Picking the right pack (pt II)

The pack of dogs in a sled team: Moving forward in discipline and dynamism

“Caesar’s wife must not only has to be pure, she must also be seen to be pure”.

That was what Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said recently when asked about how and who should be in Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s first own mandate Cabinet.

That is a very sound advice, considering PM Najib’s immediate exercise to pick his own lieutenants in the team which has the daunting task to deliver his various ‘Transformation Plan’ programs, promises made and on going policies such as ‘Vision 2020’.

The team must be personalities who can strategically think, plan, delibrate, collectively decide, lead, articulate when it is cascaded downwards, dynamism to engage and work. Most of all, they must be persons who are neither tainted, perceived to be tainted nor have skeletons-in-their-closet.

PM Najib is expected to choose from the 133 BN MPs who won, to fill 30 or so Minister posts and probably another 42-45 Deputy Minister jobs. It is expected some new Senators would also be sworn in and existing ones included as well in this Cabinet.

Dark spirits from the past, trying to make apparition

PM Najib must not make the mistake of bringing in ghastly personalities of the past, in the likes of Nazri Aziz and Johari Baharom. Nor should Khairy Jamaluddin, Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, Azeez Rahim and Reezal Merican be included even though they have posts in UMNO and some people might think they are popular in certain quarters.

Pandering into popularity has been proven to be delusional and in PM Najib’s call for 13GE, disastrous.

It is very clear the methods and measurements of the feelings of the rakyat is grossly defective. More ghastly is that the so called ‘Advisors’ and ‘Think-Tank’ in the PWTC War-Room are delusional.

It is also obvious that the amount of sabotage within BN in the past month is enough to awaken PM Najib that from now on, he got to be tough on them. No more ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ or ‘Populist’.

Whatever shred of confidence PM Najib still enjoy from the rakyat shouldn’t be marred further. It is believed he was asked to restructure his own Internal Team and Advisors and adopt the past methods which have been proven.

PM Najib is neither a cat nor does he has nine lives. Three GEs ago, complacency and probably miscalculations got him scrapped through his Pekan Parliamentary seat with only a 241 majority. He cannot afford to push his luck too thin on the envelope of risk.

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  1. Must there be so many Ministers and Deputy Ministers? Imagine half or even more than half of the BN elected reps touted to be appointed.

    We are only 28 million people. What happens when we have 60 million – 100 Ministers and Deputy Ministers? We are not a Banana Republic, are we?

    What do they do? Really? Especially the Deputy Ministers? One to each Minister, cukup lah. Deputize when the Minister is on leave.

    After all, a lot is being done by the Civil Servants. And policy decisions are often referred to the Cabinet, anyway.

  2. Btw is everybody agreed that Najib continue as PM and UMNO President? Despite the fact that, although UMNO bagged more seats than Tun Dol in 2008, Tun Dr Mahathir previously said that if Najib did worse than Tun Dol, UMNO might want to replace him, and he did worse in the overall results?

    Is UMNO Supreme Council satisfied with the results and has a post mortem been conducted?

    What I’m most interested in is the Minister who should effectively handle information disseminating, disinformation spreading by the DAP goons so-called Red Bean Army paid cyber troopers – the Minister of Information. I hope to God that he’d appoint a really effective fellow.

  3. Big dog,

    Ko tanya tak soalan ‘theoretical’ kat Tun M yg dia kata sebelum PRU13 ni hari tu…..

    • I think this guy is a DAP Red Bean gang paid cyber trooper masquerading as an UMNO member putting in a pro-Opposition video clip in here.

      They use so many names and masquerade all over the places, some quite good in BM.

  4. How can he expect others to be clean when he himself isn’t perceived to be one? With so much skeletons in his cupboard he should hand In his job to someone else before more damage will happen to his government. After all he will have to relinquish his post by the end of the year due to his poor performance as mentioned by Tun Mahathir.

  5. I have read both your article and i like your views and agree very much with you. However, do you really think there will be any transformation? I say NO! DS Najib is not a transformational leader so he wont be capable to change the fundamentals – human, social and even structural capitals. Tak de pun bangunan tinggi naik sepanjang 5 tahun lepas. KLIFD? Only seen on paper, something similar to the many corridors of Pak Lah. NO action to all the feedback flying around from both UMNO grassroots, BN friendly bloggers as well as academicians. Try get the resolution from UiTM Wacana Post-Mortem PRU-13 and compare with new cabinet this Saturday. I dont think he will implement 20% of those resolutions. Buang masa je. You all Bloggers pun dah jenuh menulis benda yang sama. DS Najib baca ke blog SAA, Rocky or yours? Huh, tak nampak pun implementation? He listen (only to his advisers). But are his advisers good? NO. If they are good (plus Mustapha Ong, who is half Chinese), we could have got at least 30% Chinese votes recently. If they are good, at least one of them will win the election. Clear example of self-interest when they fielded themselves as candidates for ADUN and MP when they are supposed to help DS Najib during the election. But all kaput, rejected! Disgraced and have tinted PM’s image. Buat malu UMNO kalau orang ni panggil diri pemimpin!.

