Anti-Crime or Guised Anti-Police Bashing?

The drive-by shooting of R Sri Sanjeevan on the late afternoon of 27 July 2013 drew a lot of attention. Mainly from PKR leaders. No less than Opposition Leader and former abuse-of-power-convict Anwar Ibrahim, PKR VP Nurul Izzah Anwar and Strategic Director Rafizi Ramli came up with all sort of comments and sensationalised statements.

Published: Monday July 29, 2013 MYT 3:28:00 PM
Updated: Monday July 29, 2013 MYT 10:42:59 PM

MyWatch adviser: Assassination attempt on Sanjeevan was only ‘a matter of time’


Sanjeevan being treated at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital. Sanjeevan being treated at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital.

PETALING JAYA: It was only a matter of time before an assassination attempt was carried out on anti-crime activist R. Sri Sanjeevan, said MyWatch advisor S. Gobi Krishnan.

According to him, this was because Sanjeevan, who is also MyWatch chief, had alleged police involvement with the criminal underworld.

On July 24, Sanjeevan had tweeted from his @SanjeevanSS account: “Seriously thinking to expose on a top leader of @PDRMsia where his son is under payroll of kingpins and some syndicates. Interesting piece!”.

“After he tweeted that, I called him immediately to ask why he revealed our next course of action. Sometimes, you must do things quietly until you have everything lined up and ready to expose, though the temptation is there to reveal it beforehand,” said Gobi when contacted by The Star Online.

Gobi said that Sanjeevan was a bachelor, which was why he took more risks than a man with a family would.

“When he tweeted that, they went for his life but did not succeed,” he added.

Sanjeevan was shot in a drive-by shooting in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan on Saturday evening, and is currently hospitalised at the Tunku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban.

Though his condition has stabilised, his feverish state has delayed an operation to remove the bullet from his rib cage.

Gobi blamed the police for their lack of action in addressing Sanjeevan’s many statements.

“A number from the police contingent headquarters (IPK) in Negeri Sembilan called with threats to shoot him. Sanjeevan made a report but no action was taken,” said Gobi.

However, Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi has reportedly said that the police are not involved in Sanjeevan’s shooting.

According to Gobi, the arrest of Sanjeevan’s friend – who was present at the scene – for alleged drug links was also viewed as an attempt to discredit the MyWatch chief.

“They’re trying to suggest that the shooting might be related to a turf war between two different drug distribution groups. People were calling to ask if Sanjeevan was involved in such activities!” he said.

According to him, there were attempts to intimidate Sanjeevan even before the shooting.

“He was assaulted in a hotel in KL and followed by people in LCCT. They were only trying to scare him earlier with threatening phone calls and such, but once he touched a nerve, they wanted to finish him off,” he said.

“But they failed to realise that he is not the only bearer of evidence. If anything happens to me or him, we have evidence in various places and it will still be revealed,” he said.

However, the incident has raised MyWatch’s profile as an anti-crime task force.

“After the shooting, many have voiced their appreciation for MyWatch. We will now expose wrongdoings in a greater way, and it will be taken more seriously by the whole country,” said Gobi when asked about the organisation’s next course of action.

“Now we can expect better action to be taken against ‘dirty cops’, as MyWatch patron and former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has said,” he said.

“We will keep things under wraps until Sanjeevan is back,” he added.


The statement that MyWatch Adviser S Gobi Krishnan is in the serious and malicious tone of Police and authorities bashing. Just like a statement from a  typical PKR leader, whenever the opportunity arises regardless whether it is with basis and evidence or pure speculation.

Meanwhile, the Police is working towards getting the case solved. Based on Sanjeevan’s passenger and friend Ramesh who is the witness to the shooting, CID officers and investigators have the eyes on the ball. The seriousness on the investigation is demonstrated when Director of CID CP Dato’ Hadi Ho is personally heading the investigation team.

IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the Police already have the identity of the shooting suspects.

Published: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 7:29:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 7:50:49 PM

IGP: Suspects in Sanjevan shooting identified, case still under investigation


Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

PETALING JAYA: Police have identified the suspects behind the attempted murder of MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said while the suspects have been identified, the police still needed time to investigate case thoroughly.

“The public must let police investigate the matter.

“We have a few people that we are looking at, but I can’t comment more on that matter. We are in the process of investigating. Sooner or later we will find out,” he said Tuesday.

Asked on the revelation of an internal police memo allegedly implicating a list of policemen involved with the underworld, Khalid said Sanjeevan never passed such document to the police.

“I sent Bukit Aman’s Narcotics director to meet him a while back, but Sanjeevan’s whistleblower refused to meet with him.

“If there is indeed a memo, then pass it to us so that we can investigate,” he said.

PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli was quoted as saying Sanjeevan told the PKR leader of his intention to expose alleged links between drug syndicates and some members of the police force.

He said Sanjeevan had mentioned to him about possessing an internal police memo with a confidential listing of police personnel under investigation.


The fact is that, Sanjeevan never provided any information for the Police to investigate. He has been a lot of claims about “Dirty Cops” and the more recent on drug operations but failed to provide information, which include names and circumstances of these corrupt practices.

IGP Khalid even made a statement earlier on Tuesday that Sanjeevan could have gone to the MACC and expose these “Dirty Cops”, “”I had advised him that if he did not want to give it to us, he could hand it over to the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency) instead”.

Published: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday July 30, 2013 MYT 2:45:11 PM

MACC: Sanjeevan yet to furnish proof on claims

Hanging on: Sanjeevan being moved from the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban to the Serdang Hospital.Hanging on: Sanjeevan being moved from the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban to the Serdang Hospital.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has not received any evidence from MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan despite his continuous allegations against the police.

Its Deputy Chief Commissioner Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdull said the body could launch an investigation into Sanjeevan’s claims of cops colluding with drug syndicates if he provided evidence that would corroborate his claims.

“We have not received any evidence or report from him (Sanjee­van). We welcome people to come forward with evidence instead of just making allegations,” he said.

“We are always ready to act in curbing corruption but the cooperation of the people is a must,” he said.

Urging the public to come forward with credible evidence, Mohd Shukri said the commission was aware of allegations of police officers allegedly under the payroll of the underworld and syndicates but a report must be lodged before action could be taken.

“Allegations of police corruption is a serious matter but we need the cooperation of the people,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan was reported to have said that Saturday’s shooting of Sanjeevan could have been due to his revelations alleging police involvement in the activities of syndicated crimes and illegal activities.

Sanjeevan and a friend were driving a silver BMW to have a drink in Bahau when two men riding a red motorcycle approached them.

The pillion rider reportedly fired a shot which hit Sanjeevan on the right side of his ribs.

According to doctors treating Sanjeevan at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital, his condition has worsened due to internal bleeding.


The motive of MyWatch as an anti crime NGO is suspicious if not dubious. This is because so far MyWatch evidently failed to work positively in any form of anti-criminal programs but instead just making accusations without evidence, to bash if not demonise the senior ranking officers of Police Force.

This is very much part of the Opposition ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.

One interesting fact is that Sanjeevan did call on then Home Minister Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein and had the opportunity to state his case. However, he did not. Neither did he pass any information about these accusations of “Dirty Cops”. However, his tweets then there on against Hishamuddin was only about bashing the Home Minister via the micro-blogging.

It is doubtful that Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force (MyWatch) is even a registered NGO, with registrar of societies. It is no different from any other Opposition guised ‘NGO’, such as SUARAM and Tenaganita.

Another interesting point is that S Gobi Krishnan is also a PKR man. Gobi, just like Sanjeevan or any of the PKR leaders never provided any constructive suggestion in anti-crime programs but instead rambling on Police-bashing, whenever the opportunity arises.  Like the statement stated in The Star.

It is amusing why Gobi did not step up and do a Police report on what he mentioned to The Star. Probably because he had no credible evidence but mere speculations, based on hearsay.  Then again, Police would not able to investigate anything based on information that came from thin air.

Police-bashing or worse still, Police demonisation without constructive suggestions on anti-crime programs would not bring about progress to society. Then again, PKR is never about progress. Its all about getting power, even at the expense of the public’s distrust on the Police based on compounded web of speculations and lies.

