Spinning the wet yarn

Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan with Jen 9B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussein

Opposition Pact spin: Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan with Jen (B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussein

The desperation of the Opposition’s campaign moved into another stage when they spin on former IGP Tan Srì Musa Hassan’s appointment as ‘Adviser’ to Opposition Pact’s Security Advisory Council. Malaysiakini’s desperate attempt to spin:

Musa Hassan joins Pakatan advisory council

• Apr 29, 13 4:19PTG
Ex-police chief Musa Hassan has joined the Pakatan Rakyat security advisory council as an adviser, in light of recent incidents of political violence.

In a joint statement with Musa, former army chief General (Rtd) Hashim Hussein (left), who is the PKR candidate for the Johor Bahru parliamentary seat, said he had personally approached Musa to take up the position.

“As people who have spent a great part of our lives protecting and serving Malaysians to ensure peace and safety in our country, we wish to categorically state that political violence has no place in our democratic process,” the statement reads.

The council is to assist with a peaceful transition of power, should Pakatan form the federal government in the 13th general election, as well as to ensure an orderly campaign.

“We are alarmed that the home affairs minister publicly stated that these happenings would worsen more than a month ago,” the statement further reads.

The council will also advise Pakatan Rakyat on national security matters in the future.

The statement said that both Hashim and Musa have discussed about Pakatan’s aims to increase police salaries, along with improving the armed and police forces in the country as well.

Musa’s decision to join Pakatan could fuel more speculation about his political inclination.

Since retirement, Musa has been a vocal critic of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein (right), pointing out the latter’s interference in police matters.

He is also the patron for Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch), whose adviser S Gobi Krishnan is a PKR member.


The truth is that Jen (B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussein called and asked to meet up Tan Sri Musa, for advice in the wake of recent security threats during this 13 GE like the bombing in Nibong Tebal and Molotov cocktail attacks.

“No, there was no appointment of me into any Security Advisory Council”.

Musa also admitted he did meet Jen Hashim with NGO MyWatch Chairman S Sanjeevan and was engaged into a discussion on various security matter. His advice is Pakatan Rakyat to be vigilant and report and work with the Police if any security matter arises.

“I am not into politics. Although I am invited to give talk on security matters. Like last night, I was in Wisma UMNO Jerlun”.

Lately, PKR did see an influx of disgruntled former service senior officers jumping into their political bandwagon like Jen. (B) Hashim who was the former Army Chief, former Deputy Army Chief Lt. Jen. (B) Dato’ Abdul Ghaffir and former Navy Logistic Chief First Admiral (B) Hj Imran. However, they are more number of PKR office bearers jumping out and abandoning the party, even in the middle of intense campaign.

The desperation of the Opposition Pact is getting more severe. First, many of their leaders are trapped by their own lies, drama and manipulation where the rakyat is getting more aware of them in the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

Now, as the 13GE campaign enters the second but more critical week the Opposition Pact leaders are becoming more vile in the attacks, like Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s prayer for Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s death and Lim Kit Siang’s play into the racist game getting more intense.

Part of Lim Kit Siang’s speech in Taman Maju Johor Bahru on 27 April 2013 is all capital cities in Malaysia would be under DAP control.

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  1. Kenapa agaknya semakin hampir tarikh mengundi, semakin hebatlah mereka mengeluarkan segala macam taktik kotor, janji palsu/bukan-bukan dan tipu-daya bagi meraih sokongan rakyat? Interpretasi saya ialah pembangkang semakin terdesak. Mereka tidak lagi berjuang berpaksikan strategi tetapi hanya berperang secara reaktif dan taktikal – satu kesilapan yang akan mereka bayar dengan harga yang tinggi.

    Pembangkang sedar bahawa rakyat maklum yang mereka sudah sekian lama “memusuhi” pasukan keselamatan. Isu Chin Peng, Bukit Kepong, Mat Indera, kapal selam, Lahat Datu dan tindakan lain mereka yang berterusan menghina serta memperlekehkan anggota pasukan keselamatan serta usaha-usaha memperbaiki kemampuan pasukan keselamatan sudah sebati dengan PR. Jadi mereka giat berusaha untuk mengubah persepsi tersebut, antaranya termasuklah dengan memancing bekas pucuk pimpinan Angkatan Tentera/Polis untuk dilihat sebagai memihak kepada mereka.

    Apa yang anggota pasukan keselamatan harus ingat ialah PR hanya berusaha mengubah persepsi rakyat, bukan dasar dan pendekatan mereka yang pada pandangan saya anti-pasukan keselamatan. Saya harap dalam sehari dua anggota pasukan keselamatan mengundi awal ini, fikirlah dengan sebaik-baiknya. Ingatlah apa yang Mat Sabu, Tian Chua dan Lim Guan Eng sebut tentang Angkatan Tentera dan Polis. Janganlah saudara-saudari sekalian termakan helah politik mereka.

    Dari satu sudut lain pula, sepatutnya orang seperti Tan Sri Musa sudah boleh menjangka corak permainan politik pembangkang. Beliau pastinya maklum sebarang penampilan beliau di platform pembangkang khususnya dimusim PRU (sehari sebelum kebanyakkan anggota pasukan keselamatan mengundi awal) ini akan digambarkan sebagai beliau menyokong pihak mereka. Seandainya beliau tidak mengambil tindakan tegas menerangkan kedudukan sebenar, beliau tidak boleh salahkan sesiapa di pihak BN yang akan menganggap beliau sebagai musuh politik. I think the damage is done.

    p/s “…..former Navy Logistic Chief First Admiral (B) Hj Imran.” – was he ever in charge of Navy Logistic? I thought he only claimed to be one.

    • I always thougt higly of Musa. And now I think he is just another oppertunist.May be he thinks PR can win.

      What ever his excuse, I agree the damage is done.

  2. Now what in heavens name does the man hope to gain by going to the Opposition?

    He wants publicity, does he? For being ignored by the Establishment? Or vengeance for his IGP term not extended? Or was he eased out?

    I don’t understand why he even started to criticize the existing Police Establishment, disputing crime figures and the like.

    If he really has a mission, he should have joined a political party the moment he retired. Or start a new one like Zid Ibrahim – Kita or what’s- the-name political party?

  3. Oppositions continue to use the strategy of lying thinking voters will be psyched up into believing the oppositions have the upper hand. Little do they know by thumping confidently about winning, may scare the voters away especially at the last minute. As an exampke there are some dissatisfied Malays in Gelang Patah who were thinking of voting for DAP as a show of protests. But they have second thoughts when hear about the massive Chinese supporters in DAP campaign rallies most likely supporters brought from outside the area. They have second thoughts after seeing Pas supporters carrying DAP flags and banners. One wonders if the Malay opposition supporters are from Johor at all. Most likely brought in from other States. The Johor Malays chased away Kit Siang and supporters at Taman Tun Aminah market. Oppositions who think they can mess around and spread their lies among Malays in Johor and sweet talk them could be in for a shock. Johor Malays hate the influx of too many Singaporean chinese into JB and they simply cannot stomach the thought of DAP dominated Johor. An alarm bell has been sounded. The PKR and Pas candidates too are shrieking as if they have the upperhand, some espousing some war strategy ( damn stupid to emulate a battlefield strategy in the context of civilians exercising rights to vote) but yes it speaks volumes of the incoherent strategy by the oppositions. They lie, fitnah BN leaders, scare voters with unsubstantiated economic numbers, expecting voters to sympathise with their political fights. Yo man, rakyat dont want to prop up leaders. They want leaders to work for them and serve them.

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