UBAH incompetent & incapacitated MBs

MB Kedah Dato' Seri Azizan A Razak collapse behind his Mercedes Benz S350L 'KBX 8''

MB Kedah Dato’ Seri Azizan A Razak collapse behind his Mercedes Benz S350L ‘KBX 8”

Since the ‘Political Tsunami’ five years ago which saw BN under then PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi lost five-plus-one states, it has been proven that two out of four Opposition Pact controlled state government Menteri Besars are incompetent and incapacitated in discharging their duties effectively.

In fact, two of these MBs are gravely unwell, physically weak and have been hospitalised for serious heart problems more often than they want to be in a short period of time. It is public knowledge that have serious cardiovascular ailments and are not able to spend the whole day at work, continuously.

MB Kelantan since Nov 1990 Nik Aziz dozing off in public, even on stage in the middle on an event

And yet they are neither letting their position go nor make preparations for a success plan, by more able-bodied and more competent politicians.

The set back is that these two PAS MBs are administrating Malay heartland states, where it is less developed and have lot of rural issues as compared to the other states where more than 50% of the people have been urbanised and enjoying better standards of living.

More Nik Aziz sleeping on the job

The fact that since these personalities assumed the Chief Executive-ship in their state administrations, they have brought very little progress. The stagnation is across the board in all aspects, be it physical development, competency and efficiency of the delivery system of their respected state governments.

It is high time to ‘UBAH’. The voters in these states deserve far better deal than these two and

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  1. reminds me of tun abdullah ahmad badawi:)

  2. The problem is there are voters who still vote such people based on certain rhetorical political platform. These voters can afford to keep non-performers because others are performing and have performed to make life better for the masses. And these ‘others’ are UMNO and BN.

  3. At least they don’t rob the states like some of the able bodied Menteri Besars. Remember Toyol?

  4. Pak Tua;
    Are you dead sure with your statement.Dunia pun tahu.

  5. Dear Pak Tua,

    Ha ha, I m sure you are in the same category with this old expired man.
    He is no angel, and to vote for him again, is like voting for ZOMBIE.good luck pak tua. And may god bless our prime minister and ex prime minister tun M.


  6. mereka sakit badan bukan sakit jiwa, sakit jiwa lebih medarat kepada orang lain, 2 mb tadi tidak memberi medarat kepada kebanyakan orang…………

  7. “2 mb tadi tidak memberi medarat kepada kebanyakan orang…………”

    Are you sure? If you are then your are simply a simpleton. When we vote, we vote for progress. And how do you know “mereka tak sakit jiwa.”

  8. Wow ! Mercedes Benz 350SL . Zuhud la sangat! Duit balak la tu .

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