Money-tising heritage

The Malaysia Truly Asia attraction by Theme Attraction and Resorts Sdn. Bhd.

The Malaysia Truly Asia attraction by Theme Attraction and Resorts Sdn. Bhd.

The snapshot of the grand plan of building Malaysia Truly Asia attraction in a 26.3 hectare site adjacent to Tugu Negara isn’t damaging enough taken at face value. There is an underlying sinister agenda.

According to the Ministry of Federal Territory and Urban Well Being website, the theme attraction park is one of the five iconic projects for Kuala Lumpur. It is actually briefly explained as:

Malaysia Truly Asia Centre – an integrated cultural tourism park. It is a 65.66 acre site bordered by the Tugu Peringatan, Padang Merbok, Bank Negara’s Lanai Kijang residential complex and Istana Selangor and will be announced later in the year.

Part of building that would be torn down and make way for this is the mansion where Institute of Strategic and International Studies is housed. It is believed it was the same building that Allahyarham Tan Sri Mohamad Noah Omar resided when he served as the first Speaker of Dewan Rakyat.

The personalities appointed into the BOD and serving behind Khazanah Nasional Bhd.’s  subsidiary Theme Attraction and Resorts Sdn. Bhd. (TAR) are reflective of the sinister agenda to follow through proposals in the lame excuse of progress and commercialisation. More importantly, to over-write over on  history and possibly at the expense of heritage and traditional whilst at it.

The Chairman is was former Minister in-charge of EPU in PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz. His contribution is remembered best when over night in mid 2008, the Federal Government rose the retail price of petrol by 78sen. It has already proven that Amirsham is a sort of leader who makes decision based on the facts presented and more importantly independent from political and community sensitivities.

Ganen in the centre, in a media conference with MD of Khazanah Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar

The other board members include ‘Level Four Boys’ operative Ganen Sarvananthan and former McKinsey consultant Tunku Besar Seri Menanti Tunku Ali Redhauddin Tuanku Mukhriz. Ganen is believed to be one of the architects behind the KFC restructuring plan late last year.

It is no mystery why TAR is willing to go ahead with the project for maximising the full potential from the commercialisation of the 66 acre site. And in the process of monetising the asset, a sense of heritage, tradition and wealth of history is wiped out.

Even though the proposal has not been approved by relevant authorities, the thought of coming up with the concept of taking away heritage and history and make way for commercialized projects is reflective of the thought process of the stewards of the company which is centered towards greed.

TAR’s current projects in Johor such as Legoland in Iskandar Malaysia and Hello Kitty in Puteri Harbour have shown termendous success. In fact, Legoland is expected to rake it profits in their first year of operations. With the addition of Kidzania in Puteri Harbour, they are expecting an aggregated figure of three million annual visitors to all three theme parks.

Legoland in Iskandar Malaysia

TAR did value add in new development areas such as Iskandar Malaysia and tapped some of the visitors from neighbouring Singapore.

It is different from the proposed Malaysia Truly Asia attraction. Kuala Lumpur could do with an additional attraction as such, but not at the expense of dismantling its history and heritage. Definitely at the present proposed site, where part of it is a green lung for the city centre.

If this thought process continues, probably one fine day some wise one within TAR would come up with the proposition to create a theme park attraction at the Old Istana Negara. And it should include all the mansions surrounding it, all the way bordering at the massive Chinese cemetery.

That would be thinning of the wedge.

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  1. Another reason why Najib should go. The Ahli ahli Perwakilan UMNO at PAU in November must do something drastic. Otherwise we might as well change the name of this country to Asia.

    Or Chinasia, as the bloody DAP Red Bean cyber troopers call it.

    Next, Najib will build a Chinese museum that the DAP has been calling for. Never mind the Chinese tsunami. Or, more so the Chinese tsunami.

    The Malays and UMNO will have to just tersengeh sengeh and gulp it down if PAU doesn’t change UMNO leadership in November.

    • Talk about heritage. What heritage do we want? What heritage should we have?

      However and whatever you look at it, it must be a Malay-based heritage. Read the history of this country. Read the books, “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

      To hell with DAP and those who don’t want or don’t like to know the history of this country. Or who oppose History being made compulsory in schools. Tell those who think the history of this country should begin with the pendatangs to go back where they came from. The rest should accept such things as the Langkasuka Malay kingdom had been a vibrant civilization even in the 2nd Century.

      Good of Muhyiddin to have made History compulsory in schools. Now just to make sure the right aspects of the history of this country are taught. And tell those who want to talk of Asia rather than of Malaysia in this country to jump into the South China Sea. Including Najib if he simply lets things be. We have enough of the Chinese tsunami.

