BN takes over Kedah State Government

Soon to be Menteri Besar Kedah

Soon to officially be Menteri Besar Kedah

Barisan Nasional took over the Kedah State Government from PAS minutes after midnight. The designated Menteri Besar Dato’ Paduka Mukhriz Mahathir, won the N04 Ayer Hitam DUN seat with an increased majority at 2,446 votes. In 12GE, Abdul Ghani Ahmad of PAS won by 506 majority.

At press time, Barisan Nasional Kedah won 21 of the DUN and 9 Parliamentary seats. The wind of change predicted was true and Kedahans decided for a change.

Unofficially, BN also took the simple majority of Dewan Rakyat at the same time.

Baguihh Naa…..

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  1. Tok Jan jangan teriak no….

  2. Simply put PM Najib did not expect to be “played out” by the chinese voters. UMNO members must be very angry by his 1 Malaysia slogans…dishing out billions and selling his soul for the sake of winning the hearts and minds of the chinese. But little did he know what the chinese wanted is to have their own “chinasia”. Nothing will be enough until they have it all. Can’t UMNO see it?

    What next? after being played out nice and proper…he should consult his southern neigbour on how to retain power….”open door policy” on immigration from all parts of the world and giving citizenship to “would be govt supporters”.

    It is time NOT to be Mr Nice PM anymore. National Conciliation my ass. After performing worst than Pak Lah he would be lucky if he does not suffer the fate of Pak LAH’. Muhydin should be ready to be PM when the TUN press the action button.

    The chinese has shown their card in Gelang Patah when the pride of the malay MB OF Johor was not even respected. It is time to re-check relationship. What National Con? is Najib talking…the malays are angry!

  3. Good, good, good.

    I wish we had got Selangor, too. I’m fedap with the sampah problem, the uncleaned drains problem etc.

    • PS:

      I really can’t understand why the Malays in Klang Valley went for PAS. I have read the usual explanations but not convincing.

      Kelantanese may buy Nik Aziz’s bullshit kafi mengkafir, Tuhan mencarut etc. But I thought Klang Valley Malays are better educated.

      Can anyone explain?

      • Exactly. But at the same time it was the self centred urbane Chinese population and the Gen Y category who delivered votes to DAP, Pas and PKR. It was like vote anything but BN. The voting lines in the Kelana Jaya Sports Complex were really long, full of young voters as evident in their being in saluran mengundi 4,5 and 6. These are the voters eager to ‘ ubah’. Sad to note that those who reject BN include Gen Y Malays. Don’t know how much they have been deceived by the red bean army cybertroopers who had intensified their activities of lies and hate towards UMNO and BN in the days and weeks before the GE13.

      • The Gen Y are the product of rampant exposure to lap tops, i pads, i phones and what have you.

        How many parents have time to check what they read. Having to make ends meet, keep up with the Joneses, husband and wife working, get caught on the traffic jams for hours during rush hours, rach home have to cook, maids so difficult to get at times like now, where got time to check on children and proper upbringing.

        Many go to adult blogs, read a lot of the Opposition maki hamun, goodness, some even watch porno. So, how to get them thinking right on the political leaders of this country. Maki hamun is more fun than praises.

        The phenomenon of hanging out at the keadi mamak for roti canai and teh tarik at night has been going on for many years. Even 15 year olds go out to such places until late at night.

        So, to get them to read “the other side of the coin”, BN has to set up a full time, monthly paid, Cyber Troopers team like the DAP Red Beans blokes. Whack the Opposition using the same way as the DAP blokes. Wild allegations, maki hamun etc.

  4. Tahniah Mukhriz. Take good care of Kedah and its people.

  5. I was 110% sure that BN will win back Kedah. They did not deserve to lose then. ANSARA wins. Haha

  6. Alhamdulillah. Tahniah dan selamat berkhidmat YAB.

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