Project IC

Datuk Azeez “Putera” Rahim

‘Project IC’ here has got nothing to do with the controversial RCI on the naturalisation of many persons as citizens in Sabah which is on going. It is about ‘integrity’ and ‘credibility’. Especially in a Federal Government purpose incepted body for depositors to save up for Hajj pilgrimage.

We are bringing up  a prickly issue so many persons who contacted us at BigDogDotCom and expressed their grouses and deep concern on the appointment of MP for Baling and UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Azeez Rahim as the new Chairman for Tabung Haji. It is baffling how Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak does not have his ears on the ground and why he would allow something like this to happen.

Let us get real; Azeez or how Datuk Rocky described him, “The man with two ‘E’s” is not a man of high credibility and integrity. Even though his highly dubious ‘MBA from Preston University U.S.A. has been removed from all of his briefs or resumes in the public domain since four weeks ago, one can’t help being questioned about it in too many circles. In fact, his name has been over and again mentioned if not marred with dubious deals.

In not so finer words, he is someone who is not spoken highly of when it comes to ‘trustworthiness’.

Updated brief resume of Datuk Azeez Rahim, in Tabung Haji website

Updated brief resume of Datuk Azeez Rahim, in Tabung Haji website

So much ‘market talk’ is centred about the appointment to an investment savings corporation of over 8 million depositors and RM 36 billion in assets and cash. Professionals and like minded educated Malays are ‘very concerned’ on the abuses that Azeez might do in the new post.

Unfortunately, that is not a major consideration for many. Azeez is seen as a’powerful political tool’ within UMNO and he is often spoken of  “Someone who works hard for the party”. Like Datuk Rocky aptly put, “Due to some sleek rebranding exercises”, Azeez managed to organise over 30 overseas humanitarian missions under the banner of ‘Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia’.

That  is hardly surprising. Tabung Haji could now do a lot more ‘favours and goodwill’ considering the amount of “Disposable cash they have in the name of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR)” and ‘jump on the queue’ to perform Hajj. Many could gain instead of being listed in the queue which could extend upto 18 years, considering that is a list of almost  a million depositors waiting to go for pilgrimage.

Then again, Tabung Haji and Malaysian pilgrims to the holy land are confined to the quota set by Saudi Government. And now that Haram Al- Shariff in Mecca is under massive expansion renovation, the quota system would shrunk and tighter for a few more years.

In the minds of many, Azeez should play a bigger role in NGOs designed specifically to give assistance and bring a better social standing of unfortunate and downtrodden Malaysians especially the Malays. He would definitely earn termendous support and accolades, since he is good with that and more over, he is even very ‘marketable’ since he is so media savvy.

However, that organisation is not and should not be Tabung Haji. It is bad enough he was appointed a BOD member two years ago. The question asked me many; now as the Chairman? Is he of credible training and experience to conduct a board of directors meeting, which is a statutory forum of any organisation?

This appointment will erode further the confidence of professional Malays towards Prime Minister Najib. Undoubtedly, this is ‘Thinning of the Wedge’.

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  1. to answer your question
    1. NO, najib did not listen to grassroots. Usually you would have rosmah as advisor or non sensitive not malay at all Omar Ong.
    2. that goes the same with KJ appointment.
    3. will TH got screwed. probably not. if you took 1billion out of 30billion, only 1% is lost. Khazanah did better than that and no one notice. not even the prime minister
    4. is najib going to do the same with other GLCs. yes he would. why? only god knows.
    5. will people voted out BN/UMNO because of this? no they won,t. Why? 3 years down the road and before election, BN/UMNO will come out something (usually about race) to scare the org kampung and malays. it has worked well before, and will still work.
    6. why point 5 works? because as usual, najib did not listen to grass roots and grass roots (read MALAY) couldn’;t be bothered.
    7. will opposition win because all this blunder? Probably not. Why? they don’t have the money the resources and obviously the scare tactics like BN/UMNO.
    8. how about DAP? DAP is even worse than BN/UMNO. why? not only DAP voters are blind, they are racist and YES, same as BN/UMNO.

    so when it comes to voters and statistics, you can let azeez or any tom dick (this one especially) and harry do daylight robbery, BN/UMNO will still win. who cares about the quality let alone the quantity,eh? That’s why you got simple majority.

