Sedition is an act of crime

Chinese Chauvinist DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng chided IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar for “Wasting time” for investigatong DAP founding member and former Chairman Dr Chen Man Hing for sedition.

Published: Thursday May 23, 2013 MYT 10:47:00 PM

Guan Eng ticks off IGP for investigating DAP’s Chen Man Hin

PETALING JAYA: Lim Guan Eng has taken Inspector-General of PoliceTan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to task for “wasting time” investigating DAP founding member Dr Chen Man Hin for allegedly conspiring to create public disorder when he should be focusing on waging war against crime.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party was shocked that the police found it necessary to investigate the innocent actions of an 86-year-old who supposedly conspired to create public disorder when he used the term “Malaysia Spring” in a private e-mail correspondence over a year ago.

It was reported that Chen was called in for questioning for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government through street demonstrations similar to those that had occurred in several Middle Eastern countries and had been labelled the Arab Spring.

“The investigation is clearly to victimise and humiliate a DAP leader. Even if the charge to topple the government was true, why is the investigation carried out now after more than a year when, clearly, there has been no effort to overthrow the government?” Lim said in a statement.

He said questioning Dr Chen on a baseless charge showed how Khalid practised double-standards.

Lim hit out at this “ridiculous” move, saying it would only waste police resources and effort when these should be used to fight the rising crime instead.

Pointing out that even the sisters of the Deputy Prime Minister and Khalid himself had fallen victim to incidents of crime recently, Lim urged the police to instead focus on making the streets and the people’s homes safer.


An extract of the Sedition Act 1948:

Section 4 of the Sedition Act specifies that anyone who “does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do” an act with seditious tendency, such as uttering seditious words, or printing, publishing or importing seditious literature, is guilty of sedition. It is also a crime to possess a seditious publication without a “lawful excuse”. The act defines sedition itself as anything which “when applied or used in respect of any act, speech, words, publication or other thing qualifies the act, speech, words, publication or other thing as having a seditious tendency”.

Under section 3(1), those acts defined as having a seditious tendency are acts with a tendency:

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government;(b) to excite the subjects of the Ruler or the inhabitants of any territory governed by any government to attempt to procure in the territory of the Ruler or governed by the Government, the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter as by law established;(c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;(d) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the subjects of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or of the Ruler of any State or amongst the inhabitants of Malaysia or of any State;(e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia; or

(f) to question any matter, right, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative established or protected by the provisions of part III of the Federal constitution or Article 152, 153 or 181 of the Federal Constitution.

It is blatantly clear that Chinese Chauvinists within DAP sowing hatred against the authorities, insulting the Malays and challenging ultra-sensitive issues for the Malays(which include the position and power of HRH Rulers and Islam), would lead to a negative and highly probable combative reaction.

It is exactly like what Opposition mainly Chinese Chauvinist DAP and radicals and subversive elements did between 10-13 May 1969 saw the nation turned topsy turvy and 196 people died in the worse racial riot and bloodshed this nation has ever seen in modern times.

Sowing hatred and uttering seditious words is a crime worse than murder.

Sedition cases

Sedition cases

What Dr Chen said in Seremban on 17 May should be deemed ‘seditious’. The democratic system in this nation practices the Westminster style first-past-the-post voting system and not popularity votes. Dr Chen’s has the malice intention to sow the anger of younger Malaysians to revolt against BN’s win of 133 seats in the Parliament and nine out of twelve State Assemblies on the 13GE concluded on 5 May.

Even if the 13GE results are flawed, there are processes that could be taken to rectify and even overturn the outcome of what has been announced.

The Election Commission gazetted the results of the 13GE a few days ago and it is opened for petition by any of the parties and/or candidates who contested within 21 days. There on, a High Court would convene a tribunal to hear the merits of the petitions filed or challenged by the EC.

There is no need for members of the public to go on the streets and demonstrate against the results of the 13GE since there are avenues to challenge and rectify them.

That is not withstanding the fact that Opposition leaders took oath as Menteri Besars and Chief Minister and formed a government before HRH Rulers of Kelantan and Selangor and HE Governor of Penang for their winnings in the State Assemblies of the afore mentioned states.

