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Datuk Azeez “Putera” Rahim

‘Project IC’ here has got nothing to do with the controversial RCI on the naturalisation of many persons as citizens in Sabah which is on going. It is about ‘integrity’ and ‘credibility’. Especially in a Federal Government purpose incepted body for depositors to save up for Hajj pilgrimage.

We are bringing up  a prickly issue so many persons who contacted us at BigDogDotCom and expressed their grouses and deep concern on the appointment of MP for Baling and UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Azeez Rahim as the new Chairman for Tabung Haji. It is baffling how Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak does not have his ears on the ground and why he would allow something like this to happen.

Let us get real; Azeez or how Datuk Rocky described him, “The man with two ‘E’s” is not a man of high credibility and integrity. Even though his highly dubious ‘MBA from Preston University U.S.A. has been removed from all of his briefs or resumes in the public domain since four weeks ago, one can’t help being questioned about it in too many circles. In fact, his name has been over and again mentioned if not marred with dubious deals.

In not so finer words, he is someone who is not spoken highly of when it comes to ‘trustworthiness’.

Updated brief resume of Datuk Azeez Rahim, in Tabung Haji website

Updated brief resume of Datuk Azeez Rahim, in Tabung Haji website

So much ‘market talk’ is centred about the appointment to an investment savings corporation of over 8 million depositors and RM 36 billion in assets and cash. Professionals and like minded educated Malays are ‘very concerned’ on the abuses that Azeez might do in the new post.

Unfortunately, that is not a major consideration for many. Azeez is seen as a’powerful political tool’ within UMNO and he is often spoken of  “Someone who works hard for the party”. Like Datuk Rocky aptly put, “Due to some sleek rebranding exercises”, Azeez managed to organise over 30 overseas humanitarian missions under the banner of ‘Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia’.

That  is hardly surprising. Tabung Haji could now do a lot more ‘favours and goodwill’ considering the amount of “Disposable cash they have in the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR)” and ‘jump on the queue’ to perform Hajj. Many could gain instead of being listed in the queue which could extend upto 18 years, considering that is a list of almost  a million depositors waiting to go for pilgrimage.

Then again, Tabung Haji and Malaysian pilgrims to the holy land are confined to the quota set by Saudi Government. And now that Haram Al- Shariff in Mecca is under massive expansion renovation, the quota system would shrunk and tighter for a few more years.

In the minds of many, Azeez should play a bigger role in NGOs designed specifically to give assistance and bring a better social standing of unfortunate and downtrodden Malaysians especially the Malays. He would definitely earn termendous support and accolades, since he is good with that and more over, he is even very ‘marketable’ since he is so media savvy.

However, that organisation is not and should not be Tabung Haji. It is bad enough he was appointed a BOD member two years ago. The question asked me many; now as the Chairman? Is he of credible training and experience to conduct a board of directors meeting, which is a statutory forum of any organisation?

This appointment will erode further the confidence of professional Malays towards Prime Minister Najib. Undoubtedly, this is ‘Thinning of the Wedge’.

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