pull out of the TPP and EU-Asean FTA negotiations!

        Because they are very good at denying realities as merely inconvenient pinpricks!

      • Denying the downside of globalisation and economic neoliberalism is not only pin pricks but a tko punch. And it is amusing to read comments from those who confuse regional cooperation with economic neoliberalism. Regional or inter regional cooperation is institutional liberalism and is governed by consensus or a majority decision. Neoliberalism which creates globalisation is an ideology of unfettered free flow of transnational movements of factors of production, ruled by PDL i.e if you know what PDL means. Neoliberalism platform and who the players are, is what you obviously dont understand because you misinterpret neoliberalism with institutional liberalism. Thus, you keep trying to go the way of a faux pas.

      • And why are you so agitated by the mention of non economic factors?

  8. I don’t think that The Gooberman is “agitated” by the mention of “non economic factors”.

    I, myself, am
    “amused” in that you seem to believe that the tides of globalisation and liberalisation can be held back.

    Alas, if it were only so simple.

    You might want to go back and reread the story of King Canute.

    And while you are about it, go brush on the “Emperor has no clothes”!

    • The tide of economic neoliberalism has been held back. The fall of conservative govts and the ushering of social democrat and democrat govts in Europe and the US are indicators of the rejection of economic neoliberalism by the peoples there.The Obama Admin has been talking about Keynesian as opposed to economic neoliberalism that has created that 1% rich capitalists. You should be amused by the fact that you are still in the era of neoliberalists of Reaganism and Thatcherism and the creator of the Washington Consensus a.k.a economic neoliberalism. The west are talking more about Keynes. That’s why the neoliberalists have seek elsewhere namely Asia. There’s a ‘race to the bottom’ and you dont even know it.

  9. Why don’t you explain why it’s not so simple?

    You make it sound easy to get “amused”, mention Canute and no clothes emperor.

    Maybe you are like the Playboy bunnies, not really no clothes, but wear only cuffs, though no sleeves.

    But if you have something under your sleeves, I’d like to know coz I know nothin’ about konomics.

    • Zen

      Why don’t you get the Postgrad dude to explain it to you?

      I am sure that he is sufficiently erudite to do that for someone who knows nothin’ (sic) about konomics (sic).

      Now, after disposing of the folksy humor (shades of Dogpatch and Lil’ Abner), let’s get back to basics.

      Postgrad is long on theory (which is typical for academics, bureaucrats and wannabe status quo protectors). Unfortunately, he shows little knowledge of how things operate in the real world (where, guess what, the inefficient have to shape up, or else). Instead he emotes about “tko punches” and the dangers of “neoliberalism”.

      He might as well tell the government to pull up the drawbridges and close off the country’s borders so that right-thinking Malaysians are “protected” from the “evils” of the real world.

      Hey, they could even opt out of the international financial system and revert to barter trade!

      • Learn from the financial and economic woes that are currently inflicting Europe and the US. Tell all of us here if it emanates from economic neoliberalism and its much worshipped PDL or was it caused by the Keynesian model? You can’t even see that developing countries that are so enamoured with neoliberalists ideas are engaged in a ‘ race to the bottom’ .

      • You Oppo hippos never cease to amaze me. You are the blokes who make wild allegations and claims but expect others to provide the justification or explanation. Kaladin is one of them, My earlier comment was aimed at him. You seem even not to know that.

        Practically every sentence you Goobermen wrote above is an accusation or wild statements or or unjustified claims. Not an iota of proof on what you allege, not one explanation to what you claim.

        What’s with you? Left your grey matter some where?

        Don’t you know that Economists always disagree with one another? Sometimes they don’t even agree whether it’s economic slowdown, recession or depression, inflation or “stagflation”. They are not agreed on the actual causes of the Great Depression of the 1930s, now 80 years after the event.Doomsday economists have said Brazil, Mexico, Greece, now Cyprus are/ going to bankrupt. I don’t understand economics but laugh at people like you and Kaladin. Long on allegations, short on explanations. Maybe you also don’t know economics but just shit whatever comes from your skull.

        So, when asked to explain your views, why the hell do you not do it, instead make further wild allegations and statements? You the anarchist type? .

      • Post grad

        “A race to the bottom”?

        How, precisely, do you define “bottom”? No false modesty now – spill the beans so that us “free marketeers” and “meritocracy advocates” know exactly what we are in for.

        Are we going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel, while the better-educated, more competitive and more globally-minded of our competitors pass us by?

        Do we want Malaysia to be like a Chavez-era Venezuela, a Castro-era Cuba, a Khameiny-era Iran or Kim-what’s-his-name era North Korea? Or even a pre-reform Myanmar, or, horror of horrors, a Mugabe-style Zimbabwe?

