Band of Biadaps

Hew Kuan Yau proudly fingering

Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders have time and again proven themselves to be antagonists that drive and wedge the nation apart. Again, personalities like Super-Rude Hew Kuan Yau demonstrate their true personalities; biadap!

They shamelessly instigate and incite in their attempt as minority to wrest power from the majority. They have insulted the Malays, Federal Government (especially law enforcement agencies), Islam and HRH Rulers in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to realise power.

They don’t respect any protocols and customs. Their ADUNs were thrown out of State Assembly ceremonies for refusal to wear the songkok in the formalities in the presence of HRH Ruler. In fact, they are aggressively rude. Even in augur house such as the State Assembly and a HRH Ruler is present.

PR primates

In the past, their predecessors the Malayan Communist Party ‘Butchers of Malaya’ rebels instilled terror. Today, they are no longer armed bandits but their radicalism and extremism is still very much prevalent. When their terrorism failed, they took their radicalism and extremism where the Chinese Chauvinist DAP were the major instigators of the 13 May 1969 bloody race riot tragedy.

Hew, is defining the past terrorism in the form of perpetuating insults via constant rudeness which is grossly undermining the 6th tenet of the Rukun Negara.

These are the behaviourial characteristics and values of DAP leaders who are trying to cheat Malaysians with their ‘Middle Malaysian’ tagline. As the DAP Publicity Secretary here has shown, it is actually all about their deep fascination of their ‘middle finger’ as a demonstration of heir affection and respect to Malaysians.

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  1. That one is very likely to have been descended from secret society thugs and gangsters families. No upbringing, for generations, left on their own and not knowing manners, decorum and decency.

    As DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz said of Lim Guan Eng as he stormed out of the party, the bloke is biadap.

    But, putting it in his Face book makes only DAP and PR members and some supporters supporting Pakatoon Rakyat. The rest can see their kurang ajarness will make it dangerous to give them the vote at PRU13.

  2. DAP should be declared as an enemy of the State, just like the Kiram-Sulu group. We need to give the Armed Forces some legitimacy to shoot these arseholes. Those who support DAP also should be hauled up and put into boats – they can either go to Singapore or China.

    Minority should be taught to behave like minority, ie. shut the f**k up.

  3. What can we expect of this kind of fellows who, in full ADUN official dress, climb up the table, stand on the tabel, then shout to other ADUNs like a monkey. Like shown in the photo above.

    Yet they are supposed to be law makers. Can they be called “Yang Berhormat” behaving like that?

    And they held a so-called DUN meeting under the tree after the fracas in the august DUN Hall, in 2008. This kind of fellows made a mockery of the institution of Dewan Undangan Negeri, supposed to be made up of respectable law makers.

    Crazy fellows. Let’s hope the bloke showing the Middle Finger never reach the DUN in one way or another.

  4. Mr Biggie,

    Usually I dont use vulgarities & profanities. Esp not in the comments of blogs. But Pls this once, allow me….

    These DAPigs are really nothing BUT fuckers & rapists of mother stability! They are out to create chaos, where they thrive by making the perception that the majority is oppressing the minority whenever action taken against them.

    In the case of LGE so-called fighting for the old grandmother which he cannot prove in court, even the grand daughter later made a statement everything LGE fought was fake.

    Same goes with the suicide of Teoh Beng Hock. It is already concluded that he acted alone, to cause his own death. And yet till present day, DAP is still using that to instigate the Chinese in their campaign.

    The story you broke about Red Rock Hotel vow did really happen. The Police said so. Just becoz AG didn’t take anyone to court, doesn’t mean it was ‘acceptable’. PAS leaders like Dr Hassan Ali & Nasharuddin continuously use the incident in their ceramahs as reminder that Islam in Malaysia is under grave threat & DAP is one the leading antagonists!

    Look what they did to Penang when they are given only a little bit of power. They deny Muslims the mosque in Bayan Mutiara.

    Malaysians must keep their strategic thinking sane. Voting these fuckers in will just perpetuate ill feelings & deep distrusts betweeb a disunited Malaysia.

    That is why we as Malaysians, fought side by side against the communists!

  5. Evidence of clear lack of human decency preludes to a reign of high handed dictatorship where the small fry will be non-entities.

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  7. […] Issues such as “Making Christianity the official religion”, ‘kalimah Allah’ be allowed to use in place of God and Malay bibles destined for Semenanjung Malaysia and protelysation of Malay-Muslims  are specific recipes for social and peace disaster if the Chinese Chauvinist and racist decide to provoke further and demonstrate their biadapness. […]

  8. […] Dr Mahathir seolah-olah menafikan realiti kebiadapan pemimpin dan ahli DAP. […]

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