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Getting wiser after the event

This morning Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak pledged to the Police everything the law enforcement agencies require to combat serious crimes. This include new laws.

30 July 2013| last updated at 01:22PM

PM pledges heavier focus on serious crimes

By Roziana Hamsawi |
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PUTRAJAYA: In view of the recent spate of shooting cases, the government will bring up the issues of serious crimes in the next Parliamentary session, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak here today.

The Prime Minister has also urged police to take action on the recent shooting cases.

This is to strengthen the provisions which will allow the police to act within their capacity to tackle such crimes.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Ministry of Finance in Putrajaya. Pix by Mohd Fadli Hamzah

Read more: PM pledges heavier focus on serious crimes – Latest – New Straits Times


It is without doubt since Prime Minister Najib is reacting to current increased of shootings and murder in cold blood, where there is a public outcry.

When he repealed the Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance the eve The Mole went live on 15 August 2011, so many voiced their concern on the security of this nation.   We did raise then whether Prime Minister Najib was willing to commit substantial number of men and materiel to combat crimes and keep the internal security safe after the both laws were abolished.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

Police had a strategy to check on serious crimes and those related to underworld vices and activities. The head of these groups and network are detached from their network and operations and held under EO. Therefore, the operation of these organizations of is impaired.

NST frontpage 30 July 2013

NST frontpage 30 July 2013

Last year, the Police had to release over 2,000 detainees from Simpang Renggam under the repealed EO and 6,000 more of restricted residence persons were allowed to walk free. It is believed that these persons rejoined their previous underworld criminal organisations and network. Hence, their previous groups and organised crimes network are back into proper planning and execution.

Coupled with increased smuggling of firearms from neighbouring countries, the nation suddenly saw the surge of serious crimes especially armed robberies and murder.

It looks like Prime Minister Najib is again reacting to popularity (in this case, public outcry) as oppose to proper planning, projection, consultation with experts and stakeholders before making a decision. By displaying the tendency of “Getting wise after the event”, there is high probably the rakyat will see him as a ‘Transactional Leader’ instead of a ‘Strategic Leader’.

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Perpetual sin of glorifying rebels

The dialogue in the film "The New Village" as the Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and "They have to defend their homeland"

The dialogue in the film “The New Village” as the resettled Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and “We must fight for our homeland”

Chinese Chauvinist Mini Emperorissimo of ‘Middle Kingdom’ Lim Guan Eng is at his usual self deflecting a crime against the Constitution by attempting to accuse someone else. Manipulating facts doesn’t exornorate him from the fact that DAP is pro-Malayan Communist Terrorists. This came as an immediate reaction of Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s instruction to review the public screening of “The New Village”.

DAP calls Utusan, Umno Youth hypocrites, directs them to pursue Khairy over “communist ties”

JULY 29, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 29, 2013 02:41 PM

Umno Youth and Malay daily Utusan Malaysia were slammed as hypocrites and practicing double standards for failing to condemn Khairy Jamaludin for forging ties with communist parties said the DAP.

Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Khairy should have been hauled up after forging an alliance between Barisan Nasional Youth and the Communist Youth League of China (CYL).

“These organisations are stoking the fires of racism by questioning the approval of a Chinese-language film “The New Village” which they allege glorifies communism.”

“On the other hand, the same organisations kept quiet when Malaysia established close diplomatic relationships with China, Cuba and Vietnam, all of whom practice the communist system.

“Both Umno Youth and Utusan Malaysia criticised ‘The New Village’ as twisting historical facts and encourages the public to glorify the Malayan Communist Party,” Lim said in a statement today. Khairy is also the Umno Youth chief.

Lim said he did not want to comment on the film as he had not seen it but questioned why Utusan and Umno Youth remained silent when Youth and Sports Minister Khairy announced the setting up of a permanent secretariat in October 2009 to strengthen ties between Barisan Nasional Youth and the Communist Youth League of China.

“It is very clear that both Umno Youth and Utusan Malaysia are hypocrites who practice double standards.

“If both organisations are so worried about communists hiding under our beds, then they don’t need to look far. Khairy should be directly in their sights,” he said.

Lim said if both organisations felt strongly about communism, then “why did they not criticise former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor for signing a peace agreement with the MCP?”

In December 1989, Rahim represented Malaysia to sign a pact with the Malayan Communist Party, which ended its armed struggle in the country.

The Home Ministry suspended the vernacular movie which was to premier on August 22 after Utusan, in a critical article by Awang Selamat, yesterday claimed it glorified communism.

The movie is centred on the Emergency in Malaya in 1949 and portrays the Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) and the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) as fighters for independence, said Awang Selamat.

It also showcases the actions of the British against the Chinese during the emergency. The film focuses on MPAJA, which was linked to the communist party, said Awang Selamat.

Awang Selamat, the moniker representing the paper’s collective editorial voice, said another locally-made movie on nationalism, “Tanda Putera”, on the events surrounding the May 13 riots, had triggered widespread criticisms after snippets of the movie were leaked online.

Lim said Umno Youth and Utusan were up to their old tricks of denying their own communist links, using dirty tactics to scare Malaysians about communist conspiracies and lies linking BN opponents and non-Malays to communists.

“Such tactics won’t work anymore because the Malaysian people now yearn to live in the light and not in the dark. They want human dignity, integrity, freedom of information, truth, justice and democracy.” – July 29, 2013.


It is Lim who tried to steer Malaysians in the dark. The truth is that he is without much dignity and manipulated information, for the sinister agenda about at attempt to glorify the brutalities the Communist rebels brought upon Malayans (later Malaysians)

The quarter million dollars bounty for a Communist rebel chief cold blooded murderer

The fact is that DAP demonstrated its Chinese Chauvinism if not their subliminal greed to gain power to the point that they struggle in making a brutal leader a ‘True Independence Fighter’, who waged a war against majority of Malayans (later Malaysians) for 54 years. That is not withstanding the fact that more than 10,000 persons perished, mostly unarmed non-combatants, women and children children between 1948-1960.

DAP leaders have been stubbornly fighting to bring back and glorify Malayan Communist Party Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng despite majority of Malaysians vehement detest and demonstrated strong displeasure to the notion.

MCP bandits armed with M3 Carbines

There is a vast difference between glorifying and hero worshipping a rebel leader of 54 years and “Butcher of Malaya” versus forging working ties with political entities of a friendly country with strong diplomatic ties. Attempting to manipulate the difference is an insult to the intelligence of the majority.

Communist Party of China did not wage a war and brutally murdered tens of thousands Malayans (later Malaysians), destroyed properties, caused hardship and put lives of innocent persons under extreme duress. Malayan Communist Party rebels did.

The iconic photo of Tun Razak calling on Chairman Mao Zedong on 29 May 1974

When Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein visited China and forged diplomatic ties, Malaysia established a friendly super-power in the region. This balanced the struggle for supremacy in the region, between the Americans and the Soviet-backed Vietnamese. The diplomatic relationship also forged international trade with China, which is today Malaysia’s biggest export.

The Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders only proven a fact that they are unable to come to power, on the basis of their political ideology and struggle. They resorted to manipulate history, so that they are to capture the imagination and idealism of young Malaysians especially the Malays that this nation’s ‘True Independence Fighters’ were the Communist Rebels, radicals, subversive and leftists.

Komponen Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu; Raja Melayu, UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British

Komponen Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu; Raja Melayu, UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British

The fact that this nation obtained Independence mainly through the struggle of the nationalists, where UMNO managed to foil the Malayan Union even though all HRH Rulers signed the declaration and the incorporation had already been announced at Westminster Palace.

There on, forced the British administrators to negotiate with HRH Rulers where UMNO attended as observers and the Federation of Malaya Treaty was inked on 21 January 1948. That treaty became the basis of the Federation of Malaya Constitution, came into force on 31 August 1957.

