Corrupta Potentia Praecipuus

FGV CEO-designate Emir Mavani

Incoming and designated FGV CEO Emir Mavani (p.k.a. Pradeeb Kumar) has already shown his susceptibility to make dubious business decisions and transactions on behalf of the Group.  This is not withstanding the tendency to flex and abuse his power even before he formally ascend the Group CEO-ship.

The exposure about his dubious “Ph.D in Government Reforms from Warnborough University, United Kingdom” already hit his credibility and integrity hard. Mavani who has since instructed that all correspondence pertaining to his name, title and qualifications be adjusted according, is said to be bent on ascending the top FGV job.

FGV has been organising a series of Global Strategy Blueprint briefings to internal stakeholders and middle management, region by region. On 27 June, it was held in Senai and 60 managers from the Southern Region attended.

On 1 July, it was held at Felda Sahabat near Lahad Datu, Sabah where 70 managers including Pengarah Seranta FELDA (Director of FELDA Liaisons, Prime Minister’s Office) were present.

The grossly inappropriate bit was that Mavani’s wife Fazdillah Mavani was said to attend these management and global strategy briefings. She is neither a member of the management team nor an employee of FGV. She is not even a hired consultant to FGV. In fact it was said that she raised a question and asked for clarification during one of these briefings.

Unless the appointment letter  as Group CEO FGV issued was for ‘Emir Mavani and Wife’.

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission should look into this inappropriateness and the purported deal in Papua New Guinea. If it can be proven, then Mavani should be charged for abusing of position and power.

These are very serious matters. Even shareholders raised all these matters in the recent FGV AGM. Shareholders and many of the stakeholders already regard Mavani as a Persona Non Grata.

One cannot imagine what would happen to FGV from today onwards where Mavani is scheduled to take over from Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad as the Group CEO. FGV is supposed to take care the funding for continued development and CSR programs for the 114 FELDA settlements, adjacent communities and 112,635 FELDA settlers’ families.

All of these net-receivers of FGV’s going concern are spread over 54 Parliamentary constituencies and Malay heartland where contributed to the bigger chunk of BN’s powerbase in Semenanjung Malaysia and Sabah.

The confidence level on Mavani taking over from where Sabri left FGV and take care of these strategic stakeholders’ needs without abusing his position and clout for self interest is rather thin. Quod erat demonstratum.

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  1. Big Dog,

    IF this ascension goes through as planned, then Idris Jala-Omar Ong had his way & another PEMANDU sinister agenda to hv the pseudo ‘Level Four’ is very much in play.

    IF Mawani’s ascension is because Isa Samad’s internal politics & aggressive political manipulation as in his role Felda Chairman, then eventually Felda settlers are at a mercy of a greedy Keling.

    Yes, they know! Ppl talk! Only Isa Samad is too blind!

    PM Najib wont be very pleased with both. Regardless how Idris Jala-Omar Ong or Isa Samad wants & manipulate for him to be there as Group CEO!

    And in four years time, majority of 112,635 Felda settlers & family probably would not vote for UMNO anymore. They’ll vote for Mazlan Aliman & his goons, no matter how ridiculous these bunch of half gits are!

    That will be thinning of the wedge!

    • when you have an able Director in FELDA who questions for the benefit of many, you remove him. Now only people realise the true agenda & schemes. Allah bless you.

    • Keling juga UMNO Najib lantik jadi CEO Felda Ventures. Keling Pradeep Kumar jadi Pengerusi TAbung Haji Azeeez Rahim?
      Memang nak rompaklah syarikat Melayu.
      Sudahlah kelulusan pun dibelit lantik lagi keling ni!!!

    • Pradeep Kumar rompak Felda Ventures, ahli uMNO dia saja?
      Orang Felda diam saja?
      Mana pergi semua pemimpin Melayu?

  2. Kenapa Macc tidak mengambil tindakan. Adakah ini agenda Tan Sri Isa untuk mencuri duit pemegang saham? Menyimpan keling haram itu untuk melanjutkan penyelewengan? Jelas ada bukti tetapi kerajaan Najib masih engan membuat tindakan. Ini kah transformasi?

  3. I like your Latin headings, BD. They make visitors read the article, wanting to know what it means. Provided that you continue writing the real meaning as a footnote. To avoid misinterpreting like I may do!

