Defenders of Anti-Peace

The DAP Chief Strategist and ‘Politics of Hatred’ Maestro

It is very clear that Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders are spokespersons for organised crimes and operators of the underworld crimes and vice activities. DAP National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua lambasted Former IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Mohd. Noor’s interview with Mingguan Malaysia, on the paramount of peace and public safety which warrants the use of law enforcement tools like Emergency Ordinance, Internal Security Act and Sedition Act to ensure stability to Malaysia’s complexity of pluralism.

Pua answers ex-police chief’s “broken wings” with the “Black Eye”

JULY 22, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 22, 2013 01:54 PM

Former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor’s call to reinstate preventive detention laws should be ignored by the government, the DAP said today.

DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua said Rahim’s admission that the police have been helpless since the Emergency Ordinance (EO) was repealed reveals that their competence and professionalism had declined to deplorable levels.

He said instead of complaining, the police should just redeploy personnel to crime-fighting efforts.

“The police should restructure by reallocating more personnel to fight crime,” he said and added that the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) should be set up as well.

In a weekend interview with the Umno-controlled Mingguan Malaysia, Abdul Rahim had said the police have been crippled since the EO, which allowed for detention without trial, was repealed in 2011.

“It’s like they have broken wings. Things are no longer like they were before. Intelligence gathered can only be documented,” Abdul Rahim said.

He said the police could only gather information on criminals but could not take further action, allowing criminals to go on a crime spree.

He noted too that gangsterism had gone “out of control”.

The EO was repealed last year as part of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s efforts to reform outdated laws that Malaysians have criticised.

Pua, in his statement, said the police should stop depending on EO-like laws “as a crutch”.

As for Abdul Rahim’s claim that police could only gather information, Pua said, “That can only mean that the ‘intelligence’ isn’t very intelligent.

“Najib was absolutely spot on when he decreed that ‘now police must train themselves how to look for evidence’ upon repealing the EO.”

Pua said Abdul Rahim himself was a good example of why an EO-type law should not be revived.

He pointed to the notorious “Black Eye” incident of 1988 when he beat up former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim while the latter was in the lock-up.

Before he was charged in court, Anwar was held under the now repealed draconian Internal Security Act which allowed for detention without trial.

“Despite evidence to the contrary, the police had for the longest period denied any abuse on their part, and even suggested that Anwar had given himself the infamous black eye.”

Subsequently, Abdul Rahim confessed to a Royal Commission of Inquiry formed to probe the matter that he was the one who had beaten Anwar.

Pua said the incident showed that even an IGP could not be trusted to decide who was guilty or innocent before a person was charged in court.

“Anwar Ibrahim, for example, was acquitted of all charges against him,” said Pua.- July 22, 2013.


When Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak announced the repeal of ISA and EO on the eve that The Mole went live back in 2011, it has been argued whether the Federal Government was willing to commit more men and materiel to do policing work and combat crime. It is without doubt that when the Lords of the Underworld Crimes and Vices are allowed to walk free, their organisation and network of operators goes back being properly planned and managed.

Undoubtedly, that acts as a catalyst for more crimes related to theft, robbery, narcotics and vice related and eventually kidnaping and murder to rise in society.

Using the EO to take these organised crime leaders off the street and away from the organsation, network and operation is the right strategy to ensure the cascading effect to bring these crimes down. And it doesn’t require an honours degree from a medieval British institution to figure out that the actual rise in street crimes are related to these EO inmates’ release and return to society.

It is almost impossible to have paper trails that are admissible in court as evidence to reprimand these persons of organised crime network and operation and Lords of the Underworld Vices. Even sophisticated law enforcement agencies in the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey wish they had ‘necessary apparatus’ such as EO to keep these despicable criminals away from the society.

Pua who is also the Director of Strategy for DAP also omitted the fact that when then sacked Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was arrested under ISA for his ‘Reformasi’ movement because he was instigating Malaysians to rise and rebel against the Federal Government and topple then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It was also the same day that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor was in town to officiate the X Commonwealth Games.

It was then deemed necessary to ensure that peace and stability of the nation comes first, instead of Anwar’s fake trumpeted lies against Dr. Mahathir’s leadership and government.