Force 136 Wataniah: Ctr row: Ibrahim Ismail (3rd fr. left),  Yeop Mahidin (3rd fr. right), Abdul Razak Hussein (far right)

The fighters amongst the nationalists – Force 136 Wataniah: Ctr row: Ibrahim Ismail (3rd fr. left), Yeop Mahidin (3rd fr. right), Abdul Razak Hussein (far right)

The position and role of HRH Rulers, Islam as the religion of the Federation, Bahasa Melayu as the national and Special Malay Rights were enshrined and preserved till present day. That is the basis of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ which Chinese Chauvinist DAP tried very hard to erode, if not completely cancelled out from the Federal Constitution.

The immediate reaction and strong support for attempts to glorify the Communist Rebels demonstrate that DAP leaders are anti-Constitution. They are carrying the struggle and perpetual sin of brutal murderers and war mongers.

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Nasi Tambah, Kuah Semalam

The Opposition is really taking full advantage on the current attempted assassination of Police-busting activist R Sri Sanjeevan. Instead of stepping forward and helping the Police as persons with community network, they have taken the position to be rhetoric watchdogs.

The Malaysian Insider story:

Give extra protection to Sanjeevan, says Anwar

JULY 29, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 29, 2013 08:12 PM

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has urged police to beef up security at the hospital where anti-crime watchdog chief R. Sri Sanjeevan is admitted.

He said security was grossly inadequate and also urged Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to ensure that the taskforce set up to investigate the shooting did not include policemen remotely related to the complaints made by Sanjeevan.

“The police must also investigate Sanjeevan’s complaints of certain rogue elements in the force,” said Anwar. – July 29, 2013.

Klang MP Charles Santiago wanted Police to be transparent in their investigation.


Uncover the underlying causes of Sanjeevan’s shooting – Charles Santiago

JULY 29, 2013

Malaysians are again shocked by the mafia-style shooting of Sri Sanjeevan, who is the chairman of a crime watchdog group called the Malaysian Crime watch Task Force (MyWatch).

This followed after a similar shooting of Customs deputy director-general, DatukShaharuddin Ibrahim, in April this year.

It does not take a genius to see that Sri Sanjeevan’s shooting is linked to his vocal advocacy against crime. In the past months, Sri Sanjeevan and MyWatch had been making revelations of politicians interfering with police work and that criminal elements have infiltrated the police force, including direct links with underworld figures.

The incidence highlights the seriousness of crime and the spiralling state of lawlessness in Malaysia. It confirms the public’s concern on rising crime and safety of their families.

If Sri Sanjeevan and DatukShaharuddin can be shot in bright daylight, what else would criminals not dare to do?

Underlying such lawlessness is the increasing failure of public institutions to ensure the rule of law and safety of citizens. These are now glaring symptoms resulting from the unwillingness of the government to reform key institutions like PDRM, MACC, AG chambers, and judiciary.

I welcome the IGP’s assurance that a thorough investigation will be conducted on Sri Sanjeevan’s shooting. However, the investigation must also be made in a transparent manner, especially when Sri Sanjeevan has recently tweeted that about a cop recruiting a syndicate member to fire shots at his house.

Importantly, the IGP and PDRM must also investigate if his shooting was linked to him exposing corrupt practice within PDRM, and not turn a deaf ear towards these assertions anymore.

* Charles Santiago is the Klang MP.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider


It is very clear that the Oppositions are using the opportunity of Sri Sanjeevan’s shooting to tramp on the Police. It is part of the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, to demonise law enforcement agencies such as the Police.

Santiago’s call for the investigation of Sri Sanjeevan’s shooting to be made transparent is absurd. Regardless what the victim has tweeted, the information gathered by the Police should be only for the Attorney General’s eyes only.

All of them are assuming that Sri Sanjeevan is just a mere victim in the failed assassination attempt.

There is also a possibility that Sri Sanjeevan is somewhat involved in the activities of certain persons that his involvement or knowledge could jeopardize the operations. Therefore, it is decided that Sri Sanjeevan should be eliminated. Then, the investigations should also include why is Sri Sanjeevan is involved, how is he involved and what roles does he play?

Sri Sanjeevan’s calls and tweets the past one year has been more of Police bashing rather than crime busting. He also has been manipulating information such as NKRA indexes against media reports, to continue in trampling the Police.

He did not pro-actively come forward and offer solution for crime busting, unlike some other groups of individuals. Nor did he offer specific and valuable information to help solve a crime. However, he did make statements like “High ranking Police officers involved in drug activities” aloud, probably more to sensationalise and gain attention rather than contribute to nailing dirty cops.

Then again Sri Sanjeevan was formerly with PKR in his home turf, Bahau. Typically like his political masters, they have had the Police-bashing mentality as part of the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to demonise the Police.

That is probably why Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and Charles Santiago never pushed the Police to investigate on R Sri Sanjeevan. They might uncover something so deep and probably warrants the Emergency Ordinance as right apparatus to keep these underworld criminals off the street.

*Updated 2100hrs

IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar’s statement on Sri Sanjeevan failed to provide the Police any information about dirty cops involved in drugs operation.

Stop speculation on murder attempt on MyWatch chairman – IGP

BernamaMonday, July 29, 2013

  • Khalid Abu Bakar
Khalid : “The action of some non-governmental organisations and politicians who posted baseless accusations linking the police with the shooting incident, via the social network, would only worsen the situation.” (Graphic by:Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR — The Inspector-General of Police has appealed to the various quarters to cease speculation on the murder attempt on anti-crime watchdog MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan who was shot in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan last Saturday.

Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the action of some non-governmental organisations and politicians who posted baseless accusations linking the police with the shooting incident, via the social network, would only worsen the situation.

“We are always monitoring such postings which cast aspersions on the police as being linked to the murder attempt.

“Do not accuse the police in this manner, and poison the minds of the public to hate the force.

“(On our part) We never protect our policemen. Let us complete our investigations and we will reveal our findings,” he told a press conference at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman here today, after handing over 5,400 packages of ‘kuih raya’ to police officers and rank-and-file who will be on duty during the coming Aidilfitri celebrations.

About 4.30pm last Saturday, Sri Sanjeevan, 29, was shot in the abdomen by a pillion rider on a motorcycle which drew alongside a silver BMW car driven by the victim at an intersection in Taman Cempaka.

At the time, the MyWatch chairman, who was with a male friend in the front passenger seat, had wound down his window to have a puff.

Later today, Sri Sanjeevan, who has been warded at the intensive care unit of the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital, will undergo an operation to remove the bullet.

A special task force headed by Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah has been set up to investigate the murder attempt.

Khalid said the police were in the midst of investigating a twitter account holder who alleged that “enforcement officers” were given orders to shoot Sri Sanjeevan.

“On our part, we are waiting to interview Sri Sanjeevan when he recovers completely, to enable us to identify the said enforcement officers.

On whether the police would call up Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategic director Rafizi Ramli in connection with a ‘list’ containing names of policemen under internal probe – which was reportedly in possession of Sri Sanjeevan – Khalid said the police would study whether there was such a need.

The inspector-general of police said Sri Sanjeevan had alleged that Melaka and Negeri Sembilan police were paid between RM30,000 and RM50,000 to divulge information to drug syndicates on impending police raids.

“However, to date, he has not given the police any information. How are we to investigate whether the allegation is true or not?

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The responsive Home Minister

Ballsy Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is slowly but consistently proving that he is a ballsy Home Minister. Following the controversy raised on the seamless public screening on 22 August 2013 of “The New Village” through the GSC cinema circuit first raised in this blog. It is suspiciously promoting subliminal Chinese Chauvinism in the propaganda of the Malayan Communist Party were the ‘true Independent fighters’, the film has now been suspended.

The Malaysian Insider:


Screening of “The New Village” suspended

JULY 28, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 28, 2013 10:39 PM

The home ministry has suspended the screening of a local Chinese movie, “The New Village”, which was set to open in cinemas on Aug 22, pending another review by the Censorship Board.

The movie is said to promote communism.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic) said the decision was made following a furore created by social media bloggers and non-governmental organisations on the movie’s content.

“We have to postpone the premiere date pending another thorough look into the movie’s plot,” he said today in Sungai Buloh.