    But the problem is the brothers who studied in England since school days may not have learnt Latin. They think, speak and act Greek. Not even referring to the Constitution of the country sometimes. Hence we get a FGVH CEO designate talking and behaving Sanskrit. Or maybe even Dravidian. Using a fake degree is an example.

    The purpose of installing such Dravidian and Azeeezian characters as heads of huge and financially humongous organizations can be to have the tools to milk the fat cows. People with integrity like Hassan Marican of Petronas would be a stumbling block – Hassan even blocked Omar Ong from appointment to the BOD and info on his student loan delinquency (Court Order was obtained for the loan recovery) was leaked to the public soon after that. Yet Omar was hammered into the BOD and Hassan was “retired”.

    So, what do we do under the circumstances? We keep on shooting arrows and blunderbusses at them Greeks. We may not have cannons and guided missiles. But with determination the Mongols succeeded in conquering China (Genghis Khan), ransacked Baghdad and brought down the 500 years of glory of the Muslim Empire centred there in the 13th century, and they also conquered India (known there as Moghul Emperors who became Muslims),

    We shoot them with whatever we have. Solid facts and data that you and others produce and general view points others may put out that hopefully will influence the UMNO General Assembly delegates in November.

    • Let it be known that, in order to get our points across, this blog quotes Latin, refers to the Greeks, talks about the Mongols and the Moghuls.

      So serious we are in asking the delegates to PAU in November to change the UMNO President that they should consider it fully.

      Not just the FELDA settlers and the Tabung Haji account holders will be grateful to them but the vast majority of the Malay and the Muslim population of this country will thank the Perwakilan if they do so. We pray God will bless them, panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki, naikkan pangkat and all the good things to those who do.

    • Thank you.

      It means “Potential Corrupt Principal”

  4. Big Dog,

    Good day to you. Forgive me for sounding rude, for my enthus from reading your blog propelled me to do this, is there any way – even remotely – that you could include an English translation to your latin titles? Understand that having a Latin title does provide a strong hook to read your articles. However, efforts to comprehend the title has ended with nothing. Googling it amounts to nothing near to grasping the general idea behind it too.


  5. BD,

    Last Monday supposed to be farewell to Tan Sri Sabri. The head organiser is Mavani’s leading arse polisher Dr Suzana Idayuwati.

    Suzana insisted that Mavani’s eldest son performed the opening act of the do, playing “Autumn Leaves”.

    However since Sabri was unwell, it was quickly turned to ‘Majlis Bersama Pengerusi’. So Isa Samad was there in place.

    Suzana is the type of bitchy witch who demonstrate her personal dislikes openly & is reflective in the evening do. Like how COO Dato Khairil Aziz was omitted in the salutations.

    The evening went so well that only 1/3 of the 500 seats Dewan Merak in Balai Felda was filled. It was her ‘rule & divide’ nature which put off many of FGV staff who might want to celebrate their respected outgoing CEO for the last time but didnt come becoz their love for her.

    FYI, it was she & Mavani’s effort to bring Edelman in & Alpha Platform got prematutely sidelined for the FGV IPO. A PR exercise that Datuk Rocky & you treasure so much.

    Another FYI, in the Senai & Felda Sahabat do you mentioned, Fazilah Mustapha-Mavani was listed as “Choir Teacher”.

    Did FGV really appoint her as “Choir Teacher”? And paid money?

    Why would FGV hire her as a “Choir Teacher”?

    P/S: TQ for using my moniker in your posting 🙂

  6. This bitchy witchy is head of strategy for FGV. However, she hardly do the strategies herself.

    Most of FGV strategies are done by external consultants. She just collect and collate. Just like a secretariat.

    Then she presents as her own to mgmt and BOD.

    Probably she is incompetent and without neccesary substance. That’s is probably also why she so close and arse polishing this chap Pradeeb Kumar too much.

    Nauseating, really!

    • Who doesnt know Makcik Strategy FGV. She is expert in shopping at all premium outlet in America. Come home check in bag 30kg from shopping but never sort out many losses in USA and Canada. Every month go US never go meeting. Just shopping. Today US and Canada still losing money. She always blame Dato Zul and gang for the investment but she is the one who proposing that investment last time when she in Lembaga Felda.

      Of course now she is only Doktor in top management but empty brain. All her thesis and course work done by her staffs. Only think of her kerusi and busy mengumpat people in FGV. But secretly all analyst laughs at her when her broken English explain her strategy from Bangla Consulting Group.