The past one year situation would be very different had the Police and Home Ministry still have ‘necessary apparatus’ such as the EO and ISA. The fight against organised regional extremism and such as Jihad Islamiah and Al Sayyaf and international terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda would be more efficient instead of the current SOSMA. For instance, the ‘Lahad Datu Tragedy’ would be handled differently and more Malaysian security services’ lives would have been sparred.

The pro-communist DAP wanted Malaysians to accept the apology of Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and became a promoter for the man who was responsible for the near 10,000 lost of lives (between 1948-1960) to come back to Malaysia.

It is very immature to assume the need for ‘necessary apparatus’ designed for situation against extremists and terrorists such as the Emergency and the Second Emergency does not reoccur. Unless Malaysians fancy getting wise after the event and when the situation arises, we resort to declaring Emergency, suspending the Parliament and the National Operation Council rules as the Federal Government.

Tony Pua is only interested to rubbish the notion that majority of Malaysians felt that the decision to do away with ‘necessary apparatus’ to maintain order, peace and stability. Then again he is realising the Oppositions’  ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy to demonise the power that lies with the law enforcement authorities so that they could thrive by instigating Malaysians into a pandemonic state of lawnessless, chaos and eventually anarchy.

That is the Oppositions’ remaining hope of coming to power as majority of Malaysians detest attempts to destabilise the nation, in any form for any excuse.

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  1. This DAP fella can reject and twist and turn the views of the professional policemen concerning preventive measures to fight crime, for all we care, but the question is what is the point that he was trying to make or not make? He must be asked if he is an expert in crime prevention and police work or just merely trying to score some mileage poking his unsolicited nose on the works of others. So he thinks quantity i.e deploying more policemen can solve the case? And mocking police intelligence as not intelligent. What is this? Such an infantile conclusion over something that is far more complex than he can ever imagine. For example when fighting terrorism where the enemy can hide in plain sight, what is required is not the deployment of more men and weapon but counter measures that could cut the communication between cells and cut the supply line of funding for acts of terrorism. Prevention is always better than cure and anyone who try to demonise and belittle preventive measures certainly is too myopic and blur. Arguing everything from the angle of freedom and rights of individuals is easy but must be mindful of the larger consequences on the society especially in the context of crime and terrorism. Go soft on crime, the consequences will come back to haunt all and sundry.

    • Subversives and communists would like “Go soft on crime, the consequences will come back to haunt all and sundry”. So would secret societies, thugs and gangsters. And DAP which comprises many like them buggers.

      Blardy hell, ISA is no more, EO is no more. Those anti-national blokes have become emboldened. Now Najib wants to do away with Sedition Act. Aiyoyo. Gantikan dia lah.

      • Has Najib become the new poster boy of the liberals? Now that is seriously hilarious. The question is how will it benefit UMNO’s perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan tanahair. Fortunately UMNO is bigger and larger than Najib. Leaders come and go, UMNO is here to stay.

  2. Memang benar bila bekas KP menyarankan begitu:-

    1. Kuasa polis amat terhad ketika ini. Jika seorang Penguasa Polis mahu mengambil tindakan, SOP mesti di dahulukan. Walhal seorang anggota polis layak menahan individu/kumpulan yang mencurigakan/ atau di syaki mendatangkan mudarat fizikal atau ancaman, atau ternyata melakukan kesalahan,

    2. Apabila tangkapan sudah di buat, mendapatkan maklumat dari penjenayah, menjadi sukar kerana mesti di pantau cctv . Maklumat terpenting tidak akan di perolihi dengan tidak mengguna cara sepatut nya, sedikit ugutan fizikal,

    3. Pendakwaan yang memakan masa tanpa rujukan bukti yang boleh mengundang penipuan secara teknikal yang boleh melepaskan kes, walaupun secara benar nya kejadian di saksikan sendiri okeh pihak polis.

    * fakta ini di perolehi dari kawan (kelulusan sehingga Phd) yang tidak berpeluang menjawat jawatan lebih tinggi setimpal kelulusan. Beliau meletak jawatan pencen awal, dan kini bekerja di syarikat gergasi petroleum jawatan tertinggi dalam kepakaran nya, menikmati kemudahan kelas pertama syarikat berserta gaji lima angka.

  3. The quick-on-the-draw, shooting-from-the-hip, cartoon-Bugs-Bunny- looking-teeth Tony Pua often speaks from his asshole. Gets support from like minded buggers – those who also speak from assholes.

