Drama or Greed?

Arrogant exclaimed “I want to be Prime Minister by the age of forty”

Melayu mudah lupa. This is bery true for Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin within weeks changed his tone, from “Not keen to contest” to “I’m offering myself to be in the Cabinet”.

Khairy offers to be in new cabinet

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013 – 15:07

I’M offering myself to be given a role, any role that can help him (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and I leave it to him to decide”.

That was the response from Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin when asked on a suggestion by certain quarters for him to be included in the new cabinet to represent the youths.

The Rembau Member of Parliament, who was met after an interview on Bernama TV’s talk show “Hello Malaysia” last night, said his presence in the Cabinet would not only be to represent the youths, but to form a strong team capable of implementing transformation.

“I hope the prime minister will choose a team which understands transformation and ready to implement it,” he added.

In the just concluded 13th general election, Khairy retained the parliamentary seat with an increased majority of 18,357 votes, compared to only 5,746 in the 12th general election.

He garnered 43,053 votes to defeat Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) Radzali A. Ghani, who obtained 24,696 votes, and Independent candidate Abdul Aziz Hassan (325 votes). –Bernama


Barely with five weeks earlier, Khairy claimed ‘Not keen to contest in the 13GE’ reiterating his own offer of ‘Not contesting’.

“I’ve informed the BN Chairman, Datuk Seri Najib, of my preference. That is I’m more keen to not contest in GE13. I’ve also told the public about this once upon a time,” Khairy said here, referring to his speech during the Umno’s 66th general assembly.

How did a “Preference of not contesting” turned into “Offering myself to be given a role”, in so short of time?  It seems that either Khairy has become greedy since last Sunday night, when he managed to perform better in his own seat or he was doing a drama or probably deceiving when he offered to be excluded in the 13GE.

Either which, is a demonstration that he cannot be trusted. At the very least, he cannot even honour his own words.

This is also a demonstration that Khairy is a restless ambitious man. One is taken back in time when this man once dubbed by Star political analyst Joceline Tan as “The most powerful 28 year old” during the ‘dark ages of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak and corrupt administration’ arrogantly exclaimed “I want to be the Prime Minister by the age of forty!”.

One can’t help to be reminded how he abused his father-in-law’s position for his own personal and political gains, when all he had was a whiff of the actual direct power. He was an instrumental personality during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s notorious ‘Level Four Boys’, which overtook and overpowered the roles of many executive and functionality of agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department such as EPU and ICU.

Virtuoso of deceit or an act of arrogance?

Khairy was instrumental and an integral part of the dodgy take over of Avenue Capital by then a smallish stoke broking firm ECM, which later grew into ECM Libra. It is still a mystery how he raised the financing for his portion of the shares.

As he was an integral element in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s weak and corrupt administration even though he left the PMO in August 2005, the effect is far damaging. The Federal Government, Barisan Nasional, UMNO and civil service were virtually brought into near destruction when Malaysians categorically punished PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s administration and leadership from the thumping 198 Dewan Rakyat seats in 11GE April  2004 reduced to 140 seats in 12GE March 2008.

This is not withstanding that for the first time in 49 years of democracy, BN lost the 2/3 majority control of Dewan Rakyat and  5 + 1 states to the Opposition. That is effectively 25% lost of Parliament control and 38.5% of state governments.

Against Khairy’s own argument for Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to consider him as part of his Cabinet, there is already ample representation from the youths in the Cabinet where the Vice Head for UMNO Youth Dato’ Razali Ibrahim, Youth Head for MCA Dato’ Wee Ka Siong and Youth head for PBB Fadillah Yusof already serving the Federal Government. And all these experienced Deputy Ministers have won in their respective seats and could assume their previous roles or be moved around within the Cabinet.

Any PM Najib’s ‘Transformation Plan’ that is pertaining to the youths could already be channeled via these three leaders.

In the past thirty years, UMNO Youth Leaders in the likes of Hj. Suhaimi Kamaruddin and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi were not appointed into any Federal Government Cabinet posts. Thus, it is not obligated for the Prime Minister to appoint the one time Deputy Chief of Staff in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s ‘PMO’ into any post at PM Najib’s first mandated Cabinet.