      She the one brings Pradeep into FGV and scheme dirty deals with him to finance her shoppings and lifestyle in US. Always busy bodek directors and Emir. She shoulds also investigated with Emir.

      • Dr Suzana Idayuwati is one of the smarter management material in GLC’s.

  7. Pradeeb Kumar tanpa syak lagi sorang Keling Karam Kaki Kelentong.

    Apa lagi nak kata….?

  8. BD,

    I am quite interested to find out how this “attack” on Pradeep Kumar aka. Emir Mavani aka. Pirate of Emirates will lead to. Kudos to you for smoking the PhD out of emir & co.

    Btw, I have long since alerted Emir Mavani (thru an intermediary) to the attacks from the far right bloggers. Since he did not come and beg help from the only group that has proven to be successful in fighting the rabid pro UMNO bloggers, I have washed my hands of his fate. Or in the words of the most famous Russian boxer, Ivan Drago, “if he dies, he dies.”

    I think re-reading your article on the murky dealings in PNG should confirm what you are alluding. It was over valued, a rip off which was not much different than what the deals the ex CEO did in Canada with ETGO. And to this day, we are still waiting to find out whether or not FGV’s RM capital investment into the Bunge ETGO venture would ever be paid. FGV’s partnership with Bunge involved a capital investment of RM 155 million, in the form of equity injection, working capital advance and a bargain purchase sale of inventory.As for Bunge, the Mat Salleh were smart in structuring the deal as a partnership, so that should it flop, then they are only liable as to their minuscule share capital invested.

    No comment on that BD? Never mind, tidak mengapa. We no speak Latin, but we are expert when it comes to all matters concerning FGV.

    Truth is business in Malaysia is always a contest about who turns out to be the bigger crook. And thanks to bloggers, we can get a front row seat.

    PS: My money’s still on EMV and Pemandu to come out tops. But then again, bloggers did play a part in stitching up Danny boy when he was in MAS.

    • SUZANA? Smarter management material in FGV? Are you kidding Shadow Wbanker? She is expert in shopping lah. Makcik Suzana never go visit any estate because she say very ulu and not important. US and London she always go because she like shopping. We can tracing with MAS and Felda Travel all her luggage data when she travel.

      Her university last time Huddersfield. Only poly teknik just before graduate from Business Admin. She had to resit twice to pass.

      • Finally a posting on Suzana Idayuwati. As a former employee of FGV I had the distinct displeasure of working under this incompetent dishonest scheming two faced bitch. She has no concept of corporate finance even as she touts her Phd in finance when she gets defensive. Come on people… its a pizza hut degree from University Pertanian (Putra) Malaysia…. not an Ivy League university…. although she will say she went to Harvard….. As a tourist … in one of those paid for executive management courses. Which she may or may not have done the course work because like her Phd… she outsourced her work to her staff.

        Her claim to fame was the IPO of FGV which she actually played no crucial part because the bankers did all the work and she even managed to screw that up because of her stupidity which resulted in FGV paying more money than necessary to the bankers for the IPO.

        She is now super famous because of her close association with another so called Dr. Whom she lobbied heaven and earth to become CEO designate for FGV so she could have a fall guy for all the dodgy deals they could do to spend the IPO money. When Macc and the attention got too hot, she burned Mr Mavani by feeding the blogs the info.

        So there you are… thats the Chief Strategy Officer of FGV. I am so called I left that place.

    • Get your facts right la.

      Bunge ETGO project was a viable venture. This Makcik Kebayan fr Huddlesfield Poly is the one who screwed it up.

      Although controlled the marketing JV, and TRT ETGO does the tolling for canola sourced by Bunge.

      It was a good JV but screwed up by Bitchy Witchy cos she negotiated the terms.

      She and her minion Niam drafted the terms after the original directors are no longer in the BOD.

      This Bitchy Witchy does nothing good since her days in Lembaga Felda. Pushed around everywhere becoz she’s always in the way and actually produce nothing. She wasn’t even helpful in any way.

      Then again, apple polishing was her best trait. She’s good with the ‘Fancy Sales Talk’ tho…..

      Of course you put your money on Pradeeb Kumar and PEMANDU. If you think this Bitchy Witch is good, then she’s the type that fits perfectly in the PEMANDU world of make believe.

