Flip-Flopping at the expense of strategic security

There seems to be a ‘Flip-Flop’ on the recent Sabah State Government decision PKR Vice President Nurul Izzah Anwar, who should be ‘Deemed a criminal’, to be refused entry and banished from the state.

Nurul Izzah entry ban lifted, say Sabah cops

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Hamza Taib reportedly confirmed this with Astro Awani today but did not offer further information on why the ban was retracted.

The police chief also claimed that no other individuals apart from Nurul Izzah were placed on a travel blacklist, despite information found in leaked correspondence between Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman’s office and the state’s Immigration Department.

“As far as the police have mentioned, no other individuals were banned apart from Nurul. But even then, that ban has been retracted,” DCP Hamza told the station.

“For other leaders, if they intend to come here, there is no problem so long as they abide by the law,” he reportedly added.

Astro Awani also reported that Immigration Department director Datuk Alias Ahmad was not able to confirm the authenticity of the leaked document, which the station said contained a list of ten names of those blacklisted from entering the state.

“I advise you to check with the Sabah Chief Minister’s Office,” he was quoted saying in Bahasa Malaysia via SMS to the station.

According to Astro Awani, the leaked letter named Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Mohd Rafizi Ramli, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, Mohamad Sabu, Syed Ibrahim Syed Noor, Wong Chin Huat, Maria Chin Abdullah, Ong Boon Kiang and Hishammuddin Rais as those barred from entering the state.

Earlier today, The Malaysian Insider reported the contents of a leaked May 21 letter that bore the letterhead of Chief Minister Musa’s office.

The letter said that the blacklist was given the Sabah Cabinet’s stamp of approval following its first meeting last month on May 15 ― 10 days after the 13th general election.

“The Cabinet has agreed that the chief minister invoke his absolute powers under the Immigration Act, and in accordance with certification from the Sabah Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch chief, not to land these individuals to Sabah,” the letter said.

According to Sabah DAP chief Jimmy Wong, a reliable source from the Immigration Department had leaked a copy of the first page of the document to him.

The first page of the document was emailed to The Malaysian Insider this morning. From the single page, the duration of the blacklist or its reason, was not stated.

Astro Awani reported that the document was signed by one Moktar Yassin Ajam, who is the state secretary for home affairs and research.

But according to the station, Moktar would not confirm the authenticity of the document when contacted, saying he was only a civil servant and could not issue press statements.

Borneo Insider also reported Sabah State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman as clarifying that the ban on Nurul Izzah had only been for one occasion, which was the eve of the closing ceremony of the Kaamatan Celebrations.

When contacted, Lim described the ban “ridiculous”, pointing out that the government was making a mockery of democracy by not only banning its own citizens from entering a state in the country, but legally elected representatives.

“Of course this is not my first time… I am probably the most banned leader… I’ve been banned from Sabah, from Sarawak… but I thought we have passed those days.

“It looks like we are still in the thick of it,” he complained.

Last Thursday, Nurul Izzah was barred from entering Sabah upon arriving in Kota Kinabalu to celebrate Pesta Kaamatan, or the Harvest Festival, in her personal capacity.

Explaining the ban on Saturday, Musa was reported saying that those who pose a threat to the Sabah ideals of peace harmony will not be welcomed to the state.

He added that state never restricted other opposition leaders before the polls, but believed Nurul Izzah had different intention this time.

“Now that the elections are over, their leader refuses to accept the verdict. It is a case of sour grapes and ungentlemanly conduct. He wants to rile up the masses to rally throughout the country to show his, and I repeat, his discontent,” he said.

“We have reason to believe that Nurul Izzah’s intentions to come to Sabah, this time around, may not be as innocent as she or her fellow opposition members make it out to be,” he added.


Opposition leaders such as Nurul Izzah have been proven to manipulate facts and lie, for the ill intent explicit purpose to confuse and create anger. They even instigate and incite, uttering seditious words indiscriminately. It is part of their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to create chaos and getting the rakyat to do a civil revolution against the Federal Government.

That is their best way of coming into power, as they have no real plans nor if they have any, it is unrealisable and they are incompetent to lead the Federal Government machineries to move the nation forward.

The track record in the four states they administered speaks for itself.

They have no qualms in instigating and inciting ordinary Malaysians with seditious words and material. Many times over, they behaved exactly like criminals because they want Malaysians to hate against each other and eventually escalate to act in unlawful and uncivilised manner.