Head Honcho of PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s weak and corrupt administration which dismantled once the strength of BN

Khairy is already serving the role of Chairman of PUNB. He has not provided enough points to demonstrate that since appointed to the post, he has accomplished tremendous or extra ordinary results and earned him the ‘performance’ that he should be moved upwards.

He is neither entire successful to capture the support of the youths. This can easily be measured from the involvement of youths in pro-Opposition activities, movements and even rallies. The number of youths participating in anti-13GE-results ‘Black 505’ rally in Petaling Jaya is a clear example how with work to court them isnt that fruitful.

Shouldn’t Khairy take some degree of responsibility for youths’ rejection of PM Najib’s leadership?

Khairy’s greed for power or drama could only be equated to an ambitious UMNO Youth Leader once, Anwar Ibrahim. And we all knew what happened to him, for his greed for power which include by the means of deception.

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  1. He sounds like a person of unsound mind. He has exhibited instances of unsound mind in the past, like rushing to Anwar Al Juburi with a passport his father-in-law Tun Dol approved after the man was released from prison.

    It certainly looked like he was absolving the ex-convict of all his past wrong doings just because he was released from prison. That cannot make him material for PM at 40, or even later. Jumpy, unthinking, politically not correct. Even for a boy in his late twenties.

    Now he should know how devilish the man he rushed to with a passport has turned out to be. Much worse than him, cakap tak serupa bikin – promised, twice, would retire if PR loses PRU13, but not only did not do so, is creating troubles disregarding Police calls to follow the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 on the Kelana Jaya demo and calling for more demos in Penang and Ipoh.

    Yes, I agree, this Khairy should not be given a Cabinet post. He’d start talking out of tune like he has done in the past and embarrassing the PM.

    • Leave Khairy out of the cabinet. Malaysia don’t need a character like him.

      • This guy is a loose cannon… His antics bring to mind of someone with the same aspirations.. And now look where that has got us to, wave upon wave of demos. hope sanity prevails. Enough of the opportunists.
        If he is truly sincere, he can work with the party honchos. I’d rather the PM bring in the technocrats to assist in damage control.

      • If Khairy in the Cabinet,i won’t vote for Barisan anymore. He an Asshole!!

    • He is being trained to be next Anwar.


  2. Ini lah masaalah bangsa Melayu, tak habis-habis dengan hasad dengki dan dendam kesumat. Kerana penyakit inilah orang Melayu berpecah dan porak peranda macam sekarang. Sedarlah, kita akan musnah selagi penyakit ini tak dihakiskan, sejarah telah menujukan apa yang terjadi di masa lampau. Kita ditawan dan dijajah kerana penyakit ini. Sekarang ini kita yang majority terpaksa bergantong kepada kaum manority untuk menentukan nasib kita. Lihat sajalah Selangor, orarang Melayu adalah penduduk majority tapi nak lantik MB pun jadi masalah, kena dapat persetujuan dan kata putus dari DAP.
    Kalau PM dah putus nak lantik Khairy untuk mana jawatan kita bersatu terima sajalalah keputusan itu dengan hati terbuka. Saya rasa PM sebelum buat keputusan dah timbang semasaknya. Beri lah orang muda ini peluang untuk membuktikan keupayaan dan kebolehan dia. Dia dah buktikan di Rembau menang dengan majority banyak.

    Wahai orang Melayu rentikan tabiaat HASAT DENGKI sekarang demi untuk kebaikan masa depan kita.

    Salam hormat.

    Tok Ki

    • Saya hormat Tok Ki tapi tak setuju dengan apa Tok Ki kata.

      Hasad dengki bukan masaalah bangsa Melayu saja Tok Ki. Sejarah menunjukkan bahawa negeri Cina pun di lamun penyakit itu sehingga seorang General Cina yang bertanggung jawab menjaga keselamatan bahagian Timur Laut negara itu membuka pintu gerbang The Great Wall of China memberi masuk tentera Manchuria (sebuah negara asing sehingga Perang Dunia ke2). Maka China di tawan dan di perintah tentera Manchuria beratus tahun sehingga awal abad 20.