  9. Hey Pemandu, you know my neighbour was mugged and robbed in their own house 2 weeks ago in keramat. My sister had her car stolen in subang. Now you Najib send these goons who now nothing to Felda to rob and steal. While your NKRA go around crapping about “Crime Index is down! Economy is so good!”. Tolong lah…. We are not stupid. Go sell your snake oil somewhere else. Tak Laku dah!

  10. The whole of FGV was shocked into mourning yesterday, when Emir Mavani’s appointment as CEO of FGV was confirmed. (The exception I suppose would be Emir himself and the 4 boys that he brought in).

    The decision clearly showed that the topmost leadership of this country has no regard for good corporate governance.

    1. FGV, despite being listed, is still 40% controlled by FELDA. FELDA comes directly under PM. This appointment therefore must have been blessed by the PM himself, advised by our chairman, the man once found guilty of money politics, Isa Samad.
    2. Emir is being accused internally within FGV and externally in the media, of extremely serious allegations. To recap, these allegations are as follows:
    • That he misled the Board with respect to his phD
    • That he interfered in a transaction pertaining to the sale of refined olein to China, and that he received a commission from the transaction
    • That he is trying to push the organization to enter into various dubious land deals at inflated prices in unviable locations (transactions totaling several hundred millions USD)
    • That he is pushing for the organization to raise a sukuk bond and that he will potential take a commission from this transaction.
    These allegations, occurring in such a short space of time, deserve to be thoroughly investigated, at the very least. The results of such investigations should be made known to shareholders, and Emir Mavani’s name needs to be completely cleared before he can hold any post in this organization, let alone the post of CEO. In other companies, this person would be the subject of a domestic inquiry, at least!! PM’s decision to confirm his appointment as CEO shows his completely disregard for the importance of integrity and corporate governance.
    3. The Board should have gone through a search process and interviewed at least 3 candidates before confirming Emir. They would not have had to look hard to find someone who at least has experience serving as senior management in a listed co (which Emir does not) and whose degree is not being questioned.
    4. There is no check and balance within FGV, as the supposed “Senior Independent Director” on the Board of this company, Datuk Yahya, is a good friend of Emir, for whom Emir himself secured the Board seat. With this person beholden to Emir for his Board post, and with this person having a long-standing relationship with Emir, how can they claim that the independent directors are protecting minority shareholders’ interest?

    Congratulations Mr Prime Minister. You have successfully alienated the bulk of your support within the Felda world. Do not dream of our support in the next election, for when we needed you most, when we needed you to be a strong example of principle-centred leadership, and when we needed you to demonstrate how important integrity is to your Government, you completely failed us.

    Being good Malaysians, we shall continue being polite but in our minds, we shall now have the wisdom of knowing the truth about what your Government stands for. It was clearly in vain that this company’s IPO raised RM10 billion last year. I am truly surprised that the opposition has not raised a question in parliament about what happened to that money and why Felda is claiming that the money will run out by next year.

    • Semangat nak kerja takde lagi. Dahlah bulan ramadahan. Ini pula cara Najib dan Isa kendalikan proses pemilihan CEO. Baik simpan beruk jadi CFO, lalat jadi CHRO dan bangang jadi CSO…. ooooh tetapi memang Chief Strategy Officer tu pun Bangang dah. Tak payah tunggu 6 bulan. 1 bulan pun keling haram tu akan buat hal. Nak curi duit IPO je tu.

      Kalaulah PRU sekali lagi, undi ABU je lah lain kali….Anything But Umno…

    • Congrats Emir. It has been a long climb to the top. I told u, my money was on Pemandu. They are the new Peremba.

  11. My heart goes out to my ex colleagues in FGV. Emir, congratulations you dirty crook.

    FGV deserves better. Not just a place for losers with crappy degrees.

  12. Siapa lagi yang boleh buat benda macam nie? Hanya anjing anjing Najib lah. Jelas mesti ada agenda yang haram untuk Isa dan Najib melindungi Keling ini.

  13. Christie who ever u r, thanks you. The long post you write is how my people’s feel. Very dissappoint and feeling that all this time the listing of Felda something good but turn out is just a way to for Political party to steal money from shareholders. I feel shame as settler son to be part of something noble my father work hard last time to build and now part of only stealing scheme by Isa and Najib. If my father alive now, he will see Felda DG Dato Zulu last time and make sure he take action. Today I sell my small share I buy from listing. I spit on the book prospectus FGV gave me. Haram Haram Haram…

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