There is nothing good for allowing ‘Deemed Criminals’ who have been proven to be liars ever so often entry into Sabah. For a matter of fact, it could be a threat to national security. An immediate example is Anwar Ibrahim’s relationship to the self proclaimed Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram IV and his brutal bandits via former MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, terrorising East Coast of Sabah.

So far, Sabah people have shown wisodm and rejected the Semenanjung ‘Politics of Hatred’. That does not mean the guards could be allowed some slack and provide some room for these ‘Deemed Criminals’, in the name of democracy.

These ‘Deemed Criminals’ never played fair. In fact, they don’t respect any authority nor the Rule of Law. The rights of the majority is paramount to an individual.

They should be treated as who they are; dangerous beasts and menace to society. Denying entry and banishment is the right track to protect the strategic  interest of Sabah. ‘Politics of Hatred’ would not contribute to any progrss for Sabah nor Sabahans. It would not even provide maturity to their understanding and practice of politics, for which they need not any lesson from anyone.

Especially from the ‘Deemed Criminals’ from Semenanjung.

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  1. More reason to quit supporting BN and talking up Najib’s ” leadership” skills, don’t you think? Increasingly, all this flip flopping, “initial bravado subsequent surrender” thingies are pole axing the ruling party’s credibility and dragging its very sanity into question. Don’t you think supporters and partisans would not be driven bonkers by these flip flops or sheer lack of cockmuscles? Is anyone really in control or for that matter, make a decision and stick with it, come what may?

    Or is it that BN and by extension,its components all so mentally ill or terminally deranged that they know not what their own right hand and left hand are doing? At some point of time, tipping point is reached. An inflection point where things will never be the same again. Plenty of my mates have reached that point of no return. A significant number are talking of mobilizing a new alternative to the two rotting carcasses in our political midst. A minority few are talking of quitting the country.

    Me? I am beginning to gravitate towards the latter for I doubt we can muster sufficient critical mass within a short period of time to make a paradigm changing difference 5 years from now. It is sad actually, for this country has so much potential going for it but for the absence of strong leadership ala Mahathir when we need that most.

    My take is that we will go the Turkey way i.e., naively installing extremists garbed as moderates in Putrajaya and watching it come apart at the seams when the real deal rears its head and all hell breaks loose. Me thinks that surely isn’t worth investing my talent,skills and expertise for. After all, what’s the use of it all if society chooses to be mindlessly insane.

    • I believe Malaysians of calibre should stay and contribute to the safe and bright future of this blessed land.

      • How do we tell “Malaysians of calibre” from the ordinary ones? What criteria do we use? Where does loyalty figure in such things? How important is loyalty in the scheme of things?

        In a democracy where varied or even opposing opinions flourish, or even in communist states where values of society are rigid and freedom of expression always curtailed, how to tell who and whether those “of calibre” are indispensable. China has not renounced communism yet it’s on the way to being, if not already, the second most powerful economy in the world to day.

        Who is to say whether the stupid George W Bush who bombed Iraq on grounds of possession of WMD which did not exist, or immediate past Presidents of China who still have the death penalty for so many offences in China, are “of calibre” or not. Would those countries not progress without them?

      • Adam dear,

        A person’s track record is one measure. Over time, their integrity and commitment will surface. Honest mistakes are unavoidable and should be accepted if hard lessons are learnt.

        Which is why Anwar was sacked, Abdullah asked to step down, Tun Dr Mahathir being sorely missed and Daim’s views is still valued and sought.

        As for Warrior231, his insight is sharp and he has predicted events rather precisely. At the very least he is invaluable as an alternative viewpoint – if he is willing, that is.

      • Adam

        You labelled George Bush as stupid – with that one word he’s already rendered calibreLESS.

        Communist China can never beat USA if their citizens will forever be suppressed. Russia lost to US remember. China accumulated fast wealth by being the cheapest factory with patented knowledge borrowed from developed countries.

        Would borrowed “intelligence and talent” be sufficient for a world leader?

      • Dear friend, ray,

        I have a problem on the subject of loyalty to King and Country. I’m of the old school – my country, right or wrong. Try to improve it wherever we can. Criticize it, yes, but leaving it – let others who want to, do it.

        I detest even the King in the old story who, running away from the enemy, said, “My Kingdom for a horse.” Or real Domino Theory- believing Malaysians who, when the communists were winning in Vietnam, said, “As the communists will start coming, let’s start leaving.” I read that even lawyers, doctors etc left the country just because the Vietcong won in Vietnam. Yet the communists never even crossed into Thailand.