The movie was  to open on Aug 22,

Ahmad Zahid said the Censorship Board which is under the purview of his ministry, will also look into claims by some that the movie carries strong elements of communism.

“The board will review the plot and the hidden messages in the movie.

“The new release date will be decided once the second review is completed.”

He said the ministry, however, will not hesitate to revoke the approval of the movie’s screening should the film be found to be hero-worshipping the Malayan Communist Party (PKM) and humiliating the country’s defence forces.

Ahmad Zahid said the Censorshhip Board received a review application from the producers on Sept 6, last year.

“It was viewed and censored by a three-men panel from the board and approved three days later.”

He said a Certificate of Admittance A (permission to screen) was issued on Nov 9 last year.

The movie was rated as “Lulus Bersih” (no censorship) with a P13 classification.

“The censors felt that the scenes in the movie contained action shots which were not overdone to maintain its story flow.”

Ahmad Zahid said the movie also contained impressive battle scenes between the communists and camp commanders, which was also not overdone.

He noted that reports and comments published in newspapers and blogs about the movie were done based only on the trailer of the film, which was uploaded onto the internet.

Ahmad Zahid’s decision comes following a stinging weekend piece in Mingguan Malaysia by Awang Selamat questioning how Putrajaya allowed the release of “The New Village”, which it said, glorified communism.

Awang Selamat, the moniker representing the paper’s collective editorial voice, said another locally-made movie on nationalism, “Tanda Putera”, on the events surrounding the May 13 riots, had triggered widespread criticisms after snippets of the movie were leaked online

Awang Selamat, said the screening of “Tanda Putera” had been postponed three times but will open in cinemas on Aug 29.

“Tanda Putera” is about the friendship and struggles of Malaysia’s second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman in dealing with the May 13 tragedy in 1969.

Several opposition politicians, particularly those from the DAP, had objected to the way the movie had portrayed the party and its then secretary-general Lim Kit Siang.

Awang Selamat further alleged that the producer of “The New Village” wanted to rewrite history by highlighting the struggles of the communists.

“The production of the film appears to be an attempt to sanction the fight of the communists, including Chin Peng.”

The movie was directed by Wong Kew Lit and produced by Astro Shaw. The cast does not include any Malay or Indian artists.

The movie is centred on the Emergency in Malaya in 1949 and portrays the Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) and the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) as fighters for independence, said Awang Selamat.

It also showcases the actions of the British against the Chinese during the emergency. The film focuses on MPAJA, which was linked to the communist party, said Awang Selamat.

In a related development, Bernama reports the Communication and Multimedia Ministry has asked the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) to review the content of “The New Village”.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, said the move was necessary to ensure no film which adversely affects or causes negative feelings among Malaysians was screened.

“For me, if the movie promotes communism and causes racial misunderstanding, we will not hesitate to stop its screening.

“I have directed Finas to relook the film to see if there are issues which could bring undesirable consequences and we will not hesistate to take the appropriate action,” he said.

Ahmad Shabery, who is Kemaman MP, was speaking to reporters after treating 120 orphans and needy children from around the Kemaman parliamentary constituency to buy Hari Raya clothes at a supermarket here.

He said Finas can ban the movie if it was proven to raise racial sentiments, but he requested people not to condemn the film based only on the trailer. – July 28, 2013.


On the other hand, these  Chinese Chauvinists have been trying to stop the public screening of “Tanda Putera” which now has been scheduled to 29 August 2013. Although the film is about true accounts instead of just a true story about the lives of Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman between May 1969 – Jan 1976, it was viciously attacked as if Shuhaimi Baba’s work is promoting racism.

Emperissimo of DAP Chinese Chauvinism Lim Kit Siang intolerably but rabidly led the charge although he has not even watched the film.

The fact is that as a high ranking DAP official, he was one of the “Radical and subversive elements” which fanned anti-Malay hatred and brought about the Chinese to intensely insult and provoke the Malays before, during and after the 3GE campaign in May 1969. That sparked the racial riots.

Putera-AMCJA flag at the eve of 55th Mederka celebrations at Dataran Merdeka

They did not stop there. The continued to skew historical facts with the intellectual arguments that the nationalists amongst the Malays and UMNO weren’t the true fighters against the British rule but instead the leftists and radicals. They were consistent about this manipulation, aimed to capture the imagination of young Malaysians and Non Malyas especially the Chinese.

The attempts to picture the “Radical and subversive elements” as the true Merdeka fighters instead of the right wing nationalists such as UMNO, is getting more bold and apparent. They even brought about the Putera-AMCJA flag during 55th Merdeka eve celebrations.

The objective is very clear. The minority wants political power over the majority.

The way for them as minority to gain power is to subdue the spirit of patriotism through the true and known history and downplay the support and influence of UMNO on the Malays and instead open them to the notion of throwing their support on an artificial ‘equal-opportunity’ political force such as the Chinese Chauvinist DAP. This clear from the consistency of the DAP of being very insistent that the Communist “Butcher of Malaya” rebels were the true fighters for independence.

The dialogue in the film "The New Village" as the Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and "They have to defend their homeland"

The dialogue in the film “The New Village” as the resettled Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and “We must fight for our homeland”

The other sinister way is through the ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy where all law enforcement agencies and authorities, especially led and controlled by the Malays are systematically and progressively but with intensity being demonised.

Home Minister Dr. Zahid’s stance on issues like EO, Sedition Act and decisiveness on a film that without any doubt be a controversy, is expected to be welcomed by the majority amongst the Malays although vile attacks would be expected from the Chinese especially by the DAP.

Probably the opinion of ‘Adviser’ to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and an avid historian Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D on the skewed history  bit on story line of the pro-Chinese Chauvinist film “The New Village”. This is because Gen. Sir Harold Briggs’s ‘Briggs Plan’ only came into being after he had arrived in Malaya in late 1950, unlike pictured in the film as 1949.

After all, it was Dr Rais who worked so hard to ensure that “Tanda Putera” miss the scheduled public screening through the cinema circuits last year, twice.

*Updated 2330hrs

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An impetus for EO

MyWatch Chairman R Sri Sanjeevan

There is a compelling rational for the Emergency Ordinance (EO) to be brought back. A former Negeri Sembilan PKR man and an activist of an unregistered NGO specialising on criticism against Police and official reports of crime was shot by seemingly a hitman.

NST story:

28 July 2013| last updated at 12:34AM

Anti-crime watchdog chief battling for life after being shot by gunman


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SEREMBAN: Gunmen targeting on the chairman of anti-crime watchdog, MyWatch, made an attempt on his life yesterday.

R. Sri Sanjeevan, who was shot at close range at 4.30pm yesterday at Taman Cempaka, Bahau, was at press time was in a critical state.

Jempol police chief Supt Hamzah Alias said Sanjeevan had gone out with his friend, Ramesh Balakrishnan, 35, for a drink after picking up the latter at his house.

“The two were in Sanjeevan’s silver BMW when he (Sanjeevan) stopped at a junction near Taman Awana Indah and wound down the car window for a smoke.

“Two assailants on a red motorcycle rode up next to him. The pillion rider then fired a shot at Sanjeevan’s right rib,” he told the New Sunday Times when contacted last night.

He said the pillion rider then got off the motorcycle and walked towards Sanjeevan but Sanjeevan managed to speed off despite having sustained a  gunshot wound.

“The victim despite being badly injured,  managed to drive off, leaving the suspects behind.”

“The suspects then left the crime scene and rode away towards the road leading to Rompin.” “ he said.

Hamzah said Sanjeevan drove some 300m from the scene before pulling over for his friend to take over the wheel.

“His friend (Ramesh), then moved him to the passenger’s seat before taking and driving  to the Jempol Hospital,” he said.

Sanjeevan is expected to be transferred to Kuala Pilah hospital today.

Hamzah said the police have yet to establish the motive behind the attempted murder.

“So far there have been no leads or suspects.  Investigation is ongoing,” he said, adding that a special task force had been set up by the Negri Sembilan police headquarters to probe the case, which is being investigated under section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

It was reported in January that Sanjeevan claimed he received a death but brushed it off as part of the risk that came with the role he assumed.

