Systemic failure

Its time to think

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak if has not, by now should have come to terms what happened when majority of Malaysians decided nine days ago. Even though Barisan Nasional managed to win 133 Parliamentary seats and ten out of twelve state governments, there was systemic failure on his part.

Firstly, all the PR work all these while to bring tens of thousands of Malaysians in events such as ‘Jelajah Janji DiTepati’, the CNY-Psy concert in Penang, the CNY do with Dong Zong and other ‘Jom Heboh’ type of gatherings didn’t actually translate to real support for his leadership and party. These PR work include advertisements placed and sms blastings. In short, all are artificial gimmicks that were unable to bring in the sales.

Next is the as the Prime Minister and Head of Government, he enjoys the luxury of having various agencies’ ‘intel’ in the form of analysis and report. Whether it is the terrain, landscape, sentiments, choice of candidates and most of all, ground swell. Needless to say, he made the election call based on inaccurate analysis of streams of processed information and prognosis.

The fact that suffered a serious let down of Chinese votes, dubbed ‘Chinese Tsunami’ without any of the necessary ‘intel’ either from party strategists (more commonly known in the 13GE as the ‘War Room’) or the advisors based on various information which include from ‘the agencies’. It should be likened to Admiral Kelley’s failure to detect Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s Task Force miraculous journey eastwards across the Pacific and later southwards until these Japanese bombers are above Pearl Harbour and Wake Field.

Thirdly, there are many complaints, grouses, bickering and gross displeasure by so many quarters on the choice of the candidates offered. This came as an utter surprise considering that he had a lot of time to deliberate with many levels of party leaders.

That is not withstanding the fact that the disbursement of resources to candidates, which include funds, was not smooth and stories about defects were rampant. Despite tonnes of money was spent, it is strongly believed not all trickled down for election purposes.

It is obvious that Prime Minister Najib did not posses the command of the party and respect without exceptiob as he should be, as the UMNO President and BN Chairman. The amount of mutiny and sabotage by party leaders and their machinery is unprecedented. This is not withstanding the fact that all levels of party leaders and members did not adhere to their promise to go along and work for any candidates picked for 13GE.

The failure on the enforcement on the rule of law should be considered a factor of dismay support for BN. Opposition leaders broke almost every single laws with their actions, challenges, provocations and insults. It is almost like the goal posts against them were often shifted and this has been seen the Federal Government willingness to compromise.

In the various rallies, none of the were charged for anything.

On Selangor, Prime Minister Najib as the State BN Chairman should be accountable for the humiliating defeat and worsen results as compared to the 13GE. The amount of money invested to re-capture Selangor as compared to result obtained is really shameful.

The fact that as the BN Selangor Chairman, he made the cardinal mistake to take on the job as the Liaison Chairman when he was unable t invest enough time, energy and attention. It was made worse when he didn’t identify the future Menteri Besar had BN was able to takeover the state, unlike in Kedah where 6 hours before campaigned ended he made the announcement.

The Prime Minister attending Dong Zong Chinese New Year celebration was clearly a mistake and sending the wrong message that he was willing to stoop low for votes.

It is funny that many people got wiser after the event. However, in the case of ‘Chinese Tsunami’, the writings were already on the wall and as far back as six months ago it was all so clear. Example in Johor, where it is believed that Prime Minister Najib’s own so-called ‘Advisors’ (later were identified to be somewhat delusional) were confident to gaining between 30-35% of the Chinese votes. On polling day, only 11.1% of the Johorean Chinese voted BN.

That is a 70% defect.

Defects in detection of the sentiments on the ground, writings on the wall, the streams of news reports, articles and editorials by all the Chinese newspapers and Chinese owned and controlled English dailies coupled with everything else aggregated and compounded is nothing but evidence of systemic failure.

Prime Minister Najib can no longer afford any systemic failure. He should start with his Cabinet and immediate actions. He must be seen to be a tough leader and not willing to compromise. He must have the will and resolve to whip everyone into shape. ‘National Reconciliation’ must be within the binds of the Federation of Malaysia Constitution.

