Soros’ FDI: Value for money

Anwar Ibrahim at ICG conference

Anwar Ibrahim at IGC conference

The Neo Con Jews of the West in the likes of George Soros should announce their findings on the ‘political investment’ in the recently concluded Malaysian 13GE, whether it met their expectations or fall short of the end result.

We are not sure what is the key performance index for Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts of Opposition from their overseas ‘investors’ in the likes of Soros and co to throw around USD 200 million. However, the result demonstrate that they are only able to get 89 Dewan Rakyat seats and 230 various DUN seats. They lost Kedah instead of adding new turfs.

Probably Soros would have to invest some more cash, to ensure that Anwar realise the objective of being the 7th Malaysian Prime Minister. After all, Anwar has set a ‘Second 16 September’ where he already said “25 BN MPs are ready to jump over by 16 September 2013”.

This additional investment is to ensure that Soros also meet his own objective, like how his Neo Con Jewish peers expect him to achieve. After all, for the Jews to dominate the Muslim world there are key Muslim world leaders and countries they have to get under their strategic command and control. Malaysia, is very important in this part of the world and the OIC clout.

On the brighter side, this additional flowing in from Soros’s deep pockets trickle down into the domestic economy. As expected, the Opposition last night in Petaling Jaya launched the first of the series of mumbo-jumbo rallies, demonstration and forums campaign to stir up the emotions of Malaysians. It is also expected that this circus stunts would go on and the provocations will turn into insults, in the hope that the authorities clamp in on them.

That would be an opportunity for them to cry, “The ruling party which did not manage to get the majority of popular votes to leash out the authorities against them and oppressing the rights of the tremors of the rakyat rising”. It is a time for them to call for Malaysians to do the ‘Malaysian Spring’ and the international community to come and help to “Ouster an oppressing regime, in the name of democracy and human rights”.

More money is naturally required for all these extra initiatives and exercises. Probably a filthy sum of money pouring in, via the various NGOs and international forums with the excuse of ‘promoting democracy, human rights and freedom of expression’.

The foreign missions and media agencies here in Kuala Lumpur would continue to give their skewed observation, analysis and sinister reports, to tell a story which has been manipulated from the actual truth and worsen the perspective. Then next phase would be fabrication of stories and lies, spewed specifically design to create a situation of anxiety and eventually chaos.

This would go on as the New Con Jews do not stop half way and not realise the objective they have set. It is in their New World Order agenda. It is without doubt that Anwar is still with Soros on the same page of the agenda.

The game is afoot.

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  1. GE 13: “US ‘Pivot’ Toward Asia Trips In Malaysia”

    • I would appreciate your clarification on the above, pls. That “US pivot” thing interests me.

      Obama’s recent trip to SEA was to Burma and Thailand, where he mentioned about “US pivot”, wasn’t it?


    • My perception of a US pivot is where US can use the country for pushing up and down their relations with big powers, namely emerging world power China.

      If Anwar wants to propagate the Neocons’ influence in this country, I wonder how that would help US pivot themselves with China. The Neocons are pro-Jews and Israel, and are the Israelis well disposed towards the Chinese of mainland China?

      US – and the Israelis – my want a base rather than a pivot, and the Israelis already have Singapore in their hands as far as that goes – Israeli advisers have been in the Singapore Armed Forces for many years already..

      I would also welcome the views of others on this.

      • Zen,

        Pivot by definition means generally “the centre point of any rotational system.” It also means “a person or thing upon which progress, success, etc., depends,” or (in military terms) “the person or position from which a military formation takes its reference.” The key words are “centre point.” Other key words: “key point” or “reference point.”

        To quote the author of the article referenced:

        1. “Wall Street and London’s hegemonic ambitions in Asia, centred around installing proxy regimes across Southeast Asia and using the supranational ASEAN bloc to encircle and contain China…”

        2. “Western corporate-financier interests envision organizing Southeast Asia into a supranational bloc, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), to use the smaller nations as a combined front to “tie down” China…”

        Thus, in the US/Western scheme, ASEAN, including Malaysia, acts as pivot or centre point from where China will be encircled and contained. We know that ASEAN countries like Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand are already in the US’ orbit or sphere of influence in this China containment strategy. But Malaysia, true to its non-aligned foreign policy, has remained steadfast in enforcing that policy. In other words, Malaysia, in the context of the China containment strategy, still remains outside the US’ sphere of influence. Hence the US’ concerted effort, through Anwar Ibrahim and his local allies, to initiate regime change in Malaysia. And we are already well-versed with the Anwar-US links. The plan to topple the BN government failed when BN won GE 13. Hence the plan to force the “pivot” (in this case Malaysia in the context of ASEAN) into the US’ sphere of influence, “trips” or fail to materialise with the BN victory. There’s little need here to emphasise the critical importance of Malaysia, due to its strategic position, to the US’ hegemonic ambitions.

        Note too the words of the blogger who transmitted the said article: “Come to think of it – and this is for those who continue to criticize the BN victory – the GE 13 results meant we have stopped not only the opposition but also a mighty imperialist power in their tracks! Just reflect on that. But beware, it will only last 5 years. There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

        Yes, we should reflect on what has happened at GE 13 and do our utmost to save our beloved country. Not the Anwar slogan “Save Malaysia” but “Save Malaysia from Anwar”!

  2. Hi Bigdog. I have been following your blog for awhile, though not religiously. Observing the politics of Malaysians from Australia (I think you know who I am.. :)). I tried to be as neutral as I possibly can, and try not get carried away the last GE13. However, my greatest fear is the role of US proxies getting their fangs into Malaysia. Enough that they have totally f!@#ed up their own economy, then dragging the rest of the world into their mess! One have to genuinely ask- To fight the injustice, do one really have to sell own soul to the devil? Peace.

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