Sanjeevan had claimed someone called him from a unknown warning him to watch his back as he had “stepped on too many toes”.

Mywatch president R. Sanjeevan undergoing treatment at Jempol Hospital. NST pix by Abnor Hamizam Abd Manap

Read more: Anti-crime watchdog chief battling for life after being shot by gunman – Latest – New Straits Times


If the crime is really an assassination attempt, then it there is a high probability that it is a professional job. It simply means that a hitman is hired to finnish of Sanjeevan.

The task is now for the Police to look for these criminals. It is not as daunting as providing the motive, evidence and possibile witnesses for the Public Proscecutor the charge the accused.

That’s is the tricky bit. It has been said many refuse to step up to be witnesses in murder cases involving professional hitmen.

More often than not, murder cases like these are linked to organised criminals and the intricate network of underground vices and criminal groups. Individuals with knowledge of these crimes are said to be not forthcoming with information, for fear of having to be witnesses.

The deficiency in admissible evidence and testimony of credible witnesses is the major reason why assassinations involving organised criminals cannot be brought to justice.

That is the very reason why necessary crime fighting apparatus such as the Emergency Ordinance (EO) needs to be brought back.

For the record, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak repealed what some liberal like minded minority pockets of the society described as “Draconian Laws”, such as Internal Security Act (ISA) and EO on the eve when The Mole went live. The endless argument is that these laws are impeding into human rights and principles of civil liberty.

Since 2012, it is believed that more than 2,000 detainees under EO and a few thousand more as ‘Restricted Residents’ were released to society. Many believe that the increased number of crimes include vice related activities, armed robbery, murder and extortion and kidnapping are attributed to these organised criminals being returned to their previous network.

Undoubtedly, it is time to bring these laws back. The society needs to be protected from ‘ruthless and underworld criminals’.

The fact is that the modern world is filled with sophisticated but really brutal and ruthless criminals, where it is almost impossible to be brought to justice. The necessity to take them off the streets and place them away from society surpasses the notion to uphold principles of human rights and democracy.

*Updated 0400hrs

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You Kiasu, I Tak-Puas-Hati

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has now written a critique on the behaviour and attitude of the Malaysian Chinese at present day which changed through times. It could be summed up as the Malaysian Chinese conveniently forgotten how the opportunity for them was opened to participate in the ‘kongsi-kuasa’ coalition and have now eventually turned ‘Kiasu’.

NST article:
26 July 2013| last updated at 11:44PM

The Chinese dilemma

By Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

’KONGSI’ CONCEPT: Each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something

IN response to the emergence of a Malay political party,  Umno and its success in rejecting the British inspired Malayan Union, the Chinese community of the 1940s saw the need for a political party of their own to present their views to the British government.

Thus was the MCA conceived and born, led by Malacca’s Sir Cheng-Lock Tan. Although it was intended to counter the influence of Umno and protect the interests of the Chinese community, events changed the strategy and role of the MCA.

In 1952 the Kuala Lumpur Umno leaders and the Kuala Lumpur MCA branch leaders decided that in the Kuala Lumpur municipal elections, they should not contest against each other, but instead should support each other’s candidates in their respective constituencies.

The results startled them as they defeated almost all the non-racial parties. Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other the Tunku (Abdul Rahman) and Sir Cheng-Lock Tan, and senior leaders of the MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

The basis of this coalition was the idea of supporting each other and sharing the power gained. Buoyed by the success of the Alliance party in the 1955 elections, in which the MIC had joined, the Tunku looked more kindly at the proposal of Sir Cheng-Lock that citizenship should be based on jus soli (citizenship by being born in the country) and not jus saguinis (citizenship based on the Malaysian citizenship of the father or mother, i.e. citizenship based on blood relation).

The Tunku did not quite agree but he nevertheless decided to give one million citizenships to unqualified Chinese and Indians.

With that the confrontation between the Chinese and the Malays changed into positive cooperation.

It was a classic kongsi that was set up. The essence is an undertaking to share. Sharing involves a give and take arrangement, in which each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something.

As the Malays made up the majority of the citizens they naturally led the Alliance. But the Chinese and Indians were not without adequate power. In any case Malay political power would be mitigated by Chinese and Indians’ voting and economic power.

The Tunku saw immediate benefit from the “kongsi” as he believed Malays only wanted to be government employees and the Chinese wanted to be in business. There would be no conflict or tussle between them.

The Indians would fill up the professional posts. He did not foresee the days when government could not create enough jobs for the greatly increased number of Malays.

The kongsi Alliance worked well. But in 1963 Singapore joined Malaysia.

Immediately the PAP tried to gain Chinese support by condemning the Alliance kongsi for being disadvantageous to the Chinese.  Malaysians, said the PAP, were not equal.  There should be a Malaysian Malaysia where all the benefits should be based on merit alone, with the best taking everything, irrespective of race.

Without saying so in so many words the PAP was inferring that the Malays did not deserve their positions. The best people should rule the country. In the eyes of the PAP, Singapore was ruled by the best qualified people. That they happen to be almost all Chinese is incidental.

In the 1964 elections the MCA and Malaysian Chinese generally valued their cooperation with the Malays. They rejected the PAP and its chauvinistic appeal, giving it only one seat.

The Tunku realised what the PAP was up to and decided that Singapore should not be a part of Malaysia. But the PAP was not done. The remnant of the party in Malaysia set up the DAP to carry on the Malaysian Malaysia meritocratic formula for undermining Chinese support for the MCA.

Harping continuously on the so-called Malay privileges and the unfairness to the Chinese, the DAP slowly eroded the idea of kongsi in the multi-racial coalition of the Barisan Nasional.

Despite the fact that the Barisan Nasional supported Chinese education and the use of the Chinese language, the DAP convinced many Chinese that the Chinese, their culture and language are not given proper treatment by the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA was attacked for not doing enough for the Chinese.

Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sir Cheng-Lock Tan and senior leaders of MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

Read more: The Chinese dilemma – Columnist – New Straits Times


The nation was born out of the proposition of understanding, give-and-take and working to together.

Founding MCA President Tun Tan Cheng Lock already was looking towards co-operation with the Malays when the Chinese nationalist party was formed in 1949. Extracted from Joceline Tan’s “Key roles of father and son”, 25 March 2007.

It was around that time too that the idea of forming a Chinese association germinated; and in 1949 Cheng Lock, together with several others like Tun Leong Yew Koh and Colonel H.S. Lee, founded the MCA.

Man of tradition: The young Tun Tan Cheng Lock in Baba home attire with his son Siew Sin and three daughters.

It took the form of a welfare group to assist the Chinese who had been forced into new villages to segregate them from communist influence, and it became a political entity only in 1952.

In his inaugural speech, Cheng Lock said: “One of the basic aims of the Malayan Chinese Association is to help, in cooperation with the Malays and other communities, the development of the process of making the whole of Malaya one country, one people and one government.”


In 1956, HRH Rulers agreed to give up their right as absolute rulers in favour of Westminister-style Constitutional Monarchy democratic system and accepted then UMNO President and Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s initiative of admitting the almost one million Non Malays as citizens with equal rights.

The post-Malayan Union negotiations between HRH Rulers and the British as UMNO were accorded observer status

These are substantial components of the ‘Social Contract’, where HRH Rulers’ in return are assured of the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation, Malay as the national language, Special Malay Rights, the Royal Malay Regiment enshrined in the Federal Constitution. On top of that, HRH Rulers (as the Conference of Rulers) through  His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong is accorded with the power and pleasure of convening and dissolution of the Parliament, declaration of Emergency, appointment of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, members of the Judiciary and essential officials such Chief of Defense Forces and all service chiefs, IGP, MACC Chief Commissioner, EC Chairman, Attorney General, Auditor General, Governor of Bank Negara and  Chief Secretary to the Government.

In the same Joceline Tan article about Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin, Siew Sin’s daughter Tan Siok Choo recalled the bit about the ‘Social Contract’:

As such, the group of seven who negotiated the terms of independence included Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak Hussein, Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, Siew Sin, Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin, Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu and Tun V.T. Sambathan.

