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IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

The Police under new leadership really mean business. Last evening, they re-arrested the ‘Sedition Trio’ which was released after failing to obtain a remand order from the Magistrate Court, to facilitate the investigations on them for their 13 May forum at the Chinese Assembly Hall.

Tian Chua, Tamrin, Haris rearrested in renewed crackdown

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Politicians Tamrin Ghafar, Chua Tian Chang and political activist Haris Ibrahim were re-arrested today, four days after a magistrate rejected a police application for their remand under the Sedition Act 1948 and the Penal Code.

At least one other student activist was also detained as police widened their crackdown against anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition activists which started last week.

Haris’s lawyer Gobind Singh Deo said tonight that the “suspects” were being questioned at the Dang Wangi police station.

According to other reports on Twitter, student activist Muhammad Safwan Anang has also been detained by police.

“We don’t really know much about the situation and we are going there now,” Gobind told The Star Online after Haris and Tamrin had been detained. Speaking to The Malaysian Insider later Gobind said: “The police have obtained a warrant of arrest so now they are arrested. We are still short of details at the moment but we believe they are arrested for sedition. Pursuant to the warrant they should be brought to court as soon as possible which is tomorrow morning.

“We are still trying to get details as to where and what time will they be charged. I don’t understand why they need to be detained overnight if they are to be charged. They can just be brought to court tomorrow but a warrant has been issued and we have to respect that”.

On May 24, Tamrin, Haris and Tian Chua were freed after their initial detention by police.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had earlier described the arrests as part of a national crackdown on the federal opposition.

All three were believed to have been originally detained over their involvement in a forum on May 13 over the results of the just-concluded general election.

Last week, student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim was charged with sedition for his involvement in the same forum where he was accused of rallying Malaysians to take to the streets to topple the BN government.

The 24-year-old pleaded not guilty and was released on RM5,000 bail with his trial set for a mention on July 2.


The ‘Sedition Tio’

Apart from his stern warning to the lawless Opposition organisers and speakers at series of demonstrations and rallies since failure to wrest power in the 13GE, new Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi guaranteed that the Police would be professional in their work.

IGP: Police action based on law to preserve stability

Bernama • Mei 28, 13 6:56PTG
Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar today defended the action of the police in detaining several opposition activists as a law enforcement measure aimed at preserving peace and public security.

He refuted the allegation by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Mohd Azmin Ali that the police purportedly tried to create a ‘Mahathirism’ era by detaining several opposition activists, and instead pointed out that it was carried out based on the existing law provision.

“But whatever action that we (police) take is appropriate, that is, to enforce the law. That’s why we are called (law) enforcers.

“The police do not discriminate against anyone in enforcing the law, so when there is a violation of the law, we will take action,” he said at a media conference after receiving a courtesy call from the vice-president of the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF), Lee Lam Thye and several of his exco members at Bukit Aman in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Khalid welcomed the move by MCPF especially in contributing constructive ideas and suggestions to the police through the collaboration with the Crime Prevention Department.


The Opposition are simply lawless criminals. They respect no agreement, nor any laws. Even the ones they are a party to or requested.

All these drama, lawlessness and selective refusal to accept the result the outcome of the 13GE or the proper process to challenge any of the results through the means provided under the law simply would affect majority of Malaysians. They are tired of these extra lengthy politicking and want to  move on.

The ordinary business of running the nation and moving it forward in the dynamism of more activities, growth, progress and trade should take prominence after five years of intensive and over extensive politicking in Malaysian history.

Hence, it is pointless to engage them in the consultative fashion. The Police is doing the right thing. When they break any law, arrest them and throw the book at them in accordance what is allowable under the Federal Constitution.

This is a sovereign nation of and by the Rule of Law. Lawless persons shouldn’t be part of society. It is good the Police are steadfast, efficient and right in their work.

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  1. Right now there are two heroes. The new Minister of Home Affairs who gave full authority to all departments and agencies under him to take action without any political interference, and the new IGP who took firm and resolute actions on the political wrong doers.

