Blackula for PNB Chief?

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed “Blackula” Yakcop

Strong rumours amongst capital market punters and observers that Former Minister in-Charge of EPU Tan Srì Nor Mohamed Yakcop would be appointed Chairman of Permodalan Nasional Bhd. (PNB), very soon.

Nor Mohamed was dropped in the recent 13GE BN line up, but only to be given the ultra powerful Deputy Chairman and Chairman of Exco in Khazanah Holdings Bhd. That already caught so many by surprised considering that Nor Mohamed provided strong backing to the much dreaded ‘Level Four Boys’ during PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s weak and scandalous administration.

It is also believed that Nor Mohamed requested for it as part of his departure from Cabinet.

This pattern re-appointment into another role is nothing new, as Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak previously appointed has beens to Chairmanship of several Federal Government commissions and agencies. Tan Sri Syed Hamid Al-Bar was appointed to SPAD, failed KSN Tan Srì Sidek Hassan into Petronas and the more recent Dato’ Sri Ng Yen Yen into Tourism Malaysia.

Nor Mohamed isn’t someone perceived with clean hands nor of high integrity. He was part of Abrar Corp when the company acquired Munloong Bhd., utilising funds that were not authorised for them to do such acquisition and corporate maneuvre. It is believed there was a CBT case on the corporate exercise.

For the record, two of his former Political Secretaries were arrested and separately for corruption.

The current Chairman of PNB Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, 75, who has been in the chair since 1996. Nor Mohamed saw the opportunity for the post to be replaced and seizing the moment. Especially Ahmad Sarji’s retirement from BOD Sime Darby last November.

Nor Mohamed siting in the strategic post where all Federal Government investments and the largest pool of Bumiputera unit trust investments would be under his direct control. He would be the most powerful 65 years old multiple-retiree.

Never before in the history of Malaysia that a former top echelon civil servant and Cabinet Minister has so much direct strategic and integrated operational control in so many conglomerates, corporations and associate companies. This include the largest bank Maybank and conglomerate Sime Darby, on top of all the infrastructure and essential service providers.

Just to add some colour, Nor Mohamed was responsible to ‘cull’ all the hopes of the new Malay corporate giants in the likes of Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, Tan Sri Halim Saad, Tan Sri Rashid Hussain, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Hamzah and Tan Sri Azman Hashim. Currently, there is a law suit by Halim on the fraud Nor Mohamed did to kill the onetime Malay infrastructure billionaire.

A lot at stake here. The future of the all the GLC endorsed Bumiputera Commerce and Industrial Community programs and largest Bumiputera unit trust is under one single person. The whole integrated program is now sustainable to a lot of high risk exposures, including someone susceptible to graft practices.

*Updated 1600hrs

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  1. To appoint Blackula as PNB chief would be political suicide for Najib. Hope the rumours are just that – rumours!

    • Its Najib political suicide move.

    • whack all you want. meanwhile, innocent until proven guilty.

      • Yeah, so said Ben Laden. And they whacked him and riddled his body with bullets.

        Would you like another kind of riddle? You think the UMNO delegates won’t act on Najib for the Chinese tsunami and the NEP being turned into noodles?

  2. How many lives can a cat have ?
    How many times Najib hilang pedoman ?
    how many bloopers can Najib make ?
    How many times can Najib play political games ?
    How many times did Najib respond to cuts thrusts backstabs sabotage How many time did Najib make any indcation he heard ?
    How many times did Najib love I LOVE PM ! ?
    How many times did Najib heard Ah Jib GOOOOOOO!
    How many times The STAR played to the hilt to kill his credibility ?

    Suicide is for the kamikaze guys.
    Najib do not know the term.he was born after the Pacific war.
    He is just a masochist and enjoys self infliction.
    Naaaa, he does not know how to kill himself….

    Back to Blackula, the 5 billion project merdeka tower will not be his magnum opus (something like that0, there will be lots , until PRU 14.
    With Blackula, PR no need to work hard.
    But with PAU,it will be a rerun clone photocopy mirror image of last PAU>
    UMNO will not change.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

    • We have been shouting against this chap Nor Mohamed Yakcop time and again for many years now.

      If, having been scoffed here and there for muting the NEP in his New Economic Model (wasn’t Nor Mohamed the Minister in charge then?) and his CIMB CEO brother Nazir sneering and laughing at the NEP, Najib still places him in a position that is crucial for the promotion of the interest of the Malays like PNB, it’s not a question of Nor Mohamed having 9 lives, but it’s whether Najib has nine or more than just one life.

      Yes, the UMNO delegates to the November PAU must remove Najib if he appoints Nor Mohamed to PNB or any position of importance to the interest of the Malays and the Bumiputeras.