  2. Najib is getting desperate. Like cicak putus ekor. So many calls for him to resign and for Ahli Ahli Perwakilan to change him at PAU in November.

    They allowed him bending backwards for the Chinese in order to get votes, he got Chinese tsunami instead, yet after that he continued to keep quiet on the NEP that he muted in his New Economic Model, no attempts to show gratitude to the Malays who gave UMNO 88 seats and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who gave BN about 30 seats. Scholarships and places in IPTAs to Chinese who are the richest community in the country and have UTAR etc, no announcements of significant projects to promote the Malays and the Bumputeras in business. Najib does not appear to believe in levelling the playing field to help the Malays and the Bumiputeras.

    And his brother Nizar of CIMB laughed at the NEP, talked about the “bastardization of NEP” and has not shown what help he has given the Malays, being in a bank that originated as BBMB, set up by their father to help improve the economy of the Malays.

    So Najib makes one decision after another that irritates the Malays some more. But he is desperately trying to get support to retain his position at the PAU in November. Wanita UMNO is in disarray, Shahrizat has been discredited and said to have asked Najib not to project the image of her former Deputy resulting in many votes lost to Najib, Azalina now shaking Shahrizat’s leadership, etc. Najib had to appoint even the unpopular Khairy as a full Minister – he became Youth Chief as a politik wang culprit, remember?

    Now appoints Azeez who is of course of the Khairy camp. Either to placate Youth’s demand for recognition of their support and/or to place people who can dip into money tanks for delegates to the PAU in November. No matter if Azeez will make Tabung Haji invest in housing projects in the Sahara Desert (MBA from Preseton, eh?) and some Tuaregs become the conduit for money laundering. So, I hope they replace him at the PAU.

  3. Najib should at least consider the sensitivities of the Malays in the kampongs all over the country. Toiling day in and day out getting whatever extra deposited into the Tabung Haji for the lifetime ambition of naik Haji.

    Yes, a lot of funds and Government will always reimburse even if LUTH goes kapputz. But why put those who are of questionable character to head such a huge organization?

    And it’s uncaring to say the least to simply ask the Board to check the appointed CEO’s fake PhD that was said to have been obtained before he was working with FGVH etc. If Preston is proven an unauthorized degree-issuing university, the fellow is dishonest to have claimed it so before, and should not have been appointed CEO now.

    Don’t Najib etc have a standard procedure on checking the background of candidates to important posts? Surely the Police could be asked to do the job.

  4. Isn’t there any other candidate for the post? Come on. Azeez is soo tainted that he became a joke yet PM want to appoint him to head a multi-billion dollar funds. If there are still doubt about the credibility of Preston University and whether people who “grad” from there should/qualified to be hired (read “hired’ – not even appointed to high position) then we are so screwed up.

    This will not help the so called Transformation programme, provide more ammunition for the opposition (rightly so), create environment conducive for graft and will worsen our ranking in the corruption perception index; which by extention make everything worse for the country.

    I am beginning to have this perception that Najib is destroying UMNO from within. It is not enough to say that he is not listening to the peoples, misjudged the people support for him, his “advisors” is giving false advises etc. The buck must stop somewhere!

    • The question is: are all those intended? Whatever the intentions may be. To gain support at UMNO PAU that those appointees are thought to be able to bring, or to siphon funds for “persuading” delegates to do whatever wanted of them?

      Can’t imagine Najib being so stupid as taking stupid advice or himself making those stupid decisions for nothing. Right from Omar Ong, until well qualified and experienced Hassan Marican left Petronas.

      Next question is: can the Perwakilan replace him at the PAU in November?

      Last question is: If cannot, what do we do? Any suggestions, any one?

      I only know about Najib-bashing until PRU14 if he’s not replaced in November.

