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A Singaporean registered Hinda CRV campaigning for DAP

A Singaporean registered Honda CRV campaigning for DAP

Whether we like it or not, the battle for this 13GE is very intense. The Opposition is either sordidly driven to topple BN from the Federal Government or they are actually very delusional and worse still, desperate.

What should be a concern also is that either people from outside the country is busy involved in partisan campaign or Malaysians who have migrated elsewhere for greener postures felt they needed to change the administration the land they left behind. Since these Malaysians are not contributing to this country neither in taxes nor churning growth for the economy, their opinion should be deemed irrelevant.

Maybe Haris Ibrahim and his mad ABU Squad should act on people like this because it is almost obvious that “Foreigners are involved in our electoral process”.

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A long campaign

Elections Commission met today and decided that nomination for the 222 Parliamentary seats and 505 State Assembly seats in 12 states (with the exception of Sarawak) for the 13th General Election is on Saturday 20 April 2013 and polling is on Sunday 5 May 2013.

That is effectively 15 days of allowable official campaigning days.

That is very long indeed. Considering that the nation had technically been on 13GE ‘Orange Alert’ since more than 21 months ago and the Opposition parties have been actively campaigning in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy almost daily everywhere in the country, 15 days of intense ceramahs could set the heat a little up on the red mercury scale.

That is not withstanding that the advancement of communication technology and connectivity, campaign materials are easily transmitted which include lies and seditious materials.40 million registered cellular phones which include 14 million 3G lines already a demonstration that almost every single eligible voters could be reached in fraction of the blink of an eye.

Especially for the young and more communication savvy 3 million new and first time voters, the advancement of technology and communication connectivity means that they are able to access a massive amount of campaign information from where ever they are, be in text, photos, recorded audio or video formats and medium. They need not attend the more interesting ceramahs in person, to get the gist of the messages transmitted by the candidates offering themselves.

The Opposition parties are expected to perpetuate lies on top of making ridiculous accusations with intent to stir up emotions and sow further ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy in their campaigns, but this time with a lot more intensity. The Chinese Chauvinists within DAP is also expected to play the racist card in their Mandarin ceramahs to the Chinese ethnic crowd. They have done this in the past and they are very capable to do it again, now that they are vying into new electoral markets.

That is more pressure for the authorities to ensure that no people with sinister agenda do something evil and mad, like what pro-Opposition lawyer Haris Ibrahim has been doing lately and could do serious destability and fear.

We are of the opinion that EC should have allowed minimal campaigning period. Many things could happen in extra five whole days.

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An exemplary statesman

The nation must be reminded of a great leader who player pivottal role to Merdeka, an instrumental role for rural development, an amazing leadership in crisis management and a magical role to restore peace, stability, reconciliation, unity and inter-racial trust after the attempt to destabilise by a minority group of radicals and extremists. Also, a magnificent role to game-change the social development agenda, creation of bigger economic pie and more equitable distribution of wealth without impairing any groups’ rights and position.

He invited Sabah, Sarawak and Opposition parties to form Barisan Nasional as we know today, forty years ago. His leadership brought together the nation and everyone moved forward, without exception nor deprivation.

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Tun Dr Mahathir: Kekalkan hubungan baik antara kaum & ‘kongsi-kuasa’ cara BN

Perdana Menteri IV Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad meminta warga Johor mengekalkan hubungan baik antara kaum dan kekalkan formula ‘kongsi-kuasa’ cara BN demi meneruskan agenda pembangunan dan transformasi. Beliau berucap dalam program Bicara Perdana di Muar, Johor.

“Apakah keadaan Muar ini sebelum dan setelah Merdeka? Bandingkan pembangunan yang dibawa Kerajaan BN. Rakyat Johor bijak memilih”.

Beliau mengupas sejarah DAP sebagai ‘anak PAP’ dan konsep ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’. Ianya bertujuan untuk menimbulkan kebencian orang Cina kepada orang Melayu, kunun kunun semua peluang dalam negara ini hanyalah untuk orang Melayu semata mata.

“Apabila Singapura disingkirkan Persekutuan, agenda menghasut untuk menimbulkan kebencian orang Cina ini diteruskan oleh DAP. Kununnya kita (orang Melayu) menafikan hak mereka ( orang Cina); bahasa mereka, hak mereka, peluang perniagaan, sekolah mereka dan ugama mereka”.

Hakikatnya, ianya tidak benar malah sebenarnya pembohongan yang berniat jahat.