      Baca lah pula sejarah negara ini berkenaan puak Ghee Hin dan Hai San yang di bawa masuk ke Perak dari Penang oleh Menteri Larut, di abad 19. Mereka pula membawa masuk kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster, bergaduh berbunuhan menawan lombong pihak lawan sehingga menyebabkan Perang Larut I,II,III & IV. Lama kelamaan, Kapitan Cina dan 44 gengster menanda tangan petition meminta British di Penang masuk negeri Perak membantu dapatkan lombong yang di tawan pihak lawan. British telah menggunakan ini sebagai helah untuk masuk ke negeri Melayu dan membawa kapada perang, akhirnya penjajahan British berikutan Perjanjian Pangkor 1874. Siapa punya hasad dengki itu semua Tok Aki?

      Kena kaji le, Tok. Mana yang tak bgus, kita tolak. DS Njib belom lantik lagi pun, kita hanya cakap jangan lantik Khairy atas sebab sebab yang telah di beri. Kalau salah lantik, bukannya baik, mangkin teruk masa depan kita ha.

    • Tok Ki, jangan lupa kj menang jawatan ketua pemuda kerana politik wang. Bukti ada tapi tiada hukuman.

      Lagipun apakah pencapaian yang dilaksanakan oleh kj untuk pemuda UMNO. Dia juga sentiasa disanjungi oleh sakmongkol yang kini ahli DAP.

      Najib harus hati hati, jangan terpilih pengkhianat saperti anwar.


  3. UMNO is in urgent need to groom capable young leader to take the helm of the party leadership in due course. Khairy is one young leader who, in my mind exhibits the leadership qualities. He should be brought into cabinet may be as a junior minister first so that he can be exposed to the grapevines.
    If UMNO chose to stick to the dinosaurs… UMNO must prepare itself to be extinct in the not too distant future…
    UMNO needs the young blood because the voter demography has evolved greatly centering the on the younger population….

    • Agree on “the urgent need to groom capable young leader to take the helm of the party leadership in due course.”

      But disagree that Khairy is one young leader who has the suitable leadership qualities.

      Wish you had listed out those “leadership qualities” you think he has. But those minus points for him as stated in BD’s post above etc stick put like a sore thumb.

      I’ll go by those, though am willing to hear your perception of his leadership qualities – with examples, I hope. .

      • Setuju.

      • setuju, jangan khairi , cari orang lain, ramia lagi, lebih baik ajak rafizi masok umno…….

      • No Khairy please. Too ambitious politically and has the potential to pander. He uses too much euphemism with naive optimism. Politics in Malaysia has become too complex and complicated, than he thinks.

    • KJ is not the Only yang blood in Umno.

  4. Instead of offering himself to be a minister, why not resign from all political post.

    1. He failed, as youth leader, to convince the new and young voters to vote for BN.
    2. He failed to command states and division youth leaders in GE13. UMNO youth contribution was just get paid to fly the flags and banners. No other significant contribution.

    So, he is a good speaker. Let him get a job as ceramah speaker then.

    • try him first as ketua penceramah umno, if successful , try another assignment………………

  5. Has an increased of majority of 200% gone to KJ’s head?

    Or he is simply an incurable shameless opportunist?

    What is the impact of his own programs in the likes of JOM & BNYV in the attempt to bring youths, students & young professionals closer to supporting the govt as compared to the other side under Nurul Izzah, Sam Ketot, Rafizi Ramli, Nik Nazmi and all the DAPSY mini lucifers?

    That this Anwar-wannabe must do before starting to ‘offer’ himself, just like curb-crawlers soliciting themselves.

    Otherwise, he would likely to twist and say in the tone of “PM is not too enthusiastic in bringing youths in the Transformation Plan” when he is excluded again, for obvious reasons.

    Then, this is nothing but an ‘opening move’ as a percusor to blackmail PM. Just like Anwar, when he was exactly on the same spot.

  6. Big Dog ni can’t see the wood from the tree. For many a years you have run down on KJ as though you have a gripe but that’s your prerogative as the owner of your blog. UMNO as it is now is not devoid of any person of high calibre but can’t you allow KJ to prove his worth?By highlighting the issue of corruption, are you not playing into the hands of the opposition where, perceived or not, the whole lot of UMNO are corrupt? Complaining about KJ is to complain about more than half of the Pemuda members, the young and agitated lots who hold the key to UMNO success or failure in the future. What about the rest of the Malaysian youth out there?
    As of him being another Anwar, I don’t think the high heirachy of UMNO have not learned a bitter lesson and there should be more vary of not only KJ but the whole lot of UMNO. Remember Kadir Sheikh Fadzil and Mike Tyson? Did you yourself see it coming?

