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Foreign Minister Anifah Aman's statement against Archbishop Marino 15 July 2013

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman’s statement against Archbishop Marino 15 July 2013

Late yesterday evening Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Anifah Aman issued a statement pertaining to Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino’s interview to The Malaysian Insider which supported Christian Federation of Malaysia’s quest to use ‘Allah’ in place of God as, “Foreign interference”. Now it seems Youth and Sports Minister Khairy “KJ” Jamaluddin wants to play ‘Hero’.

In his statement which was recorded by Bernama this evening, KJ called for Wisma Putra to send a protest note to the Vatican on this Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Marino’s outrageous statement, which Minister in-charge of Islamic Affairs Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Dato’ Seri Jamil Khir Baharom already quipped as “Causing unnecessary anxiety” on Saturday.

KJ trying to be a diplomatic hero

KJ trying to be a diplomatic hero

The “Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question, where was KJ when The Malaysian Insider first published the interview on 11 July 2013?

It is best that KJ stop trying to be a ‘Hero’ in other people’s turf and leave the matter be handled by the professionals and diplomatic career officers in the blue-roofed-top-of-the-hill Federal Government complex in Putrajaya.
KJ trying to be a stale media superhero

Bernama.com 15 July 2013 : KJ trying to be a stale media superhero

KJ’s call for Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission to take action  against ‘Facebook Sexibitionists’ duo Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee is also should be seen as trying to do a showboating after the boat actually left the wharf.  MCMC officers already completed their investigations earlier today and the case may already has been passed to Attorney General’s Chambers for further action.

It is unprofessional trying to get glory based on the perception of over people’s work, if not low. Unless parroting is his best trait.

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  1. This Ketua Jamban is an opportunist….(as if we don’t know) and seizing the moment of glory from the hard work of others…..

    Please someone, somebody, show me what are his conrtributions as Ketua Pemuda UMNO, to fight for Melayoos/Islam and Bumiputras especially when the Melayooos/Islam/Bumiputras are under seige……

    Najib and KJ should, leave……

    • These 2 political liberalists don’t fit in UMNO. They would be better off in Pakatan. UMNO leaders are the ones not afraid to defend and champion the core aspirations and struggles of UMNO without fear or cowed into silence. There is an onslaught by liberalists and pseudo liberalists on the political system in Malaysia. To be liberals is considered as progressive and to be conservative is considered as regressive. These are decoys by the oppositions to weaken further BN in particular UMNO. It is about time to counter such narratives by telling them that liberalism sucks and has no safety latch for a multi racial and multi religious country like Malaysia. Their endless tirades of freedom, rights, meritocracy, equality are nothing more than attempts to restructure power to benefit them and their ideology. These are just means to an end. It is thus so frustrating to see political liberals in UMNO being in the same wavelengths as the oppositions. These liberals should not lead UMNO.

      • Agree with you, postgrad. More of the 2 political liberalists exist in in UMNO, like Nazri, the foot-in-the-mouth guy. They should be removed from whatever positions they hold.

        To do that, need to remove those who appoint them to those positions – Nnajib, the UMNO President. Rosak UMNO and jahanam negara if the continue to be there indefinitely.

        I think that those who do not see the need for a level playing field and activate DEB vigorously like before are not liberal. They are pseudo-liberal – liberal olok olok, they say. In fact, they are worse than that – they are pengkhianat bangsa. They should even be booted out of UMNO. UMNO was formed 60 years or so ago to protect and promote the rights and interests of the Malays.

        It’s simply damn incongruous that any member of UMNO wants to do anything against the rights and interests of the Malays. It’s simply treachery. In the days of the Sultanate of Malacca, such fellows would have been dragged to the seaside, pushed to the ground face downwards on the sand, their arse holes poked with sharpened bamboos – di sula.

    • Being democratic does not mean politicians must embrace liberalism. A govt can be a conservative govt yet democratic. Political liberalism overemphasises on the freedom and rights of individuals at the expense of societal rights. Liberals are soft on law and order because they champion the rights of indivuals even if the safety of the larger society is in peril. Therefore we see the abolition of ISA and Emergency Ordinance. Now the liberals want the Sedition Act to be abolished. All in the name of protecting the freedom and rights of individuals. But what about the society? The question is why liberalism being the choice? Political liberalism is not the only answer to good governance and it is certainly not the only political ideology to be adopted lock, stock and barrel by a country or any country. The political liberals in Malaysia are swayed too much by the western ideals of liberalism born some 400 years ago. Pretty old actually. The adoption of political liberalism must be tempered with the ability of politicians to make good and sound judgement and not imitate for the sake of wanting to be seen as being liberal. What then? What’s the price that those who want to be conservative must pay because the leaders choose to exercise political liberalism? This is what we are seeing happening now in Malaysia.

  2. Keling Jadian ni tak da idea original ke?

    Menempek atas heroism org lain.

    Tatau malu ke?

  3. If he wants to be on time, the he should urge the “half past six” attorney general’s chambers to act fast and sharp. We’re still waiting for Patrick Teoh to be taken to task after more than 300 police reports made against him since more than half a year ago.