“Lihat seluruh negara ini. Orang Cina bebas berniaga dan mengumpul kekayaan. Orang Melayu sedia ber’kongsi kuasa’ dengan semua kaum dan berkongsi kekayaan. Ini formula kejayaan kita. Tapi DAP cuba membakar hati seolah olah orang Cina dinafikan hak dan ditindas”.

Presiden UMNO V itu menjelaskan bahawa walaupun orang Melayu merupakan golongan tidak berada paling besar dalam negara ini, tiada berlaku permusuhan diantara orang miskin dan kaya. Ini berlaku dibanyak negara termasuk Eropah, sehingga Raja dan Kerajaan digulingkan. Ini kerana orang Melayu tidak dibiarkan tanpa pertolongan dan pembangunan untuk menereka berterusan.

“Di Malaysia ini kita tolong orang miskin dan menghargai golongan yang kaya. Kita mahu orang kaya terus berusaha dan mereka yang cekap berniaga terus diberikan ruang, agar mereka boleh terus bayar cukai dan duit itu kita gunakan untuk bantu dan bangunkan orang miskin”.

Tun Dr Mahathir memberikan contoh Tan Sri Robert Kuok sebagai anak Johor yang diberikan lesen untuk mengimport dan berniaga gula dan tepung yang boleh berjaya, sehingga menjadi pemaju dan kemudian pemilik hotel. Ianya merupakan rahsia bagaimana orang Melayu yang menguasai pentadbiran menyediakan ruang untuk usahawan Cina maju, iaitu kerjasama perkongsian antara pentadbiran-perniagaan yang berjaya, iaitu formula Malaysian Inc.

“Ini semua Lim Kit Siang tidak mahu cerita. Dia hanya mahu membakar hati orang Cina. Ini dia mahu cuba pula di Johor ini. Dia tidak akan berjaya! Orang Johor tak boleh terima orang yang cuba mengugat kestabilan seperti ini!”

Beliau menjelaskan konsep ‘kongsi-kuasa’ yang memberikan peluang semua kaum diwakili dalam Kerajaan Persekutuan dan bersama sama merancang dan membuat keputusan. Ini merupakan kunci kejayaan dimana kestabilan dan kerjasama erat memberikan ruang untuk pembangunan pesat dijana. Pembangunan yang berterusan ini menjana pertumbuhan ekonomi yang pesat.

“Semua orang tidak bermusuhan walaupun orang macam Lim Kit Siang membakar hari orang Cina. Sebaliknya, kestabilan memungkinan pertumbuhan ekonomi dan pembangunan seluruh pelusuk negara, sehingga kita hampir mencapai taraf negara maju. Jika Lim Kit Siang berkuasa, dia tidak akan meneruskan dasar ini”.

Dalam program yang dihadiri oleh 10,000 warga Johor sekitar Muar dan Menteri Besar Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman dan MP Muar dan Timbalan Menteri Belia dan Sukan Dato’ Razali Ibrahim, Tun Dr. Mahathir memperincikan hasrat Pembangkang yang kunun kununnya ingin mengujudkan sistem ‘Dua Parti’. Namun, ianya sebenarnya  parti Pembangkang hanya dikuasai oleh pengamal nepotism.

“Kita sudah ada Sistem Dua Parti; Parti Kerajaan dan Pembangkang. Namun kita dah tukar lima kali Perdana Menteri. Mereka masih tidak ‘TUKAR’. Tukarlah mereka dahulu! Tukarlah Lim Kit Siang. Tukarlah Nik Aziz. Tukarlah Anwar Ibrahim. Bagi orang lain pula peluang, selain keluarga mereka sahaja!”.

Ucapan yang penuh bersemangat selama 1 jam ini dihayati penuh oleh semua yang hadir.

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A true Malay warrior

Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman, DK Johor

It is an open secret amongst so many of Johor political analysts and observers that State UMNO Liaison Chairman and Menteri Besar Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman is leaving his position soon the moment results of the upcoming 13GE are announced. The more interesting than point is not what will happen next to the MB of Johor since 1995 but what is his contribution in the 13GE as State BN Liaison Chairman.

Some speculated that he would be given a Parliamentary seat to contest and appointed as a Cabinet Minister in Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s first mandated Federal Government. Some others speculated that if he is not MB Johor, then he would rather go away quietly and retire as a citizen. After all, he would be 66 this year.

Then again, there is this interesting notion that Ghani has offered himself to go against Chinese Chauvinist DAP Emperissimo of ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah Parliamentary seat.

Gelang Patah analysis

This is something really doable. BN won in 12GE with 8,851 votes majority. That is 15.1% of votes casted, which means that BN took three out of every five persons voted. It is a comfortable position.