      Maybe get more and more people to bash him so frequently and ferociously that even Tun Dr Mahathir will ask Najib to go. If so, will Mukhriz’s political prospects be affected?

      • Entahlah Sdr. Isa. Kita mahukan yang terbaik untuk rakyat, sebab itulah kita mahu kerajaan dan institusi berkaitan dipimpin oleh orang yang mementingkan rakyat, jujur dan berkelayakan.

        Kalau isu tembolok masing-masing yang menjadi keutamaan pemimpin berkenaan (yang ada disitu kerana kita pangkah mereka), jadi pada pandangan saya kita ada 3 pilihan:

        1. Buat tidak peduli, biarlah si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya. Dah banyak pun kedengaran cakap-cakap tentang UMNO sebagai ‘sinking ship’ dan saya semakin faham kenapa.

        2. Kita berusaha untuk mengubah keadaan dari dalam. PAU nampaknya saluran paling sesuai.

        3. Paling drastik, biarkan pembangkang termasuklah golongan chauvinist cina dan pengkhianat seperti Anwar ambil-alih pentadbiran, biar mereka yang “ajar” pimpinan sedia ada. Silap haribulan ramai yang sudahnya merengkok dalam penjara.

        Mungkin saya naif, tetapi saya percaya 99% dari kita tidak akan menghadapi sebarang kesan negatif secara langsung jika mereka ditukar. Either way, our livelihood will hardly be affected.

        I am just thinking, they probably laughing their hearts out seeing how stupid we are doing all we can (out of conscience) to make sure they remain in power for nothing while they betray our trust and reap all kind of benefits for as long as they can.

      • Since so many things are RCI, can we have a RCI on this?

  5. Biggie,

    What is Najib trying to do? Placing people like Azeez Rempit, Nor “Darkula” Mohamed, Pradeeb Kumar n.k.a. Emir Mavani & all of what OSTB describe as “Toxic” in strategic positions!

    They would just contiminate the whole system just by their presence if not becomes parasite & actually kill their hosts.

    Najib should appoint ppl with credible background & high integrity. Even ex-Deputy President of PAS Nasharuddin Isa would gain better confidence than Azeez as TH Chairman. At least Nasha is a trained lawyer instead of Azeez a school drop-out used car peddlar.

    Imagine the highly manipulative mgmt of TH under Ismee Ismail hoodwink Azeez to get the TH BOD to support another hair brain scheme.

    Najib is transforming the Malays towards doom!

    • One thing for sure, Azeez and his political team will travel to London every month to visit their property investments in the UK, at the expense of Tabung Haji’s depositors, of course. TH Travel will issue FREE 1st class ticket to those MONKEYS & BARUA PUNDEKS, and will claim other TH’s subsidiaries for their expenses. Hoorayy……

      • Monkey, they’re not. However, pirates & thieves they are most likely.

        I hv to concur. The proposition that Azeez travels everywhere ever so often & taking along entourages, sounds about right!

        Esp to trips where Najib goes. If to any OIC nations, its “To share our experience”.

        If to US, EU & Japan, its “To look for suitable strategic partners”.

        If to Saudi, its “To negotiate ahead TH’s facility deals”. Nevermind those who’d benefit from the pro-bono Umrah trips!

        Everything is easily expected out of the most opportunistic & pretentious UMNO politician since Anwar Ibrahim. Then again his drama & dramatization ever since becoming UMNO Youth Exco has been so predictable!

  6. Tabung Haji has been played out before albeit low key. Maju Junction is one good example. So what if Azeez is Chairman? If Abu Juling can have his way with TH and the Sleek Fund Managers before that, another exploit will not cause a ripple.

    As usual the Kampong Malays will continue to be used to fund the Scammers.

    Najib Friendly Scammers are all around moving at Lightning Pace that before we know it the Coffers are Dry and the government can no longer sustain its financial obligations.

  7. Kita nampak Najib sudah terhantok tapi masih tak nampak dia terngadah.

  8. Its not a sin to be born poor or didn’t hv the opportunity for education.

    However it can’t be said when one fabricates one’s qualifications or obtain a bogus one, with the intention to place oneself at a higher place. That’s as good as deception.

