Cruxifiction, afoot

Sports journo Rizal Hashim's tweet on the subject matter

Sports journo Rizal Hashim’s tweet on the subject matter

The say vengeance is best served cold. However, it best best served when it is least expected.

Three months ago Ministry of Youth and Sports invited Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to speak to youths at a program called ‘Bicara Wawasan: Persediaan Belia Dalam Mendokong Wawasan 2020’ scheduled on 8 July 2013. The venue set is the International Youth Centre near Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

However it is learnt that the event has been postponed indefinitely. It is ashamed since tables were sold for the event and many youths look forward for the event with the Statesman.

So far, International Youth Centre and Ministry of Youth and Sports have not commented on the postponement. It is also believed that in a letter issued to Perdana Leadership Foundation, the Secretary General of the Ministry was in the loop.

It is a mystery why the event was postponed indefinitely. It brought back memories of the dark interregnum period 2007-8 where fourteen invitation for the former UMNO President to speak at various UMNO dos were canceled or withdrawn “indefinitely”.

It is bad to assume the man who is capable of the sinister agenda is back and this time, with power of his own.

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  1. Saya harap tiada sebarang sebab/niat jahat di sebalik penangguhan acara tersebut. Jika ada nampaknya sumbangan dan penat lelah Tun M membantu UMNO/BN menang PRU 13 dibalas dengan tuba. Sedihnya ia berlaku dalam tempoh yang begitu singkat selepas PRU 13.

    Kalau iya, jelas dendam kesumat dan nafsu serakah untuk berkuasa sudah kembali merasuk insan berkenaan. Beliau perlu mengenepikan sesiapa sahaja yang berpotensi menghalang cita-cita beliau.

    Looks like the battle is afoot!

  2. It is bad to assume, but I can’t avoid assuming it lah. No reason for postponing, and postponing it indefinitely sounds sinister. And no other can be that sinister as the new Minister.

    Wannabe PM by age 40, eh? Hope Najib will be out by November PAU and the young man’s mentor or bidan terjun will be gone. He was found guilty of politik wang before, maybe he has tons of money to buy votes and stand for elections for the President post in November?

  3. This is the start of a series of revenge.

    Before five years ago, all he had was indirect power (via FIL). Yet he did a lot of wicked things to the Man. Not to mention UMNO, BN, Govt & the entire system which was working well & fine.

    Now that he is a Minister, he has direct power.

    Beware Mukhriz! All the Level Four chaps are back in power.

    Now the have twice the firepower of The Malaysian Insider (the Malay Mail & rejuvenated TMI), Mahathir & Sons would be shredded to pieces!

    • Not if the UMNO Supreme Council members won’t allow him. Would they do anything to stop or discourage him? Or everyone fending for himself now? Or planning the best move in case a significant number of UMNO grass roots (read potential Ahli Perwakilan) likely to want a replacement to Najib.

      Looks not likely Najib will change course. Goodness, he has repealed ISA. Now wants to repeal the Sedition Act. In the face of incessant Red Bean seditious attacks – maybe less in intensity but the numbers behind the many names they use remain the same after PTU13 – it looks crazy to me for Najib to be taking such action.

      What the ….

      • Hell, I should have pressed the reply button so that my comment below should be here.

        Here goes again, and sori for repeating it folks (maybe some one up there wants me to do so) –

        It should have been

        “.. it looks to me it’s crazy for Najib to be taking such action.”

      • And Najib apparently was quoted as saying to the Financial Times that civil servants in Malaysia borrow and spend without thinking of consequences. Is he kidding or out of touch with reality on the ground. He should be reminded that Msia’s economy grows due to its own policy of encouraging domestic consumption How to generate domestic consumption if people dont consume? With low salary and low wages in Msia how can people even pay for their basic necessities like food, utilities, rent, petrol etc without resorting to borrowing? There is something seriously wrong in the domestic economic system and policies , so address it first before talking transformation and high income.

      • And the govt envourages home ownership. No matter how low cost or medium cost, buyers have to take loan. Msia has an auto industry that must sell its products so buyers take loan to buy cars. When a housrhold pays monthly car loan and housing loan, surely such payments eat into monthly household income. Since salary is low and cost of living is filthy high, household will resort to borrowing to top up the deficits. How can they save. The income gap between the corporate Msia and non corporate Msia is ever increasing. To blame household for borrowing without thinking of consequences is an absurd and ignorant blame. Who wants to borrow if one can break even. One would rather save.

  4. It should have been

    “.. it looks to me it’s crazy for Najib to be taking such action.”

  5. It is apparent that the ‘cold war’ has not thawed and perhaps will never be. It should be a matter of courtesy to let the event take place as schedule. A postponement at the 11th.hour without valid rhyme or reason is irrational and cowardly. The youths of this country don’t belong to a Ministry and its Minister. They are a free agent and free to listen to talks especially from a great Statesman like Tun. Developments like this is unclassy and smack of cheap manouverings.

  6. *maneuvering*

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