Given the diverse needs and demands of the different communities, the eventual Merdeka blueprint did not satisfy everyone.

But the non-Malays obtained citizenship and political enfranchisement and the freedom of worship and to propagate their own culture, language and customs.

Upon Independence, only 10% of the non-Malays were citizens but a year later about 90% had been enfranchised.

“My father used to say later that Britain gave independence to Malaya for only two reasons — they saw that Umno and MCA could work together and negotiate differences among themselves, and also to neutralise the political objective of the communists,” said Siok Choo.


The principle of admitting Non Malays as citizens as per the Federation of Malaya Treaty 21 Jan 1948 was not enforced, to allow for the admission on these previously “Stateless persons”.

84% dari pengundi berdaftar semasa Pilihanraya Majlis Perudangan Persekutuan 1955 ialah orang Melayu

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council election were the Malays. The Chinese were only 11%

It is apparent in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council election where the Chinese were only 11% of the voters. Despite the low eligibility to vote, UMNO provided the Chinese via MCA 29% of the seats contested by the coalition Alliance Party. Tunku Abdul Rahman allocated three out of ten membership of his first Cabinet in 1955 to the MCA leaders.

Upon Merdeka, one of the inaugural Cabinet member as the Minister of Health Tun Leong Yew Koh was appointed the first Governor of Melaka. A Malaysian Chinese is now sit with the same stature of HRH Rulers in the Conference of Rulers.

TYT Tun Leong Yew Koh, Governor of Melaka (1957-59)

This Malay-Chinese ‘kongsi-kuasa’ relationship continued and strengthened further. Officers amongst the Malaysian Chinese in the civil service were given the due professional recognition and validation as they were appointed as Chief Secretaries, Director Generals, Ambassadors and High Commissioners and Deputy Governor of the Bank Negara. This is on top of some of the career officers of His Majesty’s Armed Forces were promoted into brass ranks.

Then MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin appreciated the sacrifice of the Malays and remarked on the ‘Social Contract’ and ‘kongsi-kuasa’ coalition formula;

“In return for the generosity of the Malays, MCA and MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving and respecting the special position of the Malays and at the same timesafeguard the legitimate interests of other”.

30 April 1969

Tun Tan Siew Sin

President of the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA, later Malaysian Chinese Association)- from November 1961 to April 1974


Even though the racial riots of 13 May 1969 were caused by the subversive elements, radicalism, Chinese Chauvinism and racism and extremism amongst some of the Malaysian Chinese which include closet Min Yuens, the decision there on to correct the situation was not to isolate them. Instead, then the acting Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein brought the Chinese into the consultation for a consensus to move forward.

All the Chinese political stakeholders participated in the consultation process, which include the Gerakan. Only the Chinese Chauvinist DAP refused to be part of the process and continued their racism attacks, in their attempt to fan the division and hatred between the Malays and Chinese, guised under the ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ call.

One of the fundamental policies to correct the disparity between races  by identifying certain ethnic groups with a particular economic activity and power and socio-economic correction that was formed by this process of national consultation is the New Economic Policy. This affirmative action allowed the political stability and social harmony to be harnessed that enabled the climate for economic development programs, growth and eventually progress.

Perak DAP Chairman and Bruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham insulting HRH Sultan Johor for appointing an MCA ADUN as Johor Exco

Fast forward four decades later, the steady growth and continued progress facilitated by the market friendly, stability, political climate and environment, proper policies, planning and execution and comprehensive eco-system (such as Fourth Prime Minister’s ‘Vision 2020’ and ‘Malaysian Incorporated’ policies) for Malaysia to reach the current economic stature. Needless to say, the Chinese and their enterprise (many of the markets and industries which practice as oligopoly) benefitted the most.

DAP leader Hew Kuan Yew and his consistent biadapness

As the Chinese enjoyed better and more powerful economic standing and role, they have since decided to behave differently. They progressively started to be more demanding and pandered into very self-centered wants, instead of previously accommodating and participating as a ‘team player’. The openly and progressively attack policies such as NEP with intensity and question fundamental matters such as ‘Social Contract’, Special Malay Rights and other specific provisions enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Recently in the 13GE polls, they have demonstrated their willingness to even distort history and screw the mind of young Malaysians, back-stabbed ‘kongsi-kuasa’ and defied the tolerance, understanding and good working relation through BN in favour of Chinese Chauvinst DAP.

The Chinese Chauvinist and racist DAP leaders and the like-minded minority groups even resorted to insult position, role and authority of HRH Rulers, Islam as religion of the Federation of Malaysia. They even resort to be seditious.  This is not with standing the fact of their continued open support for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and his attempt to come back to Malaysia.

Issues such as “Making Christianity the official religion”, ‘kalimah Allah’ be allowed to use in place of God and Malay bibles destined for Semenanjung Malaysia and protelysation of Malay-Muslims  are specific recipes for social and peace disaster if the Chinese Chauvinist and racist decide to provoke further and demonstrate their biadapness.

Published: Thursday February 14, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday April 17, 2013 MYT 12:01:53 PM

Jailed for showing obscene sign at Queen

Royal offence: Leong (right) leaving the courthouse in Penang. — Bernama

Royal offence: Leong (right) leaving the courthouse in Penang. — Bernama

BALIK PULAU: A factory supervisor pleaded guilty to two charges of showing an obscene sign in the direction of the Raja Permaisuri Agong and a police officer at the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas here.

Leong Pei Koe, 28, who was charged under Section 294 (a) of the Penal Code (Act 674) for lewd activity in a public place, was sentenced to a month’s jail from the date of his arrest and fined RM6,000 under the first charge by a magistrate’s court.

He was also sentenced to a week’s jail from the date of arrest and fined RM2,000 under the second charge of showing an obscene gesture to ASP Mohd Fakhrudin Abd Hamid.

Both sentences were ordered to run concurrently. DPP Charanjit Singh prosecuted.

Leong, who is said to be working in Singapore, committed the offence at about noon on Monday.

He was outside the arrival hall when he flashed the sign at the passing royal entourage.

One of Tuanku Hajah Haminah’s bodyguards, who saw the gesture, detained him and handed him over to the police.

The Queen was in Penang for a private function.


The recent ultra sensitive issues in the past three weeks are examples of these intense provocations. More over in the Malay-Muslims holiest month, Ramadan.

The Malaysian Chinese must take into serious consideration that the limit of the Malays have its threshold. The Malays have a saying to illustrate their limits;  “Buat baik berpada pada” (There is a limit to good deeds), “Bagi betis, nak peha” (Allowed an inch, the demand is for a foot) and “Jangan jolok sarang tebuan” (Do not poke on the hornets’ nest).

Although the Federal Government under Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak seemingly prefer to take a more centre position and pander towards the liberalisation of almost the system in favour of the dynamism of the globalisation and total market economy, the fact still remain that the mainstay of the political power base still lie with the Malays. These are the same majority Malays who would in most circumstance subscribe into conservatism and  in the past resorted to retaliate when the six days’ insult in May 1969 became obnoxiously unbearable.

Malaysian Chinese abroad holing the Jalur Gemilang upside down

Tun Dr. Mahathir is again right. There is the ‘Chinese Dilemma’. The Chinese have to take stock and decide the role they want to play in symbiosis of propelling and the forward progression of Malaysia instead of compounding their ‘want list’, especially in overbearing proportions and outside the norm of typical Malaysian tolerance.

Otherwise, they have to brace for reciprocity. “Tidak Puas Hati” would be just the most diplomatic way of describing a Malay known trait of an extreme spectrum end; Amok.

*Updated 1000hrs

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Malice against the Federal Constitution

The Ipoh High Court decided that a convert Mohd. Ridzuan Abdullah’s initiative to ensure that his minor children’s’ faith are Islam by obtaining certificates from the Perak Religious Department is wrong. Instead Judicial Commissioner Lee Swee Seng decided that both parents must have the right to determine the faith of the children.