The Opposition conveniently accepted EC’s announcements for all the 89 Parliamentary and 230 DUN seats which they won but instead claimed BN’s win for the 133 Parliamentary seats is a fraud. That alone is an insult to almost 11 million Malaysians at large who came out and cast their decision!

Inciting and instigating is a hideous crime. It could divide once a tolerant, understanding and united group of people living in harmony and sharing the opportunity for prosperity for the purpose of progress into different groups of people who are suspicious and hate each other.

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  1. Sekiranya mereka katakankan SPR menipu, beri bukti jangan gunakan gigi dan lidah sahaja. Jangan cuba membina persepsi yang bukan-bukan. Kalau mereka tidak dapat menunjukkan bukti, ini dinamakan fitnah. Orang seperti ini perlu diambil tindakan dan jangan biarkan kudis menjadi pekung dalam masyarakat majmuk ini

  2. I don’t know what LKS have in his mind. But for me, fighting the sedition which obviously can lead to any chaos and put million people life and country in risks, is something worth. He’s must be out of his mind. At the end, why afraid if they did nothing right?

  3. Zahid Hamidi ni pun lepasan ISA juga masa zaman reformasi 1998 dulu kan. Kena tangkap di KKIA, tak sempat nak lari. Bila jaga KDN, bukan main nampak tegasnya dia. Boleh tahan juga kesan ISA atas dia ni. Terus bagi kuasa pada polis untuk ambil tindakan mana yang patut. Kalau polis buat silap, barulah Menteri KDN keluar kenyataan, cover apa yang patut. Kalau polis buat kerja betul, Menteri dapat nama. Kalau polis silap, Menteri kena betulkan.

    Sebagai MP Bagan Datoh yang ramai nelayan Cina, dulu selalu bantu lepaskan kalau kena tangkap menceroboh perairan negara jiran. Lepas PRU 13 ni dengarnya dia tak layan dah kalau ada kes tangkapan nelayan yang menceroboh. Mungkin dia belajar daripada Ali Rustam, Cina ni tak boleh diberi muka. Baguslah Najib sudah ada kaki pukul yang boleh diharap dan tahu bekerja.

    • Sebab dia pernah di ISAkan lah yang membuat dia sedar sepenuhnya betapa perlunya tindakan di ambil ke atas mreka yang langgar undang undang, beb.

      Bukan so’al nak dapat nama tu, so’al nak beri tahu rakyat bahawa tindakan yang di ambil Polis itu bukan lah tindakan politik.

      Tapi gua setuju dengan pendapat lu “Mungkin dia belajar daripada Ali Rustam, Cina ni tak boleh diberi muka.” No problem there, brader.

      Btw, siapa “kaki pukul” Anwar Al Juburi, Lim Kit Siang Al Rasisi, boleh kah kasi tau?

  4. Jangan gentar, puak pengecut ni hanya berani jika kerajaan Najib lembut dan bersopan santun.

    Puak jenis ni hanya hormat tindakan keras. Perangai yang dibawa dari keturunan komunis. Mereka jadi lebih berani jika dibiarkan sesuka hati.

    Kerajaan jangan tersalah tafsir bahawa kebebasan tiada batasan, membawa kematangan. Ini kepercayaan yang salah sebab mereka mempengaruhi anak muda yang buta sejarah.

    Anak muda ni senang dicuci otak apabila dipuji, disayangi dan diberi hadiah, wang belanja dan kesenangan.

    Masa untuk tindakan sudah tiba. Tidak perlu beri alasan, Malaysia negara demokratik yang berdaulat dan berundang undang.

    Jangan gentar. Hak tindakan ada pada kerajaan. Keamanan harus dilindungi untuk kebaikan semua rakyat.

  5. Ni apekejadah pulak nak candlelight vigil outside the Jinjang police station where Tian Chua, Tamrin Ghafar and Haris are held after being arrested? Asyik nak cari pasal aje lah. Kan boleh sue in court kalau tak puas hati mana mana satu? Penjangak punya kerja semua tu. Belajor dari Anwar Al Juburi tak habis habis.

    And PKR has condemned the arrests of its vice-president Tian Chua, activist Haris Ibrahim and Tamrin Ghafar under the Sedition Act. Everything you don’t like you condemn ah? Why don’t you condemn the sun rising in the East or the temperatures soaring to 36′ C now?