    If one is also manipulative of the means to justify the end, that is not good either.

    All pointing to the unholiness of one’s heart. That should be the least criteria to place anyone into a position to take care the savings of so many Muslims’ aspiration to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam.


    • “MAHA SUCI ALLAH MAHA MENGETAHUI…ALLAH LEBIH BERKUASA”….benar tu! Tapi ramai tak yakin bahwa Azeez akan membawa TH ke-arah yg baik! malah merasa tidak selamat wang simpanan mereka,

      Jika kempen di-adakan dan profil Azeez di-canangkan kepada orang kampong…pasti ramai akan mengeluarkan wang simpanan mereka daripada TH. Siapakah yg akan pantau TH selepas ini? Najib?…PM Najib dah kelihatan hilang kawalan dan kewarasan…
      tak nampak ke penyokong UMNO pemimpin mereka dah tukar kiblat?

      Tun Mahathir tidak boleh berdiam. Apa yg Najib lakukan adalah lebih kronik dari Pak Lah….kita mesti sedar bukan Najib yg memerintah sekarang ini. Orang yang di-keliling nya yg mengarah arahkan hala tuju yg pasti buat UMNO terkubur satu hari nanti.

      Apalah sangat Mukhriz dapat jawatan MB Kedah? Bukan jawatan menteri dalam cabinet. Tidak ada peluang langsung untuk berkata apa2 pun dalam arena antarabangsa mahu pun Negara khusus nya. Tun pasti tahu bahwa anak nya tidak akan boleh menyerlah selagi memegang jawatan MB Kedah sahaja.

    • Benar Allah lebih mengtahui. Tapi di sini ramai orang mahu mengtahui macam mana kamu kata TABUNG HAJI AKAN BERTAMBAH BAIK DI BAWAH AZEEZ?

      Takda hujah hujah pun? Main sondol pendapat kamu saja? Bagi justifikasi apa yang kamu kata le, zainal. Kalau tak, mcm mana orang nak percaya.



  10. Apakah kita sudah lupa @ Melayu Mudah Lupa peristiwa Misi bantuan kemanusiaan yang diketuai oleh Dato Azeez ke Somalia yang mengorbankan seorang wartawan Bernama ?.Lupakaah kita bagaimana Azeez membawa seramai 20 orang wartawan dari berbagai unit media dan surat khabar hanya untuk membuat liputan media besar besaran untuk dirinya ?Memang betul Azeez seringkali pergi membuat misi kemanusiaan tetapi beliau menggunakan media untuk tonjol dirinya,ramai NGO Malaysia yang melakukan misi yang lebih bahaya dari Azeez di Palestin Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Sudan,Syria,Lubnan,Yeman,Acheh,Filipina,Jepun dan Mynmar tidak pernah diberi liputan seluas yang diberi kepada Azeez.Mereka inilah NGO NGO Malaysia yang ikhlas,jujur ,amanah dan tidak mementingkan diri dan nyawa mereka.They are the genuine Unsung Heroes of Malaysia who dosent belive in promoting and glorifying themself.

    • apa kene mengene misi menyelamat dgn pentadbiran sebuah korporat? kita tidak lupa keberanian dia, tapi kita juga tidak lupa kepandaian dia semasa dia menjadi “ahli perniagaan” dan “ahli akedmik” dia.

      • Cam,cerita ini aalah untuk menggambarkan bahwa Azeez bukan seorang yang ikhlas didalam melaksanakan tugas,beliau hanya mahu jadi seorang celeberiti dan glamour maka kemana saja misi misi kemanusiaan yang beliau pergi akan berbondong bondong wartawan dan blogger dibawa bersamanya.Orang yang tidak amanah,ikhlas,berwibawa dan mempunyai integriti tinggi tidak layak memimpin dan memegang sebuah Institusi besar negara yang mengurus wang rakyat marhaen dengan matlamat untuk ke tanah suci sekali dalam seumur hidupnya.