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  1. As Menteri Pelajaran, Najib sloganized ‘zero defect’ in education and examination turning it into factory-like robotic system. Was he oblivious to biology? Now, could he demand ‘zero defect’ in his administration and politics? He himself and for that matter everyone is defective somewhere, somehow.

    As a consequence of the ‘zero defect’ policy, teachers went all out to make things look good eg. passing grades lowered and everybody passed.

  2. wah you really hamtam najib, dah tukar tuan ke…..Mahathir or mahyuddin

  3. national reconciliation , wht not premier najib invite pakatan raayat to send 9 candidates for cabinet , 3, for ministers and 3 deputy minister and 3 parliamentary sectaries…………….all work together for the betterment of the motherland

    • You think if PR were to win the last PRU, they will invite UMNO?BN into the the Cabinet? National recnciliation my foot.

  4. A lot of people are fooled by the Chinese response to Najib’s reaching out to the Chinese. He was not the only one. I suppose the sentiments on Chinese media are chalked up to be DAP’s propaganda. Seriously, I wouldn’t blame Najib for this one. Probably the entire BN had some faith that at least 10-20% of the Chinese still votes BN and Ghani would win against Lim Kit Siang.

  5. Salam bro BD,
    You’ve really nailed it on the head. Given the signs prior to ge13, bn’s whole approach was amateurish, if i may add. The army of operators, advisors and consultants utterly failed to read the electorate.Since when did we do headcounts based on attendace at the campaign events? (Remember the Pulau Indah event featuring PM Najib and Michelle Yeoh supposedly attended by a crowd of 70,000?)

    Bro my worry is that bn is still not getting the message. Yes chinese voted enbloc against bn. But even a casual observer wud’ve seen it coming and the war room shud’ve drafted countermeasures to mitigate it. Bro, the chinese were not misled by the opposition: they voted wilfully and deliberately to bring down the bn govt. When you went round the polling stations, did chinese voters appear uneducated and didnt hv access to info? Many of them are rabidly anti-bn and believe u me they (along wif many 1st time chinese voters) are now more emboldened to achieve it come the next round.

    Who can deny PM Najib worked very hard and did many wonderful things to gain the support of the electorate? But why didnt he receive the returns politically speaking? Bro, if ge12 and 13 were to form a trend, how’s the outlook for bn in ge14?

    Bro, the writing is on the wall. BN must change tack. ASAP.

    Sideline Observer

    • Thank you.

      Your opinion is very much appreciated.

      Not just here in this blog. But of those like minded within the party.

      I was privileged to be with the Deputy President earlier. He still spoke fondly of you and your contributions in the Reformasi challenging days, where exodus of youths for all the lies As-Sodomy had ingrained in their minds.

  6. BD, I like and support your last sentence very much –

    “National Reconciliation’ must be within the binds of the Federation of Malaysia Constitution.”

    Nothing less.

    Of all people, the PM must now honour, respect and abide by the Constitution fully. No two-ways about it. The National Language under Article 152, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153. The NEP that was conceived pursuant to that. all these must be brought back fully.

    And get the people who can do those into your cabinet. And tell all concerned at your very first cabinet meeting that you want those done. Nothing further on UEC, no further grants to Chinese schools, start implementing Single-Stream schooling that can produce unity, long-term peace and harmony. And get the NEP fully restored under all aspects of your next 5 years administration.

    The Chinese have abandoned you. Look after the Malays, the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak, the Indians and others who have given you votes at PRU13. Don’t let them abandon you. If UMNO doesn’t at the end-of-the-year general assembly.

    These must be done as a first step. The next steps can be thought of as you go along after all the dust has settled.

    • Clarification:

      “all these must be brought back fully.” should have been

      “The spirit of all these must be brought back fully.”

    • Totally spot on!

      There is the Federal Consitution. The rule of law must prevail. Without exceptions. Without fear or favour.