        It’s easy to posit fashionable theories when you don’t have the responsibility to position your country to be able to compete in a globalised world, and when you don’t have to worry about how to provide good and well-paid jobs to thousands of young and middle-aged Malaysians and those who aspire to join the middle and upper middle classes!

      • Zen

        You are obviously not a fan of Samuelson or Friedman. Or Laffer, for that matter.

        Maybe, just maybe, you may have something in common with Krugman!

        Or sundry Malaysian economists who have posited groundbreaking theories or put forward radical new models of economic development for their peers to dissect.

        Oh, wait – me bad. There’s Mr Hisham who authors the Economics Malaysia blog.

      • Kaladin, are such a dimwit when it comes to pros and cons of economic neoliberalism. You jumped into silly self interpretation of well known terminology such as ‘ a race to the bottom’. Your self interpretation of it as scraping from the bottom of the barrel is as stupid as it is hilarious. If you are such a ardent supporter of economic neoliberalism yet you are not ready to learn about the downside of it, how can you argue internationally without mocking yourself. It is a big mistake to interpret what I had written earlier as mere theories. Hayek and Friedman the initiators of economic neoliberalism have a huge following among the super rich and MNCs who have profited much through vast inequality of income and wealth distribution. Theories you say? You must be sleeping as the world economy spins many times over.

      • It is also hilarious to see a counter argument berating about becoming Venezuela, Myanmar etc. You still dont get it. Economic neoliberalism is not the only answer to economic prosperity of a nation. Its methods of PDL ( go find out what PDL means) has failed if left entirely to the free market, hence the need to look at neo Keynesian or Keynesian once again. The neoliberalists ‘ killed’ Keynesians, but over the years the neoliberalists ‘ coup d’etat’ everyone else except themselves. They are the new emperors of the global economy, extracting all the benefits from any nation which want their investments. Benefits in terms of tax holidays, cheap workers, free movement of foreign workers to prop up their business ventures, other tax cuts and incentives. The nations who can kowtow to these rich neoliberalists compete with each other to attract these rich neoliberalists – the lower the wages and the lower taxes for these investors, the better. for their projects provided too. That is ‘ a race to the bottom’ and the race is pitched against developing countries to accomodate these rich foreign investors. It will be interesting to see if these huge foreign investments can generate high income for the locals. It better be, coz lots of incentives have been given to these rich neoliberalists.

      • I certainly agree and support what Postgrad says above.

        He explains and I understand. Kaladin tries the Aladin lamp bit but sounds like shit.

      • The trouble with postgrad and Zen is that they are both long on theories but short on practicalities.

        They don’t have a clue about globalisation or competitiveness, unliike us business folks who have create and sustain jobs (for fellow Malaysians, mind you), while competing against SMEs from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia who are “”hungry” and “aggressive” in chasing after business.

        Let’s not even talk about China and India!

        Armchair theorists are a dime a dozen. Go try and run a SME company, especially in the manufacturing or services sectors. Maybe you will be singing a different song about taxes, costs, minimum wages, subsidies etc etc.

      • The trouble with le batard is that he dismissed real situations that had affected global economy as mere theories. Theories on neoliberalism emerged in the 1980s and had been actively implemented in the US and Europe. It has many pitfalls and had been proven and discussed widely. It spread to Asia in early 1990s and every single govt was enamoured with it believing that PDL could spur growth so they joined in the bandwagon of the neoliberalists and globalisation. First trouble was the Asian financial crisis. When le batard talks about a company operating well and helping Malaysian find jobs he didnt tell if he was referring to a company that is domestically established or whether it is a company controlled by an MNC with HQ outside of Malaysia. Economic neoliberalism and the platform upon which it operates i.e globalisation has to be understood before one understands the downside of it, as it exposes any economy to the vagaries of global market crisis and uncertainties. MNCs can pack their bags and leave but local aftermath has to be mopped up by locals.

      • postgrad

        If you read le batard’s post carefully, instead of jumping to conclusions, it’s about SMEs in Malaysia.

        SMEs are domestically established locally funded enterprises. Not offshoots of MNCs which have their own offices, plants and service centres in Malaysia.

        le batard mentioned the real challenges of managing a SME in Malaysia. The government has identified SMEs as a key component of Malaysia’s economy, in that they provide employment for both unskilled and semi-skilled Malaysians and Malaysian PMETs.

        The government is pushing SMEs to upgrade, move up the value chain and get into international markets, seeing as how labour-intensive SMEs are going to face increasing challenges in the future.

        Which is pretty much what governments in Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia are pushing their own SMEs to do.

