A nation of and by the Rule of Law

Tamrin Ghaffar arrested at 200pm in a renown kopitiam in Telawi, Bangsar

Tamrin Ghaffar arrested at 200pm in a renown kopitiam in Telawi, Bangsar

In the madness of the Opposition trying to stir up emotions with in a tinge of hatred via manipulation of facts, false promises and lies in series of 13GE charged up rallies across the nation, the authorities were closely watching and keeping score. Now, they started to act.

Former MARA Chairman Dato’ Mohd Tamrin Ghafar, criminal-lawyer-turned-anarchist Haris Ibrahim and PKR Vice President Tian Chua were arrested by Police seperately, this afternoon. It is believed they were arrested under Sedition Act 4(1) and taken in for questioning.

A few days earlier organiser of the first Blackout 505 Rally in Petaling Jaya three days after 13GE poll, former Political Secretary to MB Selangor and second term Seri Setia Aseemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad and later student acttivist and UPSI dropout Adam Adli were also arrested and already charged in court.

However, they pleaded not guilty.

Yesterday, Elections Commission Deputy Chairman Dato’ Wan Ahmad Wan Omar announced that the results of the 13GE has now been gazetted. “Any parties or individuals who are not satisfied or want to challenge the result can submit a petition to the High Court within 21 days and their complaints would be heard”.

The Oppositions under PKR Adviser Anwar Ibrahim claimed there were massive fraud before, during and still at it after the 13GE even though they managed to get 89 Parliamentary seats, 230 DUN seats and retained their control in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan State Governments. Like expected, they launched the Black 505 Rally to topple the Federal Government via a series of demonstration in the design to get in a state where there is massive demonstration ‘Malaysian Spring’, modelled after the Arab Spring which started in Tunisia.

This highly charged up Blackout 505 Rally is without any credible or admissable evidence of the existence of ‘fraud’ before and during the 13GE process.

They are stepping up tactical execution of the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy. The Opposition, especially the Chinese Chauvinist DAP, continue to insult HRH Sultan Johor. This on top of the sinister use of social media networks to ‘poison’ the minds of the young into the ‘Politics of Hatred’ game.

22 May 2013| last updated at 12:05PM

‘Opposition reps are anarchists’: Tunku Aziz

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‘LAWBREAKERS’: They are out to topple govt through rallies, says Tunku Aziz

PETALING JAYA: TUNKU Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim came out with guns blazing yesterday and labelled opposition lawmakers as “anarchists” for propagating illegal activities by staging illegal rallies to topple the government.

The former DAP vice-chairman, who is now a harsh critic of the opposition pact, was in a fiery mood when he said opposition leaders had always been belligerent about toppling the government, which was contradictory to their stature as lawmakers.

From spouting ludicrous accusations to holding rallies that threatened public order, Tunku Aziz said such a trait was highly evident during Bersih demonstrations.

On Pakatan’s protests against the general election results, Tunku Aziz said: “The fact that (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) did not make it to Putrajaya, he (and his supporters) should leave other Malaysians in peace.

“They are all lawmakers, the likes of Anwar, (Lim) Guan Eng, (Lim) Kit Siang and others. And yet they are prepared to become lawbreakers by supporting a movement (Bersih) that had intended to break the law.”

And now, in the wake of the circulation text message sent by pro-opposition group Solidariti Anak Muda calling for a rally in Kuala Lumpur to “overthrow the government”, Tunku Aziz described the message as an open declaration to create chaos in the country.

“This is the work of anarchists! Dangerous anarchists, who do not respect the law. They talk about observing the rule of law. That is pure rhetoric.

“What they are saying today is ‘let’s topple the government’. Is this a responsible act? Are these the people we can give our trust to rule this complex, multiracial society? My answer is definitely, no!”

He said the group, led by PKR Sungai Acheh assemblyman Badrul Hisham Shaharin, had even prepared salt and masks for the Sunday rally to imply that they were prepared for a clash with the authorities.

“There is no hidden agenda. The message is an open declaration of bringing down a legitimate government, that has won the recent general election. They could not do it (change the government) through the ballot box.

“What they are doing now is to take it to the streets and cause as much damage as possible, fight the police, overturn cars and burn buildings.

