Commemorating a year of world’s largest passenger airliner

A year ago, this pioneer aircraft of Malaysia Airlines A380-800 fleet (with tail no. of 9M-MNA) took off from Airbus Delivery Centre in Blagnac-Toulouse on a historic journey to her permanent home in KLIA.

Twelve hours later, the aircraft  carrying eighty passengers arrived in KLIA. It was received then by Transport Minister Dato’ Seri Chan Kong Choy. Two days later, the same aircraft made its inaugural commercial service to London Heathrow.

DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin officiating the inaugural A380 service to LHR

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin send off the aircraft with the full complement of 494 passengers. The flight also commemorated Malaysia Airline’s 38 years of service to LHR.

The pioneer A380 aircraft (tail. no. 9M-MNA) at the official send off, 1 July 2012

Today, all six A380s have been delivered by Airbus and now in daily service of Malaysia Airlines routes to London Heathrow, Paris Charles De Gaulle and Chap Lek Kok in Hong Kong. They are the pride of the national carrier.

Utusan Malaysia is available onboard

Utusan Malaysia is available onboard

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  1. Tahniah.MAS!!!.perkhidmatan cabin dan pelanggan yang sangat baik serta mendapat pujian dari semua yang menaiki pesawat ini..Tahniah MAS

  2. You have to thank Khazanah.

    • But why did Khazanah arrange for the share swap with Air Asia and allow the arrogant Tony Fernandez on the MAS Board etc last time? Thank God it was reversed.

      The bloke arrogantly moved his HQ to Jakarta. Was he well treated by the Indonesians? Is he moving back to KLIA2 – recently got his underling woman accusing MAHB all sorts to speed up expansion completion?

  3. And I still harbour dream of flying with that aircraft.

    Anyway congratulation MAS. Everytime abroad, I am proud to recommend you.

    • I missed trying the Concorde fast trans-Atlantic flights. Hope will not miss trying this Airbus 380.

      Congrats, MAS.

  4. Well done MAS. And please don’t allow any hanky panky in your large organization.

    We’ll support you always. You are the national carrier. Don’t allow such stupid things as share swap with Air Asia. Anything like that coming your way again, whisper to groups like Big Dog and group. We’ll help do the yelling.

  5. I risk replying to a comment by a bloke whose comments have been removed in the past, I think. But what the heck .. must pooh pooh the fler.

    You didn’t state the date and the time and for how long “MAS share sunk to new low”. And what meaning you say “with airasia being given BEST budget airline in the world”, stu? Who said that? Tony Fernandez? How to believe what you claim because Oppo hippos like you always make wild and unsubstantiated allegations and claims.

    And you gloat on the fact (or is it another mere allegation) of “With listing of Airasia X, tony and gang add billions to their coffer with gov money”? Who said “gov money”?

    Learn to substantiate if you want readers to believe what you say, stu. Otherwise they’ll just shxt you.

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