  3. kalau dia jadi pengerusi atau apapun jawatan kat PNB, saya akan tidak undi BN lagi selepas ini. akan juga lobi semua kawan-kawan. pemilihan umno nanti, najib mesti digulingkan.


    • Sdr usabukata,

      Kalau kita tak undi BN, nanti keadaan akan menjadi lebih teruk. Kalau Pakatan naik, silap silap depa lantik pendatang DAP ke jawatan jawatan boss FELDA, RISDA dsbnya.

      Kalau depa lantik orang PAS pun, nanti FELDA, RISDA akan di penuhi orang PAS. Berhijab pula semua yang nak masuk melawat kawasan FEDLA dll.

      Kalau PKR di lantik ke FELDA, RISDA dll, akan berdemo selalu di kawasan kawasan FELDA, RISDA dll itu. Mungkin berdmo sebab cuaca panas sangat di dunia ini sekarang. Silap silap pokok sawit dan getah pun ikut serta berdemo.

      Anwar bukan peduli apa, asalkan dia dapat jadi PM. Ada yang mengata kalau emak dia boleh di jual, dia akan jual jika ada gerenti dia jadi PM.

  4. He mismanaged Abrar’s Unit Trust and PM entrust him PNB?

    Madness, if it is true.

  5. Blackula has all the ingredients & elements of being the corporate-super-pirate this nation has ever seen.

    He is a seasoned speculative trader in the central bank, corporate manipulator, corporate marauder & butcher (in the form of Danaharta), macro economic planner, Godfather of Malaysian GLC (when he restuctured Khazanah & placed his minions in all strategic posts) & economic corridorette.

    He thrived under Slumber Slowcoach & formed strategic alliance with Hindu-God-0f-Destruction/Syiah-Priest. He was the brainchild to hive off KTMB land to Temasek & got PM Najib to enter the lopsided deal.

    Now, he wants to play Lord of Corporate 1Malaysia!

    He is very motivated to manipulate all these GLCs, for his cronies to make money from side show corporate deals.

    Over and over again. Imagine all the consultancy jobs & commissions derived from all the commercial papers created & issued back & forth between these GLCs alone. By God, they already hv Maybank, CIMB & RHB cornered taking instructions from Blackula.

    Of course, there’s also the EPF to be plundered.

    Menara Warisan would just be mid morning snack compared to the banquest feast these ppl can do under Blackula now. There’s TRX.

    God help us!

    • Delegates to Perhimpunan Agong UMNO in November,

      Please help us.

      • Dont worry.

        The ones who can understand all these, dont get to be elected as UMNO delegates.

        Where as the ones who are privileged to attend UMNO AGM, dont bloody care anything else but to fortify their posts in the eyes of their peers & getting the attention of the leaders.

      • Anyone knows how delegates are elected/ nominated? Any politik wang in play?

  6. Lepas PRU13 … terbukti penasihat-penasihat PM dah buat silap … akui je lah.

    Jika Tun Lah dulu dikatakan ZZZZZZZZ … PM kini pak turut panasihat ke ?

    Tak macam TMM … sanggup membaca dan pastikan dari pakar (kini pakar tercemar) … sebelum membuat keputusan. Juga TMM sanggup letak jawatan supaya org Melayu lebih bersatu !!!

    Tapi … 2 PM lepas TMM telah gagal membaca wawasan TMM … adakah org Melayu terpaksa mengharap lagi dgn PM kini ?

    Look bleak to me.

    • Let’s keep on whacking them. And also praying to God.

      God is great and all-encompassing. God works in mysterious ways, too. Maybe something will happen that Najib may not be able to continue as PM.

      Remember that people prayed all sorts against Nik Aziz. Well, he is still alive but is no longer MB. .

  7. BD,

    I hope PM’s advisers are following this posting. And all the comments.

    Too much at stake here. The fate of 10.5 ASB/ASN unit trust holders & their life time savings.

    IF this ruthless Mamak get his filthy hands into the kitty, pls expect to kiss the Malay political power goodbye forever!

    • For some one not in active politics until Tun Dr Mahathir picked him out from Bank Negara and given a seat in the cabinet (was the cabinet appointment only later, by Tun Dol?) to have lasted such a long time, he must be a damn shrewd, conniving and ball squeezing fellow. No wonder he got the title Blackula.

      I suspect it’s part of an overall money making scheme in the name of the party kitty, planned and executed by the Level Four boys and headed by the Blackula, with the knowledge and consent of Najib. Like the tradition started since the imprisoned-for-corruption Selangor MB Dato Hatun Idris in the 1970s, whatever money made from project awards etc half was retained for their own personal accounts.