      • Interesting proposition, that.

        I must say, though, that “iconic” “world-class cities” like New York (Central Park), London (Hyde Park and Regent’s Park”, Sydney, Vancouver, San Francisco etc each have their own in-city green lungs, which are cherished and jealously guarded by their residents.

        KL? The Lake Gardens? Pffft……

        It looks like the gweilos can get some things right after all.

  2. Big Dog

    Look up inside Pemandu’s Plan for greater KL in their NKEA.

    Bet that tara ong fella has a hand. he must be the asshole thinking of this since Khazanah is filled with idiots and failures without a dash of creativity.

    The should be generating wealth for the nation through investment with beneficial and long term value. Is a theme park useful for all Malaysians?

  3. Can’t they find some 30 ha of land anywhere near KLIA or cyberjaya?

    • With no respect for the sanctity of Tugu Kebangsaan and such, they might as well put it at Petaling Street.

      Call it ChinatownAsia.

      Put about 30 statues of Sun Yat Sen there.

      Crazy fellows.

      • Hahaha…good idea. Malaysia is a borderless country allowing so many nationals to run around free and easy. So those crack pot thinking of building a park ‘ Malaysia truly Asia’ can also build Little Africa, Little Myanmar etc, etc. Bona fide tourists will probably gaped in shock and horror to see so many Little this and Little that, and will still ask to see the Malay culture and history.

      • Not just Tugu Kebangsaan, beb. There is the august Parliament building next to it and the Istana Negara not far away.

        Bloody hell, why can’t they build whatever they conceive of in Taman Templer or whatever.

        Can conceive only but cannot perceive dignity and respect for national treasures arr? Conceive anak haram kalau mau kacau Tugu Negara etc.

        Stupid blokes.

  4. Under Najib, Melayu have become pariahs in their own homeland. Thank you Najib and a very special thank you to his very brilliant bro heading CIMB.

    PM Najib please do continue using you CON Sultans, and care not for the thoughts of you plain ordinary Malay voters who, by the way, is the backbone of your UMNO/BN and enable you to PM of Malaysia.

    Losing the TRUST (Amanah) as a leader, you WILL definitely be accountable for it on Judgement Day….so go figure,,,(if PM Najib or his advisers are reading comments in blogsphere)

    Just a gentle reminder, my vote may not go to UMNO/BN the next time round, God willing

    • Judgment Day for Najib must be at the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO in November.

    • Najib does read selected blogs. Quick run-through whenever time permits.

      He has his own blog – 1Malaysia. And he was among the first to recognize the usefulness of the social media, communication via Facebook etc.

      Remember Ah Jib Gor? Problem is he got so excited by the polishing of him by the Ah Jib Gor crowd that he gives them everything they want.

      More Chinese schools, any one? More funds for Chinese schools?


      • Samalah dgn pendapat & pendirian Tuan Tuan Punahsihat Najib Razak terutama Omar Ong & Jamaluddin Jarjis.

        Tatang lagi org Cina. Sampai nafikan hak Melayu pun tak pa. Bunuh usahawan Melayu pun kalau perlu.

        Ingat bagaimana Tun Dr Mahathir & Tun Daim bagi Tajudin Ramli lesen utk telefon selular & lahirkan Celcom?

        Tak pasal pasal lepas Tun berdua tu dah takda, Nor Mohamed kerjakan Tajudin Ramli guna Danaharta. Yg untung sapa? Keling sorang lagi tu, Ananda Krishnan.

        Dah la Ananda tu diberikan lesen utk Astro.

        Sekarang bagi pulak sorang lagi Keling tu lesen broadcast lak. Dah tentu utk bunuh Unifi tv!

      • Well, AKK – let’s not forget Tajudin Ramli’s handiwork in MAS.

        That could well be the subject of a HBS case study.

  5. Big Dog,

    Like it or not, there’s another keling involved & at play here.

    Look around; Nor Mohamed, Pradeeb Kumar n.k.a. Emir Mavani & Ganen Sarvananthan. And Tony Fernandes.

    All kelings. All greedy. All destructive.

    All wanted to disinstitutionalise the Malay power.

    And at the other corner, Omar Ong & Jho Loh.

    With the help of Nazir Razak & Jamaluddin Jarjis, systematically stripping everything from the Malays & eventually displacing them. All, with Najib Razak’s patronage.

    • Cantas kepalanya, semua yang lain pupus. Dulu dah cantas satu kepala, boleh bertukar ke kepala lain pulak. Kali ni kena pastikan kepala baru lebih bijak untuk menolak mereka selamanya. Syaratnya tidak bertanding, maka namakanlah calon tunggal untuk jawatan Presiden. RM500 juta untuk seorang, kalau bagi kepada 500 orang, dah jadi 500 jutawan.