    The stupid bloke easily shitted, “The police should restructure by reallocating more personnel to fight crime.” He has no clue what he is talking about. No taking into account of the increased number of crimes being committed, being planned etc. He has no idea that Police also has to spend a lot of time on the crimes “being planned”, having to find sources of information, plant informers or recruit informers from among the secret societies, thugs and gangsters that often cause havoc in the country. Riding on motorbikes, stopping at traffic lights and pumping bullets into such people as the Deputy Director General of Customs.

    And the increasing numbers of seditious blokes in the country as a result of the government taking a new posture on laws designed to curb such anti-national activities by the likes of the DAP Red Beans and all. And the increase in crimes carried out or master-minded by the buggers released from Simpang Renggam Prison after the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance.

    I think the term “shit fellow” applies to him.

    • Ooh, do tell.

      Just who are these “seditious blokes”? Those who refuse to knuckle under and be intimidated by those who play the “race card” at any and every opportunity?

      It’s pathetic that these people who espouse the notions of “supremacy” are tongue-tied and quiet as church mice when plucked from their comfortable habitats and forced to play in the big leagues. How many of them have made it big outside Malaysia? How many of them are the leading lights in international business, commerce, finance, the arts and the professions?

      Nope, what they excel at is cowering at home under the blankets and steadfastly ignoring global competition and realities.

      As if the world owes Malaysia a living!

      • No, the world does not owe Malaysia a living. Neither does Malaysia owe you a living.

        I know from past comments (shitted by others here and you disappeared) you are not a Malaysian, commenting from outside. Shit talking bout making it big outside the country. You are rooting to come back, but find your thinking an outcast and merely condemn Malaysians in Malaysian blogs.

        You don’t even know who the seditious blokes are. No point to explain to you as blokes like you will always twist and spin and try to show being high and mighty when you are not. Over and out.

      • “Those who refuse to knuckle under and be intimidated by those who play the “race card” at any and every opportunity?”

        Yup, the DAP is the one who plays the race card 24/7/52/365. That resulted in the chinese tsunami.

        And now the majority refused to knuckle under and be intimidated by the descendants of the communists.

      • Glad you cleared that up, Zen.

        Now why don’t you go the whole way and tell the government that Malaysia can do without foreign investments, seeing as how no one owes it a living?

        Can’t have it both ways, can you? You can’t condemn the liberal, secular outside world and at the same time invite it to please, pretty please, come invest in Malaysia.

        As for me, I am happy in my niche. At least, I have no delusions of grandeur or false expectations of privileges and rights.

      • There you go, the man is against “privileges and rights” allocated to the Malays and Bumiputeras under the Special Position Article Article 153 of the Constitution. His entire demented pendatang personality has been due to that.

        Unable to accept and honour the Constitution, he probably has vamoosed, presumably now ensconced in the red dot, he can’t get rid of his envy, can’t bring himself to understand the history of this country Malaysia, the Constitution writing, the Social Contract, etc.

        He tried (disappeared for a while) but comes back whenever he feels frustrated finding that the grass not be greener over there. He’ll be put behind bars or sued to bankruptcy by the Singapore government if he airs such views as he does in here.

        “no delusions of grandeur,” said he. But he has all sorts of delusions, actually – he is simply delusional, period.

        Taken your pills lately, Mista?

      • goob says, “As for me, I am happy in my niche. At least, I have no delusions of grandeur or false expectations of privileges and rights.”

        Naahh, goob is definitely not happy having relocated to a “greener pasture” only to realise that things were super great back home. The tinge of regret is clear when goob says he/she has no delusions ….

        Yeah, in your new “home” delusions are taboo eh? And of course you soon discovered that you have to work hard for every cent that you earn in your new niche.

    • The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was founded directly or indirectly by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore in 1966. For 47 long years, the DAP leadership did nothing for the Malays, Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and all. And since 2008, the DAP has been all sound and fury. Their intellect is definitely below that of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. WHY SHOULD THE BN GOVERNMENT LISTEN OR BE PUSHED AROUND BY SUCH LIGHT WEIGHTS who are watered down clones of their Singapore counterparts ?

  4. A failed businessman, Pua was the former Malaysian CEO of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd, a SESDAQ (SGX secondary board)-listed company. He received Asean and Shaw Foundation scholarships to pursue his “O” and “A”- Levels in Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College.