The Malaysian Insider report:

Hindu mother wins legal fight to also decide children’s faith after husband converts them to Islam

JULY 25, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 26, 2013 02:05 AM

The Ipoh High Court today quashed the three certificates obtained by kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi’s husband in converting their three children to Islam, saying although he was entitled to convert his religion, he cannot deprive his children and mother’s rights to religious freedom.

This landmark decision by judicial commissioner Lee Swee Seng ruled that both parents must have the right to decide in the conversion of their children.

He allowed Indira’s judicial application with no order as to cost.

Indira filed for a judicial review application in 2009 to quash the three certificates issued by the Perak Islamic religious department, after her then husband, K. Patmanathan, converted them without her knowledge.

Patmanathan had himself converted to Islam on March 2009 and is now known as Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah.


This judgment clearly fail to adhere to the precedent set by the Federal Court on the Subashini case almost six years ago.

Thursday December 27, 2007

Federal Court dismisses Subashini’s case



The Federal Court ruled that the dispute between secretary R. Subashini, 29, and her Muslim-convert husband T. Saravanan alias Muhammad Shafi Abdullah, 32, over the dissolution of their marriage and child custody will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the civil court.

In the landmark decision on Thursday, Federal Court judge Justice Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman said a non-Muslim marriage does not automatically dissolve when one of the parties converts to Islam.

“Thus, by contracting the civil marriage, the husband and wife were bound by the 1976 Act (Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) in respect to divorce and custody of the children of the marriage, and thus, the civil court continues to have jurisdiction over him, notwithstanding his conversion to Islam,” he said.

In a 2-1 majority judgment, Justice Nik Hashim said by embracing Islam, Saravanan and his eldest son (who also converted) became subject to Muslim personal and religious laws.

“It is not an abuse of process, if he, being a Muslim, seeks remedies in the Syariah High Court as it is his right to do so,” he said.

Justice Nik Hashim, who sat together with Federal Court judges Justices Abdul Aziz Mohamad and Azmel Maamor, said this:

“To my mind, the dissolution order of the civil marriage by the Syariah High Court by virtue of conversion would have no legal effect in the High Court other than as evidence of the fact of the dissolution of the marriage under the Islamic law in accordance with Hukum Syarak.

“Thus, the non-Muslim marriage between the husband and wife remains intact and continues to subsist until the High Court dissolves it pursuant to a petition for divorce by the unconverted spouse under Section 51(1) of the 1976 Act,” he said.

He said there is no impediment for the converted husband to appear in the divorce proceeding in the High Court.

He said the contention that the wife could submit to the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court and have recourse to Section 53 of the 1993 Act are not quite correct as the Act limits its jurisdiction to Muslims only.

“The wife, being a non-Muslim, has no locus in the Syariah court,” he said.

Both judges also agreed that although the Syariah courts are state courts, they are not lower in status than the civil courts.

Justices Nik Hashim and Azmel threw out Subashini’s appeal by a majority saying that the divorce petition filed at High Court by Subashini was premature and invalid as it was filed two months and 18 days short of three months after the husband’s conversion to Islam.

Justice Nik Hashim said it was his view that Subashini was entitled to proceed with her application on custody but it would be most appropriate if she filed her petition for divorce afresh.

On conversion, both judges said either husband or wife has the right to convert a child of the marriage to Islam.


For a minor, the rightful guardian should be the father. Therefore the father should have the first right of refusal to determine the faith of the children, especially when the father is a Muslim.

As Muslims, the father’s role, right and responsibility over his children are enormous. Since the position of  Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and provisions enshrined in Federal Constitution as part of the definition of the nation’s identity, therefore it is paramount for any rulings pertaining to the Islamic faith be determined on the order where Islam had been positioned.

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

After all, in Islam the determination of the ‘decisive age’ is not at 18 but when the teenager experience puberty.

Many view the decision made by the Ipoh High Court to determine the authenticity of the children’s status as Muslims as per the issuance of certificate by JAIP is defective. The determination of the three children’s conversion into Islam is complete and therefore they are Muslim by faith should be carried by the process and tribunal in the Syariah High Court instead of a Civil High Court.

Just like in the case of Lina Joy.

Matters pertaining to Islam should have been brought to the Syariah High Court, as per the Art 121 (a) Federal Constitution

Matters pertaining to Islam should have been brought to the Syariah High Court, as per the Art 121 (1a) Federal Constitution

It is suspicious that Judicial Commissioner Lee’s judgment failed to take into account or worse still, omitted the spirit in the precedence of the Subashini’s case decision. It could be also seen as intentionally making the judgment in the essence and flavour where of late many minority challenged the right, position and sentiment of the majority. This is prevalent in the case where the position and role of HRH Ruler’s decree on the ultra sensitive issue  of ‘kalimah Allah’.

It is expected that Judicial Commissioner Lee’s will draw a lot of emotions and protests from Malay-Muslim groupings. This is the third insult against Islam and Muslims in this Ramadan, after Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino’s outrageous statement of supporting Christian Federation Malaysia’s ‘kalimah Allah’ case and sexebitionist duo Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee’s “Bah Kut Teh Selamat Berbuka Puasa” messages.

*Updated 0830hrs Friday 26 July 2013

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Proof of the pudding

The Malaysian Insider is trying to manipulate again, based on skewed information many amongst the minority consider as ‘facts’. This time, about the impact of Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s tweets before and during the 13GE.


Najib’s GE13 tweets lacked impact, bounced between cybertroopers, research shows

JULY 24, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 24, 2013 08:42 PM

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s (pic) election tweets and retweets between nomination day and polling day to woo voters failed to produce the desired effect in the May 5 general elections, according to a local researcher.

Dr Surinderpal Kaur, who ran a study on the impact of the Twitter microblogging service before and after the election, said the prime minister’s tweets had a high volume but lacked impact as it bounced only between his followers and likely cybertroopers or paid social media practitioners.

The study was based on about 900,000 tweets on the election. Tweeting became popular for GE13, a change from the 2008 general elections when the social network scene was dominated by bloggers.

“His tweets were mainly circulated among those who followed him. His followers in turn were only tweeting and retweeting to those within their network,” she told a seminar on post 13th general election in Kuala Lumpur today.

The seminar was organised by Universiti Malaya’s Centre for Democracy and Election (UMCEDEL), which had conducted several survey before, during and after Election 2013.

Najib’s ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) won the general elections with 133 federal seats, down seven from the 140 gained in Election 2008 when Tun Abdullah Badawi was the prime minister.

Surinderpal said to have an impact, Najib’s followers should have been linked to those outside their own network. (Retweet is a process of repeating of the original tweet.)

“This did not happen. One of the reasons could be that some of the followers may be cybertroopers,” said the senior lecturer at  UM and a fellow of UMCEDEL.

To put it simply, she said the Twitter exercise reflected limited communication that was confined to Najib and those within his network.

“This is one of the reasons why BN lost the cyberwar against the opposition because tweets must generate chain reaction,” she added.

According to which measures social network statistics, Najib has 1.67 million followers on Twitter since he began the account four years and 10 months ago. The prime minister has only tweeted some 4,500 times

But his main political foe, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibraim, has only 359,007 followers although his account started six years and four months ago. Anwar has tweeted nearly 30,000 times.

Surinderpal said in comparison the network of pro-Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and impartial Malaysians may not have high volume but the impact was present because they were linked to other networks.

She noted that PR’s Black 505 rallies after the election were widely known due to information from Twitter despite lack of coverage about the event in the mainstream media.

She also said Anwar had gained more currency as a household name after the election due to the microblogging service. – July 24, 2013


The fact that the analysis is not open for public view and TMI only reported about the essence of the analysis, based on the quotation of the Dr Surinderpal Kaur on the paper presented in a seminar held by UMCEDEL. Whether or not Dr Surinderpal study and analysis is accurate, it is open for debate.

The party which Prime Minister Najib lead as the President, obtained 11% more seats in the Parliament and two extra State Governments previously won by the Oppositions in the 13GE on 5 May 2013 as compared to the 12GE on 8 March 2008. Thus the Oppositions were reduced to controlling only three State Governments.

The Malay support for UMNO haas been strengthened further when UMNO’s candidate for N01 Kuala Besut by-election Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman won with an increased majority last night.

