Mahal rantai daripada beruk

New Minister-in-the-Cabinet Dato’ Seri Abdul Wahid Omar answered in Dewan Rakyat today on questions pertaining the number of professionals and Malaysians working abroad, arranged by Talent Corp. The former Maybank CEO is standing in his capacity as the Minister in Prime Minister’s Department. report 18 July 2013 report 18 July 2013

For the record, Talent Corp is Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop’s baby. In 2011, then the Minister-in-charge of EPU planned which for bigger results. Although there is a “positive result”, however the cost benefit and delivery on initial target is hardly successful. report in 2011:

Graduate employability blueprint to see 6,000 graduates trained in 2013

PUTRAJAYA: A total of 6,000 graduates will be trained by Talent Corp Malaysia Bhd this year through a bridging programme under the Graduate Employability Blueprint to assist graduates find suitable employment.Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said in 2011, Talent Corp trained 1,000 graduates and this figure rose to 2,000 last year.This is part of the government’s efforts to strengthen the employability of graduates from higher institutions of learning under Talent Corp and the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M), he told reporters before attending a meeting of the Graduate Employability Taskforce (GET) here yesterday.

The GET, regulated by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) under the Prime Minister’s Department, provides oversight in the implementation of the blueprint.Meetings of the GET are held four times a year and today’s session is the first for 2013.

According to Nor Mohamed Yakcop, through SL1M, more than 9,000 graduates had been successfully placed in participating companies under their corporate social responsibility.Up to February this year, a total of 8,643 graduates had been employed with 1,651 still undergoing the SL1M programme.

At present, the SL1M secretariat is securing the participation of new companies to place 2,349 graduates,he said.He also said based on the Tracer Study 2012, 20 per cent of first degree holders from public institutions of higher learning had yet to secure jobs, six months after graduating. For diploma holders, the figure is 17.6 per cent, he added.

He also said it was found that the number of registered graduates actively seeking employment in Jobs Malaysia, had declined from 155,764 in 2010 to 66,418 last year.

It is estimated that 438,800 new jobs were created last year with a better unemployment rate of 3.0 per cent, compared with 3.1 per cent previously, he added.

Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the government will continue to implement various programmes to strengthen the marketability of graduates, for example, through internships in industries.

Meanwhile, he commented that Bank Negara Malaysia’s gross domestic product target for this year of between 5-6 per cent, was achievable.

This is a very good forecast, and in the range of six per cent.

I think this is possible for us to achieve, he added.


Evidently clear, Talent Corp didn’t meet its target.

In brief, since two years ago RM 65 million was spent by Talent Corp for all the expensive travels and exhibitions abroad, only to bring 2,105 of these so-called talents back home. 70% of them are Non Malays. That comes to almost RM 31,000.00 per talent. According to MIDA, that is 1.5 times average salary per month for top management in the manufacturing sector.

That is a very large cost for the Federal Government to absorb and locate these talents and place them. They are probably worth to be employed where they were. However, are their qualifications, experience and  talents are actually relevant to the Malaysian economy.

An example is recently appointed FGV CEO Emir Mavani (p.k.a. Pradeeb Kumar). His appointment drew a lot of controversy since his dubious “Ph.D in ‘Government Reforms’ from Warnborough University, United Kingdom” was smoked out.

My job at FGVH is safe, says its new CEO

Thursday, 18 July 2013 12:05 Kazi Mahmood 0 Comments

Mohammed Emir Mavani Abdullah, who clocked in as CEO of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) just two days ago, has denied talk that he may lose his job over a controversial PhD degree.

Mohammed Emir said it is untrue that the FGVH board of directors (BoDs) is reconsidering his tenure over concerns that his doctorate from a UK university is not a legitimate degree.“I did my PhD, (but) it is not recognised…it is a real degree and the university exists. The PhD was not the criteria to select me as it was based on my performance. This issue has no relevance to my getting the job,” he told The Malaysian Reserve at his office yesterday.

The 49-year-old Mohammed Emir officially became CEO of the largest palm oil conglomerate on Monday, but has been CEO-designate since Jan 1, this year to replace the outgoing Tan Sri Sabri Ahmad.

The FGVH announcement of his appointment raised eyebrows because of the “Dr” in front of his name.

Critics questioned the legitimacy of his doctorate, and it was reported that a shareholder raised the question at the company’s last annual shareholder’s meeting.

A newspaper quoted sources yesterday suggesting that the FGVH board was reviewing his contract as a result of the controversy over his doctorate qualification which was awarded by a university not recognised by the Malaysian authorities.

In the report, unnamed sources said Mohammed Emir is to be given a six-month grace period to leave FGVH.