If Ghani could take  75-80% of the Malay votes (24.8-26.4% of overall votes), 30-35% of the Chinese votes (16.2-18.9% of the overall votes) and 65-70% of Indian votes (7.8-8.4% of the over all votes), he could poll between 49 -52.6% of votes casted. Law of averages would round that up to 50.8% of votes casted.

In fact, there are analysts who are confident that Ghani could actually poll 40% of the Chinese votes, which is 21.6% of the over all votes. That would easily translate to 56.4% of votes casted, which is only a deficit by 10% from BN’s performance in 12GE when Tan Ah Eng was challenged by Dr Zaliha Mustafa of PKR.

We would say that is very good chance indeed.

Ghani is a very Chinese-friendly UMNO leader.  Many Chinese entrepreneurs around Greater Johor Bahru benefited since he became MB in 1995. Especially since Iskandar Malaysia was launched in November 2006 where Federal Government directly invested into many infrastructure projects around the Johor Bahru area.

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (in blue) handing out special goodies to some of the underpriviledged children who were also invited to attend the Kulaijaya Tiong Hua Association Chinese New Year open house

Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (in blue) handing out special  to some of the underpriviledged children who were also invited to attend the Kulaijaya Tiong Hua Association Chinese New Year open house

As the MB Johor, Ghani brought a lot of growth in Gelang Patah. He created Kota Iskandar and he is the Co-Chairman of Iskandar Region Development Authority.

It is expected that Emperissimo Lim’s campaign is exactly like the one in Sarawak, “This is not about me. This is about ‘Democracy’. This is about ‘Change’!”. Then again, it has been proven that the Chinese Chauvinists in DAP practice no democracy and nepotism. Neither do they are willing to ‘Change’, considering that Lim is still around in mainstream politics continuously since 1964.

Please mind the fact that this is an arm chair analysis, without having the factor that campaign has not even started yet. When campaign starts, it is a totally different ball game entirely. Imagine the might and aura of Prime Minister Najib “Ajib Gor” Razak’s and Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s presence to meet the voters of Gelang Patah in person, in a series of events.

This would be a very good boost for him as the outgoing MB Johor and State UMNO Liaison. He finally ‘kill’ Emperssimio Lim and finish his political career off, which spanned from 1964. He could also over turn the myth that an UMNO man would not able to defeat a DAP in a Chinese majority area.

Ghani’s name would be etched as a ‘True Malay’ warrior indeed.

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Band of Bandits, 2013 edition

In their desperate attempts to regenerate and repackage their sordid ‘Politics of Hatred’ for the minority to wrest power from the majority, the Opposition Pact is expected to field some new faces in this upcoming 13GE, expected end of April.

Now that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and Chinese Chauvinist Emperissimo of ‘Middle Malaysia’ Lim Kit Siang have confirmed abandoning the current seats and trying their luck in Perak (probably Gopeng or Lumut) and Gelang Patah respectively, some of their newly ascended leaders would be offered seats for the first time.

PKR is expected to field Vice President N Surendran in Padang Serai, Muhamad Nur Manutty in Bagan Serai,  Dr Abdul Aziz Bari in Sabak Bernam, Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin in Bukit Katil, Idris Jauzi in Batu Pahat, Rafizi Ramli in Pandan, Dr Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail in Machang, Dato’ Fauzi Abd. Rahman in Indera Mahkota, Sti Aishah Sh. Ismail in Tambun and Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin in Labuan. The disgruntled and disilussioned former Armed Forces senior officers Jen. (B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussein in Johor Bahru, Lt. Jen. (B) Ghaffir Salleh in Pasir Gudang and Abdul Hadi Khattab in Tanjong Malim.

DAP is expected to field Thomas Su in Ipoh Timur, V Sivakumar in Batu Gajah, Wong Tack in Bentong and Arif Sabri in Raub.

PAS is expected to field Dato’ Haron Din in Arau, Brig. Jen. (B) Najmi Ahmad in Baling, Dato’ Mohd. Fauzi Shaari in Larut, Husam Musa in Putrajaya and singer Wan Aishah in Jempol.

Most of these candidates are retirees and rejects in where ever they were.

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UBAH incompetent & incapacitated MBs

MB Kedah Dato' Seri Azizan A Razak collapse behind his Mercedes Benz S350L 'KBX 8''

MB Kedah Dato’ Seri Azizan A Razak collapse behind his Mercedes Benz S350L ‘KBX 8”

Since the ‘Political Tsunami’ five years ago which saw BN under then PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi lost five-plus-one states, it has been proven that two out of four Opposition Pact controlled state government Menteri Besars are incompetent and incapacitated in discharging their duties effectively.