“This is what the opposition is encouraging the people to do,” Tunku Aziz said at a joint press conference yesterday with former DAP leader Tan Tuan Tat.

Tunku Aziz also revealed an email exchange between him and DAP chief of staff Foo Yueh Chuan who had asked him on his possible attendance for a “sit-in” at Dataran Merdeka last year.

“I told Foo that I oppose street demonstrations. DAP life advisor Dr Chen Man Hin, however, replied that he was delighted to participate in the sit-in that could mark the beginning of a “Malaysia Spring”.

“What is the meaning of this statement? Is it in the context of an illegal demonstration? It really has to mean (or relate to) the Egyptian spring or the Arab spring … which is really about what?

“They even tried to insult our intelligence by saying that the Malaysian Spring is about ‘Musim Bunga’.”

Tunku Aziz said he would not subscribe to the leadership of DAP especially if the party supported demonstrations by movements bent on breaking the laws of the country.

On the safety of people and how the matter could be resolved, Tunku Aziz said the government was aware of the issue and steps were being taken to contain the possible formation of rallies.

“The government has the police and other institutions (to safeguard public order). You should have no fear, but just be careful. Because these people who are promoting acts of violence, they do not care two hoots about your safety.”

Badrul Hisham, also known as Chegubard, when contacted said the gathering would be held at a field opposite the Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya on Saturday, and not on Sunday as stated in the text message.

He said 50 non-governmental organisations would join the “Suara Rakyat 505” event and make three demands — re-elections in areas they believe electoral fraud had been committed, disbanding of the Election Commission and for Bersih 2.0 to organise a “People’s tribunal” to look into the hundreds of reports of alleged election fraud. Additional reporting by Yiswaree Palansamy

Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim says opposition leaders are being irresponsible by urging the people to topple the government

Read more: ‘Opposition reps are anarchists’: Tunku Aziz – General – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/opposition-reps-are-anarchists-tunku-aziz-1.283696#ixzz2U6E2joGa


The new Home Minister Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi warned the Opposition “Not to play with fire” and respect the rule of law, which include the result and any processes pertaining to the 13GE. The newly appointed IGP Tan Srì Khalid Abu Bakar was also stern with his warning, as the Opposition defied the rules for organising public assembly as stipulated by the newly minted act.

This is a nation by and of the rule of law. The rights of the majority to have a peaceful and live in harmony, prevails.

*Updated 700pm

Sedition cases

Sedition cases, since 2009

So far, the arrest have been very well received by the law abiding majority . It is expected more arrest would be made and according to the Home Minister, the Police is free to act in accordance with their work, professionalism and the law.

Home Minister’s response on the matter:

Zahid: Police have basis, solid evidence to detain leaders

MAY 23, 2013

Zahid stressed that he was not involved in the detention. – File pic

PUTRAJAYA, May 23 — The police must surely have the basis and solid evidence to detain Pakatan Rakyat vice-president Tian Chua and two others today under the Sedition Act 1948, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He stressed that he was not involved in the detention of the opposition leader as well as PAS activist Tamrin Tun Ghafar and Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU) leader Haris Ibrahim.

“I left the matter to the police and I believe they have the basis and solid evidence to detain the three, and I played no part in the operations,” he told reporters after attending a function at the National Registration Department here today.

On whether more opposition and non-governmental organisation leaders would be detained, Ahmad Zahidi said it was up to the police.

On Monday, he had cautioned that the government would no longer issue any warnings but will take serious action against anyone who acted irresponsibly to cause public disorder in the country.

He said the Inspector-General of Police, and department heads and agencies under the ministry had the authority to carry out their responsibilities according to their jurisdicdtion based on the law, without political interference. – Bernama

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  1. *Comments deleted

    This reader lost his privilege to share his thoughts in this blog

  2. A step in the right direction. This group respect tough actions not graciousness.

    DS Najib has to learn fast – if the soft approach fails, time for harsh measures, pronto, for the welfare of the majority.

    • Biggie put it aptly; this is madness & some young ppl are taken into this. It is wrong, legally, morally, technically. In any which way.

      Unless its grossly manipulated & entwined with lies. Like the Westminister styled first-past-post system Vs popular votes.