Mohammed Emir said his appointment to the CEO post is based on his performance and that the doctorate is not a factor in his hiring.

FGVH board members either could not be contacted or declined to comment for this story, but people familiar with the issue said the matter of Mohammed Emir’s doctorate was “briefly” discussed and dropped at a meeting recently.

Mohammed Emir said he pursued and obtained his PhD in government reforms from UK-based Warnborough University in 2008.

He graduated with a Chemistry degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and later obtained his masters in Engineering Management from Warwick University, UK.

The controversy over Mohammed Emir’s PhD comes following a rash of embarrassing exposures over bogus degrees presented by Members of Parliament (MPs) and prominent businessmen.

In an exchange filing dated July 16, FGVH announced the appointment of three new directors, including Mohammed Emir who was also appointed as the president and CEO. Also appointed as director is Datuk Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun Narrashid, who recently won the MP for Kota Tinggi seat in the May polls.


When the Ph.D. was highlighted and became the ‘market talk’, Mavani chose to withdraw the title from any formal briefs or biodata about him. He didn’t own up. Neither did he present the convincing evidence about his Ph.D, dissertation, supervisor nor the board which evaluated his thesis.

The highly probable fact is that Mavani was not honest and truthful about his Ph.D.

Attempt to Google Map "Warnborough University"

Attempt to Google Map “Warnborough University”

Another interesting fact is that Mavani in this Malaysian Reserve interview claims  “Its a real degree and the university exist”. However, no one is able to properly google “Warnborough University”, let alone google map it.

The closest we got is “Warnborough College”, in Kent. It is an institution that is on the ‘not recognised’ list, even by British standards. If the British education system fail to recognise this, why is Mavani trying to justify about his now highly dubious Ph.D?

No one from the Board of Directors (BOD) of FGV or anyone in PEMANDU ever came up with the proper rationalisation why was Mavani even included into the BOD of FGV in the first place, let alone an executive director position. His experience so far has no relevance to the plantations, commodities nor upstream of the FMCG industry.

Emir Mavani's brief resume in FGVH website (as at 31 May 2013)

Emir Mavani’s brief resume in FGVH website (as at 31 May 2013)

Hence, so many are baffled with the appointment as the CEO designate in January and eventually his ascension to the top post of FGV two days ago. He is now the CEO of the GLC which is entrusted to channel the net proceeds of FELDA downstream, related and international businesses to fund all development and CSR programs pertaining to 112,635 FELDA setller families in 114 schemes across 54 Parliamentary constituencies.

After all, these are so many existing local talents amongst the Malay professionals with relevance global plantations experience that could in the choice for FGV CEO selection. This include some within the existing top management line up of FGV. More so, one who is an ‘Anak FELDA’. It is so unbelievable that this became such a gross oversight by the Prime Minister’s Department.

So, is Mavani he sort of talent that the Federal Government spent money on to bring back?

The fact is that most of these talents never contributed to the Malaysian economy then. It is believed they didn’t even file their returns, let alone pay income tax  to the Inland Revenue Board. Probably Mavani too, for all his monies during the tenure in UAE.

Majority of the Non Malay professionals who prefer to be elsewhere that Talent Corp trying to woo back

Let us not carefully consider the loyalty, patriotism and how these people perceived Malaysia from where they were. If 70% of them are Non Malays, there is a way above average chance that they are not supportive of the Federal Government nor majority of the national policies. Instead, probably they are highly critical.

The fact that DAP asked the Federal Government to hand over the all the scholarship programs currently under Public Service Department to Talent Corp is a clear demonstration that the agency benefitted the Chinese more than the Malays. Otherwise, the Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders wouldn’t have bothered. ‘Scholarship’ is one of the items listed under Section 153 Special Rights for the Malays, enshrined by the Federal Constitution.

The Talent Corp program of spending money to sought and bring back graduates and professionals is actually scholarship or education funding reversal.

The Malays have a saying for these sort of  low cost benefit deeds; “Mahal rantai daripada beruk“. Literally means that the chain to tie the monkey to the coconut tree is actually worth more than the monkey.

That is what newly created half baked agencies like Talent Corp actually mean to the Malays. Worse still, for talents like Emir Mavani brought back to eventually be strategically disastrous to the pillar of the Malay power base.

*Updated Friday 19 July 2013 0300hrs

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  1. Nice one! We bought back craps from Abu Dhabi. University exists where Mr Mavani? I google wiki for Warnborough U… actually it only a Irish company owned by Malaysian. Is not real lah.

    • Whether Mavani was brought back by Talent Corp or not, he was brought into FGVH as CEO with a fake PhD, meaning a dishonest fellow.