  4. Nazri has been called as having his foot in his mouth.

    Khairy should be called as hiving his boot in this mouth.

  5. Dulu zaman Tun M benda-benda macam ni payah sangat kita nak dengar. Sensitiviti ugama terjaga. Sekarang segala macam bentuk pembohongan, hasutan dan penghinaan orang Malaysia sendiri berani buat. Dulu kita ada undang-undang yang jelas dan tegas untuk mencegah kesalahan seperti ini, sekarang kita terkial-kial macam “headless chicken” berlari ke hulu ke hilir, berlaga-laga tak tahu macammana nak tangani kesalahan seperti ini.

    Dulu kalau timbul isu-isu yang menyentuh sensitivitI ugama Islam dan/atau orang Melayu Ketua Pemuda UMNOlah orang pertama mengamuk membantah dengan hujah dan tindakan. Dulu Cina Chauvinist nak angkat muka pun fikir panjang, sekarang kita terpaksa telan segala bentuk penghinaan dan cercaan dari mereka. Lebih pedih lagi sekarang sudah ada menteri UMNO pula yang tolong pertikai bagi pihak kumpulan yang anti-Islam dan anti-Melayu.

    Betul, zaman dah berubah, bukan semua benda yang dahulu baik dan sesuai dengan keadaan sekarang. TETAPI dulu (selepas 1969- 70an), negara kita dianggap contoh masyarakat majmuk. Kita boleh pakai perkataan harmoni untuk gambarkan keadaan hubungan antara kaum. Dulu negara dan ekonomi kita umumnya pesat membangun. Sekarang inflasi yang hebat melonjak, orang Melayu makin tersepit. Kalau tak pandai cakap Cina, tak mau buka tudung tak boleh dapat kerja. Dulu suara Malaysia gah di arena antarabangsa – orang kata kita “punch above our weight”, sampaikan bila keluar negara, dengar orang putih pun pandai sebut “Malaysia Boleh!” sekarang sebelah mata pun orang tak pandang, terpaksalah kita kerah sebahagian besar jentera kerajaan untuk sambut Obama – kalau tak tak dapatlah “pengiktirafan”.

    Nasib oh nasib…….

    • Dahtu apakedarahnya nak buang Akta Hasutan, nak ganti dengan Akta Harmoni apekebendenya? Meluat benor aku tengok. Nak tempeleng anak orang, nak lesing tak boleh langgar undang undang. Frus semata aku, hanya boleh mengadu di sini.

      Mana boleh dapat kesan yang sama dengan akta gantian yang baru? SOSMA benarkan pegang si biadap subversif dsbnya hanya 28 hari – ISA boleh pegang selama lama nya – sampai dia taubat – atau kurang kurang cakap tak akan buat lagi.

      Nota: Aku tak boleh cakap siapa aku rasa nak tempeleng nak lesing – aku simpan dalam hati saje le.

  6. BD,

    I’m baffled but equally flabbergasted that TMI dared to instigate the Christian cabinet ministers to stand up on the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue.


    Protecting which flock?

    Since when the Malays oppress the Chistians, that they needed ‘protection’ moreover from Christian cabinet ministers?

    What is more shocking KJ as a cabinet minister didn’t speak up against this blatant call. This is something fresh and not like echoing or parroting what already been said by so many people.

    Then again why should he?

    Jahabar Sadiq is his ‘Level Four’ co-conspirator and minion.

    It is clear that they are at what all started out when Sleepyhead was still in power; to dismantle the Malay-Muslim power from within.

    Sinister as they were and still are, sublime in power.

    • That’s right!

      Jahabar, TMI & the invincible dark hands of Riong Kali is very much getting the Christians BN to ‘revolt’ against the Federal Govt.

      If not to challenge position and roles of HRH Rulers and Islam, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

      These are very serious!

      Now is KJ in this? The Malay youths, uneducated and youth from hardship and suburban poverty are those most likely targets of protelysation.

      This is very, very serious!

      We want to know what are his plans

      • I simply don’t understand the Jahabar Sadiq fellow. Is he a Malay? Or an Afghan? Or a Taliban? His photo showed him wearing a Taliban cap, maybe indicatng his Talibanism.

        He was employed by Reuters before. Wonder how he became Chief Executive Officer/Editor. But the TMI About Us also lists Lionel Morais as Managing Editor.

        Morais has absolute power on what TMI puts out? The Taliban merely a dunggu?

      • Is Jahabar not a Muslim? However Taliban he may be, surely he won’t allow Morais putting out an anti-Muslim line at TMI. Talibans would gut out those who do that to Islam.

        Is he Taliban of the communist kind? No longer holding Islamic values but anything goes, come what may? Sued by ex-MAS Tajuddin Ramli last time, shivered and apologized repeatedly to avoid paying millions.

        Maybe TMI should be sued again. Especially when Najib wants to do away with the Sedition Act and cannot hold Jahabar etc to account.

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