In fact, two of these MBs are gravely unwell, physically weak and have been hospitalised for serious heart problems more often than they want to be in a short period of time. It is public knowledge that have serious cardiovascular ailments and are not able to spend the whole day at work, continuously.

MB Kelantan since Nov 1990 Nik Aziz dozing off in public, even on stage in the middle on an event

And yet they are neither letting their position go nor make preparations for a success plan, by more able-bodied and more competent politicians.

The set back is that these two PAS MBs are administrating Malay heartland states, where it is less developed and have lot of rural issues as compared to the other states where more than 50% of the people have been urbanised and enjoying better standards of living.

More Nik Aziz sleeping on the job

The fact that since these personalities assumed the Chief Executive-ship in their state administrations, they have brought very little progress. The stagnation is across the board in all aspects, be it physical development, competency and efficiency of the delivery system of their respected state governments.

It is high time to ‘UBAH’. The voters in these states deserve far better deal than these two and

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Flip-Flopping on God

It is flavourable to pander into the ‘market’ be ‘relevant’ even to the borders of contradict if not selling out one selves rather than uphold business philosophy and principles. This is very much how to define PAS’s incredible tolerance towards popularity nowadays.

PAS to allow non-Malays to contest on party ticket

Bernama • Apr 3, 13 11:18PTG

PAS will allow non-Malay candidates from its Supporters Club or Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (DHPP) to contest on the party’s ticket in the upcoming 13th general election, according to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“The candidates from the DHPP are from the Chinese, Indian and Iban communities,” he told a press conference at his residence in Rusila, in Marang, today.

He said these candidates would be using the quota of 76 parliamentary seats to be contested by PAS, the number having been jointly agreed upon by the partners in the opposition pact.

Hadi (second from left, in photo) said the candidates from the DHPP and the party’s Dewan Muslimat (women’s wing) would be contesting in mixed-race constituencies in view of the DHPP’s positive response towards PAS.

The Marang member of parliament also said that if additional seats were given by its allies in the pact for PAS to contest, it was prepared to provide the candidates.

Hadi said the 76 parliamentary seats allocated to PAS, were 10 more than the number it contested in the last general election in 2008, in which it won 24 seats.

He said with candidates from the DHPP contesting, he was confident that the number of votes received by PAS from non-Malay voters would be a surprise and would have an impact on the outcome of the 13th general election.

The party also hoped that their candidacy would result in a wave of young voters backing the opposition, thus helping it capture some targeted states, he added.

Asked which seat he would be contesting, Hadi declined to reveal but said the announcement of candidates would be made soon.

Meanwhile, Hadi also said that PAS was willing to offer DAP candidates the use of its symbol if DAP is deregistered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

He said the move was made as the sharing of logo had happened before with the opposition parties in Sabah dan Sarawak, such as using the PKR logo.

“As reported by the media, action might be taken against DAP over its central executive committee election. If DAP is then not allowed to use its symbol (rocket), we are prepared to offer the use of the PAS symbol, he added.

– Bernama


In the 60s, PAS Ulamas narrowly define UMNO’s ‘infidelities against the principles of Islam’ when the nationalist party was working in a ‘power-sharing’ co-operation to govern Malaysia with Non Muslims via MCA and MIC in Alliance Party. Doesn’t matter the fact that all UMNO leaders and members then are 100% Malay and Muslim.

PAS then onwards sowed hatred against UMNO amongst fellow Malay-Muslims and perpetuated the ‘infidelity call’. The Amanat Hj Hadi issued by then a fiery PAS youth leader Abdul Hadi Awang at Kg. Banggol, Kuala Terengganu on 7 April 1981.

Amanat Hj Hadi, Kg. Banggol, Peradong, Kuala Terengganu 7 April 1981

That, divided the Malays further. Especially in the Malay-heartland of Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah where PAS members strated to practice un-Islamic rituals like ‘Two Imam prayers’ at State Government appointed clerics and refusal to eat meat slaughtered by UMNO members and visitation on fellow Muslims’ death etc.

The hatred was sowed further into attempts by deviant PAS militants to kill fellow Muslims and started an armed rebellion like the Memali Incident in 1985 and the recent revelation by Zainon “Cikgu Non” Ismail’s assassination attempt of then Fourth Prime Minister  Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1988.

Cikgu Non

Now, PAS pandered into the gluttony of the Oppositions’ ‘unholy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows’ wet-dream to wrest power at Dewan Rakyat and take over the Federal Government administration of Putrajaya. They are willing to work with Chinese Chauvinists DAP, who have time and again proven themselves to be anti-Islam and anti-Malay, to topple the UMNO-led-BN Federal Government which have proven to be the champion of Islam.