  11. Dengar khabar Pengerusi baru Azeez Mashook telah mengarahkan Jabatan Komunikasi Tabung Haji untuk menjemput pihak akhbar, media dan bloggers jemputan untuk aktiviti tahunan ke Mekah dan Madinah pada bulan Ramadhan dan musim Haji. Senarai pendek akan diumumkan dalam jangka masa terdekat. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat, sila hubungi Ketua Jabatan Komunikasi Tabung Haji. Seperti biasa, tujuan utama lawatan adalah untuk memberi gambaran yang tepat betapa hebatnya mutu perkhidmatan Tabung Haji di persada antarabangsa.

    Dengar khabar Pengerusi baru Azeez Mashook akan menjemput pihak media melihat operasi anak syarikat TH di Arab Saudi iaitu TH Real Estate Company (TH RE) yang telah ditubuhkan pada 2009. Pasti pihak media ingin tahu mengapa TH Real Estate Company yang masih tidak mampu memberi sebarang pendapatan (zero revenue) perlu menghabiskan SR2.5 juta setahun untuk kos gaji dan elaun pekerja yang hanya 5 orang sahaja (1 CEO, 2 orang pekerja Malaysia dan 2 pekerja Arab)? Pihak media pasti ingin tahu benarkah gaji CEO TH Real Estate telah dinaikkan dari RM30k sebulan ke RM70k sebulan? Azeez Mashook yang juga selaku Pengerusi TH Real Estate Company pasti akan mengambil kesempatan yang terbaik ini untuk mejelaskan kepada pihak media bahawa CEO TH Real Estate Company bukanlah kawan karib Jasmi Ismail, iaitu abang dengan CEO Tabung Haji seperti yang digembar-gemburkan oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

    Azeez Mashook akan menerangkan kepada pihak media matlamat utama Tabung Haji adalah untuk terus mencatat keuntungan tahunan melebihi RM2 billion dan mampu memberi dividen yang kompetif >8% setahun kepada para pelabur. Maka itu, tidak perlu pihak media mempersonalkan jarak hotel penempatan jemaah Muasasah di Mekah yang amat jauh (sekitar 1 km) dari Masjidil Haram dan isu sarapan pagi yang masih tidak mampu disediakan oleh Tabung Haji. Pihak media perlu sedia maklum, Tabung Haji telah sekian lama menyediakan pakej2 mewah (yang berharga >RM30k) kepada jemaah2 yang cerewet tentang isu remeh temeh seperti jarak penginapan dan sarapan pagi.

    Selepas lawatan ke Mekah dan Madinah, dengar khabar Azeez Mashook akan menjemput pihak media melawat 2 bangunan yang baru dibeli Tabung Haji di London dengan jumlah pelaburan £370 (RM1.8 billion). Azeez Mashook juga akan menjelaskan kepada pihak media mengapa Tabung Haji perlu aggresif membuat pelaburan di bidang hartanah di London walaupun operasi haji hanya bertumpu di Mekah dan Madinah sahaja. Azeez Mashook juga akan menerangkan kepada pihak media keputusan Tabung Haji untuk membeli bangunan di 151 Buckingham Palace Road pada harga yang lebih tinggi (£205 juta) dari harga pasaran (<£190 juta).

    Azeez Mashook akan mengesahkan kepada pihak media sama ada penyewa (Little Ship Sailing Club) di 10 Queen Street Place London hanya menyediakan minuman keras dan makanan tidak halal kepada semua pelanggan atau hanya kepada pelanggan yang bukan Islam. Kenyataan Azeez Mashook adalah amat penting kerana ada desas desus bangunan di 10 Queen Street Place London mempunyai penyewa (Little Ship Sailing Club) yang menyediakan minuman keras dan makanan tidak halal kepada pelanggan (laman web: Azeez Mashook selaku Pengerusi Tabung Haji yang baru dan semestinya berwibawa dan berpandangan jauh akan memastikan semua pelaburan Tabung Haji terumanya di London adalah 100% berteraskan prinsip syariah

    Setelah penat dengan sesi lawatan dan soal jawab, pihak media juga akan dijemput untuk menjamu selera di rumah baru CEO Ismee Raja Lanun di Notting Hills yang berharga 5 juta (tolong jangan tanya mana CEO dapat duit sebanyak itu). Pada keesokan hari, pihak media akan dibawa membeli belah di Harrods dan melawat kedai Louis Vuitton di New Bond Street di mana Pak Menteri, Jamil Keldai baru sahaja mengambil tempahan kasutnya pada 2 minggu yang lalu.

