Drawing the battle lines

A Singaporean registered Hinda CRV campaigning for DAP

Johorean Malays are watching these moves: A Singaporean registered Honda CRV campaigning for DAP

Now that the battle lines in Gelang Patah Parliamentary constituency has been drawn, Johoreans particular the Chinese must make their stand. To continue the transformation process Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has started and brought upon progress, especially within Iskandar Malaysia or face with stagnant growth.

Almost 50% of Prime Minister Najib’s ETP is within Iskandar Malaysia and Greater Johor Bahru. A lot of Federal Government strategic commercial initiatives are centred around Southern Johor and would be major catalyst for economic growth and downwards multiplier and trickle effect.

That  means on top of the specific projects outlined under the ETP, many of Malaysian Chinese controlled businesses such as Iskandar Waterfront Holdings, Dialog Group, Dijaya Corporation, Multipurpose Holdings and traditional business houses such as Tan Sri Robert Kuok’s which are based around Grreater Johor Bahru will get the direct and indirect benefits. They would benefit from the economic growth, expanded market, created demands and increased in commercial activities.

Gelang Patah

Imagine Menteri Besar Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman is defeated in Gelang Patah, what messages that the Johorean Chinese are sending to Prime Minister Najib?

1. Bottomline, they are more drawn to Emperorissmo ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang’s racism Vs moving towards progress and a developed nation

2. Johorean Chinese defied the confidence by the Johorean Malays of great under standing, working together and tight co-operation and inadvertently gave up their privileged ‘power-sharing’ stature for a psychological ‘Chinese minority power’

3. The ‘Sino-nisation of Jauhar’ has been proven 

4. The Chinese businesses and the entire value chain would be affected as Iskandar Malaysia is now an Opposition constituency and the drive to move in on the fast track node would no longer be stimulated and even taken a few frequency downwards

5. Testing the Johorean Malays as the majority for their patience, tolerance, acceptance and kindness to open their hearts to share power, wealth and the state

The likeliness of the Opposition to take over the Johor State Government is very slim. Imagine the outcome if Chinese Chauvinist Emperorisimo Lim wins at Gelang Patah; Would the Johor State Government officials and entire machinery be co-operative and efficient in any dealings by Chinese businesses, knowingly that the same business owners and employees were part in shaming their former Boss?

Emperissimo of ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang

The fact is that, Lim never contributed in the economic growth and spurs and socio-development projects in areas he served either as MP or ADUN. He brought little or no benefits to the Chinese constituents be it culturally, heritage or education. All he did in the past 44 years of ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy is to sow Chinese hatred against the Malays.

It is time to choose. It is time for the Johorean Chinese to prove their worthiness as a ‘power-share’ partner for the last 60 years.

*Updated 1700hrs

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  1. The Chinese voters sudah kena check mate!Now they have to prove that they are not racist…

  2. You’re right.. the only reason LKS can win GP is becoz the GP Chinese are actually closet racists. It can’t be becoz LKS is a better candidate than GO, he is a parachute candidate for God’s sake!

    GO has served Johor well for 4 terms! Will the Chinese send him packing? And instead crown LKS as their rep?

    .. the Malays are silently watching and judging..

  3. “GO has served Johor well for 4 terms! ” Yep. Serving the PAP investors that is.

    Most local companies are merely proxies. Most workers are outsiders and foreigners.

    Local Malays forced to sell land and move elsewhere. The poor left for a more affordable living.

    UMNO grassroot had a hard time tracing the Malays voters. Most locals are angry for being sidelined in the dev. Businesses are for profit.

    Who to blame? GO of course for ignoring the sosio-politic impact of mega projects. When it comes to creating local modern villages to the men and women who defend the Tiang Seri UMNO, GO is a Scrooge, the heartless miser. Land are meant for the selected few and foreign investors.

    Funny eh.. tell the people to hate PAP but let GO gives land to PAP investors. The CRV tells the whole story.

    • Iskandar devt is not a State project but a Federal project. By virtue of that one has to figure out who have been calling the shots. Certainly not Ghani Othman. That is why in my previous posts, I already did mention on the importance of Johor Malays not be marginalised or left with scraps by Federal level decision makers in the context of the Federal level initiated Iskandar devt. Johor Malays have been so loyal to UMNO and BN since independence. They deserve better than to be hit by devt tsunami without benefitting much from it. Just hope and pray they do not swing to the other side in the 13th.GE.