      Since PM Najib & his information & communications apparatus & system suck, then dont bother explaining why we shouldnt be on the streets bla, bla, bla…..

      Its a sad bloody waste of resources!

      We hv the law. Its is put in place through the process of democracy & with the perkenan all baginda Raja Raja.

      The law shall prevail. Let those with specific powers to enforce these laws.

      No exception. No exemption.

    • Yes, I want to join in applauding the new Minister of Home Affairs, DS Zahid, for giving all agencies under his Ministry the full authority to take action on law breakers without any political interference, and the new IGP, TS Khalid, for promptly taking action on three fellows so far under his stewardship.

      I had wanted to urge such action earlier but found this post the relevant medium to do so. And now I want to

      1. ask for continued efforts by the Police to take such firm and positive action on the law breakers, especially on the political wrong doers i.e the “street demonstrators” and their leaders. Yes, the silent majority has had enough and fully support the authorities in those actions. Not only those living near the demo premises but also those road users, even the general public, have had anxieties over the seemingly anarchistic blokes who defied the Peaceful Assembly Act with impunity.

      When they refused to abide by the requirements of that Act, they are no longer “assembling peacefully”, they are “street demonstrators”, hooligans and political miscreants, irrespective of their claim of “no incidents” or physical fights during the demos.

      2. support fully DS Zahid’s statement that those who don’t like the system as enshrined in the Constitution of this country, and all the laws and enactments pursuant to that, should migrate. This has also been said by history Professor Emeritus TS Khoo Kay Kim, of people who don’t like this country, behaving badly at the Dataran Merdeka on last Merdeka eve.

      3. ask DS Najib not to repeal or even amend the Sedition Act 1948. There’s nothing wrong with that Act. It’s those who break the laws who are wrong. DS Najib may have thought of it in order to get votes for GE13, like he did the ISA. But despite his bending backwards, those he sought to appease didn’t seem to appreciate, and followed the evil DAP, which is on record as having caused the race riots of 1969, and has not changed one bit in their politics.

      This is a multi-racial country, racial sentiments can easily be pricked, raising emotions high among the rakyat (and it’s quite high now), and that can quickly flare up into racial fights and riots. Though the British colonialists had enacted that law as an anti-communist measure, the substance of it – inciting feelings that might create chaos and instability – remains valid to this day, and until there is such a thing as a united, cohesive Malaysian nation. And we are far from it now.

      • Could Chandra’s observation in a newspaper (partly reproduced below) be related to the “should migrate” or “berhijrah lah” comments that came out since last year? I don’t mind it if it is – I agree that those who don’t like the system in this country should migrate.

        “Passport applicants, particularly those heading to selected passport offices on Saturday and Sunday (such as those in Putrajaya, Kajang, Shah Alam, etc), have to be prepared to queue up from as early as 6.30am even though the office hours are from 8am to 1pm.

        My wife and I turned up at the Putrajaya, Precinct 14 office last Saturday at 7.30am, but all the 150 numbers for the day had already been given out. We then rushed to the Kajang immigration office and again, we were told the numbers had run out.

        On Sunday, we headed to the Kajang office again, this time at 6.30am and found more than 30 people ahead of us in line.

        By 8am, when the office opened, there were some 250 people queuing up.”

  3. The new Home Minister & IGP is definitely more ballsy than the immediate previous ones.

    We want to see more of these lawless criminals arrested & charged, altho some of them are law makers.

    Enough is enough!

    • That’s right.

      They can form their government, behind bars. In different prisons, of course!

      If thay are interned in the same facility, then we are afraid that some of them would do the ‘Animal Farm’ thingy.

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  5. We have seen so much freedom been given since 2008 and so much lies being spread and so much threat been shown but the authority has been quite,come to the extend that the ordinary rakyat think that Malaysia is lawless and if there is, this people are above the law.

    The authority had been condemn to the extreme ,even the royal institution also are not been spared and the government are just look stupid,not protecting the majority rakyat. It’s early to for credit to be given ,the rakyat want to see more .

