Arse polishing and rimming, extraordinaire

“Beliau terlalu amat popular…mungkin lebih dari Obama itu sendiri…..”. 

Honest to God, anyone with the minimal level of common sense who is least not nauseated with this man, please stand up. We really want to know who you are and how that squishy fat bit between your ears work!

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  1. Yeah, who really is that bloke? And if factions in UMNO want to tegakkan benang basah, cari lah yang ada kredibiliti sikit. Buat malu saja lah, Mat.

    This maybe is an indication of the desperate situation Najib is facing now. Bending backwards to get votes yet got the Chinese tsunami. And 2 months after PRU13, still not showing firm actions to thank the Malays who gave UMNO/BN 88 seats and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak over 30 seats.

    He should make clear announcements on energizing the NEP, promoting the Malays and Bumiputeras in business etc.And not talk about repealing the Sedition Act after repealing the ISA etc.

    More and more now asking UMNO to replace him.

  2. This mamak really has no shame. Nak bodek pun agak agaklah. Nak muntah I dengar. Kalau dengar diri I di-bodek sedemikian rupa naik meluatlah I….tak tahulah kalau Najib yg dengar… kembang jubur ke kembang hidung ke? BTW Najib has to go…he deserves worst fate tha Pak Lah…somebody must show himthe exit door!

    • Setuju, setuju, setuju.

      Bukan saja dia ketepikan DEB dalam Model Ekonomi Barunya, adik dia pun kongajor. Ketawakan DEB plak. Di diamkannya aje.

      Pada hal CIMB yang Nazir ketuai tu dulu ada lah BBMB, bank yang bapak dia Tun A Razak tubuhkan untuk memajukan konomi Melayu. Pengkhianat bangsa.

    • Ni bukan bodek. Ni tahap jilat bontot ni! Dengan lubang lubang jubo pun digilap sama!

      Memang muka tak reti malu langsung!

      Dia ingat semua orang banggang cam dia ke, nak terima kenyataan cegini??

  3. Azeez endeared himself to Najeeb and Rosmah by arse-licking. He had to lick arse doubly hard bcoz intially Najeeb had a negative impression of him especially when he was buttering up Pak lah and his boys. On top of that, Azeez used tons of money ostensibly as contributions for Rosmah’s charitable pursuits! Enuff said!

    • Spot on!

      Rosmah is also a glam queen. She’s also much like Azeez; loves to be in the lime light.

      Najib is very stupid for allowing Azeez to be appointed as LTH Chairman, despite so many negativities against him.

  4. Tuan,
    Tabung Haji is a gold mine. Thats the reason Azeez was appointed: to make more money for his masters, his cronies and himself. Leave aside the biz opportunities incl side deals they make, even the allowances and bonuses of the directors of the main board and subsidiaries are lucrative. Perhaps its time an expose is done on how some ppl are milking Tabung Haji’s depositors!

  5. BD,

    I’m sorry but I disagree with you on the subject of Dato’ Azeez.

    To me I respect his ability to come out of poverty to a position of great wealth. He had to fight impossible odds to be where he is. Really there is so much to be learnt about this man, who started by washing cups by the roadside and is now a very successful corporate man.

    But before that, in what way is what Dato’ Azeez saying which is not being said by almost all politicians about their bosses. Wan Azizah claims Anwar Ibrahim is “Anugerah Tuhan” and you have been proudly promoting TDM for like forever. Its not uncommon in Malaysia and to single out Dato Azeez is just not being fair.

    The crux of the matter is should Dato Azeez be Chairman of LTAH. You say “no” on account that his MBA comes from a dubious place. Then, you are having the same Tingkat 4 mentality that has resulted in all the Cambridge-Oxford cartel occupying the positions of power in the country. If then, going by your logic, you must support the Omar Ongs, the Khairys, the Amokhs and their cabal. Heck you must support Azran , the CEO of Air Asia-X because he came from Stanford.

    Point is be consistent. Don’t do an Anwar Ibrahim and change spots to suit the times.