      I cannot think of any other plausible reason for such acts as Najib ramming Omar Ong into the BOD of Petronas as well, until the well qualified and experienced Hassan Marican lost his job there.

      I agree that Najib should be replaced.

  8. Yes Bro,
    Najib must be made to realise that if this move to have Nor Yakcop to take over PNB it could turn out to be the most damaging move for Najib.PNB must be headed by anak Melayu yang berkemampuan dan jati anak Melayu yang tetap takut hak hak bangsanya terhakis.
    Marilah kita berdoa bahawa ura ura ini tidak menjadi. Wallah hualam.

    • Sdr dzulman,

      Setuju. Kalau damaging kpd dia saja tak mengapa. Tapi bahananya kapada semua kaum Melayu dan Bumiputera.

      Saya juga sokong cadangan UMNO bertindak di Perhimpunan Agong di bulan November. Saya juga rasa Najib tak akan tukar haluan dan dasar dasar dia. Walau pun selepas tsunami Cina.

  9. Tun Mahathir sokong tiada pertandingan untuk dua jawatan tertinggi UMNO. Mungkin maksudnya DS Najib perlu lepaskan jawatan secara sukarela kepada orang lain. Begitulah yang dilakukan oleh Pak Lah kepada DS Najib dahulu. Jawatan dan kuasa diserahkan secara aman kepada timbalan, tanpa pertandingan. Atau mungkin juga supaya semua perwakilan yang terlibat dalam pemilihan UMNO di peringkat cawangan menamakan seorang calon tunggal untuk jawatan Presiden selain DS Najib. Dengan cara itu DS Najib akan tersingkir dari Presiden dan PM. Yang mendapat pencalonan sebulat suara akan mengambil alih jawatan Presiden dan PM.

    Ahli UMNO harus bersedia untuk melakukan langkah kedua sekiranya langkah pertama tidak dirintis oleh DS Najib. Ada bra(i)n.

  10. Psss….not only PNB will get new Chairman, it’s neighbour, Tabung Haji too. Formal announcement will come out later this month. The new Chairman is no other that BigDog’s No Idol with top “Ivy League” MBA, Azeez Mat Rempit Rahim. Those UMNO superdungus that have not been appointed as Minister are rewarded by directors/chairman position in GLCs. A clear sign of Najib’s act of desperation to retain his UMNO’s No 1 position.

    • It’s OK having Indian blood, and being a Malay by the definition in the Constitution, and being UMNO members. Tun Dr Mahatir himself has admitted in his blog he is 25% Indian. But his spirit is 100% Malay, his contribution to the Malay community tremendous.

      What irks me is those with Indian blood getting lofty positions but not showing clearly they are being Malay in spirit and deeds. Kadir Sheikh Fadzir appeared to have been one and became treacherous to UMNO in recent times. This Blackula Nor Yakcop – not clear his contributions to the Malay community. Wonder even if he habitually speaks Malay at home and follows the Malay way of life. If not, in any of these two aspects, he is not a Malay even by the definition in the Constitution.

      UMNO Youth has had many of that kind. Even Khairy Jamaluddin has Indian blood via his mother. Azeez Rahim etc. Hope there was no conscious effort among them to prop up and support one another to get cushy posts to enrich themselves, not the Malays that those organizations represent.

      Btw, I haven’t seen any list of things concrete that these fellows have done for the Malays – Blackula, the UMNO Youth President and his likes in terms of having Indian blood getting lucrative jobs.

      • It’s obvious BD is anti Kling Karam.

        1. Kalimullah
        2. Tony Fernandes
        3. Nor Mohaned Yakcop
        4. Azeez Rahim
        5. Emir Mavani
        6. Samy Vellu
        7. Vell Pari
        8. Ambiga

        These Klings are very loud, annoying & unscrupulous.

        It’s clear that BD hatred is against them & it’s doubtful if its against the Indians at large.

  11. Bigdog, saudara mendapat informasi yang tidak tepat. NMY tidak akan menjawat jawatan Pengerusi di PNB. Yang akan mengambil alih jawatan Pengerusi PNB ialah Idris Jala.
    Sekian Terima kasih

  12. BD,
    TS Nor Mohamed was first called upon by Tun M to solve the monetary crisis in the late 90s.That is well known history now.He even wrote about it with full praise for Tun M.
    From then on Tun Abdullah and now DS Najib kept him among the top echelon finanancial,asset and corporate management of the country under different positions.
    All this time we have read of the many criticism about him and his group yet not only are they surviving but getting stronger with time.
    So how is Tun M taking all these, you should know better and maybe can highlight to us.

  13. Apsal panggil blackula? Kenapa x panggil darkula je? Ha2

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