        History is full of treacherous people, my friend. The country can move even with the usual lot, not so many brilliant ones, but solidly loyal ones. We have enough of those pendatang who don’t even want to integrate, some absconded to Australia etc yet continue bad-mouthing the country, not just overseas but also in Malaysian blogs. It’s just not fair. Those who don’t like the country are free to go. But having absconded, they should concentrate on showing loyalty to their countries of adoption. Like what Communist Chinese Premier Chou En Lai told the “overseas (Nanyang) Chinese” decades ago.

        Do you know how the hugely populated and vast country China was invaded, occupied and ruled by the Manchus (Manchuria was a foreign country until after World War II) for several hundred years until the early part of the 20th Century? I read it in blogs and copied the comment based on the book on the History of China by Prof C.P Fitzgerald. It said that a disgruntled and disaffected Chinese General in charge of the defences of north eastern China had the gates of the Great Wall of China in that region opened for the Manchu Army to enter. The Manchus conquered northern China with hardly any fighting. But fought for a long time to conquer southern China which they did, and ruled the whole of China until the 20th Century. That long, mind you.

        That’s loyalty for you, my friend. And we have a lot of stories of disloyalty and treachery by the Ghee Hins and the Hai Sans in Larut in the mid 19th Century. And the MCP communists and Fifth Columnists during the period of Emergency and the Confrontation or undeclared war with Indonesia. Summary: Ordinary but loyal troops are worth much more than an “unloyal” General. .

  2. Last line should read:

    After all, what’s the use of it all, if society consciously chooses to be mindlessly insane

  3. a new strong PM before GE14. otherwise BN can wrap up.

  4. Pak Lah flip flop has returned. Najib or Zahid?

  5. The question is what made the Sabah Govt changed its mind, if there was such a persona non grata list. Whose call was it? It is however not surprising if Msia is going the liberalist path because Msia is led by the pseudo liberals and wannabe liberals that accomodate all stripes of liberalist lusts. Perhaps it’s time for Malaysia to have the Conservative Party ala UK, which is strong on law enforcements, which supports market economy without going googoo-eyed over excessive market liberalism, which values conservatism and traditions and which uphold all provisions of Fed.Consti without tweaking it. It is apparent that the political parties in Msia are those who champion either chauvinism or liberalism across the board. This is killing conservatism ideology and values that are vital in ensuring that Msia will not fall into the abyss of uncertainties. And the weak leadership continues.

  6. I am not going to quit supporting UMNO. Or BN. Or quitting the country. It’s always my country. Right or wrong. Whatever little I can do to right it, I’ll try to do. Including whacking in blogs like this one. But I shout for a change in leadership when current leaders do not perform according to my expectations. Right now I want UMNO to change its leadership.

    Many people have said those who don’t like the system in this country should quit to countries whose system they like. The Home Minister has said so to those who don’t accept the results of PRU13 on dubious grounds. And History Prof Khoo Kay Kim said so to those who belittled the Malaysian flag and defaced the photos of Malaysian leaders at Dataran Merdeka last Merdeka eve. I agree with and support them fully.

    On the matter of the Sabah government withdrawing the No-Entry-to-Nurul thingy, I think the explanation by the State Secretary is very acceptable. The purpose was not to allow Nurul Izzah to disturb the festival mood of Sabahans by inciting ill feelings among the people. Like father, like daughter. Anwar has said, “Yes, I’m inciting the people” to rise up against the so-called wrongs of the EC. And Nurul has been doing so, too. But they are all balderdash.

    It’s the balderdash-ism by Anwar, his family and gang of sore losers that I loath, and want to shit on endlessly. I’ll say more after this.

  7. Not sure if the above news report is by Astro Awani. But it appears either as an ill-informed reporting or a pro-Opposition piece out to belittle the Sabah state government. It’s therefore shitty.

    Lifting immigration ban such as in this case is surely not the job of the Sabah State Police Chief. He has rightly said to refer to the Sabah Chief Minister’s Office. And the State Secretary, the No. 1 man in the state administration, has given a perfectly valid explanation.