      The failure to enforce law would eventually bring about the state of anarchy. This is what Anwar wants. This is what anarchists like Hisham Rais wants. This is what mad persons like Haris Ibrahim wants.

      It is very lame for PM Najib to allow this to happen!

  7. Najib should resign and let Mahayuddin take over as new leader in UMNO.
    Najib main weakness,he have too many advisers, and let his wive interfer in his adminstration.
    This is my sincere view.

    • Honestly saya tidak tahu cara bagaimana datin rosmah interfere in his admin. I was lost in the amazon. Inform me plz…

  8. PM Najib should frequently look at the scar so that he will never repeat whatever mistakes that he has done……

  9. he should go to give the last chance to the next leader who may have better chance to make drastic changes in bn. but i dont think he will leave for the good of umno and bn, even if by luck he has the conscience, but his balls holders, the bloody sleepy head clan wont let that happen, because sleepy said it out loud he thinks najib is the best to do the job, of course he would say so because if a totally new leader is being raised, his entire corrupt clan will be chopped off and all double agents of their will be thrown out. i believe he still hold the grudge he was kicked out, just like csl angry that he was exposed, and now they want to revenge by ensuring the bn death. these type of people are not meant to rule due to self centeredness and selfishness.

    but i will still blame najib for his clueless performance. how can he be that arrogant to think that he would win big, he really think he is the magnet of support? im still finding endless people seeing him and raise the same old murder story at the same time, how many time do we need to defend his own problem for him and cant pass this to talk about political policies? he should settle this himself if he wants to be the leader of bn, if he is innocent, just sue the shits out of the accusers and playing dumb silence just make more people assuming his guiltyness. if he cant even defend this then his first image to the public is severely damaged and how can he lead us then?

    and how about his wife? if he cant talk his wife out of making troublesome publicities act and stay out of the way, how can he handle the whole bn? almost everytime when najib is being mentioned, his wife will be humiliated and make as joke, this is also severely tainting his image.

    these are just 2 mentioned here but there are a lot more, why tainted figures still being appointed and so on.

    bn will lose the next round no matter what, even if bn make a total drastic change, this is due to generation mindset shift, and if because of this and bn have no clue how to move on and choose to stay status quo, then bn may not just lose, they will be wiped out.

    • You are talking shit. What proof have you that “generation mindset shift” will make BN lose anyway?

      Anybody done any reliable analysis of the “generation mindset” votes of PRU13 with figures and constituencies concerned? No “generation mindset” in the 89 seats UMNO won?

      But don’t quote anything like Merdeka Centre. They are a shit lot getting money from Neocons, Jews and Zionists who aim at getting a proxy for the containment of China or plain wanting to weaken Muslim-led governments the world over in the overall interest of the Zionists.

  10. PM Najib has yet to own up on BN’s disaster in Selangor.

    It was a bloody & costly war for BN. He should sack all his advisers immediately! Also all his PR & branding team!

    Extensive expenditure but negative results!

    Semua tu syok sendri tak habis habis. Habis tu, alih alih bila kena sontot, nak salahkan Cina lak.

    Padahal sejak mula lagi Cina tak nak kawan dgn dia. Opera Cina ja!

    Nampak sangat penasihat, pakar pakar PR & branding ni semua buta hati & syok sendri! Ambik lagi Mat Salleh jadi pakar kommunkasi dan letak kat NCT!

  11. Dari segi prestasi PRU, persembahan Najib lebih kurang saja jika dibanding dengan zaman Tun Dol. Kata nak dapat 2/3. Kata nak tawan Selangor.

    Saya bukan mocking tetapi heran kenapa resources semua dalam tangan tetapi hasil jauh dari jangkaan. Tun Dol tidoq tutup mata. Najib tidoq bukak mata. We have accumulated double myopia. Not for the 3rd time please.

    • … not for the third time because kita ada dua mata saja.

  12. Agree with your observation.
    However do not think reconciliation is required.
    Votes of the people, even against him, shout be respected.
    He must now decisively move forward within the bind of the Constitution and Those Who Vote His Party.