    What is a leader? I didnt ask WHO is a leader. Isn’t a leader is someone whom you know and put up on a pedestal to represent and help you in this life? We in Shah Alam have rejected a well-known parachute leader TS Aziz Shamsuddin in PRU12 and again another no-no Zul Nordin to be our leader. Zul Nordin sebagai pemimpin?, I would rather have KJ! This is not 20th century when we accept anybody in the name of party. This is 21st century, when people respect human touch, when ethics and relationships are more precious in this internet era. Like putting BABI if he is a Republican sympathizer to be MP of Alaska. Sure kena reject one.

    Mark my word, the cabinet will be the same. Old people, no brainier, no vision and many opportunists for self-interests.

    Chinese Tsunami? But why many PAS candidates won, chosen by Chinese voters. To me, it is actually more of Reject Cabinet and ABU Tsunami!

    Dont get me wrong, I am no opposition sympathizer, i am hardcore UMNO member. Cried together with the rest when we lost Shah Alam, when DS Ali and TS Ghani lost. Now I am waiting for the new Cabinet Ministers and I think everybody does too. This will be the decision to retain DS Najib as our UMNO President or otherwise. Hope he dont make mistake again but will listen and take action as ai PEMIMPIN ISLAM yang berwibawa. Wallahualam.

  6. Tumpang setuju. Saya masih lagi menggaru kepala apa sebenarnya yang benar2 ditransform. Kita semua sokong pemimpin kita. Wbngpun, kias kata, apa yang menyerlah akan nampak terserlah, vice-versa.

    • Tumpang setuju komentar Pak Mansor … oops terlompat congkak.

  7. I concur with the 2nd last paragraph of this article. Remove the entire advisory team totally. He should consider including experts in sociology, community, historians in the new team. Economy is important but prosperity and wealth cannot at times be translated into tangible support. His policy on some issues like pandering to the youth should be relooked. A more discipline approach should be used. The govt must be tough but reasonable not liberal and fail to earn people’s respect. Also re established the SME Ministry please.

  8. And I hasten to add that PM should be 1st among equals in the govt. Dont replicate the Presidential style ala US. Consult the Cabinet colleagues apart from listening to advisors. Let Cabinet colleagues engage with the masses in the context of running their Ministries. That way the masses will see more of other leaders instead of just the PM taking the limelight in the media.

  9. I think the cabinet is pretty much the same faces. Najib is already walking on a political tight-rope. Without appointing these unqualified UMNO member, as minister. He can’t have their support to keep his presidency at end-year UMNO General Assembly.

  10. DS Najib is academically qualified to be PM. He had worked very hard to reverse the downslide of sleepy Tun Dol era. That much credit goes to him, especially in the area of economics.

    He may lack the “street experience” – having been brought up as an elite PM’s son. But his earnest endeavours to achieve vision 2020 should receive support from all Malaysians.

    His chapter of pampering to the chinese must be CLOSED and new chapters of rewarding the Bumis and Indians through substantial upliftment should start with immediate effect.

    • I fully support your last paragraph.

      Bumis need to be spelled out as Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

  11. Obviously there is a lot of jelaousy here! Deal with it you fat dog! KJ won with triple majority. What is Razali’s and Mukhriz’s? Shame! Also name us what great initiatives that Razali has done for youths during his tenure as KBS deputy minister?

    • Its never about jealousy. So what he had 200% more majority from the previous 12GE?

      Don’t be childish with that very small success. KJ contested twice in a BN fixed deposit seat. No rocket science that he could better his own performance.

      Unless he was instrumental to over-turn in a State Govt from Opposition to BN. Then there is something to shout about.

      Then again, if you missed the plot, this is about someone who has a history of abusing a whiff of indirect power. BN suffered an irreversible effect because of the systemic dismantling that KJ was instrumental and integral part of.

      • Wow! So powerful this KJ guy! Obviously very brilliant too….and so young and charming!

        Eat your hear out Biggum …he is a Minister too ! Jealousy rears its ugly head again !!!!!!! Go KJ !

  12. […] Minister Najib can no longer afford any systemic failure. He should start with his Cabinet and immediate actions. He must be seen to be a tough leader and not willing to compromise. […]

  13. […] Minister Najib can no longer afford any systemic failure. He should start with his Cabinet and immediate actions. He must be seen to be a tough leader and not willing to compromise. He must […]

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