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A Singaporean registered Hinda CRV campaigning for DAP

A Singaporean registered Honda CRV campaigning for DAP

Whether we like it or not, the battle for this 13GE is very intense. The Opposition is either sordidly driven to topple BN from the Federal Government or they are actually very delusional and worse still, desperate.

What should be a concern also is that either people from outside the country is busy involved in partisan campaign or Malaysians who have migrated elsewhere for greener postures felt they needed to change the administration the land they left behind. Since these Malaysians are not contributing to this country neither in taxes nor churning growth for the economy, their opinion should be deemed irrelevant.

Maybe Haris Ibrahim and his mad ABU Squad should act on people like this because it is almost obvious that “Foreigners are involved in our electoral process”.

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