    Right now there is no proof that the so-called “information found in leaked correspondence between the Sabah Chief Minister’s office and the state’s Immigration Department” is genuine, is there? With the kind of lies, deceits, twists and spins, even outright forgeries and misinformation done by the Opposition, it is not inconceivable that the so-called letter from the Chief Minister’s Office was forged. Remember (1) the stealing of the Prime Minister’s letter head as long ago as during Tun Hussein Onn’s time and (2) the DAP Sabah Information Chief doctoring a photograph showing him being knighted by Queen Elizabeth as “Sir Wong” about 2 years ago?

    And DCP Hamza said “.. no other individuals were banned apart from Nurul”, when the said letter purportedly showed other names as well. What utter shit kind of reporting – done apparently to instigate hatred of the rakyat on the so-called banning of others in the letter as well.

    Having “contacted the Immigration Department director Datuk Alias Ahmad,” the nasty Astro Awani still used the words he “was not able to confirm the authenticity of the leaked document.” Surely the Director would know if there was really such a letter “the station said contained a list of ten names of those blacklisted from entering the state.” What utter nonsense that Astro Awani report.

    And what shit it is to rely on “the Malaysian Insider reported the contents of a leaked May 21 letter that bore the letterhead of Chief Minister Musa’s office.” That blog is not reliable at all. Has been proven so. Remember that the Editor was sued many million Ringgit by former CEO of MAS Tajuddin Ramli for wrong and mischievous reporting on him? He shivered, got weak in the knees, quiet for a few days, and later published profound apologies in his blog as well as paid through his nose for apology statements in the major newspapers repeatedly.

    The letter said to have stated that “the blacklist was given the Sabah Cabinet’s stamp of approval following its first meeting last month on May 15 ― 10 days after the 13th general election” sounds fishy. That was an administrative decision, well within the prerogative of the Chief Minister, why the hell did it want his “cabinet’s stamp of approval”?

    And the letter supposedly saying “The Cabinet has agreed that the chief minister invoke his absolute powers under the Immigration Act, and in accordance with certification from the Sabah Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch chief, not to land these individuals to Sabah,” – meaning what? What “certification from the Sabah Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch chief”?

    The report said, “According to Sabah DAP chief Jimmy Wong, a reliable source from the Immigration Department had leaked a copy of the first page of the document to him.” Is this the same “Sir Wong” who doctored a photo showing him being knighted by Queen Elizabeth. See, the small mentality and the extent DAP is prepared to create mischief in this country?

    Astro Awani reported that “the document was signed by one Moktar Yassin Ajam, who is the state secretary for home affairs and research”. Are there more than ONE State Secretary in Sabah? Bull shit, I think.

    And the same attempt at twisting and spinning, saying Moktar would not confirm the authenticity of the document when contacted, saying he was only a civil servant and could not issue press statements.

    Yes, the Borneo Insider’s report on the Sabah State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman clarifying that the ban on Nurul Izzah had only been for one occasion, which was the eve of the closing ceremony of the Kaamatan Celebrations is credible, plausible and sensible.

    Is the “most banned leader” Lim mentioned in the report referring to Lim Kit Siang? I have things to say to and on the ISA-ed and ex-convict chauvinist and racist fellow as well. Another time.

  8. This country is full of shit politicians. Politicians who have nothing better to do but throwing spanar and shit towards each other while at the same time, robbing the state coffers through the selling of land, awarding contracts to friends and relatives and giving cushy top jobs in GLCs to inner circles. Yes, I am talking about politicians from both sides of parliament.

    This is sickening. I thought we elected Yang Berkhidmat, not Yang Berhormat.

    As for Nurul Izzah, this piece of shit has nothing better to say other than complain, complain, complain. F**k you lah.

    As for Najib, you are really a chicken-shit penakut nak mampus. Please act like a real man with balls will ya?

    • Najib always play safe. What ever he do, he will play safe. Yes, the safest thing and place on earth is his retirement at home. Mama Rosmah will take care and protect him …. safely.

  9. Hang on. To be fair it is the not state government who issue that statement. It has got nothing to do with UMNO or BN or Federal government.

    If the report is true, (which I will not be surprise) this is another one of those time where police appear to have misunderstood the limit of their authority. While it may affect security ultimately, it is nevertheless still an immigration issue. All relevant law points to that. The state immigration department execute the law as decided by the duly elected state government. In other word, as far as entering the state is concern it has got nothing to do with the police.