  4. I don’t understand. If the chinese vote LKS, there will STILL be development in Gelang patah, which is, according to you, is part of PM’s ETP.

    So, either way, development goes on, even if LKS wins. If GO loses, well, too bad, that’s politics.

    The way I see it, if LKS elected, the Chinese there has:

    1. LKS for their whatever ‘struggle’ he’s bringing
    2. Development WILL STILL go on regardless
    3. Singapore support / interest? Well I dunno..

    If GO wins, well, life just go on as usual, developments and shit.

    • I agree development will still go on as planned. The question now is who especially the chinese voters want to spare from the embarrassment of losing because both candidates are considered heavyweights.

    • Dont be too sure and confident.

      PM’s ETP is still subjected to approvals by local governments & state authorities. These projects may get Putrajaya nod in principle but the state government is still ultimate approving body for land & development matters.

      Issues like land-use conversion, amalgamation of land parcels & re-issuance of titles, getting the necessary gazzetes and of course planning, development order & building plans approvals are all perogative by the Johor State Govt.

      This is according law which is also Land Code provisions in the Fed Constitution. JCS officers, who are the sole custodian and approving authority of each of these processes, are very loyal to their Boss. All Chinese businesses in Johor understand this very well.

      If Kit Siang becomes the new GP MP, would these officers be efficient in the work to provide the necessary approval for all these Chinese businesses ….


      Will they drag their feet and worse still, really makes it very sticky for process of issuing approvals?

      Please bear in mind that if JCS don’t process the applications and present it through their committees, it won’t reach Exco for final approval.

      In business, time is money! Everyday a business holds an unproductive land parcel, it will cost RM thousands in financial commitments. Imagine a 3 years period to get all basic approvals!

      A parcel of land in its original without the necessary approvals are worthless even tho it has potential. The acquirer would put a lot of pressure to vendor for the inclusion of approvals in ‘CPs’ of each transaction.

      Don’t you guys ever heard stories about Kelantan Civil Service, Terengganu Civil Service and Kedah Civil Service?

      • Totally agree.

        I was the finance mgr a co which acquired a premium land parcel at RM45m. It was raised through a corporate loan.

        It cost the co. RM10k everyday in interests alone and city hall took 2 1/2 years to approve everything, before a developer’s license and advertising & sales permit could be issued, so that sales can commence. It cost us RM10m in interest payments alone, which got to be serviced at the end of each month.

        And this was a land with tittle issued in a gazetted area. Imagine agriculture land?

  5. If LKS wins – the inherent racism in chinese voters is ALIVE and well. Currently the chinese are comparatively more economically advanced in Johor, even with Ghani and BN in power.

    If LKS wins over Ghani, the probable backlash will be the arousal of suspicions between Chinese and Malay Johoreans.

    Once the Malays have confirmed that the chinese Johoreans DO NOT want to share the economic cake with other Malaysians – only to have it all for themselves as well as their ‘kakis’ in kiasu island – the Malays will be awakened and will withdraw support or worse boycott chinese businesses.

    Hikmah will be to replace chinese businesses with Malay businesses.

  6. D-Day for GP Chinese….

  7. Najib…says “I got ETP”
    LKS said “I got OCP”..

    OCP=Only Chinese Prosper

    Shame on LKS

  8. Kit Siang looks really old. He cannot serve his constituency anymore. He failed in Ipoh Timur. What more does he want from the people?

  9. Kit Siang still have time till Saturday to confirm whether to contest in GP or not although Anwar has announced it officially, Kit Siang can still make U-turn at the last minute knowing PR manifesto is not a promised and knowing all PR goons are big liars this could happen.

    if nothing change then, and god forbids, Kit Siang won GP, I think its time the Johore Melayus to let the cinas chauvinist voters “Menang Sorak….bandar/business tergadai”.on them.

    And one more thing, Malaysians authorities should monitor closely any attempt of sabotage by PAP sympathizers in this PRU13. Singaporeans have no business to get involve in any way. That CRV photo on top has been in this blog for quite awhile, wonder what had happened to it to date. Don’t Malaysia has any law to take action on such display by foreign registered vehicle?.

    • Most likely the vehicle is owned by a malaysian pr. Alot of them who work in singapore does this to avoid paying the entry fees which singapore charges for foreign vehicles entering into singapore.

  10. […] But I am not the first to blog about this phenomena of Singapore-registered cars bearing flags of the Opposition, blogger Big Dog wrote about this in April 2013! […]

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