    And why the hell PKR deputy president Azmin said this is “abuse of state power”? Doesn’t he know the law? How to be a leader in this country like that?

    And what the xxxx Bersih Ambiga said the arrests reflected badly on the Government, saying the authorities could have just called the detainees to give their statements? What does she know about Police work? About investigations, which could certainly be done better when they are arrested, about the disposition of a bloke in a jail cell, about that experience possibly helping to tame down a hard-headed character – hasn’t she seen movies about Police work in US etc? Don’t they do the same in US, Britain etc on serious cases?

    Anyway, she is supposed to be a lawyer, she should focus on comments as a lawyer, otherwise declare herself as a politician, man. Or woman. And she may not be much of a lawyer, is she? Conducting unlawful Bersih rallies before the advent of the Peaceful Assembly Act.

    Let’s condemn them for being irresponsible – Ambiga included. Don’t they realize that what they say or do can be construed as “menghalang Polis menjalankan kerja mereka” and is by itself an offence?

  6. Well the 3 detained had been realesed since the magistrate court refused to grant a remand. Well that’s how the due process of law works and the police also acted within the law. What is hilarious was Tian Chua’s reaction when picked by the police the other day. Struggled, haha. Act like a man and be like a man..a gentleman. A gentleman walks but never runs (away). Police only picked him up for questioning, not beat him up. It wasnt an ISA type of detention. Yet the way it was highlighted and ppl with candle light vigil. Come on you morons. No class act or a continuous act of discrediting the govt, law enforcers and the rule of law. Their grand strategy is lurking in the background. What most people see is the facade.

    • The 3 are really a hilarious lot – the photo shows of one short and stumpy, one thin and craggy, one tall but unkempt looking – no private toilet in the Police lock up maybe.

      No problem with how they look but the whole lot are seditious and the two of them (except the short and stumpy bloke) had been at it for a long time. The thin fellow has a lean and hungry look – the Cassius kind that planned the murder of Julius Caesar as written by the British playwright William Shakespeare.

      He’s the most dangerous one (the bloke who struggled when arrested), who met Filipino Muslim rebel leader Nur Misuari in Manila before the Lahad Datu incursion and he made light of the loss of lives of the 10 Policemen and soldiers in Lahad Datu. Son of a gun.

      He has another court case connected with that. I hope to God that one or both of the charges on him sticks and he gets imprisoned.

  7. And LGE tried to deflect the real issue by asking the police to focus on crime. Yo! Of course the IGP and his men do all aspects of police work and LGE doesnt have to tell the police how to do their work. Typical DAP chauvinists who think they are cleverer than anyone else and go around pukul gendang like they are the master of the universe. These Dappies must be told to shut their trap for a bit. They have talked so much, spread hate and lies towards BN using kuih pau red bean, instigated masses too much during campaign. Now they must listen and start respecting the police who are doing their job within the law. Lets see how democratic these dappies are.

    • One way is to drag more of them to the lock up and charge them in court.

      I support the Police arrests. I hope to see more in due course.

      They must be shown that the authorities mean business and tolerate no nonsense from law breakers, politicians or common criminals alike.

  8. Kalau kita hargai pengorbanan pejuang-pejuang kemerdekaan dan keamanan pasca kemerdekaan, kita perlu ubah pendekatan kita. Dulu kita diserang dengan senjata oleh gerombolan komunis dan penyokong awam mereka yang bergelar Min Yuen.

    Untungnya masa itu selain dari kekuatan dan kehandalan kita menggunakan senjata, kita juga ada undang-undang yang membolehkan kita menangani ancaman dari golongan subversif tersebut. Ketika angkatan tentera kita menggempur mereka di hutan, anggota polis dan kehakiman mengadili mereka di pekan dan di bandar. Akhirnya kita berjaya menghapuskan mereka walaupun nampaknya hanyalah sementara.

