Lil’ Min Yuens

In the many months in the run up before the 13GE, DAP have had their cybertroopers dubbed ‘Red Bean Army’ fanning racial slurs and inciting the Malaysian Chinese hatred against the Federal Government, authorities and prominent Malay personalities with incredible frequency and intensity.

It is unimaginable and grossly unbelievable the sort of materials and expressions these youngsters could systematically do. This is not withstanding the manipulation of facts and lies that they spew via social media networks and blogs.

It is believed these are some of their ‘Politics of Hatred’ cybertroopers active in the popular social media network Facebook:

Name and FB link

Cky Cheong
Ben Seah
BlackHeart Xuan
James Wong
Nelson Yeap
Jcf Cyc
Chuanjun Lim
马棵斯 (阿歡)
Isaac Lee Peng Hoi
AH Kok (阿国)
Eddy Ong (Turtle)
Ufo Yong Tat
Chong Hong Siong
Johnson Ching
Ong Wie Kiat
Alan Tang
Ruty Pua
Doreamon Lim
Jcf Cyc II
Wei Yang Liu
Ruby Birdie (Dieforjustin)
Ah Chao
Chia Jien (StupidJing)
Xiao Bao
Jimmy Choong
Jack Tan Wiragto
Baki Randy
Jacky Ong Shin Wei
Bryan Lew
Jong Ht
Yeu Dee Kin
Dee Loh (Fangdi 芳狄)
Sawadee Marco
Kelvin Eu
MOng Ji (笔友)
Dylan Tan
怨君凉介 (爱吐槽)
Kenj Hin
Sean Chew (周智雄)
Alan Ho
Holiday Koh
Eadweard LeCoultre
Ak Ang
Gee Pojie Pujibah
Liau Yong Siang (勇翔)
Chew Jacky (Dhamapriya)
Vincent Square
Marcus Ong
Cheeyau Yap
Emily Wong
Mild Seven
Jojo Chan
Alan Tang
Samc Chen
Billy Chin
Peter Har
Michael Cheah (谢金宏)
Agnes Cheah
Miko Leong
Ken Leong
Sim Lim
Cherrie Ong (Bebe)
Talan Yam
Patrick CK Goh (政錁)
翔 の旋律
Kok Magatron
Nelson Tang
Jeffrey Lim (林楨凇)
艳李 (海艳)
Jack Toh
christopher lee
Dino Chong
Bao Paul
Sam Chong
Peter Ryan
Mediacorp Ci Cong (Ong Ci Cong)
Vincent Leong
Kelvin Keegan
Chew Jacky (Dhamapriya)
Huan Chon Wong
Jack Tan Wiragto
Jun Hui
Kenny Low
Alvin Kua (柯文祥)
Tay Seng Kee
Ethan Chew
Jiunn Ye Wang (駿業)
Efendi Sulaiman
Voter Wan Abdullah
Roystan Leow 廖
Henry EE
Keng Huei Chew
Ng Eng Kiat
Patrick Chong (Chin Siong)
Malcolm Guy
Kaiye Ong
Chrisolution Power
Tony Eng Choon Oo
David Khoo
Keith Teo
Ken Lim
David Chin
Kean Soon Yap
Mca Chua
Alex Sum
Shi Jie Pang (偲杰)
Jenny Lee
Lau Hon Yong
Daniel Seng
Kevin Chirng
Tan Siu Pu
Kee Latte
Kenson Yeoh
红豆彬 (咲咲)
Chong Hong Siong
AH Kok (阿国)
Eddy Ong (Turtle)
Ufo Yong Tat
Leng Wushuang
Sim Lim
Sim Lim
Sawadee Marco

Chong Ee Han
Kok Magatron
Sanc Chen
BIlly Chin
玄武 (金碧辉煌)
艳李 (海艳)
Tan Jo Even
Sea Hunter
Julie Minaj
Ken Mo
James Ho C J
Khim Khim Khor
Alan Siew
Jeff Chong
Wing Jeiky
Wing Jeiky
Anr RT
Chow Yl
Lee Meng Teck
Li Li Wong
Koo Hong
Kenny Liew
YZ Tong
Andrew Lee
Hong Ling Pang
Sky Liew


It is evidently clear DAP managed to indoctrinate these youngsters not only into Chinese Chauvinist zealots but bigots. The Youtube recording at the top of this posting is the admission of such team financed by DAP, designed to “Murder”.

Authorities such as the Commercial Crime Investigation Department of the Police and Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission should act on this accordingly and most important, timely.

It is a socio-political tragedy for DAP to structurally incorporate such a movement to continue extremism and radicalism with the failure of the communist rebelion in the early 60s. These iniatives first seen in months at the run up of the 3GE in May 1969.

Then, these extremists and radicals in their provocations and insults against the Malays managed to turn a series of post 3GE parades into fighting on 13 May 1968 and a bloody racial riot. It was the darkest period of Malaysian inter-racial history.

These re-runs of serious sordid games to incite and instigate the Chinese against the Malays in the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy would just invite a negative reaction from the Malays. Just like it was exactly 44 years ago. The ’emotional heat’ will reach the boiling point and something ugly will transpire, again.

In the last solid five years of the longest electoral term Malaysian politics has ever seen, DAP and Chinese Chauvinists have systematically challenged, provoked and insulted the Malays (be it Barisan Nasional, the Federal Government, authorities and law enforcement agencies, military, independent commissions initiated by act of parliament, judiciary (Bboth civil and syariah) and even HRH Malay Rulers and Islam as the religion of the Federation) in their quest to reach the artificial ‘Chinese Supremacy’ status, as minority who could over power the majority.

They blatantly use any intellectual discourses, forums, political meets, NGO gatherings, social media networks, blogs, portals and even social and religious gatherings to attack the Malays. This include the position of the Malays, even though enshrined by the Federal Constitution and the fundamental element of the basis of ‘social contract’, which served as the platform on the formation of this nation.

Any action taken against them would be an opportunity for them to get the global attention of the notion where the ‘Majority is oppressing the minority’. So, many of these cyber-anarchists were left to do what ever they were doing and each time holding the time-bomb to social unrest at hostage.

In short, DAP managed to turn friends and neighbours who were tolerant to each other and lived in understanding and harmony to be suspicious and worse still, in the perspective of spite and hatred.

The racism and hatred calls coupled with blatant lies of BN abusing Federal Government machinery to cheat at the polls before and during 13GE day snowballed into something almost went out of control. Many reports were made of Malaysian Chinese vigilantes denied and even attack Non Chinese Malaysians trying to vote.

The only way out of this is to enforce the rule of law as it is. No longer should the law enforcement agencies, public prosecutor nor the Federal Government components compromise for any political consideration but to act as to the limit of the law.

It is time to be tough and do the right thing. ‘National Reconciliation’ must be in accordance to law. No compromise.

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