      What is Ah Jib Gor doing? 70% of those brought back by Talent Corp are non-Malays, presumably Chinese, the Tsunami were Chinese, the man appointed to look after the interest of FELDA settlers is bin Abdullah with a fake degree.

      So many things he did, has allowed done or not done are favouring Chinese, the very people who gave him a tsunami, and the interests of the Malays like DEB been placed at the back burner. UMNO delegates to the General Assembly in November should replace him with a leader who feels Malay and will look after and promote the rights and interests of the Malays that UMNO has sworn, 60 years ago, to do.

  2. Well if as he claimed it was his performance and not his PhD was the hiring factor, then why was he hired? Firstly he has no experience let alone performance as a CEO of a GLC like FGVH. Secondly, there are other local talent Malaysians that the fanciful Talent Corp or the govt might have ignored? Why is it that anything ‘ overseas’ is deemed by the govt as better? Can the govt justify that? Why is the excellent local talent like Hassan Merican not given extension of contract as CEO of Petronas and yet the govt whined about the dearth of local talent to power the pet agenda of economic transformation? One would begin to wonder if enough efforts have been taken by the govt to dig deeper into local talents without resorting to talent corp?

    • I wonder if it is a case of “anything ‘overseas’ is deemed by the govt as better. I suspect that it’s a case of putting in place the tools for milking fat cows like FGVH for the account(s) of interested parties.

      Buying Papua New Guinea land that reportedly others dared not touch, and at a price higher than previously touted is an example. I fear those parties interested in him milking the fat cow for them may include the very top of the political hierarchy in this country. Woe betide the rakyat.

  3. So who is the REAL beruk? Emir Mavani, Isa Samad, Najib Razak or us, the RAKYAT?

  4. BD,

    I have checked around and it seems Emir Mavani is here to stay. I do admire your courage in fighting his appointment but as everybody knows, the ex Ceo pissed off too many people including Isa.

    So why not accept this and fight another battle. Too many issues are being played up in the mainstream press against the Malays. Wasting your effort here will brook no advantage.

    We must support Felda in its transformation. The cost per FFB harvested is much higher than Sime or even KL Kepong. Give Emir and the team from Pemandu a chance to do some ‘transformation.’ After all, we are all on the same team.

    • Dear Shadow Banker, let me set you straight.

      Moving on with the Head of the organisation who has been exposed by the shareholders in its Agm as having a useless Phd and having a cloud of dubious deals he has tried to push through FGV (Papua and Palm Olein to China) is not a solution at all. You insult the intelligence of the Rakyat and most of all the employees of FGV! Pemandu and its bunch of make believe statisticians are first class superficial monkeys who have the intellect far below a mentally challenged cow. They go around touting nonsensical facts and figures thinking their corny blue used car sales men suits would give a measure of credibility.

      I bet you got your figures of the high FFB cost per ha comparison from those dill witted Pemandu idiots. Have you made comparisons of the terrain and soil types klk and Sime have compared to FGV? What do you expect to do with old trees who have a low stand count per ha? Replant in one week and solve the problem? Average down the age profile in one month by buying a brownfield plantation 3 times the size of singapore? That would be a solution right? And along the way make an incredible amount of dirty money for Isa, Najib, Pradeep and perhaps yourself right? Come on lah, give me a break. We are not rank amateurs who just rolled into town or fell off the back of the turnip truck like your monkeys from Pemandu. YOU ARE THERE TO PLUNDER THE IPO MONEY.

      Will you succeed? Perhaps, but just remember. Everyone is watching you!! And not everyone can be bought or intimidated or stupid enough to believe your banal condescending defence of Pradeep!

    • And why are you wasting your effort here if you don’t realize that this is also a serious battle we are fighting?

      You have a lousy perception of what is serious and what is not? Or you don’t know whether the problem is the FFB cost or the bloke who may squander any savings or additional income from production increases brought by the honest and sincere, hard working and non-fake degree holders at the various levels down the management line?

      Giddyup so-called Shadow Banker. You are not one of Nazir’s boys or aspiring to Nazir’s post, are you? I’d like Nazir replaced ASAP but not by the likes of you with the kind of thinking as reflected in your comment above.

      • Gentleman,

        Will respond to all …

        Extracts from the best investment report on FGV…

        FGV’s current yield per mature hectare per year of 19.7 MT FFB recorded for 2011 is approximately 11% below the average benchmark of the large plantation operators. Management has set a KPI target to boost average FFB yield per mature hectare by 16% over the next 3 years to 23 MT FFB (Ta An, 2012). This target is considered optimistic as over 50% of the oil palm trees on FGV’s plantation estate are above 20 years of age, after which yields will be expected to drop rather than increase. Nevertheless,
        by adopting better plantation management practices, FGV recorded a 20% increase in yields of FFB in Q1 2012 versus Q1 2011. FGV’s yield for Q1 2012 was 16% higher as compared to the MPOB Benchmark, which had decreased slightly in Q1 2012 as compared to Q1 2011. We believe that management’s decision to use a greater amount of slow release fertilizer and better plantation techniques can boost yields of its plantation stock by approximately 8%, holding the ages of the palm trees constant.