  6. Neoliberalists are greedy people. They eat and breathe money and they think of nothing but commercialisation of everything perhaps even flush toilets. Why must we have a ‘ Malaysia Truly Asia’ theme park? Why do we care so much if foreign tourists see us as truly Asia or not? They’d rather go and visit the other Asian countries to discover those countries themselves. I remember a friend told me some years back about a group of Europeans visiting Spore and they asked ‘ we see the chinese, we see the Indians. Where are the Singaporeans?’ That’s exactly it. For first time bona fide tourists to Malaysia esp from faraway continents like the US, Europe they want to see the local folks, culture and heritage like the Malay kampungs, history, culture etc. Not some theme parks.

    • Nampaknya Ali Rustam lebih praktikal dalam pembangunan pelancongannya di Melaka. Tidak perlu penasihat yang “hebat” pun, dia telah berjaya memajukan Melaka sebagai tarikan pelancong dalam dan luar negara. Tanpa taman tema yang gah pun, Melaka mampu melakukannya. Yang ada taman mini Malaysia dan Asean.

  7. Biggie,

    I think your RM13 million questions should be:

    1. Who is making money from all these consulting jobs?
    2. Who is making money from the deal?
    3. Who is the end benefit & at what cost?

    Funny, suddenly when Blackula is in & this project suddenly being conveniently ”leaked out” for BH to carry. Where as, it was listed one of projects Raja Nong Chik wanted to do when he was still FT Minister.

    Lots of questions.

    Probably a diversion on something bigger cooking in Khazanah.

    • Like my comment earlier:

      Nor Mohamed Yacob created Azman Mokhtar, Wahid Omar, Mohd. Nor Yusof and later Idris Jala.

      Najib now placed NMY as the immediate boss to Amokh. And got AWO to replace NMY. Working in tandem with Idris Jala.

      NMY and Amokh representing Khazanah, is largest shareholder of CIMB. So Mohd Nor Yusof and Nazir Razak answer to them.

      Few days ago Big Dog wrote about NMY taking over PNB also.

      They are now the most powerful Mafioso in this country.

      How far fucked are we…??

      Can you enlighten us, pls…… Its really worrying!

  8. I see my old school tie being worn by the Azman Mohtar fellow. I’m damned ashamed that it’s worn by the fellow.

    He does not even know what that fully residential school in Kuala Kangsar was built by the British colonialists well before Merdeka for. It was requested by Sultan Perak for the education of anak Melayu like Tun A Razak. who ended up in the elite civil service – beginning with the Malay Administrative Service, then almost automatic promotion into the then British dominated Malayan Civil Service, now called Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic Service.

    These fellows should know, and Najib must be reminded time and again, why the Ketuanan Melayu was enshrined in the Constitution under the Articles pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Majlis Raja Raja, etc. And the Kedudukan Intimewa Melayu was spelled out under Article 153, later extended to Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

    The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak are stated in the Constitution whereas the others are only referred to as “yang lain lain”. Now, why the bloody hell must any one want to project Asia in Malaysia when doing so tends to give the image of the others more than those who are specifically stated in the Constitution? Especially when the Chinese are not interested in integration, disregarding Bahasa Malaysia as the language of the country under Article 152, and especially after the Chinese tsunami.

    Having Najib continue as PM risks such projects as discussed above being carried out, leading to the Malays being pushed to ignominy, like in Singapore. Yes, the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO later this year must push Najib out, to avoid the Malays and Bumiputeras being pushed out or to some God forsaken corners of the country.

  9. UMNO should do something with Najib. If they still want my vote!

  10. These capitalist pigs (of all races) must be stopped – FULL STOP

  11. Big Dog,

    Nor Mohamed Yacob created Azman Mokhtar, Wahid Omar, Mohd. Nor Yusof and later Idris Jala.

    Najib now placed NMY as the immediate boss to Amokh. And got AWO to replace NMY. Working in tandem with Idris Jala.

    NMY and Amokh representing Khazanah, is largest shareholder of CIMB. So Mohd Nor Yusof and Nazir Razak answer to them.

    Few days ago you wrote about NMY taking over PNB also.

    They are now the most powerful Mafioso in this country.

    How far fucked are we…??

    • No matter how far fucked we are. Just stop the buggers from fcuking us some more. Let’s urge UMNO to remove the source of the fcuking. Change the leadership at the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO this November.

      • Mesyuarat Agung Cawangan akan bermula pada 15 Julai 2013. Kali ini pemilihan akan dijalankan pada peringkat cawangan. Jadi tidak perlu tunggu November.

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