Dr. Mahathir: Coalition is still the best answer

Media conference at Yaysan Kepimpinan Pelajar, 7 May 2013

Media conference at Yayasan Kepimpinan Pelajar, 7 May 2013

In a media conference at his office in Putrajaya this afternoon, Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad calls for continuing to preserve the ‘power-share’ coalition as the best solution for Malaysia to move forward. “For the whole country, the best is to have a ‘kongsi’ government (coalition)”.

“MCA is the main Chinese party. If they are not in the Federal Government, who would represent the Chinese. Do we forget about them altogether or we find some candidate? If there is no Chinese representative (in the Cabinet and State Excos), the situation would not be good for the Government and country”, answering to the question based on MCA President Dato’ Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s reiterated call that MCA should not be included in the Cabinet and State Government Excos due to his party’s poor performance in the 13GE two days ago.

“This is not the first time. After the May 1969 (3GE), Tun Tan Siew Sin also made the same call. But in the interest of the nation, since then they remained being represented in Cabinet”.

“All along, we have believed in the co-operation between races. We (BN) don’t have a multiracial party. We have devised  a coalition of parties representing the multiple races. Effectively, the coalition acts as a party, using the same symbol and manifesto. The coalition is the best answer. If the coalition breaks down, what is the answer. We have to think carefully about that”.

He agreed to the notion that 13GE is a demonstration of the attitude of the majority Malaysian Chinese who pandered into DAP’s Chinese Chauvinism and rejected the ‘Power-Share’ concept, which was harnessed at the basis for when this nation was formed.

“I have been everywhere to campaign especially in Johor where there is the best example of the ‘Power Share’ concept. But DAP and Lim Kit Siang fanned the Chinese Chauvinism and  hatred against the Malays, where he claims the Malays got everything since Merdeka. He sow Chinese hatred against the Malays and it spread to the whole country. It is clear that the Chinese ‘rejected’ the ‘hands of friendship’ with the Malays. This is the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ “.

He also reminded that MCA was accused of being ‘Lackeys to UMNO’. “They are embarrassed. They have been projected by the DAP for letting down and not fighting for the Chinese. rights. Now if they still come in, they have to show that they are very Chinese. That would cause some problems with the Government and maybe the Malays also”.

To a question whether DAP should be included in the Government,

“Well, it depends to the Chinese. Whether they want to participate (in Government) or not. If they want to participate, who shall participate. I am quite sure the DAP would not want to participate, unless they are in a dominant position. If MCA participate, then they would be accused of being ‘Lackeys of UMNO’. Can we find Chinese who are willing to face this and participate in the Government. That is left to be seen”.

He also added the Malays are also fragmented into three different parties.

“When the Malays are fragmented, they are no longer strong. They become ‘beggars'”.

Answering to questions of co-operation between UMNO and PAS, “Both parties must make adjustments and concessions. This is one of the reaction that arisen from poor performance of PAS, where they managed to only get 21 seats compared to DAP (38 seats). Obviously, there must be give and take. UMNO cannot insist their ways nor PAS continue to insist of the theirs. One must remember, UMNO plus PAS (88 + 21) is not enough to govern the country. They need to find somebody to join them”.

Tun Dr. Mahathir also responded to the call that Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak should step down due to BN’s worse performance in 13GE compared to the 12GE, “UMNO will have to decide”.

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  1. “DAP’s Chinese Chauvinism”?

    I like that. Succinct, yet eloquent.

    But, sadly, like most things, Dr M has got it wrong.

    Would he dare call the leaders of China “Chinese Chauvinists”, seeing as how they are beefing up their military capabilities and policing the South China Sea?

    Nooo, of course not.

    You see, Dr M picks and chooses his targets. He targets those who cannot fight back, those who don’t carry a big stick and those who can tell him bluntly “up your’s, mate”.

    So, in that sense, he’s a carefully calculating hard-headed realist.

    Note that he equated the DAP with the PAP in Singapore?

    The DAP should be chuffed with this comparison..

    After all, it’s not every Ah Chong, Ahmad and Muthu political party that can drag a teeny little city-state from Third World irrelevance to First World status.

    That must be really galling for an ego like Dr M’s.

    • Refer: ” Would he dare call the leaders of China “Chinese Chauvinists”, seeing as how they are beefing up their military capabilities and policing the South China Sea?”
      Don’t quite understand why would you want to bring the mainland Chinese into this debacle?
      The Dr is just referring to DAP methodology to win the elections and based on 2 CM that has tirelessly work for all races, they were soundly humiliated by voters in their area. What better conclusions can you give?

    • Goob

      Your comment reeks of irrational racism. Tun Dr M knows lky up close. Najib lacks that advantage.

