Thinning of the wedge

Emir Mavani's brief resume in FGVH website

Emir Mavani’s brief resume as BOD member in FGVH website

It is baffling trying to imagine how Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak could be coaxed into appointing persons of perceived or  shoddy background into strategic positions. However, evidence gathered is not too convincing otherwise. The appointment of CEO (designate) of FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd. Dr Mohd. Emir Mavani isn’t probably who everyone thought he is.

In the BOD page of FGVH website, Mavani’s brief resume listed that he obtained Ph.D in Government Reforms from Warnborough University in the United Kingdom in 2008.

When googled, there seems to be no ‘Warnborough University’ in the United Kingdom. There is only a ‘Warnborough College’, which HQ address is listed somewhere in Kent. What is interesting to learn about this ‘Warnborough College’ or ‘Warnborough University’ is in the list of unaccredited institution of higher education.

That is short for the list of bogus universities offering ‘off the shelf academic qualifications’ which should not have been recognised for various reasons. Especially when it does not satisfy the standards of the issuance of academic awards.

The Tabung Haji page of Azeez Rahim as a BOD member

The Tabung Haji dedicated page of Azeez Rahim as a BOD member

This is not the first time someone who has been appointed into strategic position posseses a ‘doubtful academic qualification’, in organisations that are under the domain of the Prime Minister’s Department. Earlier, we discussed about Tabung Haji BOD member Dato’ Azeez Rahim.

Coincidentally, Azeez’s ‘MBA from Preston University (USA)’ also falls under the same list of unaccredited institution of higher education.

Mavani has been reported to take over the helm of FGVH from seasoned planter Dato’ Seri Sabri Ahmad from 15 July 2013. According to the FGVH website, Mavani is the Director of Oil and Gas at PEMANDU. The FGVH website did not mention about Mavani having any relevant experience in the business of plantations or downstream products from plantations.

The popular notion is that Mavani is supposed to spearhead the ‘Transformation Agenda’ into FGVH. Infact it has been said that several PEMANDU ‘consultants’ namely Muhammad Hudhaifa Ahmad, Farisan Mokhtar, Mohd Zaidi Sharif and Syahrilazli Mahammad have been assigned into the CEO of FGVH office’s with immediate effect.

And they are given General Manager’s authority and remuneration packages.

How Mavani with the doubtful Ph.D plus the assistance these PEMANDU young cikus would benefit FGVH is not clear, considering that without them and under the steward of professionals of the plantations industry FGVH did very well for the Q1 of 2013.

All these persons of perceived shoddy background in one aspect or another could just add the variable of issues that Prime Minister Najib could do without, in the challenges of managing this country in the volatility of real and tangible problems. This is not withstanding that many talked about his choice of personalities in his first mandated Cabinet in ‘unconvinced’ or ‘disappointed’ tone.

Deterioration of public confidence is ‘Thinning of the Wedge’.

*Updated 1000am

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  1. Enough already of these fake degree users. Yap Sin Tien of Dong Zong, the Chinese Schools Administrators, uses 2 PhDs, as revealed by the Chinese-owned newspapers at a Dong Zong rally in Kajang last year. Yet DS Najib gave him and his unwelcome organization some credence by giving a certain level of recognition to UEC , the Chinese school qualification, even attended their function, wanting Chinese votes some time before PRU13, and finding the Chinese tsunami as his payback.

    Now why the hell would Najib allow such a fake degree holder as Mavani be appointed to such a highly important position? Again, enough of fellows like Azeees Rahim, with a fake ‘MBA from Preston University (USA)’ appointed to the BOD of Tabung Haji.

    Surely he has been informed – if not himself taken action – of the appointments? Why hasn’t he stopped them, removed people like Azees. Surely he knows that such characters are dishonest and cannot be expected to contribute to the BOD or run FGVH efficiently. And these are organizations very important for the survival of the Malays – so much of Malay funds and shares owned by or meant for Malays are in those organizations.

