Drama or Greed?

Arrogant exclaimed “I want to be Prime Minister by the age of forty”

Melayu mudah lupa. This is bery true for Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin within weeks changed his tone, from “Not keen to contest” to “I’m offering myself to be in the Cabinet”.

Khairy offers to be in new cabinet

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013 – 15:07

I’M offering myself to be given a role, any role that can help him (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and I leave it to him to decide”.

That was the response from Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin when asked on a suggestion by certain quarters for him to be included in the new cabinet to represent the youths.

The Rembau Member of Parliament, who was met after an interview on Bernama TV’s talk show “Hello Malaysia” last night, said his presence in the Cabinet would not only be to represent the youths, but to form a strong team capable of implementing transformation.

“I hope the prime minister will choose a team which understands transformation and ready to implement it,” he added.

In the just concluded 13th general election, Khairy retained the parliamentary seat with an increased majority of 18,357 votes, compared to only 5,746 in the 12th general election.

He garnered 43,053 votes to defeat Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) Radzali A. Ghani, who obtained 24,696 votes, and Independent candidate Abdul Aziz Hassan (325 votes). –Bernama


Barely with five weeks earlier, Khairy claimed ‘Not keen to contest in the 13GE’ reiterating his own offer of ‘Not contesting’.

“I’ve informed the BN Chairman, Datuk Seri Najib, of my preference. That is I’m more keen to not contest in GE13. I’ve also told the public about this once upon a time,” Khairy said here, referring to his speech during the Umno’s 66th general assembly.

How did a “Preference of not contesting” turned into “Offering myself to be given a role”, in so short of time?  It seems that either Khairy has become greedy since last Sunday night, when he managed to perform better in his own seat or he was doing a drama or probably deceiving when he offered to be excluded in the 13GE.

Either which, is a demonstration that he cannot be trusted. At the very least, he cannot even honour his own words.

This is also a demonstration that Khairy is a restless ambitious man. One is taken back in time when this man once dubbed by Star political analyst Joceline Tan as “The most powerful 28 year old” during the ‘dark ages of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak and corrupt administration’ arrogantly exclaimed “I want to be the Prime Minister by the age of forty!”.

One can’t help to be reminded how he abused his father-in-law’s position for his own personal and political gains, when all he had was a whiff of the actual direct power. He was an instrumental personality during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s notorious ‘Level Four Boys’, which overtook and overpowered the roles of many executive and functionality of agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department such as EPU and ICU.

Virtuoso of deceit or an act of arrogance?

Khairy was instrumental and an integral part of the dodgy take over of Avenue Capital by then a smallish stoke broking firm ECM, which later grew into ECM Libra. It is still a mystery how he raised the financing for his portion of the shares.

As he was an integral element in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s weak and corrupt administration even though he left the PMO in August 2005, the effect is far damaging. The Federal Government, Barisan Nasional, UMNO and civil service were virtually brought into near destruction when Malaysians categorically punished PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s administration and leadership from the thumping 198 Dewan Rakyat seats in 11GE April  2004 reduced to 140 seats in 12GE March 2008.

This is not withstanding that for the first time in 49 years of democracy, BN lost the 2/3 majority control of Dewan Rakyat and  5 + 1 states to the Opposition. That is effectively 25% lost of Parliament control and 38.5% of state governments.

Against Khairy’s own argument for Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to consider him as part of his Cabinet, there is already ample representation from the youths in the Cabinet where the Vice Head for UMNO Youth Dato’ Razali Ibrahim, Youth Head for MCA Dato’ Wee Ka Siong and Youth head for PBB Fadillah Yusof already serving the Federal Government. And all these experienced Deputy Ministers have won in their respective seats and could assume their previous roles or be moved around within the Cabinet.

Any PM Najib’s ‘Transformation Plan’ that is pertaining to the youths could already be channeled via these three leaders.

In the past thirty years, UMNO Youth Leaders in the likes of Hj. Suhaimi Kamaruddin and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi were not appointed into any Federal Government Cabinet posts. Thus, it is not obligated for the Prime Minister to appoint the one time Deputy Chief of Staff in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s ‘PMO’ into any post at PM Najib’s first mandated Cabinet.

Head Honcho of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s weak and corrupt administration which dismantled once the strength of BN

Khairy is already serving the role of Chairman of PUNB. He has not provided enough points to demonstrate that since appointed to the post, he has accomplished tremendous or extra ordinary results and earned him the ‘performance’ that he should be moved upwards.

He is neither entire successful to capture the support of the youths. This can easily be measured from the involvement of youths in pro-Opposition activities, movements and even rallies. The number of youths participating in anti-13GE-results ‘Black 505’ rally in Petaling Jaya is a clear example how with work to court them isnt that fruitful.

Shouldn’t Khairy take some degree of responsibility for youths’ rejection of PM Najib’s leadership?

Khairy’s greed for power or drama could only be equated to an ambitious UMNO Youth Leader once, Anwar Ibrahim. And we all knew what happened to him, for his greed for power which include by the means of deception.

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