    Let’s applaud them and urge them to continue doing so relentlessly. And the UMNO General Assembly at the end of the year will decide if there should be a change of leadership and/or a change of direction for the country. No two ways about it. UMNO got 89 seats, though Najib’s performance was worse than Tun Dol’s at PRU12. The Chinese parties got only a handful of seats. And it was indeed a Chinese tsunami, urban or whatever you call it. Having bent backwards for the Chinese, the leadership must now bend backwards for UMNO and the Malays – revive NEP fully, maximize it, assist Malay businesses and create a wider base of Malays in the field of business, no further action on UEC, implement single-stream schooling which Najib said in his 1Malaysia blog at the beginning of his PMship “will be implemented when the rakyat wants it”, call a referendum on it if necessary.

    The Police did the right things. Arrest the culprits and re-arrest them. Charge them in court. Don’t worry about winning or losing cases. The best of proofs and evidence will still be for the lawyers to argue and the Judges to decide. As the Minister has implied, the Police can, through the Attorney General’s office, appeal to the highest court of the land. Do appeal right to the apex court, the Federal Court of Appeal. Show the public that the Police means business, tolerates no nonsense as far as breaking the laws is concerned. So that they would desist from attending illegal demonstrations from now on.

    Do continue getting the message through to the public that anyone breaking the law will be arrested and charged in court. Especially the anarchistic blokes who are bent on creating public disorder, demonstrating endlessly, not respecting the Election Commission and the laws on winning elections that have been in practice for 56 years. The Chinese attending the demonstrations (the photos show mostly them), like the DAP members and hardcore supporters, take non-action as a sign of weakness that can be exploited on, and that must stop. We will support the authorities and help shout against the culprits, here, there, everywhere. We cannot have and must avoid the road to a failed state. The laws and the authorities must be respected. By everybody.

  2. “the DAP members and hardcore supporters, take non-action as a sign of weakness that can be exploited on, and that must stop”

    Agreed. We want a strong and firm BN government. Charge them all in court. All right-minded Malaysians are tired of pro-PR provocations. Bar Council are not helping either by being so obviously biased for the benefit of PR.

    Another thing, there should be law to declare foreign funding to NGOs and political parties. I think the rakyat also want to know who are the domestic contributors to political parties’ coffers too.

  3. Yes, excellent, amat bagus, sokong sepenuhnya tindakan Polis membenteras tindakan tak hormat undang undang antara politikus dan penyokong pemimpin politik yang nampaknya sudah kehilangan akal, tak pedulikan janjinya nak berambus ke Peranchis kalau PR tak menang dan dia tak dapat jadi PM di PRU13.

    Ni apekedarah si bini Safwan yang kena tangkap berkata, “I just do not understand why 15 personnel had to turn up to arrest one man, my husband,” What business has she to ask that? Why didn’t she ask her husband why the hell he broke those laws? It may not have gone into her small head that the Police might want to be prepared for all eventualities, in case the husband is in the house with like-minded fellows who may want to help prevent the arrest, but she has no bloody business to ask that, d’ya hear, stupid woman?

    Look at that – it’s this kind of warped thinking or non-thinking of people who have been emboldened to break the laws and talk out of tune, even seditious and boleh di kira “menghalang Polis menjalankan tugas”. Kalau nak di ikutkan, si bini cakap begitu pun boleh di tangkap.Tapi biar lah Polis pusatkan perhatian kapada si jantan jantan dan betina politikus yang melanggar undang undang PAA itu dulu.

  4. An array of charges already brought by the Police on the errant buggers – Sedition charges, PAA charges, SOSMA charges – the Yazid fellow was released on SOSMA but re-arrested on Penal Code charges.

    Good. Hopefully we can have a peace of mind not too long from now.

  5. Long live the new Home MInister & IGP…I feel so secure now

  6. Lepas ni crackdown on organised crime dan maksiat please, Tan Sri

    • Umno kena buat perubahan dgn menteri2 mendekati kpd agama. Percaya la ramai di sana inginkan perubahan begini. Ini asyik tjk hiburan terhengkak sana terhengkak cni sunggoh tidak islamic for a so called muslim country. Klau semua nak ikut lifestly western mmg pemerhati muslim bn akan berkubor next pru.

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