    Najib is already not well placed in the minds of the Malays due to a performance at PRU13 worse than Abdullah Badawi at PRU12. Comments against him include such things as, having been “brought up” attending school and university abroad, he has not been mixing with or exposed to the Malay ways and thinking, and might not have cared for the Malays sufficiently to sympathize with them fully as a Malay, being a pseudo-liberal, etc, and that the UMNO General Assembly at the end of the year would tell the reaction of the grass root Malay members of the 60 year-old party.

    I hope to God that Najib would cease such things as “hammering in” Mustapha Ong into the BOD of Petronas (even at the expense of a capable and time-tested corporate man, Hassan Merican), allowing such fake degree holders as Azees Rahim in the BOD of Tabung Haji and stop Mavani from being appointed as CEO of FGVH. If not, I wish UMNO would replace him.

    • “Surely he has been informed” – misinformed is probably a better word.

  2. Clarification:

    “at a Dong Zong rally in Kajang last year” should be

    “at the time of the Dong Zong rally in Kajang last year”.

  3. Can’t expect too much from a ‘half past six’ (borrowed from Tun M) PM like the current one. He must have his agenda for doing this.

    • Pak Tua,

      If Tun M had used the words “half past six” on Najib, I must have missed it. If so, pls give us the link.

      I’m also anxious to know what else he said of Najib’s performance at PRU13 apart from the “no alternative leader” in UMNO that I read some time back.

      I have not liked Najib’s agenda but tolerated it for the sake of UMNO/BN winning PRU13. Now he himself has said it’s a Chinese tsunami. I want to see what he’ll do to make amends for the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak (the loyal “fixed depsit”).

  4. An NAJIB FAILED AGAIN…… I am afraid this will be the start of FGVH spiralling down…..

    Najib,, Najib you have been caught sleeping yet again. I wonder whose advice you got…..

    I thought Abdullah was bad but Najib is even worse…….you ahave lost your marbles, and you also started losing your mental capacity too???
    Surely then, you do not deserve to hold on being PM of Malaysia…

    I HAD a lot or respect and confidence in you Najib, but you only have yourself to blame… GE if you are still helming, I shall stay out, rather than vote fpr you or the opposition.

  5. In all actuality, my fart after a breakfast of ‘Roti Ngetor’ is more prestigious than these fakers degrees combined.

  6. Come on Mr. PM you can verify all these qualifications with a flick of your fingers and yet you are being conned by them. Are they your personal friends or asked by someone to be placed there? Think and think hard. I f you want to be popular join the next season AF otherwise manage the country well or you are going to lose my vote including my extended family.

  7. ika PM gagal membuat perubahan maka tiada siapa yang dapat membantu beliau dalam jangkamasa terdekat ini.

    PM harus pecat budak hingusan seperti Almahri yang langsung tidak ada pengalaman dalam media sosial mahupun media arus perdana.

    Almahri hanyalah seorang bekas pegawai Affendi Norwawi dan bukannya seorang penulis atau pemikir.

    Jika PM tak pecat Almahri dan memberi kuasa mutlak kepada beliau yang hanya pandai mengumpul data dari pihak yang dibayar untuk mengumpul data dan disembah kepada PM maka PM gagal sebagai pemimpin.

    Almahri adalah jadi jenis manusia yang tidak mengenal erti malu dan sanggup menonjolkan diri untuk anugerah dan pingat walaupun kerja yang dilakukan tidak lebih dari kerja peon pejabat kerajaan.

    Pastinya PM tahu akan tabiat Almahri ini kerana PM secara peribadi pernah menolak hajat besar Almahri nak ditabal menjadi ‘Datuk’.

    PM pun kena fikir sikit, bagaimana seorang picisan yang tidak berpengalaman diberi tanggungjawab ‘JAGA’ media sosial.

    Adakah Almahri seoarang wartawan, aktivis, blogger, jurugambar atau pernah melibatkan diri dalam mana-mana media yang serius? Kenapa PM harus kekalkan puak yang tidak efektif tapi pandai bodek?