PM: Kemenangan di Kuala Besut bukti Umno masih menyerlah

JULY 24, 2013

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (gambar) berkata, kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kuala Besut hari ini membuktikan kekuatan Umno masih menyerlah.

Maka, beliau berkata, usaha untuk memperkukuh Umno akan terus diperkasa supaya mampu menambah keyakinan rakyat terhadap Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Alhamdulillah, BN menang di Kuala Besut dan terima kasih kepada semua pengundi di Kuala Besut yang menyokong BN.

“InsyaAllah kita akan tunaikan semua janji pilihan raya kita ,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis berbuka puasa Perdana Menteri dan isteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor bersama sahabat, ketua bahagian, Puteri, Pemuda dan Wanita Umno di Seri Perdana.

Najib berkata demikian ketika mengulas kemenangan calon BN Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman dengan majoriti 2,592 undi ke atas calon PAS, Endot@Azlan Yusof pada PRK Kuala Besut.

Beliau melahirkan keyakinan dengan kredibiliti Tengku Zaihan, 37, untuk terus berkhidmat kepada masyarakat setempat.

“Saya yakin beliau tokoh muda yang berkebolehan. Ini petanda baik sokongan rakyat terhadap BN.

“Pertambahan majoriti kemenangan menunjukkan prestasi yang menggalakkan dan semoga ia dapat memberikan semangat yang lebih kepada semua anggota BN untuk menambah sumbangan dan daya juang,” katanya. – Bernama, 24 Julai, 2013.


Whether or not the tweets are being retweeted and circulated back and forth between BN cybertroopers as Dr Surinderpal claimed, they must have some degree of escalating effect. The impact should be measured by the increased in support Prime Minister Najib and UMNO got.

It is undeniable that the majority of this nation, the Malays and their party, UMNO, which is the backbone of BN prevailed in the 13GE.

It is defective to state that Anwar Ibrahim’s currency improved by the traffic of micro-blogging. The fact is that the Opposition faired in slightly more Parliamentary seats in the 13GE is due to the ‘Chinese Tsunami’.

Considering the ‘political sabotage’ by the Chinese of the BN’s concept of power-share since the 1955 Federal Consultative Election, UMNO did very well in Johor, Sabah and Pahang and managed to recapture the Kedah and Perak State Governments.

The fact is that 62.09% of BN votes for Parliamentary seats actually went to UMNO candidates.

The majority of  those who attended the failed Oppositions’ held ‘Black 505’ rallies to get the snowball effect for the rakyat to rise for the “Malaysian Spring” and topple the BN controlled Federal Government, are the Chinese. As the leading minority, they would not get the desired effect if the majority are not with them despite whether or not there were so-called ‘substantial increase in micro-blogging and social networking’ messages.

As they say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. ‘Impact’, must be translated in realisable effect of support and power. Not just theoretical.

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Nursing monkeys in the jungle

Now that a new Minister takes over from Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim Ph.D in the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek instructed that the feature film about two of the nation’s prolific statesmen between 8 May 1969 – 16 Jan 1976 “Tanda Putera” be released into public screening the soonest opportunity available.

Published: Monday June 3, 2013 MYT 1:25:00 PM
Updated: Monday June 10, 2013 MYT 4:39:32 PM

Controversial film Tanda Putera finally coming to local cinemas


KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial local film Tanda Putera, which depicts events leading up to and during the May 13, 1969 riots, will hit Malaysian cinemas on Aug 29 this year, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

“It will be released on Aug 29,” he told reporters at theMalaysian National Film Development Corporation (Finas)centre.

Ahmad Shabery had previously called for Finas to publicly screen Tanda Putera.

Directed by Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba, the film depicts events during the May 13, 1969 riots, focusing on Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman.

Produced in 2011 by Persona Pictures Sdn Bhd, the RM4 million film carries a PG13 rating and was supposed to be screened from Nov 15 last year.

Commenting on the date, Ahmad said he preferred the film to be screened earlier, during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays.

“People have been waiting for the film to come out, so the sooner the better,” he said.

However, Finas officials said that if Tanda Putera was released then, it would not do well at the box office.

Finas director-general Raja Rozaimie Raja Dalnish Shah said that two other movies were scheduled for a Aug 8 releaseAdnan Sempit 3 and Lemak Kampung Santan.

“Based on our previous experience, collections for films released during Hari Raya aren’t that good…Three Malay movies during Hari Raya is not good,” he said.

Raja Rozaimie said that the film’s producers asked for the Aug 29 date, adding this allowed it to be marketed from now.

The Cabinet earlier held back the screening of the film as it was concerned it would cause conflict among communities


Last year, the screening of “Tanda Putera” was postponed twice (September and November 2012) before Dr Rais lied about the film did not get the Board of Censorship approval and eventually he and Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon manipulated the Cabinet to decide on the indefinite  postponement.

Their lame justification was that the film might irk Chinese sentiments and would affect Barisan Nasional’s chances in then the much anticipated 13GE.

The fact has proven the Chinese en bloc rejected BN at the polls on 5 May 2013 for the 13GE despite so many concessions made for them, in what Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s initial reaction description as “Chinese Tsunami”.

The scene in "Tanda Putera" depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric  demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

The scene in “Tanda Putera” depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

It was about the Chinese en bloc wanted power and as minority having powering influence if not control over the majority. It was also more and more taken into the Oppositions’  ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy of demonising all principles, power and authority will lay in the hands of the majority, the Malays, and DAP’s continuous fanning racist sentiments and Chinese Chauvinism.

It was never about films like “Tanda Putera”, even though it was the recollection of what happened to the nation before, during and post 3GE  in May 1969 which saw the radicals, extremists, Chinese Chauvinists and subversive elements such as the Communist Terrorists fanned radicalism, Chinese Chauvinism and racism. As such a bloody racial riots erupted and the nation was placed under Emergency Law.

The scene where the National Operations Council meeting to resolve operational issues during the May 1969 curfew

The scene where the National Operations Council meeting to resolve operational issues during the May 1969 curfew

Film-maker Dato’ Paduka Shuhaimi Baba brilliantly portrayed the intense and critical moments and decisions made by the National Operation Council and to put the nation straight again and slowly reconcile all fragmented society and the deep distrust between the races in record time.

That is on top then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman as individuals were suffering in secret of terminal illness and their resolve and determination to serve the nation first. This include the formulation of post 13 May 1969 policies such as the New Economic Policy and Industrial Master  Plan which became the fundamental foundation for harmony and stability, which are the primary constants and facilitated the nation’s growth to present day.

Now it seems Astro-Shaw has published a new film based on the Malayan Chinese struggle against the Communist Terrorists (CT) in 1949 in the new villages created to re-settle Chinese communities away from the threat and influence of the jungle-centric CTs. It was skewed since the program to re-settle Chinese communities in then the newly instituted new villages under the ‘Briggs Plan’ came only after Gen. Sir Harold Briggs arrive at Malaya in 1950.

It is funny none of the so called critics, manipulators and most of all the Neo Min Yuen supporters and liars of historical facts which is the complete opposite to “Tanda Putera”, made no comments at all about “The New Village”. The fact is that Shuhaimi Baba’s work was based on history and true accounts where as Wong Kew-Lit’s work was purely fictitious and not based on facts.

De-railment of the Malayan Railways, during Emergency 1948-60

There are suspicions that the film “The New Village” is about subliminal effort to continue the Chinese Chauvinism doctrine amongst the young Malaysian Chinese. Particularly, highlighting the “Butchers of Malaya” a.k.a. MPAJA struggle against the British and Commonwealth Forces after Emergency was declared, therefore they were the ‘true’ Independence fighters.

The movie made its way into the local cinema circuits seamlessly and most importantly, in total silence without any controversy what so ever where as “Tanda Putera” came under the artificial barriers by Finas and eventually to slot into the ‘Wajib Tayang’ scheme which is a policy for locally produced films.

The Malays have a saying, “Kera dihutan disusukan, Anak dibuaian mati kelaparan“. The public screening of “Tanda Putera” fits into that, perfectly.

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