    Kini mereka sudah mengubah strategi. Mereka tidak lagi menggunakan senjata, sebaliknya menggunakan topeng demokrasi dan hasutan. Mereka tahu kerajaan lemah kerana orang Melayu berpecah belah, malah ramai yang terpedaya dengan hasutan mereka. Selain daripada itu, dizaman mutakhir ini dengan era globalisasi dan kebergantungan kita pada hubungan/perdagangan antarabangsa telah memberi ruang untuk golongan ini mengambil kesempatan. Mereka memanipulasikan sepenuhnya kelemahan dan kebergantungan kita dan mencipta senjata yang cukup ampuh – demokrasi (hak yang kita setuju untuk beri kepada mereka 60 tahun dahulu) dan nama baik kita di arena antarabangsa (mereka tahu kita pentingkan maruah dan kehormatan) untuk menyerang kita habis-habisan.

    Malangnya kita sudah tidak ada sistem pertahanan yang berupaya menangkis serangan mereka dengan berkesan. Pastinya kita tidak akan menggunakan kekerasan senjata kerana mereka tidak mengangkat senjata. Satu-satunya alat yang kita masih ada adalah undang-undang. Itupun telah kita ubah untuk menjadi lebih longgar dan lemah kerana tekanan puak tersebut. Lebih malang lagi kita masih begitu teragak-agak untuk menggunakan undang-undang yang ada. Kenapa? adakah kita takut hilang sokongan?

    Sudah 2 PRU kita lalui dan pada pandangan saya kesilapan besar kita ialah mula memberi muka pada puak subversif ini sejak 2008 (terima kasih Pak Lah!). Akibatnya “Pandora Box” sudah terbuka dan kita terpaksa menanggung bahananya sampailah ke hari ini. Saban hari mereka mencabar dan menginjak-injak maruah kita dan kerajaan yang kita pilih. Kalau dibiarkan hasutan sebegini berterusan mungkin ada diantara kita yang akan hilang sabar dan bertindak balas dengan mengambil tindakan diluar undang-undang. Kita tidak mahu berlaku satu lagi 13 Mei. Dalam masyarakat kita yang majmuk, ini adalah perkara yang perlu kita elakkan.

    Saya setuju sangat dengan kenyataan yang Tun M petik “if you do not learn from your mistakes, you are condemned to repeat it over and over again”. Sudah jelas, golongan subversif ini telah mengubah strategi mereka sesuai dengan keadaan semasa. Soalnya adakah kita sudah sedar dan bersedia untuk mengadaptasi “sistem pertahanan” kita? Sayangnya jika selepas berkorban nyawa, harta-benda dan keringat mempertahankan tanahair sekian lama, akhirnya kita kecundang dengan senjata “air liur” dalam tempoh yang begitu singkat.

  9. […] “They do act of sedition. They incite and instigate gullible Malaysians to start a ‘civil revolution’ and topple (via ‘Malaysian Spring’) the democratically elected Federal Government. Aren’t these people criminals against the people of Malaysia?”. […]

  10. […] Bar Council should be more concerned of the trend where more and more materials and acts of sedition have been deployed to stir up the emotions of Malaysians everywhere and the effort is getting more frequent and intense. Those are acts of crime against the public and Federal Constitution. […]

  11. […] laws such as conditions ruled as per the Public Assembly Act. This is on top of their tendency to incite and instigate in acts deemed sedition in nature every few days at rallies they organise since over three weeks […]

  12. […] is determined to use the ‘Black 505′ and other street demonstration, coupled with the utterance of seditious words and other acts of crime, to create the anger amongst Malaysians and hoped to reach a point of critical mass. It is where a […]

  13. […] and inciting ordinary Malaysians with seditious words and material. Many times over, they behaved exactly like criminals because they want Malaysians to hate against each other and act in unlawful and uncivilised […]

  14. […] also continuously thread across seditious line and systematically attempted to challenge the limit of the system. Whenever any action is taken […]

  15. […] rest of Pontian Plantations for RM 90.00 per share, which is 14.5 PE exactly a year ago but failed. DAP Adviser for Life, founder and former Chairman Dr. Chen Man Hin and sons control majority of the remaining of the 65.6% of Pontian Plantations and the BOD, refused […]

  16. […] The Chinese Chauvinist and racist DAP leaders and the like-minded minority groups even resorted to insult position, role and authority of HRH Rulers, Islam as religion of the Federation of Malaysia. They even resort to be seditious. […]

  17. […] fact is that sedition is an act of crime against Malaysian society. There are notorious individuals who continuously, systematically and structurally challenge and […]

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