    Jika PM tak buka mata dan bangun dari terus dibuai mimpi-mimpi indah dari pencacai sepertti Almahri, maka menjelanf Perhimpunan Agong Umno nanti akan ada kejutan.

    Tun Daim telah memberi nasihat. Langkah seterusnya pasti bukan nasihat lagi.

    Terima Kasih Ampun & Maaf.

  8. Kling dua orang ni kaki belit. Cakap banyak, padahal takda substance. Bangsa yg tak boleh langsung percaya. Kelulusan pun boleh menipu!

    Tak da integriti langsung!

    Kelulusan jenis beli, pas tu sondol sondol utk dapat kedudukan sebagai lembaga pengarah.

    Dua dua syarikat dimana satu ada beratus ribu org Melayu ada kepentingan & tabungan strategik. Dan satu lagi ada 7juta orang Melayu menabung, dgn asset terkumpul bernilai lebih RM35 billion.

    Camana gaya boleh individu yg tiada pengalaman relevan, integritinya mencurigakan & kelulusan akademik pun tak jujur, boleh dilantik sebagai pemegang amanah menjaga sebegitu besar asset?

    Tak logik langsung!

    Yg paling tak logik, takda sapa ke yg boleh terpikir benda benda cam ni boleh kantul maut! Dengan PM sekali nanti semua kena……


    • Memang betul. Mcm la tidak ada candidate Melayu yang berwibawa. Yang ada corporate experience dengan ACCA atau CIMA pun berlambak …

  9. baffling indeed. ada banyak lagi macam ni

    have a look at the heads of the private universities too…many of them are basically entrepreneurs that suddenly became propeller heads with PhD’s and professorial chairs bla bla bla… and i thought the private education business is regulated !

    good one biggie. expose these guys.

    this is not a minor oversight or a benign matter… can be sure that if allowed to fester, orang-orang macam ni will be emboldened and create big stinkholes and shitty issues that may cause a heavy price for the Nation to pay.

  10. And Najib’s lack of good judgement continues. Like the song ‘Toy Soldiers’ by Martika. :
    ” Won’t you come out and play with me
    Step by step, heart to heart,
    Left, right, left
    They all fall down, like toy soldiers.

    Bit by bit, torn apart,
    They’ll never win,
    Left, right, left
    They’ll all fall down, like toy soldiers.”

    The oppositions will love to see Govt faux pas and incompetence. Fodder for their gossips and criticisms.

    So, what next? I heard Perkasa wants to register as a political party should the half baked idea of lumping UMNO under a one party BN, i.e a neo- multiracial single party, materialise.

    • I support the idea. Meanwhile, we just keep on urging UMNO to censure Najib if he continues with so-called liberal policies.

      Replace him if he does not show strong pro-Malay and Bumiputera policies from now until the end of the year when the UMNO General Assembly takes place.

      The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak had given him the votes for him to continue in power.

  11. Letih laa macam ni. entah hape2 lah yang dibuat…dah takde lagi orang yang layak ker? Apa kena dengan PM Najib ni. Entah lah…lantaklah…malas nak layan dah…..

  12. Perhaps Dr. Mohd. Emir will do a great job for FGVH.

    After all, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs do not have degrees but they built multi billion dollar companies and the business and IT media have deifying them.

    Warnborough University should be invited to set up virtual campus in Cyberjaya and given MSC Status. Just think of the foreign exchange Malaysia would earn from students all over the world.

    Can’t miss an opportunity like that, can we.

    Welcome to ine Information and Services society.

    • Sheiss macha you’re missing the point.

      It’s not about Emir’s qualification per say, but instead it’s about his deliberate act to LIE about his qualifications. If you or him thinks a PhD is an irrelevant qualification in building a business, then why the heck lie about having it in the first place?!

      And ponder upon this – would you task the interests of a multi-billion dollar business organization to a dishonest leader?