        Do you think that a SME boss has the luxury of being able to worry about “economic neoliberalism” and the “race to the bottom of the barrel”? When he or she is facing cutthroat competition both within Malaysia and externally?

        That’s the trouble with academics and economics dilettantes. They can theorise and sermonise about anything and everything that’s wrong with competition, free markets and free trade, but ask them to set up and manage an enterprise in the real world and watch them fumble or screw up royally.

        Btw, some of the government’s “hand picked” businesspeople did come a cropper during the Asian financial crisis and it’s aftermath. Was that caused by “economic neoliberalism”, “free markets” or bad management?

      • Gooberman, sermonising is never the issue here. Sure, SMEs are different from MNCs but who is talking about SMEs. The economic neoliberalism as I have consistently pointed out is about huge foreign money invested in a country and where govt of that country had to invest so much to attract these foreign investments in terms of providing land, low wages, tax holidays, tax cuts and other investment incentives. It also opens the country to the whims and fancies of foreign money. And never dismiss the real crisis that had emanated from economic neoliberalism in the US and Europe and a taste of the Asian financial crisis. You people should reflect on the info that I share under this topic instead of being aggressive putting labels like mere theories, armchair analysts and countering for the sake of scoring points . Malaysia since Tun M’s time had opened Msia to economic neoliberalism and accepted globalisation as a sacred cow, until the financial crisis in 1997, when the policy became more Keynesian. Now it is back to neoliberalism in a big way. Neoliberalism can only be adopted if a country concerned has strengthened the domestic economic institutions that can weather any onslaught of a global economic crisis. Tun strengthened the financial and banking institutions and system following the Asian financial crisis.

      • Gooberman can be an ardent supporter of economic neoliberalism and globalisation, for all I care. My comments are for those who want to reflect on the downside of economic neoliberalism and globalisation, esp the 1st.wave globalisation advocated by Omahe. People are talking now about the 3rd wave of globalisation which is sceptical on the unfettered movements of factors of production and money used for speculative
        purposes. The people in JB and its surrounding areas have to accomodate a tidal wave of neoliberalists. Yet they are expected to love their negeri, their country, their one and only political party and they are expected to accept changes that have yet to be proven can benefit them. .whilst their country is enamoured with anything foreign – foreign money, foreign workers, foreign 2nd home residents, foreign health tourism , foreign students, foreign criminals, etc etc. The question is if globalisation is the choice, where is the space for the locals who are expected to love, protect and defend their country? See my very first post on the need for UMNO and BN not to forget the locals in their quests for neoliberalism and globalisation.

      • And by the way, free market is the core of economic neoliberalism without which it is a dead letter. But it is certainly not dead, but churning more billionaires every year and at the other end of the spectrum generates low paying jobs, curbs trade unions, creates lay offs through relocations in low cost countries etc. So you tell us why you put across a question asking if financial crisis of 1997 was caused by free market, economic neoliberalism or bad management?

      • Well, postgrad – don’t the “locals” in Johor that you have expressed so much sympathy for have a responsibility to get a good education, learn new skills to stay relevant and employable in an economy which rapidly and inexorably moving from low-wage, low-skill and labour-intensive to high value-add and services?

        If local SMEs are going this route and if MNCs are putting in place global supply chains, where does Malaysia fit into the scheme of things.

        You can cry “beware of economic neoliberalism” for what it’s worth, but what else can provide good jobs, access to the latest technology and position Malaysia as an open services, manufacturing and trade-oriented economy?

        And spare a thought for the PM’s drive to raise Malaysia’s per capita income from US$9,970 now to US$15,000 by 2020 – which is 7 years away.

        How is this going to happen? Who is going to provide the investments, technology and skills that are needed?

        And does the government have a bottomless purse and unlimited resources at it’s disposal?

  10. […] contest in Gelang Patah Parliamentary seat in the very soon to appear 13GE, what is seemingly the prophecy of Sin0-nisation of Jauhar is very apparent and […]

  11. postgrad

    I suggest that you read Joseph Stiglitz’s recent commentary comparing Singapore with the US.

    Now Stiglitz isn’t, as far as I know, a “neoliberal” economist.

    So, his views are interesting, even if you don’t agree with them.

    Incidentally, I just read that the Shinzo Abe government is taking Japan into 3 FTA negotiations – with the EU, with China and South Korea on a trilateral FTA and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in which Malaysia is already involved.

    So, has Japan succumbed to “neoliberalism” and is it’s economy in a “race to the bottom”?

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  13. […] many people got wiser after the event. However, in the case of ‘Chinese Tsunami’, the writings were already on the wall and as far back as six months ago it was all so clear. Example in Johor, where it is believed that […]

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