    Untuk acara tempatan, di ibu negara, Azeez Mashook juga akan menjemput pihak media untuk sesi dialogue di bangunan 13-tingkat di Bangsar South yang baru dibeli Tabung Haji pada 2012 dengan harga RM102 juta. Yang menarik tentang bangunan di Bangsar South ini ialah keputusan Tabung Haji untuk membeli hartanas itu walaupun penyewa utama akan tamat kontrak menyewa pada 2014. Mungkin pada masa sesi soal jawab dengan pihak media nanti, Azeez Mashook akan mendapat ilham untuk menjawab segala teka teki yang tersurat dan tersirat. Azeez Mashook juga akan berkongsi dengan pihak media segala pulangan pelaburan dari kesemua pelaburan yang dibuat oleh Tabung Haji dari ekuiti, pendapatan tetap, perladangan, IT dan hartanah. Pada sesi ini, pihak media akan dapat melihat betapa hebatnya Tabung Haji dalam memastikan semua pelaburan berjaya memberi pulangan yang memberangsangkan.

    Pada acara kemuncak, Azeez Mashook juga akan menjelaskan keputusan Tabung Haji untuk memberi kontrak baik pulih (renovation) 3 tingkat di Bangunan HQ Jalan Tun Razak kepada anak syarikatnya (Seri Libana Sdn Bhd) tidak ada kena mengena dengan jawatan beliau sebagai ahli Pengarah. Tetapi kerana kelulusan MBA beliau yang begitu prestij dari universiti terkemuka di Amerika Syarikat. Maka itu, tidak hairan jika segala perbelanjaan untuk melobby kontrak tersebut akan ditanggung 100% oleh Tabung Haji.

    Untuk membuktikan ketelusan Tabung Haji dan komitmen penuh beliau sebagai Pengerusi yang berwibawa dan prihatin, Azeez Mashook akan mengumumkan wakil-wakil pendeposit Tabung Haji akan diberi beberapa kerusi tetap di ahli lembaga pengarah dan panel pelaburan. Jika syarikat yang tersenarai di Bursa Malaysia akan mengadakan AGM setiap tahun, Tabung Haji akan mengada sesi “AGM” dengan pendeposit-pemdeposit Tabung Haji pada setiap penggal untuk memberi maklumat terkini operasi dan untuk mendapat maklum balas dari pendeposit-pendeposit dari masa ke semasa.

    Azeez Mashook akan juga mengesahkan bahawa ahli perniagaan tersohor, Shaik Akmal Shaikh Alaudin (rakan karib Kalimullah Hassan dan Nor Mohamed Yakcop) tidak mempunyai sebarang kuasa untuk mempengaruhi CEO Ismee Raja Lanun bagi mendapatkan projek2 lukratif dan pelaburan yang akan dibuat oleh Tabung Haji di dalam dan luar negara.

    Lawatan ke Arab Saudi, London dan sesi dialog di Bangsar South ternyata akan memberi peluang kepada Tabung Haji untuk berkongsi idea, strategi dan rancangan masa depan pihak pengurusan yang begitu professional demi memberi perkhidmatan yang terbaik kepada pendeposit2 dan bakal2 jemaah sekalian. Pasti pihak akhbar, media dan bloggers jemputan tidak akan melepaskan peluang keemasan ini.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  12. […] More over, as a corporate man in this age in the dynamism of professionals and the demands of good corporate governance since ‘integrity and credibility’ aren’t traits that Datuk Azeez Rahim is known for. […]

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