    To me there Dato Azeez can provide a very human face to LTAH. He has business experience and can offer a lot of fresh ideas to the way how LTAH is run. After all, LTAH is run for the benefit of the pilgrims. Not to make money chasing complex deals. Simple things like making the trip more elderly friendly is what is required. And you don’t need to be a Harvard grad to work that out.

    • Thank you.

      This is not nor never about Azeez is with or without any qualifications. Its all about being a proven manipulative, deceptive and someone with dubious integrity and credibility.

      That is on top Azeez as the ‘Drama King’ and all the dramatisation, like demonstrated in this Youtube video.

      Coupled of being extraordinarily ambitious, it is another disaster waiting to happen.

      Make no mistake about that.

    • Agree with BD.

      Dangerous for this “Shadow Banker” not to realize that the issue is the man is dishonest. Must not allow dishonest fellows into important positions,

      His argument on Azeez and Tingkat 4 is simply not acceptable. I think it’s written by an Azeez’s man.

      I shudder at the thought that Azeez might appoint him and the likes of him in LTH positions to promote himself and to defend his gerry mandering there.

      God help us all. And UMNO.

  6. Dengan perlantikan Princeton Azeez sebagai Pengerusi Lembaga Tabung Haji maka sah lah PM Najib adalah seorang Pemimpin yang gemar dipuji,disanjung,dilambung hingga ke 7 petala langit dan Azeez amat bijak serta pintar sekali melaksanakan tugas tersebut.Nobody else is more qualified except Baling,lain lain MP kena belajar dari Baling,Merbok macam mana ? tak kan nak jadi MP biasa saja ?

  7. Shadowbanker 18.38 is shocking. With that level of logic how did he qualify as a banker if at all? The issue is Azeez’s suitability, his professional and academic background, his track record, his alleged involvement in criminal, moral and financial transgressions, taken as a whole. Obviously he excels in certain things, but must he be appointed as Tabung Haji chairman? Unless there are other motives…you know… Tabung Haji being a goldmine and all…?

    • As a Chairman of an investment fund, Dato Azeez will Chair the Management Committee meetings that discuss the operational matters of the fund. This will include things like logistics, customer service, operations and Human Resources. He is not the Chair of the Risk Management Committee (Tan Sri Dato Hashim Meon) or the Chair of the Investment Management Committee (Datuk Azizan Abdul Rahman) or the Syariah Advisory Committee (Tan Sri Dato Dr Abdul Shukor Husin). All of the above committees require special expertise in areas of risk management, investment analysis or syariah compliance. Dato Azeez is not serving on those functions, in fact he does not even sit in any one of those committees and their decisions will be independent of his influence.

      His role is to provide the “human capital” input to LTAH whilst Dato Paduka Ismee Ismail can concentrate on the more strategic and investment matters. In this regard, Dato Azeez comes well qualified because he has undertaken so many logistic operations in support of humanitarian missions. He will know first hand what is required to move thousands of people and the required logistics support. In that regard, he comes much better equipped than any MBA grad out there because he has first hand experience.

      This is the area of supply chain management. It is completely different from Investment Management and requires a person with in-depth knowledge in planning and co-ordination. Stuff like this is not made for bankers, it is made for “get your hands dirty” kind of people who know the nuts and bolts of the operations.

      These are just some casual observations I have made. Dato Azeez is not going to override the CEO, the CFO or the other experts in the areas of the expertise. Instead his role is to ensure that contributors to LTAH are well taken care off and the necessary support operations are in place. Stuff like that does not require theory but instead years of practical experience. In that regard, few will doubt Dato Azeez’s strength in that matter

  8. Reality is Najib isnt that popular in contrary what his arse lickers trying to portray. Especially now the fact that he is still very much pandering to the Chinese & minorities even tho clearly the tripped him down & got his face right in the mud.

    And almost everyone who is barely stupid loathe Azeez Rempit.

    The fact that Najib recently appointed Azeez Rempit as TH chairman, will render him lower on the popularity notch.

  9. So that s how you get to be at the top of GLCs boardroom in Malaysia…,
    Jap, cannot comment anymore, nak gi muntah!

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