Picking the right pack (pt II)

The pack of dogs in a sled team: Moving forward in discipline and dynamism

“Caesar’s wife must not only has to be pure, she must also be seen to be pure”.

That was what Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said recently when asked about how and who should be in Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s first own mandate Cabinet.

That is a very sound advice, considering PM Najib’s immediate exercise to pick his own lieutenants in the team which has the daunting task to deliver his various ‘Transformation Plan’ programs, promises made and on going policies such as ‘Vision 2020’.

The team must be personalities who can strategically think, plan, delibrate, collectively decide, lead, articulate when it is cascaded downwards, dynamism to engage and work. Most of all, they must be persons who are neither tainted, perceived to be tainted nor have skeletons-in-their-closet.

PM Najib is expected to choose from the 133 BN MPs who won, to fill 30 or so Minister posts and probably another 42-45 Deputy Minister jobs. It is expected some new Senators would also be sworn in and existing ones included as well in this Cabinet.

Dark spirits from the past, trying to make apparition

PM Najib must not make the mistake of bringing in ghastly personalities of the past, in the likes of Nazri Aziz and Johari Baharom. Nor should Khairy Jamaluddin, Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, Azeez Rahim and Reezal Merican be included even though they have posts in UMNO and some people might think they are popular in certain quarters.

Pandering into popularity has been proven to be delusional and in PM Najib’s call for 13GE, disastrous.

It is very clear the methods and measurements of the feelings of the rakyat is grossly defective. More ghastly is that the so called ‘Advisors’ and ‘Think-Tank’ in the PWTC War-Room are delusional.

It is also obvious that the amount of sabotage within BN in the past month is enough to awaken PM Najib that from now on, he got to be tough on them. No more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ or ‘Populist’.

Whatever shred of confidence PM Najib still enjoy from the rakyat shouldn’t be marred further. It is believed he was asked to restructure his own Internal Team and Advisors and adopt the past methods which have been proven.

PM Najib is neither a cat nor does he has nine lives. Three GEs ago, complacency and probably miscalculations got him scrapped through his Pekan Parliamentary seat with only a 241 majority. He cannot afford to push his luck too thin on the envelope of risk.

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