      And the idea of setting up a branch of an overseas bogus university in Malaysia is funny. You’re a funny guy.

      • You’re right, I was being sarcastic.

        Actually, this is sickening, especially considering that this guy was Director of Oil & Gas (I believe the Oil & Gas National Key Economic Area) at PEMANDU (Performand Management Delivery Unit) of the Prime Minister’s Department.

        Heck! with the Internet, it’s so easy to check up on the accredited and unaccredited universities and colleges and that nobody checked up on this is shocking.

        Of course, I also suspect that this is one of the early salvos aimed at the Prime Minister DS Najib Tun Razak and what will follow will make Anwar and his 505 antics look like childsplay in comparison.

        If Najib is to be ousted, it will come from within his own party, not a bunch of kids blowing vuvuzellas in stadiums and on the streets.

        Like that Malay saying, gajah dan gajah lawan, rusa mati di tengah.

        Whilst all this is going on, what about us mere mortals.

    • if i may add, the issue is about the INTEGRITY & HONESTY of the person.

      probably one does not need all this fancy degrees to do the job, but he should not be S T R E T C H I N G the truth and take us for the ride.

      true, bill gates and steve jobs dropped out of college and did not have any formal degrees, BUT you DO NOT hear them claiming to have degrees or qualifications either.

      actually the truth of this matter can be found quite easily. any decent head-hunting firm can provide this service and verify the claims made in his CV (from the FGVH website).

      (biggie of you want to start a fund to help pay for this, i’m sure some of us can chip in, for truth’s sake).

      and reading his bio, am quite intrigued by the general nature of his purported work, and certainly if one follow the timelines, then there are several overlaps in the jobs he claimed to have done for the different entities… some kind of time-traveller too.

      BUT corporate malaysia are full of this sort of characters…..from being a special assistant to Nobel Prize winners to being part of the discovery team of an important scientific event to working undercover for the Agencies…….you’d think we have our own version of Forrest Gump….unbelievable indeed..

      the problem is, we are very trusting people…and for that we get screwed by the audacity of these conmen. i think in china, they will get shot.

  13. As a concerned Malaysian who had served the government in various capacity including as Head of the Malaysian World Bank/IMF Secretariat WDC, I challenged those concerned in this unethical condemnation of their distinguished academic qualification to sue those who had embarrassed them publicly. Both the VIP concerned are also close confide of the prime minister. Please do not insult the intelligence of our Right Honorable PM!

    • I Have a doubt on the credential you yourself produce here. Googling “Malaysian World Bank/IMF Secretariat WDC” did not produce such an organization. Would you like to provide a link to an official website that shows it exists and your name listed as the “Head”, To my knowledge, the Malaysian Government does not use the title “Head” for any of its official entities at home or abroad.

      And your English defies the possibility of your being “Head” of such an organization. “various capacity .. I challenged (past tense – when did you challenge those concerned?) ..VIP (a company director a VIP?) ..”

      Asking people not to “insult the intelligence of our Right Honorable PM!” – is the PM is beyond criticism?

      I’m afraid the names Omar Ong and Mustapha Ong do not convey happy connotations to me. Omar Ong was pushed into Petronas BOD, the Board rejected him (a one-time study loan delinquent, Petronas revealed on a separate occasion), was later hammered in, and the well qualified and experienced Tan Sri Hassan Marican lost his job as Chairman and CEO there. I’m allowed to express my opinion on these, am I not?

      • Mustapha Ong ni Cina perasan nak jadi Melayu.

        Anak jantan dia Mohamed Omar Mustapha tu tak mengaku sebenornya anak Cina & malu nak pakai nama Ong dia. Mungkin tak da ‘Ong’.

        Omar Ong ni sama kapal dgn dua Kling Karam yg BD tulis ni. Punahsihat kpd Najib. Cukup rimas setiap kali buat ucapan nasionalis dia, terutama masa Perhimpunan Agung UMNO.