    • Better select an honest and hardworking member with integrity than someone who can just talk.

      kj makes a better salesman than a capable leader.

      • Even as a salesman he had failed. Nothing came out of his programs for youth. Maybe salesman untuk mat rempit and kaki lepak yang tak ada kerja, hanya merayap sana sini boleh kut.

    • JohorMali, No I don’t see Mike Tyson etc coming. I see him going only. Now he goes in the opposite direction, I say good riddance. He is a spent force anyway. Doubt if PAS got any vote due to his joining the party. He was not known as a good Muslim, was he?

      And the Kadiaq fella joined here, left there, couldn’t even have a new party registered in time for GE13, could he? And who would care about him even if he did?

      I’m afraid you are the who who can’t see the wood from the trees. Why don’t you list out KJ’s good qualities, instances where he brought a lot of votes to UMNO, especially the young. Did he even get a few hundred thousand Gen Y registered as voters? Where were the huge motorcades and rallies with the young from town to town to EC registration offices, and belanja good makan, KFC to their hearts content, that he could have done – he with hefty RM200,000 motorbike, followed by hundreds if not thousands of the youths on small 75 cc bikes, etc?

      Don’t count a win in his own constituency – he keluar banyak duit to buy kerbau selalu kenduri makan sedap etc, sure increased votes, But the young men, Mister, the Gen Y that he was supposed to look after and to get their votes.

      I don’t condone corruption but can’t you even think that PR also corrupt like crazy? Remember Teoh Beng Hock pushed out of the window and MACC stopped investigations on Selangor DAP Excos’ expenditure claims? The DAP Perak Nga bugger started corruption (Tailorgate) even 49 days from getting power in Perak in 2008, man. Then the 10,000 acres Kelantan land from Nik Aziz – aiyyo, the list is a long one, you know. So, why talk about “playing into the hands of the opposition”. And it’s only blokes like you saying “the whole lot of UMNO are corrupt?” The usual Oppo hippo wild allegation.

  7. Tuan BD,

    Tidsk syak lagi, KJ ialah seorang kaki drama & tamak kuasa!

    Camana KJ boleh pergi dari “Saya tak nak tanding, tapi pucuk pimpinan yg minta” kepada “Saya dah menang besar, maka saya nak tawar diri” apabila ditanya mengenai peluang utk jadi menteri?

    Kalau dah mula sebagai ‘reluctant politician’, kena konsisten la!

    Alih alih berangan nak jawatan besar pulak? Nampak sangat gelojohnya!

    Tak kan org UMNO nak org cegini balik utk ditawarkan kpd rakyat sebahagian dari saf mandat ulung Najib?

  8. Biggie,

    i think to blame kj for not getting the youth vote is like the proverbial ostrich la.

    c’mon umno, you lot are to be COLLECTIVELY blamed. then what about those other demographic groups yang tak vote bn? nak blame sapa pulak ya? najib? muhyiddin? tok pa?

    i think he is young enough to learn and be shaped by umno’s strategic objectives.

    he was left in the cold for sometime now, he showed loyalty, won his seat. he showed humility too.

    ambitous ? whats wrong with ambition? he believes in something. he must be regretting his loud proclamations then. at 28 i wanted to be a world champ too. give him that chance.

    its like a football team. ada yang boleh main day-in, day-out. ada yang menyerlah main in the champions league saja.

    umno needs that kind of people too. i saw him take on anwar on the wsj article thing. he debated well. also saw him on aljazeera, not bad for a young man.

    shape him, guide him. not make him a pak turut or kaki bodek.

    dah ramai kat umno macam tu pun.

    • Concur.

      KJ can remain as Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Do more work. Prove himself. Engage the youths. Play more futsal. Participate in more debates.

      Just no Minister or Deputy Minister job!

      Five years of irreversible dark history is far than enough!

    • Those who want KJ be given posts, list out the pros and cons of his utterances and deeds the last few years. Give dates, times, places etc. Then we can judge or review our stand.

      If not, what have been said about him in adverse terms here stand.

      • Aiyoo, like that one ah. Even Mother Theresa or Ghandi would fail your test!

