Picking the right pack

The pack of dogs in a sled team: Moving forward in discipline and dynamism

Now that longest and most politically strenous parliamentary term and 13GE is over and the rakyat already given their mandate, it is time for the legally elected sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to get to work.

Nevermind he got only 59.91% control of the Dewan Rakyat and between 46 MCA and Gerakan candidates offered, the rakyat only picked eight. What matters most, PM Najib now has his own mandate and got to get cracking immediately.

First order of business is to get the BN government appointed. So far, all but Johor swore in a Menteri Besar/Chief Minister. Some with a fresh face as the chief executive of the state.

Now, PM Najib will have to prepare a list for His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong for members of the Cabinet of 13th Parliament Federal Government be appointed.

The list is rather long to choose from. 133 members of the Dewan Rakyat earned their eligibility to be appointed as Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

What matters now is who should be on this list. Probably there would be only 30 Cabinet posts. That would give each MP a one-in-four chance to be picked.

PM Najib must weigh in a lot of factors outside the ambit of political realm and seriously take a lot of considerations, to pick amongst these men and women into these strategic posts. They must posses virtues of certain calibre, attitude, aptitude and leadership capabilities, dynamic, to be able to gain the confidence of the business community, market, investors, civil servants and most importantly, the rakyat.

These men and women must have the confidence of the various stakeholders as being energetic, visionary, forward and strategic thinkers, engage-able, professional, some degree of time and people management and with a lot of humility.

However, one of if not the most criteria is that not only they are corrupt-free, they must also not be corruptible or perceived to be.

PM Najib as the BN Chairman did make some mistakes here and there of giving personalities who are defective in some of the characteristics listed above, especially about being corrupt-free and non corruptible, to be BN candidates last Sunday. Some of them even have been seen as arrogant and indiscriminately flaunt the wealth. Fortunate for them, they manage to win.

Now, it is not the time for PM Najib to make the same mistake twice. A lot at stake here if he is still on the ‘Transformation Train’ and zestful to deliver ‘Vision 2020’ on time.

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  1. Hope the PM would not delay the announcement of the new Cabinet line up. Some say his delay in calling for the GE13, opened the opportunity for the opponents to line up their ‘attack ammunitions’ to slay BN. It could have been called in Oct last year. Anyway, that is now academic. As for the new Cabinet, it is good to have a mix of old and new. The cabinet should also be reflective of what the BN govt wants to prioritise. Will the new BN govt want to go through ETP at break neck speed to meet deadlines or does it want to reevaluate ETP to ensure the marginalised rakyat is now included tangibly. Apart from domestic economy, the new BN govt must also look at social and community related policies. Middle income group must also be considered in its policies apart from the poor and lower income group. There must also be a policy on serious national integration to remove prejudices and narrow chasms among all races. If need be a Ministry on National Intergration be set up. Economic success is not enough to ensure happiness of rakyat and society at large. What is important is a more equitable distribution of wealth through labour market restructuring, building more training opportunities for school leavers and graduates entering the labour market, better salary scales for private sector employees and not only through minimum wage. Re look at the too liberal policy on immigration and overdependence on foreign workers. Locals will take up the jobs if the salary scale also commensurates with their qualifications, experience and the GDP of Malaysia. Hence there is a need to have a Ministry of Human Resources, Labour Market and Employment. The BN govt is led by the PM but other Ministers must also be visible and must be seen to have the handle on all issues affecting their Ministries. The PM is first among equals, but the visibility of all Ministers must be emphasised and given as much coverage by media in running their portfolios.

  2. 1. Ministry of Home Affairs should have a new minister.

    2. Ministry of Housing and Local Government should have a Bumiputera minister.

    3. If “they” don’t want any representatives in the cabinet, you should know well DS Najib. Please no more “hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong” act. 1 senator perhaps ?

  3. […] is a very sound advice, considering PM Najib’s immediate exercise to pick his own lieutenants in the team which has the daunting task to deliver his ‘Transformation Plan’, promises and policies such as ‘Vision […]

  4. […] is a very sound advice, considering PM Najib’s immediate exercise to pick his own lieutenants in the team which has the daunting task to deliver his various ‘Transformation Plan’ programs, promises made and on going policies such as […]

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