      That teeny little city-state has 3rd world mentality. Malaysia’s brand of democracy is far superior. The citizens of that tightly controlled state have no voice at all.


      Singapore is ranked at number 149 which is worse than Malaysia.

      Only recently there were 2 protests by Singaporeans against the 6.9 million population white paper.

    • Adolf Hitler and Lee Kuan Yew

      “From great adversity they managed to turn a difficult situation around. But, just as Hitler, Lee Kuan Yew will eventually FAIL.

      For Germany the failure was due to military defeat. For Singapore, it will be because the basis of his policies have lost their appeal in this modern age.”


    • first world status?…yeah sure follow PAP style..break the malay into smaller neighbourhood where they will never be the majority..let them live in small space HDB..buat kenduri bawah flat and then one of your kind tweet racist statement like amy fucking cheong..First world status for your kind only..you can project and boost your yourself as the most fair the most uncorrupted all those bullshit but we can smell your dirty plan..and please DAP people pick and choose thier target as well..the naive one and pick zairil khir johari as a malay..hahaha..not so fair after all

    • How does China’s Chinese fit into this equation? Maybe because we’re talking about Malaysia and that is probably why your rant does not make sense at all. Stay on the subject. He’s referring to the local Chinese. And what do you mean they cannot fight back? Didn’t you realize that a great majority of them “fought” back with their votes. Seriously, what are you ranting about?

      Tun M says it as it is. In simple English and yet you choose to spin it.

      DAP’s main tactic ever since they were born was to paint UMNO as evil and the MCA as lackeys for kowtowing to the UMNO Malays. Call a spade a spade. You don’t have to be an expert to know the kind of pressure the MCA is under when they are questioned about participating in an UMNO government. A Government despite its setbacks, faults (like any other Government in this world) has delivered when other Governments in this world has failed.

      So yeah, the reality of it – and we do live in a real world that UMNO and BN is disappointed that they were pushed to the corner in Chinese dominated areas. It’s just human nature that they ask “What, else oh my Chinese friends?”. Nothing racist about it. You want development – check. You want a corruption free Government – check, BN aspire that too. Work with us on that. Please don’t offer bribes to win project. Report corruptive practices to the MACC.

      Is that easy enough for you to understand? Or will you spin this too?

    • Yes, I must join this whacking of the chauvinistic, Singapore and China glorifying bloke. He gives opinions without much justification, and so would I.

      Yes indeed, who said that Singapore is First World? What criteria does he use for that classification? Does he not include the “Big Brother on the Wall” situation the Singapore citizens face all the time – listened to and watched all the time, even in their bedrooms.

      Did he not read that, apart from being regularly snooped by the Police, Lee Kuan Yew used threats and legal suits on the Singapore citizens every so often? Sued the Opposition parties’ Members of Parliament to bankruptcy until at one time there were only 2 opposition MPs in the Singapore Parliament. And suing thru the legal firm Lee & Lee, owned by him and wife.

      Did he not see the time when he forced those who stole roadside landscaping plants to plant them back in front of Singapre TV cameras? Or read the news that those new arrivals (he made Singapore 72% Chinese) complained all sorts, making so many demands which they never tasted in mainland China, after living in Singapore just 1-2 years.

      Meaning, all told, the human rights and freedom of expression in Singapore is 4th or 5th World, not First World at all. And in China of course we know that so many offences carry the death penalty, including corruption. Yet corruption is rife there, worse than ever. The Gooberman bloke should live in China and praise the goberman there.

  2. Tun Dr Mahathir is right. Coalition is the best way for Najib to form a government.

    But since MCA only won 7 seats, only 2 cabinet seats be allocated for MCA instead of the traditional 4. The other two should be allocated for Sabah and Sarawak. They are very supportive of BN’s ‘kongsi kuasa’ & should be represented well in cabinet.

    This way Chinese could be represented in the highest policy making forum.

    Look at Singapore. For over 40 years, they only had ONLY 1 Malay in cabinet at any one time. Malaysian Chinese, who have proven themselves to be Singapore-centric, must support this 2-MCA-cabinet idea.

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  4. MCA MPs who won should be considered for cabinet posts. Two cabinet posts perhaps. As Fed level ministers, their works dont represent any particular race but all Malaysians. But the Fed govt should rethink whether it should take care of constituenties that were won by PR candidates. If the Fed takes care of these areas like they did the last 5 years eg Kelana Jaya, Lembah Pantai and many more, then the PR MPs become free loaders and they have time to start to already campaign to win in the 14th.GE. The new BN govt must have a strategy that benefits the people and also keep it in good stead as a party of choice.

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