        Cost Structure Analysis
        FGV’s estate cost structure is much higher than comparable firms driven by a higher wage structure and higher replanting expenditure. FFB production costs are estimated to grow from RM 279/mt in 2011 to RM 491/mt in 2020 (CAGR : 6.5%) before reducing as unit production costs are driven lower due to the FFB production growth.Over the next 10 years, we expect Fertilizer cost to increase by a CAGR of 10% per year, staff costs to increase by 8% per year. Replanting costs per hectare are projected to increase from its current average of RM 17,400/Ha to RM
        33,000 per ha in 2020, after which replanting expenses cease to be a major cost contributor until the next replanting cycle.

        … We are generally unconvinced that FGV’s Canadian based
        refined oil subsidiary, TRT-ETGO, will be able turn profitable over the medium term. Even though the crushing plant’s access to the cheap electricity in Quebec should have given it a cost advantage over its North America based competitors, the substantial write-downs taken by FGV in 2011 suggest a deeper underlying structural problem that may not be changed with the addition of its new centrifuge unit or FGV’s planned investment to upgrade port handling facilities. The tolling agreement that FGV entered into with Bunge ETGO does not increase overall plant gross margins nor does it ameliorate TRT-ETGO’s inability to make a profit.
        For purposes of projections, we have utilized TA-Holdings estimates of a fixed fee of C$16/mt of oilseed crushed and the assumption of electricity costs amounting to C$4.60/mt, rising at 1.7% CAGR over the foreseeable future.

        Issues facing FGV which Dr Emir will handle

        a) Low return on capital due to crushed Net Operating Profit margin after the collapse in CPO prices.

        b) Lack of total ownership over the logistics and supply chain network for trading palm products e.g. Felda CFA logistics, Langsat Bulkers, Felda Transport

        c) Lack of proper skills in using derivatives to conduct large scale spot and futures trade for palm oil. Without this, FGV is exposed to significant price risk especially since the market is in contango. Front month contract at RM 2,352 and Dec contract at RM 2,290. That means that the price FGV pays today to buy CPO from FPI will be less than the price it obtains were it to sell CPO in the future.

        d) Lack of ability to translate FGV into a global agrifood business company. To do that requires first class supply chain, levered balance sheet, proper risk management and trading skill.

        e) Legacy class action suits initiated by Felda settlers over the FGV – FPI repurchase agreement. Farm gate price for FFB has been below the MPOB benchmark. Expect action in the courts coming up soon.

        Comments, please.

      • It is obvious that this Shadow Banker knows so much in detail what Mr Ph.D Faker wanted to undertake in FGV, he must be one of the Lucifer lieutenants from Pemandu.

        Look at the details of the program.

        Consultants & merchant backers could easily figure out all that. Especially when all factors & variants at ceteris paribus.

        Then again FGV isnt about making money only in isolation. Any bonafide ACCA/CIMA/MIA member will relevant merchant banking & a stint with an MNC plantations coupled with an MBA from an accredited institution could work all these out in a jiffy.

        There are socio-political & the entire Felda eco-system for consideration.

        Mr Fake Ph.D employing some consultants with a seven-figures fee to look into acquisition of Pontian Plantations at RM 200 k/acre really blew my mind

        It doesn’t take even a UKM chemistry alumnus or Huddersfield-Poly-grad-wet-dreaming-to-replace-Sabri to figure that one out as “Bollocks”.

        Really an Akademi Fantassia meets Apparentice-hopeful arguments, blaming others whilst trying to justify their extension of staying-in-the-game incurable show off horse shit.

        Then again I was never in Pemandu & never want to. I prefer living in the real world & doing an honest day’s work.

      • I support fully what Ex-AA & Co said.

        Yes, Shadow Banker must be one of the Lucifer lieutenants from Pemandu or the fake PhD’s ball carriers.

        Yes, he has not taken into consideration the socio-political & the entire Felda eco-system. Those responsible for the fake PhD’s appointment choose to be blind to all those and the need for FGVH be run by people with integrity..

      • Shadow Banker,

        Who do you expect to comment and respond to these technical details of the plantation industry and FGV operations in Canada?

        Big Dog?

        I think Big Dog should appoint BCG to respond to you. Its the least childish way, to comment against yours.

    • Without integrity, no one is deemed suitable.