    Iam a little dissappointed to say that while the government gave the police force wide latitude to act in protecting the internal security of this country, there are still occasion where they seem to have forgotten/confused as to the limit of their jurisdiction. I feel that the Commissioner should not have made any statement regarding this matter in the first place as it does not fall under his purview. As we can see the backlash has begun, and rest assured that opposition media will jump on this opportunity to whack both state and federal government by potraying them as imposing unjustified banning (since the Commissioner statement imply in a way that as far as the police is concern there are no longer threats from those banned from entering Sabah – which contradict what the Chief Minister recent statement). Now the state government will be in an awkward position to say otherwise (and of course by extension, we all look like a clown).

    • Correction;

      “Hang on. To be fair it is not the state government who…..”

      “….which contradict the Chief Minister recent statement)”

      crap, sorry my bad.

    • Let’s be fair to the Police and the State Government. And let’s get our facts right.

      Anything that smacks of law and order and public security interest, be it in the sea, in the air, on the ground, in the closet or where have you, it’s the business of the Police. That, simply, is their job.

      If the Police has any reliable information on anyone with intention to cause harm to the state and/or the people wanting to enter, the Police has the authority in the state to stop it, usually in consultation with the State Government, and can, if necessary, through the Home Minister in KL, have their decision and views prevail in the state. And they are not obliged to make public any information they might have, particularly if it is confidential or secret in nature.

      But the CPO already rightly told the reporter to refer to the Chief Minister’s Office. He has a right to reply when approached by newsmen – they have the right to inform the public the extent of their role, or advise them to inquire at the CM’s Office.

      Since the formation of Malaysia, the State Government has powers over Immigration in Sabah and Sarawak. Where the Police has no objection on security grounds, it’s the CM’s decision to allow or refuse anyone from entering the state, implemented through the State Immigration Director.

      I disagree that there is any “backlash”, and agree with the opinion that the whole story may be an attempt by the Opposition to create unpleasantness in the State. Do read the statement by the State Secretary as given in the post article above. What he said is very justifiable. Therefore, if anybody is made to look like a clown, I think it’s the Opposition.

  10. Excuse me for putting this comment in here instead of the previous post praising the new Minister of Home Affairs and the new IGP – it’d sure be read if in this post’s comments:

    The departments under the Minister of Home Affairs are doing their jobs well after the Minister said they can take action without political interference –

    The Director General of Immigration Datuk Alias Ahmad told Malay daily Berita Harian last week that 6,564 Malaysian abroad will have their passports revoked for three to five years for having violated a foreign country’s immigration laws or committed other crimes while overseas.

    And Ambiga tried to act big showing up at the Immigration office to see Alias about it but was turned away as Immigration officials said Alias would not be able to meet her any time this week. After Bersih fair elections issues, she now has fair immigration issues? I have some issues for her to take up but it’d be quite embarassing to state them in here.

  11. A little light reading for those who care…wise words from a former statesman. Not related to the topic of the posting, but, surely important nonetheless.


    Something for the UMNO fans to chew on…

  12. 1. First let me be patently clear on one score. It was the mainstream and alternative media that were blaring that Nurul was barred from Sabah on authorization of the Sabah’ CM’s office. No denial whatsoever was issued from the CM’s office, period. That is indicative that the barring was sanctioned from above.

    2. To disingenuously claim UMNO is not tarnished is scrapping the barrel for isn’t the CM, UMNO?. In the perception stakes, UMNO is tarnished even more so after this flip flop. It aptly surmises that UMNO caves in at the mildest of pressure. That UMNO and by extension BN does not have the cockmuscles to stay the course, to see unpopulist measures through. And to top it off, so soon after backpedaling on the GST, the EC revamp at that!

    3. It’s bad perception building, plain and simple and so soon after Najib waffling thru his arse about perception. Anyone who argues otherwise to save UMNO’s arse is a liar, a smoke n mirrors peddler, a feel good addict when there is nothing to feel good about, a head in the sand ostrich!

    4. Pribumis voted UMNO cos they would rather remain with the bumpkin then be lorded over by Chingk scumbags, period. It’s more about preserving constitutional rights, Islam and Malay dignity then any sudden lust for UMNO. Out of 10 UMNO voters,7 will tell you that, walk the streets and find out then sit on your arseholes and spout garbage.

    5. Post 2008, someone commissioned me to write what I thought would be the appropriate response. It’s not my area, I am an engineer, but approached me they did after I had presciently ( alhamdulillah) predicted that outcome since Sarawak 2006. And yet mind you, I had voted BN not because I loved Sleepwalker Dollah and his silly SIL-houtte but because I loved MALAYSia more.

