Drawing the battle lines

A Singaporean registered Hinda CRV campaigning for DAP

Johorean Malays are watching these moves: A Singaporean registered Honda CRV campaigning for DAP

Now that the battle lines in Gelang Patah Parliamentary constituency has been drawn, Johoreans particular the Chinese must make their stand. To continue the transformation process Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has started and brought upon progress, especially within Iskandar Malaysia or face with stagnant growth.

Almost 50% of Prime Minister Najib’s ETP is within Iskandar Malaysia and Greater Johor Bahru. A lot of Federal Government strategic commercial initiatives are centred around Southern Johor and would be major catalyst for economic growth and downwards multiplier and trickle effect.

That  means on top of the specific projects outlined under the ETP, many of Malaysian Chinese controlled businesses such as Iskandar Waterfront Holdings, Dialog Group, Dijaya Corporation, Multipurpose Holdings and traditional business houses such as Tan Sri Robert Kuok’s which are based around Grreater Johor Bahru will get the direct and indirect benefits. They would benefit from the economic growth, expanded market, created demands and increased in commercial activities.

Gelang Patah

Imagine Menteri Besar Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman is defeated in Gelang Patah, what messages that the Johorean Chinese are sending to Prime Minister Najib?

1. Bottomline, they are more drawn to Emperorissmo ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang’s racism Vs moving towards progress and a developed nation

2. Johorean Chinese defied the confidence by the Johorean Malays of great under standing, working together and tight co-operation and inadvertently gave up their privileged ‘power-sharing’ stature for a psychological ‘Chinese minority power’

3. The ‘Sino-nisation of Jauhar’ has been proven 

4. The Chinese businesses and the entire value chain would be affected as Iskandar Malaysia is now an Opposition constituency and the drive to move in on the fast track node would no longer be stimulated and even taken a few frequency downwards

5. Testing the Johorean Malays as the majority for their patience, tolerance, acceptance and kindness to open their hearts to share power, wealth and the state

The likeliness of the Opposition to take over the Johor State Government is very slim. Imagine the outcome if Chinese Chauvinist Emperorisimo Lim wins at Gelang Patah; Would the Johor State Government officials and entire machinery be co-operative and efficient in any dealings by Chinese businesses, knowingly that the same business owners and employees were part in shaming their former Boss?

Emperissimo of ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang

The fact is that, Lim never contributed in the economic growth and spurs and socio-development projects in areas he served either as MP or ADUN. He brought little or no benefits to the Chinese constituents be it culturally, heritage or education. All he did in the past 44 years of ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy is to sow Chinese hatred against the Malays.

It is time to choose. It is time for the Johorean Chinese to prove their worthiness as a ‘power-share’ partner for the last 60 years.

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