      • Bloody good one, ray.

      • Eh apa nie legacy class action? Mr Shadow Banker nie tak pandai eja ? Legal lah bodoh!

      • Thats right. Emir tak peduli hal hal FGV. Isa and Najib gives him job to do. KPI dia, spend IPO money cepat and make sure they get commission berjuta juta macam submarine Altantuya. Pembelian tanah di PNG tu adalah satu daripada banyak lagi. Sekarang Pontian untuk tokeh cina TSH.

    • Shadow Banker,
      You are as screwed as your Boss who has been exposed below:

  5. Belanja sebegini banyak duit utk tatang anak anak Cina. Diaorang ni bukan reti apabenda pun. Dok luar negara, cerca negara sendiri tak henti henti.

    Sokong DAP lagi ada!

    Apa Najib dapat?

    Anak anak Cina jenis ni yg 20,000 dok kat UK tanpa visa perkerjaan tu & dianggap sebagai PATI.

    Dah kena ‘Chinese Tsunami’ pun tak sador sador lagi Najib ni.

    • Najib tidak akan sedor. Mengelenot bontotnya bila dia baca Cina panggil dia Ah Jib Gor. (Mengelenot tu bahasa Greek = hampir orgasm!).

      Dia fikir dia liberal konon. Sabenar nya dia pseudo-liberal atau liberal olok olok. Tidak ada sesiapa yang liberal jika tidak menyedari perlunya padang di sama ratakan di negara ini di dalam semua lapangan. Najib senyapkan DEB dalam Model Ekonomi Barunya. Adik dia Nazir di CIMB ketawakan DEB, “menganak-haramkan DEB” ada lah istilah yang keluar dari mulutnya.

      Selagi Najib berkuasa, selagi itu lah kita merana. ISA di buangnya, SOSMA benarkan pegangan suspek hanya 28 hari tidak “indefinitely”, EC di hapuskanyya sekarang 90% jenayah di lakukan/ di rancangkan oleh bekas banduan EO kata Ahmad Zahid, ini pula Akta Hasutan nak di hapuskannya.

      Marilah kita sentiasa merayu kapada ahli ahli Perwakilan kapada Perhimpunan Agong UMNO bulan November ini supaya gantikan dia.

      • Sokong! TUKAR NAJIB! Buang Isa! Bakar Keling tu!

      • Sorry Kawan dia sudah Line Up tukang Canang sedia untuk Perhimpunan. Azeez dan Khairy, Si Isa dan Koparat Koparat yang lain sedang buat persiapan. MB, MB Baru turut berjuang untuk kepentingan dia.

        Ahli Perwakilan?…Senang Saja …Baksheesh Wang Ma

      • May Najib not be elected as President in the forthcoming UMNO PAU. Amin..

  6. BD,

    1. Looks like FGV’s board is trying to cover up a mistake they have made by not verifying the credentials.

    2. Being critical about government policies is not always bad. Positive criticism will help improve the said policies and is the only way countries can progress.

    3. I have many friends who received said scholarships and who are willing to forgo opportunities elsewhere to come back and serve the country. However, JPA lost their files (gulp) or can’t allocate them anywhere to work within a year (yes sir).

    So please, do not generalise by race. It is a matter of the person’s principles that makes him or her a loyal (or not) person.

    Thank you 😀

    • What principles, pray tell.

      Those “the JPA lost their files” – why absconded or didn’t return offering to serve upon completion of studies in the first place? Any letter certifying JPA unable to offer them jobs?

      “do not generalise by race” – what if figures show?

  7. I suppose it is easier for Malay top guns to deal with Chinese returness. They are more concerned about qualified Malays who have expressed a desire to return. Even Talent Corp may be ineffective in influencing or persuading top Malay officials to accept Malay returnees.

    i Have a friend whose son is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in the UK. He tried very hard to come back inspite of the good life he leads over there. He knew he would get no more than RM10k per month salary. But he still tried. Interviews he went through and formal applications were also made. To date he has not had ANY response from the local parties concerned.

    I don’t think he will be coming back at all now. People in the UK recognise his experience and capabilities. He is now drector of Optimax UK and earning on the average GBP30k a month.

    Why waste money on Talent Corp anway when you have heads of local institutions whob are scared of perhaps over-qualified Malays? A top down policy that cannot be monitored is of no use to the Malays as Malays themselves will sabotage it.

    • Najib had Talent Corp do those in order to get Chinese votes. He went all out to get Chinese votes at PRU13. Even bent backwards. But he got Chinese Tsunami.

      Problem is, he still wants to please the Chinese despite the tsunami. So, more and more Malays are calling for him to be removed as UMNO President at UMNO general assembly in November.