  6. Goodbye to the soft approach to lawbreakers and anarchists. People are sick and tired of their boldness particularly in the last 4years. So bold that we can feel their boots up our noses. The new Home Affairs Minister has given assurance that there will be no political interference in the carrying out of enforcement of the law. That is great news. These lawbreakers and anarchists think that democracy and liberalism are a carte blanche to defy the law? Western model of democracy and liberalism are premised on respecting the rule of law and this is what many among the socalled liberal movements in Malaysia have missed the point. Now the law will tell those lawbreakers and anarchists in their faces, to respect the law or face consequences. Also it is heartening to know that action will be taken for foreigners who have overstayed in Malaysia.

  7. Kita lihat mereka yg ditangkap setakat ini.

    Nik Azmi: Budak suruhan Anwar Ibrahim. Satu masa tu pembantu Anwar (pra-2008)

    Adam Adli: Budak banggang yg mengkeldaikan diri & menggadai masa depan jadi hamba revolusi sia sia

    Tian Chua: Kaki hasut & kaki fitnah PKR yg amat terkenal, sejak musim Reformasi. Menghina Tragedi Lahad Datu sebagai ‘Wayang ciptaan UMNO’

    Haris Ibrahim: Seorang peguam yg memperjuangkan hak Lina Joy untuk murtad & Ayah Pin utk jadi orang yg sesat aqidah. Kini jadi anarkis & revolutionist

    Tamrin Ghafar: Seorang opportunis yg mempergunakan kedudukan ayahnya, untuk ‘merompak’ termasuk mengheret MARA utk dijadikan ‘keldai’ dalam projeknya Bukit Rahman Putra. Berapa puluh juta duit untuk kepentingan Melayu dia sapu?

    Memalukan kedudukan Tun Ghafar Baba sebagai peluang Kemerdekaan/Bangsa & pengasas Malaya Merdeka.

    Soalan cepu mas: Kenapa tiada Cina Cina DAP yg ditangkap? Dia orang ni takda buat apa apa kesalahan bawak Akta Hasutan ke?

  8. Sudah tiba masanya kerajaan membuktikan kepada rakyat yang memberikan mereka mandat bahawa mereka serius untuk memimpin, bukan berdolak dalik dan takut untuk mengambil tindakan untuk memelihara keamanan. Saya yakin kerana kerajaan terlalu berlembutlah penjenayah yang bertopengkan demokrasi dan tuduhan rasis ini jadi “banyak lemak”. Mereka sewenang-wenangnya mengambil tindakan yang bukan sahaja menyalahi undangx, tetapi juga berbentuk provokasi.

    Jika kerajaan mengambl tindakan keras sesuai dengan lunas undang-undang terhadap kumpulan penjenayah chauvinist ini mungkin sokongan kepada kerajaan akan meningkat, khususnya dari kelompok masyarakat yang cintakan keamanan. Terbukti dalam PRU 13, kerajaan telah berlembut dan bergolok-bergadai untuk memenangi hati mereka tetapi apa yang mereka balas? Strategi yang sama tidak akan memberikan keputusan yang berlainan. Sudah tiba masanya untuk menukar pendekatan.

    Saya percaya apa yang pernah dinyatakan dalam parlimen British lebih 50 tahun dahulu masih terpakai; kaum Cina Chauvinist di Malaya (Malaysia) hanya faham bahasa kekerasan dan bahasa ekonomi. Jadi marilah kita mula mengajar mereka dalam bahasa yang mereka fahami.

    “Bila Melayu bercakap pasal Cina – Rasis!; bila Cina hentam Melayu – Demokrasi”

    “Saya Boikot AirAsia, saya boikot kedai Cina!”

  9. Gentlemen,
    Previously The Oppo used to compare Msia with Spore on all aspects.Now the Govt is on the offensives in ensuring and maintaining law and order,I just want to congratulate both the new Minister of KDN and IGP for the bold actions.5 years is still a long time and for the past few years the govt looked like lame duck and always in the defensive mode.It is to my opinion also that the govt starts summoning the irresponsibles individual esp, lawmakers who used to accuse the govt of corruptions,abuse of power and other unfounding practices without solid evidences so that that they will be more accountable and responsible for what they said.I had the feeling that most of the rakyat support these offensive actions as we are tired of too much politics prior to GE 13,We want to carry on with our lives.I think Dato Sri Zahid comment on those who cannot prescribe to our law should migrate is correct,and mind you it was not AMARAN,it was short and sharp,straight to the point.