    6.I wrote the way forward was 1pribumi, more attention and largesse for the Pribumi and targeted assistance for the Indian underclass. No need to mollycoddle the Chingks, for there would definitely be no ROIs there. Guess what, a pseudo Malay douchebag, Karim Raslan,averred otherwise,



    his and his ilk’s warped sense of reality triumphed. (In the end, like all naive wet behind the years fanboys, he fell for the seductive call of the “middle Malaysia” Chingk Siren and perished in the resulting Chingk tsunami).

    7. I dint take it lying down switching instead to RB to pen my warnings. Predictably, I wrote diatribes about the plotting Chingks, their use of social media, their desire for power and total belief in race supremacy, their rejection of the Social Contract, their plans to emasculate Malay rights in the Constitution and a whole lot of others including about encroaching Wahabbism, about extremists garbed as liberals etc. In the process,I awoke the Malays which is all well and good but a sizeable number dubbed me a racist, a scaremonger, an UMNO paid hack….and much worse

    8. Well GE 13,proved me right on almost all counts and GE 14 or even sooner will affirm the Wahabbi bit. Just watch Turkey closely to grasp what I mean. I have every right to feel aggrieved after yet again campaigning and voting for the status quo hoping against hope that things will change. But it remains a forlorn hope for there isn’t a jot of reflection let alone an iota of regret or even a sliver of change. What we see now is more mollycoddling, more cocksuckling and more flipflopping. It shames me as a Melayu Bermaruah to witness such spineless cuckolding! It embitters me as a Melayu Bermaruah to have cajoled my fellow Malays to entrust their votes and by default their future with such toadies. It embarrasses me as a Melayu Bermaruah to assert that I am led by such cockless slimepoops who cannot think beyond their pot belies.

    9. It cuts very deep as a Melayu Bermaruah to see my country being led down the garden path to hell. It breaks me to contemplate what lies in store ahead for us if we stay this course and I wouldn’t want to be around to assay how currently self inflicted wounds will inevitably fester into a national gangrene in due course, just because some arrogant kook headed pond scum would rather listen to his bastard advisors’ satanic whispers than what the ground is yelling at him.

    10. It pains me as a Melayu Bermaruah to have to contemplate the unpalatable, leaving my Tanah Melayu even more so when I am no Pendatang. After all,upping and leaving for them is easy as they have no sense of homeland nor of belonging at all…but for me its like wrenching the roots of my soul from the grasp of my motherland. I have no worries of finding succor elsewhere as my qualifications and cv are impressive enough for the four corners of Earth plus my consultancy is wholly built on MNC related work, not any whorelord handout. But what bugs me is this, would uprooting and leaving leave me feeling self-forgivingly whole again,ever?

    Warrior 231

  13. There is a growing voice of concern regarding the current leadership in UMNO. And even more disconcerting is the early pledge already being heard from some UMNO leaders that they support Najib to remain as President and Negeri Sembilan UMNO already took the position that the posts of President and Dep.President of UMNO should not be contested. Such developments have given validity to Tun’s remarks that the current UMNO leaders no longer champion for agama, bangsa dan negara. Instead they work to protect the interests of certain people, and new blood from the Malay intellectuals are being blocked from being groomed as potential new UMNO leaders. On top of that UMNO is led by someone who by words and action can be considered as a liberal in politics and a neoliberal in economics. It is hardly surprising then we see a display of liberal tendencies through accomodating what is deemed as liberal democratic principles such as national reconciliation, recommending the setting up of a Parliamentary Select Committee to monitor of all entities – the independent EC and considering turning a BN coalition into a BN party thus subsuming UMNO. One wonders what direction is the current UMNO leadership taking its supporters and grassroots? If the UMNO leadership sees it befitting to practise liberal democracy vis-a-vis Pakatan, how about it consulting all its members first before articulating changes it plans for UMNO. It is like announce policies made by them first, consult the members, second. Under a changing political climate in this country, UMNO leaders should all the more not do a knee jerk reaction or rash decisions for change without looking at UMNO’s founding adpiration, its Constutution and the expectation of its supporters and members. Any so called ‘change’ should be done without departing from UMNO’s championing agama, bangsa dan negara. If not UMNO will be no different from the other common garden variety political parties.

  14. *aspirations*

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