  8. We’d like to clarify that the RM65million operating cost allocated to TalentCorp is used to develop programmes to attract and nurture talent, whether they be Malaysians in Malaysia, Malaysians abroad or foreign talent, and not just for the Returning Expert Programme (REP). Therefore it would be misleading to divide the total operating cost with only the number of Malaysians approved under the REP to derive a cost per person. More details here:

    • Jangan berkira sangat lah talent corp. Kamu bawak talent macam Mavani merosak kan Felda cukup dah. Lesap duit peneroka dan pemegang saham.

    • Worse still, when money is used to develop programmes to attract foreign talent. Know what? The so called foreign talents in crisis hit economies in EU and US are eager to move east to find jobs. We should have the upperhand by asking them to prove their worth before being hired. Not design programmes to attract them. What’s the matter? Lacking in self confidence that Malaysia can dictate terms, instead of being dictated by these garden variety foreign jobseekers?

  9. ah jib gor is a m@r@n

  10. Wahhh.. Tuan Anjing Godang…

    Tajuk dari Bahasa Inggeris, ke Latin dan kini Bahasa Melayu.

    Matlamatnya tetap sama!

    Heran. Dalam ramai ramai anak Melayu yg boleh mengurus, pernah mengurus dan terbukti mengurus, kenapa Keling Konsultan yg tak da pengalaman sebagai pengurus, lebih lebih lagi perladangan diangkat jadi CEO?

    Talent Corp atau Pemandu dah buta atau sebenornya banggang….??

    Isa Samad tu tak payahlah nak cakap….. Antara Ziana Zain atau bukan pun lom tentu dia boleh bezakan. Atau mungkin minat dia tu boleh disusun sebagai senjata yg amat strategik.

    Itu hari berapa dia menang masa bertanding lawan Aishah penyanyi tu…..?

    Takkan Pengerusi Felda, FGV, mantan MB dan mantan calon Naib Presiden UMNO dapat majoriti undi banyak itu ja?

    Tunggulah PRU akan datang…..

    • Yang tak sukakan Najib minta Najib di gugurkan dan UMNO jadi kuat di bawah pemimpin baru dan akan menang lebih baik di PRU akan datang.

  11. Typical of Najib Razak Way of Looking At Things everyone and everything can be bought with money…except for voters of course!

    Seriously this Lame Brained Idea is another of many that will continue to Plague Malaysia.

    • You got proof?

      • The Proof is in the Pudding! You are eating.

        That’s what happens when people don’t even know they are eating crap. If you don’t understand go back into your tempurung.

      • Blacky,

        You sound so shallow, you don’t even know that people are hitting at the usual wild and unsubstantiated allegations that the Opposition use and you are probably a part of.

        Instead of explaining yourself or providing some explanation to generalized statements you make all the time, you start becoming insulting. Did your parents teach you about how to behave in public and did you have any upbringing, I wonder.

    • Don’t be so smug Tan Sri Isa. You and Mr Mavani’s time will come. Records are kept. Evidence is filed. Only a matter of time. Prosecution one day to the full extent of the law. Where you cannot buy or intimidate justice. You were caught once by your own party Isa. This time when you do get caught, you will never make a come back.

  12. Today I read business headlines on FGV buy Pontian Plantations share from TSH Berhad. Another con job from the CEO? Just four days after take over from Sabri he now make deal for such an expensive price. RM85,000 per hectare for plantation land!!!! To benefit his best buddy Datuk Kevin from TSH Berhad. Isa, Najib and Mavani all have share cut from the multi millions deal. What the heck.

  13. dato sabri lagi byk buat blunder fairuz yg jaga perladangan ada diploma je yg jaga sabah mr alberto ada spm je

    so sape lagi teruk mavani or sabri

    suzana byk buat kertaskerja tapi semua nya failed investments

    that cos fgv to lose millions and billion

    but no action taken

    • Better spm or diploma than cheating people with a fake PHD. Bodoh punya Penan.

      • u la bodoh bangang
        yg ada spm jaga the whole of sabah
        hasil sabah langsong zero becos alberto
        dont know how to work with the real planters
        that is qualified
        yg fairuz pulak is in charge of the fgv perladangan
        with no knowledge whatsoever smpai hasil ldg
        merosot ke tahap zero

      • Cut this mindless childish monkeying around, pls!

        You’re Shadow Banker aka Lucifer Lieutenant of Pemandu, masquarading with a different moniker.

        Pls grow up and come up with real matured arguments, where others can participate to smoke you out as a fake, just like Mr Fake Ph.D.

        Just becoz you’re part of FGV outfit, you bicker about points Non FGV cannot participate.

        You’re the real banggang here becoz you think ppl dunno who you are. I mean, your real identity.