    • Yes, we must say it, shout it out loud, and even yell

      “move forward within the bind of the Constitution and Those Who Vote His Party”.

      And UMNO must deliberate, think hard and argue against doing otherwise. Those thinking that this country will go to shambles if we cease placating the Chinese must put out the facts and figures, the analyses and solid arguments for saying so. And for goodness sake, not the figures and analyses by such Anwarish bodies as Merdeka Centre.

      And no such things as said by the UMNO Supreme Council Member Saifudin who lost in Temerloh, please. He must have used those arguments that were quoted in Sin Chew recommending “immediate recognition” of Chinese schools UEC certificate etc when campaigning at PRU13. Serve him right that he lost his seat.

      Let’s hear soon what Majlis Tertinggi UMNO says of the election results and Najib’s performance being worse than Tun Dol’s.

  13. Stop then bickering…HAris IBrahim dah ‘palu gendang dan mulakan tarian perang’ tuuu…..kita tak buat ape ape ke….asyik bertelagah jeeee

    • Tangkap ja Haris Ibrahim ni! Kita ada undang undang.

      Dan KPN & Timb KPN pun dah tukor. Pegawai pegawai yg tegas & boleh bawa kewibawaan balik kpd Pasukan Polis.

      Takbir! Kita dipihak yg benar & hak!

      Terutama anasir pro-murtad cam Haris ni!

    • For the sake of the nation, Federal Constutition & rule of law, the new IGP should arrest Haris Ibrahim & Hisham Rais.

      It should be his first instruction to his officers, even tho it wont be till Friday that his appointment is official.

  14. Bro BD,
    If bn were to proceed post-ge13 with more of the same, it is doomed. Other than issues of governance & policy, LEADERSHIP is key. The younger voters especially lean towards leaders who are seen as firm and decisive.That is why Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still respected and feared by frens & foe in equal measure to this day! That’s why the pr leaders & goons continue to demonize him bcoz they know he is still a big stumbling block to their political ambitions. In this polarised nation of ours, its impossible to be popular to everybody. Even if, whats the point if your party loses the election?

  15. The biggest blunder that he made in my view was his failure to understand the Chinese. Henceforth his wasted and costly effort in trying to win them over at the expense of large segment of voters, the Malays especially that could have been persuaded to support him at lesser cost. Even if you spent 0 effort with regard to trying to win the Chinese over, he cant really do much worst than what he got.

    Imagine if all those resources was allocated to win over the Malays particularly the urban one, the result could have been positively different.

  16. Kepimpinan melalui teladan. Najib has to go. He failed miserably. Kalau corporates, saham dah merundum ni. Kena take responsibility la. Tak sihat ni kalau dia stay.

    Takkan tak rasa awkward, masuk tv. Orang ramai dah tak ada respect dah.

    With all the resources, not only dia kalah di Selangor, dia tak perasan pun dia akan kalah di Selangor. General apa nih. Macam tentera persia kena kalahkan dengan Alexander the great walaupun resources ridiculous – 10 to 1.

    Bagi Muhyiddin pulak, tengok macam mana – biar ada renewal approach. Dia kan anak tok guru. Tapi spoil anak dia graduate musik masuk paper. Diam2 tak boleh ke. Orang melayu yang ada potential sokong umno, rightly or wrongly tak berapa berkenan dengan ahli muzik nih. Tolak point isteri pakai tudung, anak tok guru.

    Satu lagi UMNO jangan bongkak. marah2 PAS. Orang melayu yang umno nak rapat tak suka perangai macam ni. Bila UMNO dah jadi melayu yahudi ni la yang orang makin menyampah.

    PKR will die a natural death di kalangan orang melayu, kalau orang yang pro PAS boleh terima berkerjasama dengan UMNO.

    • saya tak berapa setujulah kena ada ada imej “arab” untuk nampak islamik. orang arab pun tak berapa nak arab dengan suit & tie. sebenarnya perbuatan yang kena islamik baru betul. anak ahlil muzik tak apa bukan ahlil politik macam LKS & LGE tu…

      umno-pas boleh bersatu tapi harap ahli pas tak dengar sangat orang tua gila nak ludah orang tu.