In the spirit of political partnership, PAS leaders compromised the philosophy and principles of Islam from being the ‘Champion of the statehood based on Al Quran and Hadiths’ and brought the concept of ‘State of Welfare’. This is on top of they conveniently shut a blind eye towards anti-Islam elements which Chinese Chauvinists within DAP have been antagonising the Malays, Islam and the position of Islam as the religion of the Federal Constitution.

DAP leaders provoked the majority Malay-Muslims with controversial issues such as belittling the struggle against apostasy cases, the vows ‘To make a Christian as the next Prime Minister and Christianity as an official religion of Malaysia’ at Red Rock Hotel, Georgetown on 5 May 2011, the prosetylisation party at Damansara Utama Methodist Church on 6 August 2011 and the more recent is DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng’s 2012 Christmas Day call  for the Home Minsitry to ‘Allow the use of ‘Kalimah Allah’ in Malay bibles’.

PAS also dropped the call for ‘Hudud’, in favour of DAP.

Today, they are willing to allow DAP leaders to contest using the PAS ticket and symbol if the Chinese Chauvinist party is deregistered for manipulating the party CEC election results 15 December last year.

PAS leaders did not just compromised. They ‘Flip-Flopped’ against God, for their so called ‘Struggle for a statehood based on Al Quran and Hadiths’. Now, they sleep with infidels and anti-Islam antagonists and compromise on ‘Pluralism of Islam’.

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Making UMNO as a lifestyle

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya

Over dinner, a corporate personality suggested that UMNO should move upwards and position itself as a champion of the ‘Transformed Malaysia’ lifestyle.

“UMNO should subsidise 3G smart phones and connectivity, especially in places like Sabah. Make UMNO a ‘new lifestyle’ for Sabahans”.

It makes perfect sense. Information is power.

The Sabahans’ lives could be transformed by a few steps forward with connectivity to the cybersphere. Their horizon be broadened and depth of knowledge, deepened. They could also gain new skills with these new communications-enabled opportunities.

The UMNO-cybersphere subsidy should also include Astro and TM Unifi connectivity. News, entertainment, sports and even educational programs could reach Sabahans with far better efficiency. Up-skilling programs for the ICT industry could be introduced immediately.

This program will naturally press for the service providers to upgrade their services in Sabah rapidly. Currently, Sabah is the lowest broadband penetration rate in the country at 34% of households compared to the national average of 63.8%. Cellular phones penetration rate is also the lowest at 88% compared against the national average of 135%.

Naturally, Sabahans would relate to the party which agenda is about bringing socio-economic development and transformation agenda. It is a direct benefit that the 600,000 UMNO Sabah members would gain from their membership and strong unequivocal support to the Sabah State and Federal Government.

This would provide the more comprehensive opportunity for each Sabah UMNO Divisional leaders to get closer with every grass root members.

This will top Minister in-charge of Information, Culture and Communications Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Ph.D’s marvellous offer of ‘Free 30mins daily internet’ two weeks ago when Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak met with TM employees at Menara Telekom.

This makes a good ‘1 Malaysia’ national integration sense. It is time that UMNO does a technologically induced pro-active engagement for its members.

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Band of Biadaps

Hew Kuan Yau proudly fingering

Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders have time and again proven themselves to be antagonists that drive and wedge the nation apart. Again, personalities like Super-Rude Hew Kuan Yau demonstrate their true personalities; biadap!

They shamelessly instigate and incite in their attempt as minority to wrest power from the majority. They have insulted the Malays, Federal Government (especially law enforcement agencies), Islam and HRH Rulers in their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to realise power.

They don’t respect any protocols and customs. Their ADUNs were thrown out of State Assembly ceremonies for refusal to wear the songkok in the formalities in the presence of HRH Ruler. In fact, they are aggressively rude. Even in augur house such as the State Assembly and a HRH Ruler is present.

PR primates

In the past, their predecessors the Malayan Communist Party ‘Butchers of Malaya’ rebels instilled terror. Today, they are no longer armed bandits but their radicalism and extremism is still very much prevalent. When their terrorism failed, they took their radicalism and extremism where the Chinese Chauvinist DAP were the major instigators of the 13 May 1969 bloody race riot tragedy.

Hew, is defining the past terrorism in the form of perpetuating insults via constant rudeness which is grossly undermining the 6th tenet of the Rukun Negara.

These are the behaviourial characteristics and values of DAP leaders who are trying to cheat Malaysians with their ‘Middle Malaysian’ tagline. As the DAP Publicity Secretary here has shown, it is actually all about their deep fascination of their ‘middle finger’ as a demonstration of heir affection and respect to Malaysians.

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