  14. Shadow Banker : Failed Banker from Bank Muamalat or Village Idiot from Accenture? Both bullcrap artist from Pemandu. Professional in Cut and Paste  & Acronym invention. Adding up the sum of everyone’s experience to say that we have 2000 years experience in Petroleum. Adding up and summing up without ever visiting a plantation. Never visited a plantation or shook the hand of a hard core planter after a hard days work in the estate. Shows up to work late, leaves the office at 3pm. Hard work trying to add up and sum up stuff to generalise and fool people with his superficial numbers, eh?

    So since you made the HUGE effort to cut and paste an analyst’s report (which probably took 2 hours of your time googling), allow me to set you right.

    First of all, get it through your maggot infested brain that FGV was listed and therefore separated from the Lembaga Felda primarily because of the structural issues plaguing the Lembaga Felda’s Role in Business. The Govt wanted to reduce the Govt Role in Business! GRIB… Thats another acronym you guys probably  invented. For many years, Lembaga Felda made a conscious desicion to spend money on socio-economic projects rather than replant their own estates. Hence the older age profile of FGV trees! Also when Felda were given the estates from the government, they had no choice. Did you ever bother to find out the topography of the lands which they operate the plantations? 40% is hilly you moron. Compare that against the peers.

    Now, the older age profile is also coupled by the low stand count per ha (look that up!). Hence the lower yield. Lower yield then translates to higher costs. You cut and pasted RM279 per ton. Did you look at it on a per hectare comparison? And then compared that to peers? No …..probably not right? Because then yield would not have been a factor and you would see that FGV’s estate costs are at par or lower than plantation peers on a per hectare basis. .
    CAGR increase of 6.5% per annum for FFB cost per ton? Well only those of superficial intellect would believe that…. Come on lah, you simplistic fool…. You need to plot out a spreadsheet and impute the higher yield from new clones and higher stand count (from 109 to 138 trees per ha) as and when they are replanted which would actually lower your cost per ton even after you adjust for inflation. Also would not the other plantation companies have the same inflationary pressures? Did you also know that other plantation companies use different calculations to measure their planted area so that they have the lowest common denominator (like you!). IOI doesn’t use surveyed planted area. They use 148 stand count to make a planted ha.

    The replanting cost escalation is also nonsensical and pure folly…. The obvious question to you is how would you avoid replanting? Can you replant something 10 x the size of Kuala Lumpur in the life span of the 2 year contract that was given to you in FGV? You probably didn’t read the fine print. In actual fact Lembaga Felda pays for the replanting cost because it’s nett off from the profit sharing formula.

    TRT etgo. I don’t even know where you are heading with this cut and paste. We all know this stupid investment was the brainchild of Suzana (your two faced bitch) and her former bosses. It’s a pure loss making endeavour which FGV should have never gone into and The Bunge JV was the best attempt to mitigate the losses in the start up. Without it the losses would have been insurmountable for the Canadian plant to recover. The only problem was that your stupid boss Emir and Suzana screwed up the terms of the JV when they negotiated it such that Bunge could actually take advantage of the contract. They were both probably busy shopping in the Premium Outlets instead of concentrating on the minute details of the contract.

    And finally we get to the To Do list for Mr Mavani. You don’t need a Phd from Planet Warnborough to tell you that those are the obvious issues identified 5 years ago by the management. You just thought you would be smart to cut and paste that cos you just recently discovered that from something Bangladesh Consulting Group printed right? Or did you host a Pemandu styled Lab to Dig out the obvious recently?. But lemme pick just one of the to do list you mention…. Lack of total ownership of supply chain…. Wtf is that? Do you even understand why you are saying? Felda Holdings which FGV only owns 49% are the owners of those businesses you mean by supply chain. 

    So there… Take those comments and don’t make anymore condescending cut and pastes.

    • There you go Mr Lucifer Lieutenant fr Pemandu aka Failed Muamalat Banker aka Accenture Village Idiot.

      The full blown response is here.

      It’s proven you ppl dunno cant tell apart between finger to toe. Just trying to figure things out based on literal brief description on a paper buried under tonnes of other text-book-type reports done by other geeky consultants.

      Then again consultants like these just borrow the watch from your arm, to tell you the time and some other idiots paid them for just a ‘repackaged’ info.

      Maybe ppl like you should actually spend sometime in the zoo and observe how these animals behave and are fed, before you pretend trying to tell others how to take care of them.

      In real world, it’s real planters like the hardworking FGV managers which play the pivottal role as the gears and sprockets that got the machine continue to produce money for the shareholders.

