An exemplary statesman

The nation must be reminded of a great leader who player pivottal role to Merdeka, an instrumental role for rural development, an amazing leadership in crisis management and a magical role to restore peace, stability, reconciliation, unity and inter-racial trust after the attempt to destabilise by a minority group of radicals and extremists. Also, a magnificent role to game-change the social development agenda, creation of bigger economic pie and more equitable distribution of wealth without impairing any groups’ rights and position.

He invited Sabah, Sarawak and Opposition parties to form Barisan Nasional as we know today, forty years ago. His leadership brought together the nation and everyone moved forward, without exception nor deprivation.

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  1. moga2 jasa mu dikenang dan membawa barakah hingga ke akhirat.

  2. we hope to have another leader like him during this difficult time…………..

  3. Why Najib was so desperated.He had to use his dead father to campaign for him.
    We really hope Mahayuddin can take over UMNO leadership and revive the Ketuanan Malayu.

  4. PM Najib is his father’s son and try to emulate and walk in Tun Razak’s steps.

    However there are vast difference between the two

    1. Tun Razak believed in enterprise. He also did a lot for the Malay socio-economic agenda, like sending Malay students to study abroad and be exposed.

    On the other hand Najib ‘shared’ the money with the Non Malays otherwise would hv benefitted more Malays like what his father started 40 years ago.

    2. Tun Razak engaged the Chinese and got them to work with him.

    Najib engaged the Chinese, only to pander more and more to their demands. The most question, at what cost?

    3. Tun Razak trusted and depended on civil servants.

    Najib extended and expanded the practice of having consultants, incl caucasians, to craft the Federal Govt broad strokes plan, policies and implementation roll out score sheet.

    4. Tun Razak zealously protected the Malay agenda.

    Najib Razak prefers the free market agenda, supported by Nazir Razak’s free-for-all (as long as CIMB gets the fees & investment banking deals!).

    5. Tun Razak fortified Malaysi’s position and role in ASEAN & Commonwealth.

    Najib is pandering very hard into getting chummy-chummy with Obama (with Michelle also can!).

    6. The nation loved Tun Rahah and still do.

    Rosmah is hated!

    7. Tun Razak lived modestly.

    Najib lived princely.

    8. Tun Razak had great and high respected civil servants working for him.

    Najib’s men are lame!

  5. Interestigly Najib tries to do the opposite thinngs to his father. Is there a deep seated anger towards his dad for sending him away to UK at a very young age…His dad was passionate about Malay’s well being..I dont know weather Najib has the same feeling.

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