        Mesti lepas tu cepat cepat aturkan program atau ucapan bagi Najib nak tunjuk dia liberal. Terutama sekali murah hati pada masyarakat Cina.

        Bukan main aturkan Najib utk umumkan macam macam hadiah utk org Cina.

        Agenda bawak org Cina jadi pengurusan kanan Petronas sampai VP/GM Melayu kena ketepi ialah hasil kerjatangan Omar Ong. Sama jugak bagi projek projek kat Cina, termasuk Cina Singapore sekitar Iskandar dan Rapid.

        Penghabisnya, org Cina bagi ‘Chinese Tsunami’ kat Najib!

        Najib ni manjang kena kencing dgn Kling, termasuk Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah & Deepak dan Cina (panjang nor senara)!

        Bodoh tul!

      • Nak support Najib, OK, so long as jangan cakap tak betul.

        Kalau Najib dah tolong anak, jangan lah nak ngampu Najib sampai meluat denogornya.

        Najib pun tengok tengok lah sikit sapa nak di tolong.

        Lepas tusnami Cina, dia mesti tolong Melayu dan Bumiputera sebanyak banyak yang boleh. Diorang tu yang kasi dia undi.

    • Is this the same Mustapha Ong, who gained immense attention for attempting to be a HERO during Anwar As-Sodomy first trial with the Washington D.C. cab driver Jamal Abder Rahman?

      Then he is of a doubtful if not dubious background & integrity, to give any advice or opinion pertaining to these two PMO appointed quacks, exposed by BD.

      Seriously, a ‘veteran UMNO’?

      As if he was once an MT member. Ketua or Naib Ketua Perhubungan, Ketua Bahagian or MP, Senator or ADUN representing UMNO?

      Let’s not be racist here but Mr. Ong was born a Chinese to a Chinese family and raised as one, was a Non Muslim till much older and now claiming to be a ‘Veteran UMNO activist’?

      I’m afraid, he is equally a quack too!

  14. Enough is enough. Clean up time next.

    • Not sure if it’s cleaning up. Giving in more, maybe

      Now, why must there be “a bipartisan special committee to oversee the election commission .. to allay the mounting pressure on the electoral body since the recent general election”?

      Doesn’t it make Anwar and gang naik kepala some more with endless demos?

      And the decision was announced in Beijing, too. Bending backwards again, even after the Chinese tsunami?

      • Ooops, not announced in Beijing – it was announced in KL but was picked up by a news agency in Beijing.

    • Strange, eh? The Election Commission is an independent body. Free from the control of executive, legislative and judiciary bodies. Yet the politicians have step in to establish a ‘ bipartisan special committee’ to oversee the EC? The EC knows how to respond to allegations against it. No need for politicians to suggest a body or anybody to oversee the EC. Political parties from all sides dah semakin menjadi2. Nak score points or what? National reconciliation? Leave the EC alone. Don’t intrude into its territory.

  15. Is it possible that these people – quacks, no relevant or sufficient experience, etc – are placed in important positions either thru the Level 4 recommendations, Rosmah’s influence (previously alleged so of the Sime Darby CEO) or on Najib’s own initiative, are for a specific purpose?

    That they’ll do the bidding of the Level 4 boys or whoever else have a hand in the appointment?

    That such bidding may not be just for political purposes but also for business interests or monetary considerations?

    Sorry, I have only questions, anyone has any answers?

  16. Tun Daim yang Diam was right we he said that some advisors to the PM have to be sacked.

    Zack PJ

  17. Saha check sendiri di website nie :

    Warnborough Takde dalam list UK government as an accredited uk institution. Madam mana Encik Emir Mavani dan Mustapha Ong tu nak menafikan benda ini.

    Saha anak Peneroka dan saya pemegang saham FGV. Tolong jelaskan kepada saya dan Ibu Bapa saya generasi pertama menubuhkan Rancangan FELDA.

  18. Can Felda pls respond? Any day now this will hit the mainstream media. Then what?

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