      Not text book wannabe geeks from Pemandu, merchant bankers or consultants like BCG. It’s just mere shuffling papers around and trying to create wealth out of make believe assets and liabilities which got Wall Street and The City sodomised really good when these wannabes had their screw-tips in the palms, jerking themselves off to the ‘Playmates of Wall Street’ edition of Hugh Hefner monthly.

      Sorry Tuan BD for my Flemish. These Beruks must be taught a lesson in public.

      The title is spot on; They are ‘Mahal Rantai Daripada Beruk’.

    • Banker Killa or whatever,

      We are capitalist. We do not need to know how to hold a cangkul in order for us to raise funds and take control of any agro business. Our motivation is ringgit and sen. We use cost per tonne because you do not make money from having the 3rd largest oil palm plantation on the earth but you make money by crushing the FFB to obtain CPO and a) either selling the CPO directly to the end customer/ wholesaler or b) using it to produce any one of the many uses of for palm oil, whether it is to make Dynamo soap or Indomee. We don’t care.

      either the way the value of the business is the cost it takes to produce 1 ton of FFB and the money u make from 20.5% (Oil Extraction Ratio for old stock) x Price of CPO. 25% if your using DvP II.

      As to why Felda sat on its back and did nothing, its not for me to speculate, neither do we care. All we know is that with the new team in FGV, the replanting cycle will be accelerated and yields will go up.

      Thats why we are so excited about the new team in FGV. The old days of conservative planter led management is only fit if you plan to live on a farm. Don’t about u, but we don’t want to.

      • Saya respect betul mamat nie baq hang. Memang la cost per ha tu baguih sebagai benchmark tapi margin mana tinggi sangat la ni. Harga CPO pun bukan tinggi sgt. Kapitalis ka sosialis ka, kalau hang punya kos serendah mana pun yang boleh potong, pulus rendah jugak berbanding masa harga tinggi. Lagi satu, tak silap cheq awal tahun lepas, estate2 tua nie mmg la hasil dia tinggi dari estate muda sebab pokok tua tak kena tree stress seteruk pokok muda. Biasalah sebab tahun 2011, hasil pokok mmg menakjubkan. lepas putaran 7-8 tahun pokok tu merajuk la sikit lepas dah keluar buah banyak. Pokok Felda tak kena masalah nie sebab pokok tua. Biasalah macam orang perempuan kita juga, kalau dah tua2 nie tekanan hidup dgn nafsu kurang sikit berbanding bini muda yang nak semua. Lagi satu tanam semula ni, bukan kerja mudah. Kontraktor yang buat kerja ni bukan banyak. Tak silap cheq, masa AGM Tuan Pengerusi ada habaq tanam semula dalam 15000 hektar setahun (dalam 150km2). itu pun dah hampir lebih suku bandar alor setar (666km2) takpun lebih separuh ibukota KL(243km2) . Saya bukan pandai sangat tapi tengok Internet jugak. Tapi banyak banyak minyak ni pun buat apa, bukan ada orang nak beli pun. Member kita kat seberang dah habis ambik pelanggan antarabangsa kita. Orang sebelah habaq tahun lepas minyak sawit dia ada 25juta tan. Tapi kalau kita kira kira balik dia ada 8juta hektar ditanam. Macam tak betul je nie

  15. Mr Penan angry. Why so angry? You prefer Mavani he very smart have degree from Warnborough. If plantation hasil zero why lah still FGV profit? Money sales all come from plantations. When having war with Sulu gun men in Sahabat, your Mavani and Pemandu ever come to Plantation there to make sure everyone still working and morale good? The Spm man never leave Sahabat and remain in plantation to make sure everyone high spirit. Man with diploma visit Sahabat many times to calm down staff and workers. He came see my relative family who died there. I appreciate this diploma man gesture. Your Indian man come to Sahabat and just talking nonsense about his Strategy Bluefilm.

    • cuba tanya fairuz berapa byk replanting dah dibuat

      di sabah alberto buat apa hasil pun tak de terpaksa beli
      minyak hantar ke semenanjong

      kita bercakap tentang masa depan fgv

      bukan pasal bukan pasal peribadi kalau baik pun tak guna
      kalau tak tau how to run the ladang bukan leader material

  16. Anak Felda yg angkut buah tandan kelapa sawit hingga dapat PHD tak layak jadi CEO FGV. Yg india entah mana2, buah kelapa sawit pun tak pernah pegang dilantik jadi CEO. Apa punya thinking skrg ni.

    • apalah nasib anak felda seperti sayaa =((((((((((

      belajo tetinggi pun masih menganggur

  17. […] and not able to obtain the satisfactory answers. It is interesting to note the burning issue of Mavani’s dubious “Ph.D in ‘Government Reforms’ from Warnborough University, …was never handled amicably till present […]

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