  10. there is also another battle that is raging in the cybersphere….with the government badly losing.

    their troopers are organised, working 24X7, and with clear strategies.

    every moment i have to battle my own family members to remind them to check their ‘news’ and references.

    the series of lies, half-truths, toxic comments is a like a fog that won”t go away. in fact its getting thicker by the day!

    use the law to book those seditious remarks, but the government must also battle them at their domains where they fester.

    a delay of even a few hours is already too late. in that self-deluding world, everything is real.

    • I fully support the suggestion that UMNO/BN must start a duly organized cyber trooper organization, with a full time staff, monthly paid, working 24 hours, on shifts, headed by some one with good knowledge and experience in psychological warfare (psywar).

      It should be done quietly, no fanfare – that’s what DAP Red Bean cyber troopers have been doing, not known until exposed by the DAP Youth activist left DAP and wrote in his blog SYA – The One And Only.

      No matter copy-catting DAP. They have done terrible damage to UMNO/BN until the Chinese fence sitters and even the traditional BN supporters ran to DAP/PR at PRU13. No other way to counter them than by doing the same thing they do – counter each and every comment they make with facts and figures, AS WELL AS LAUGHING AND RIDICULING THEM so that their kind of readers will not take everything they say as the gospel truths. There’s no such thing as “gentlemanliness” in the psywar business.

      Do so in all the languages that they operate in. Get into their blogs one way or another. Some of the Opposition blogs like Malaysia Today.com is not moderated i.e anybody can comment and the comments appear automatically upon submission. (Note that the Malaysia Today WITHOUT THE DOTCOM is different – that belongs to RPK, the fugitive blogger.

      • I would even venture to suggest that unless UMNO/BN combat the DAP Red Bean cyber trooper activities by carrying out similar activities in a properly organized fashion, they might lose PRU14.

        They must have a professionally conducted organization comprising staff conversant in all the languages the DAP Red Bean cyber troopers use, especially the Chinese language(s?), staff who are “politically correct”, supervised and headed by a Psywar expert, operating quietly, without any announcement of its formation etc.

  11. InsyaAllah the days of thousands of police reports with no action is over.

    Buy Cina Last.

    “Jangan Jual Maruah Masuk Old Town White Coffee”

  12. And what is this nonsense Lim Guan Eng saying IGP Tan Sri Khalid “wasting time” investigating DAP founding member Dr Chen Man Hin for using the term “Malaysia Spring” in a private e-mail correspondence over a year ago. That was revealed by former DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz recently.

    Good that Chen was called in for questioning for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government through street demonstrations similar to those that had occurred in several Middle Eastern countries and had been labelled the Arab Spring.

    Nonsensical of Guan Eng to say “The investigation is clearly to victimise and humiliate a DAP leader.” He should be told the investigation is carried out now because there is a willing witness – Tunku Aziz. When before, all in DAP fear the secret societies, thugs and gangsters who are believed to be protecting DAP and nobody would testify.

    The fellow should also be told that the rising crime has been due to the loosening and even actual loss of moral values as a result of DAP kind of politics – Red Bean cyber troopers, street demos and all.

  13. Red bean army (RBA) is ONLY successful because these cyber savvy youths have been denied the opportunity of growing up in a multiracial and multicultural setting.

    They do not have close friends of different races to check and arrest such blatant lies and brainwashing spread by the RBA. This oufit exploits psychological indoctrination much like the communist strategies.

    Najib MUST grow a stainless steel spine to abolish all vernacular schools just like what DAP’s brother PAP had done. 50 years had resulted in a dangerous polarisation of the races.

    This racial faultlines have widened and deepened critically. And if no actions are taken now, Malaysia will be a volatile and highly unstable country – ripe for chaos.

    • While many are boycotting the chinese businesses, the petition for Satu Sekolah untuk Semua should be started.

      • Saya sokong cadangan itu.

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  15. As a blogger You are shamelessly talking on behalf of Tun Dr Mahathir. Why dont you just say revive mahathirism and the hell with Najib, Pak Lah’s people and opposition leaders. Say it bluntly, man.

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  17. […] is a sovereign nation of and by the Rule of Law. Lawless persons shouldn’t be part of society. It is good the Police are steadfast, efficient […]

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