  17. Scrap whatever policy that BN has on bowing down to the chinese just to get their votes. Pak Lah did it and now Najib. Haven’t they learned anything ?

    United we stand, divided we fall. When the Malays unite, the rest will follow.

    Let’s move forward. Bangunkan bangsa Malaysia, 1 aliran sekolah untuk semua!

  18. If this guy has a strategic mind, he wouldnt have let go of former Petronas CEO Tan Sri Hassan Merican who had worked so diligently to make Petronas a sucessful company. If he has a strategic mind he would have used many local talent instead of pandering for talent thru Talent Corp. If he has a strategic mind he would have mobilised the energies of youth thru substantive community related projects and drill into the minds of youths abt patriotism , not thru pandering by giving smartphone subsidy, opening too wide a door for youth political activism at university level. In short his approach makes the youth feel so powerful, powerful enough to turn against him. Huge lessons learned. Failed policies, naive optimism, overly focused on economic transformation with beautiful looking numbers but not felt by masses hit by high cost of living and low wages. It would be a pretty tough mandate period that can do without pandering and another faux pas.

  19. We can shout all we want but I think Najib will only care about what the UMNO Supreme Council members say. Sure they want to protect their government positions Najib has given them and/or will give them again in the new cabinet etc.

    What are we doing to get them do something to make Najib change things? What can we do in that direction anyway?

  20. It’ll be a sad day for UMNO and for Malaysia if DS Najib announces a cabinet that reflects more of the same as in the past 4-5 years.

    I fear he wants to show he is genuinely a liberal, the kind he did as an Education Minister when he changed the authority to close down vocational schools from the Director General of Education to the Minister of Education. And a sore former Director General of Education, and now Pro Chancellor of UiTM, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad, has just said that Chinese and Indian schools should be closed down, otherwise talk of unity by politicians is “just lip service”.

    If after all the bending backwards he did, the Chinese voters still spitted at him in PRU13, and if he still wants to continue appeasing them with further action on UEC, diluting the NEP etc, many of the Malays who gave him 89 seats might abandon him and UMNO at PRU14 and it’ll be a disaster for the Malays and country. That would lead to total disunity and Malaysia being a failed state.

  21. It is the fault of:

    1. Anwar Ibrahim of Pakatan
    2. Omar Ong of Jib’s war room

    Dua-dua delusional.

  22. I am dead serious. If Najib want to please the chinese there is only one way to do that….let them run the country. So Najib better don’t waste time, money and effort to please these people. Focus on the ones you think can bring votes. Just be upfront with the chinese….no more Mr Nice Guy

  23. BD,
    The reaction had began.No Chinese Reps in the Cabinet Lineup.Zahid Hamidi is the new Menteri KDN replacing Menteri Amaran.The past few years Zahid learned and studied the capabilities of the AF and now he has the opportunities of gathering the potentials of the Police Force in which he has to do it ASAP.I hope he will not fail us comparing the previous one.With the new IGP ,I think Zahid can do a lot to stabilize the scarry situation now esp in getting rid of the trouble makers.As for the Chinese,bare in mind not all Chinese are rich,let us see what can the PRs ADUNS and MPs contribute as most of the service centres manned by MCA and Gerakan were closed down.Do not blame the government for sidelining you as from me you deserved it for biting the hands of the person who gives you food.You forgot easily what happened to the Indians who were mislead by the party you supported and most probably the same thing will happen to you.Promise is easy to make but fullfilling it,is not easy.5 years is quite a long time ..mah…

  24. PRU13 and 13May are over – Najib has to destroy all “I love PM” posters and start being the “tough love” boss.

    Do right not thru the popular path but the ‘painful cure’ route. When in poor health, the bitter tonic works better than the flavoured mild tea.

    First – the Satu Sekolah untuk Semua.
    Second – Rosmah be a stayhome wife.

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