  9. siapa-siapa pun yang nak jadi pemimpin tapi TAK TETAP PENDIRIAN tolak tepilah…. sebab nampak dia ni “senget” ke arah situ….

  10. To totally dismiss khairy may not be a wise move.

    I’m not pro Khairy but then again the PM has a bunch of really bad advisors, whoever they are. They kept telling the PM that he was doing a great job with the chinese and encouraged him to literally throw money to the chinese when all along the chinese were bent on voting the opposition in.

    Khairy could be the fresh air that the PM need. Dump all the kaki ampu advisors. Of course khairy does not have a good history.

    That is something the PM has to keep in mind.

    • You said, “bad advisors .. kept telling the PM that he was doing a great job with the chinese and encouraged him to literally throw money to the chinese when all along the chinese were bent on voting the opposition in.”

      Then you said, “Khairy could be the fresh air that the PM need.”

      Where got consistency in what you said?

      Btw, who said, “PM .. encouraged him to literally throw money to the chinese ..”? Care to elaborate or put out facts?

  11. Selamatlah korang….memang expected this criticism on kj coming from bigdog and the gang. Macam ni lah senang…kabinet baru bagi Mahathir jadi PM pas tu bagi ahli kelab budak2 gemuk jadi menteri2 nya….PAHAM!

    • KJs the right choice. Very popular even ran down by big dog co. KJ gets my vote

      • yes big dog must know the ground ppl like KJ

  12. As expected by the kJ goon to agressively protect their pay master. What good has he done for the country even with all his power and connection? Everthing is about him and his ambitious greed for the riches and PM. Just like Anwar, they have never cared bout the people. As the ketua pemuda, he has failed to move the Pemuda machineries befor GE instead he selfishly berkampung at Rembau just to make sure he wins. This selfish bugger need to be stop or the next GE will really be the Be End

  13. Lets look at the bigger picture. From what I’ve gather, KJ is a clever chap. Not only that, he seems to be making sure that he is seen as clever. If he were to be appointed as cabinet member, the main question that we need to ask is, will that strenghten the government, and by extension UMNO/BN going into next GE? If the answer is yes, well and good but what if it is not? should he still be given the opportunity?

    My biggest problem with him though is the fact that he is TAINTED and to a large extend devisive. I dont think we need to go into the details as we are well aware of his career progression. I believed appointing him will provide ammo to opposition in future GE. Yes he have his supporters in UMNO, but is that reflective of what others especially the youth of this country feel about him? What about the large numbers of UMNO members who feel strongly against him? are they inconsequential?

    Lets not forget what happened to Ali Rustam. He was found guilty as did KJ in 2008, I believed the rakyat will not forget that as easy as we think. KJ may get away with it this time around (mainly because it is rural and his opponent in Rembau is weak) but I dont think he will be as accepted in other constituency especially an urban one. Despite his good work Ali Rustam fell, and one of the major campaign issue? – money politics! I believe it is a matter of time before KJ’s past catch-up with him, and the sad thing about it is, it will have negative repercussion to UMNO/BN.

  14. […] in ghastly personalities of the past, in the likes of Nazri Aziz and Johari Baharom. Nor should Khairy Jamaluddin, Azeez Rahim, Aziz Sheikh Fadzir and Reezal Merican be included even though they have posts in […]

  15. Bro BZ,

    He can well fit in as Minister of Women Affairs and Family Planning!

  16. KJ harus keluar dari UMNO dan sertai Pakatan dgn serta merta. UMNO tak ada harapan lagi. Dlm PR13, BN kalah teruk sampai popular votes sudah jatuh ke-tangan Pakatan.

    • Dia patut tubuh parti baru dengan Azmin Ali. Kadiaq Sheikh Fadzir. Pujuk Zaid Ibrahim sama.

  17. He had the opportunity before while on the 4th Floor, but failed and abused power!

  18. He gets my vote, its is the Right Wing Hawks who fear him. I believe PMs decision will vidicate my stand.

    • Right!

      Just like when PM Najib made the judgment call to pander into the whims and fancies of the Chinese and assume the chairmanship of BN Selangor.

      Only one word could describe the result; disastrous!

  19. […] in mind it was only in early April he offered not to contest in GE13. Perhaps the article – drama or greed, would be the best read for this kind of […]

  20. […] this article – drama or greed, would be the best read for this kind of […]

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