    So far he has not been constructive in his views unlike Wee Choo Keong. Pua is merely critical of the Malay-led government. His knee-jerk reaction to close Bazaar Ramadhan versus Jonker Walk reveals his RACIST stance.

    Anyone with the red dot link must be monitored.

    • Journalists MUST ask for his views on Singapore’s ISA.

      • Exactly. It’d be interesting to see if he’d twist and justify in favour of Spore’s ISA.

    • So, given your logic, I suppose that Iskandar Malaysia is a bad idea?

      Then why was Mustapa Mohamed in the “red dot” to talk up Iskandar Malaysia and address the concerns of “red dot” business people about investing in Iskandar.

      Or how about the Malaysian VVIPs who have business dealings with “red dot” industrialists and business tycoons?

      Shouldn’t they be monitored too?

      • I don’t think this Gooberman bloke gets what ray was saying. But then his is skewed thinking and warped mentality.

        As I said in my earlier comment, he just needs to be shitted upon.

      • My my my, how is it that my comment led to Iskandar Malaysia? The issue of “red dot link” refers to a sneaky objective favouring red dot and penalising Malaysia.

        Iskandar Malaysia on the other hand is purely a business deal that leads to a win-win situation for both countries, if done above board and fairly, that is – unlike the water agreements that skewedly favoured the kiasu island.

        goob, my advice for you – do BRUSH up your comprehension skills, you seriously need it.

    • Ray

      Don’t obfuscate.

      You specifically wrote “Anyone with the red dot link must be monitored”. Your words.

      So, aren’t Singapore investments in Iskandar a “red dot link”?

      Isn’t Malaysian VVIPs doing business with Singapore tycoons also examples of “red dot links”?

      And what was “skewed” about the water supply agreements? Weren’t they negotiated by the Malaysian government? Didn’t the Malaysian government at the time pass up the opportunity to renegotiate the price at which water is sold to Singapore? Didn’t certain quarters in Umno threaten to play the “water card”, only to abjectly back down when their bluff was called?

      And let’s not even mention the fact that Malaysian VVIPs have sought medical treatment in Singapore hospitals. Aren’t those “red dot links” too?

      I suggest that it’s your comprehension and logic skills that are wanting, as is your selective grasp of history.

      • Kamon stu, ray was talking about that failed businessman, nasty DAP politician Pua, not about businessmen.

        Didn’t you read him say Pua “not being constructive in his views, merely critical of the Malay-led government .., reaction to close Bazaar Ramadhan versus Jonker Walk reveals his RACIST stance.”

        And in that context, he said, “Anyone with the red dot link must be monitored. Nothing about Iskandar investors be monitored.

        It’s your comprehension and logic skills that are bunkum, man.

        Or you are just a twister and spinner of whatever you perceive is faulty with people’s statements, eh?

        Good English but shit thinking. Pity.

      • “Don’t obfuscate” whoaahh such a bombastic word, goob trying to show off eh?

        You know, when a debater is at a loss for valid points, they will resort to this tactic of confusing the opposition.

        Yup, goob is pretty upset at not having won his rebuttal chance. Poor chappie …..

      • Well, it seems that Ray and his coterie have lost on points.

        Note that they have carefully stayed clear about Malaysian VVIPs doing business with Singapore businessmen and entities.

        Aren’t these links with the little red dot?

        Are you implying that there are links and there are links?

        And that some links are “acceptable”, while others are verboten?

        Such sophistry!!!

      • kala kala

        Yup there are business deals and there are sneaky political links as in DAP cahooting with PAP.

        Since when is kala kala both judge and jury.

        P.S. nama pun dah kalah – macam kat Kuala Besut.

    • The ISA and other laws were promulgated in 1948 at the same time as in Singapore. Singapore still retains these laws, a small place with a homogenous population. The BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties should only repeal such laws after Singapore has done so. These laws have served our beloved country well. For the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component to be pressured by the Opposition to repeal laws which are essential for public safety is tantamount to ceding the powers of Government to the Opposition who lost big time at he 13th General Elections. I do not see the logic against the advice and opinions of seasoned politicians and security officials. This is definitely a sign of perceived weakness of the BN Government.

      As long as the BN Government observes the absolute rule of the laws, implements policies which are fair and transparent, maintains a normal functional bureacracy and eschews doing business with GLCs, THERE IS NOTHING THE OPPOSITION CAN DO AS THEY HAD ALREADY LOST LEGITIMATELY AT THE BALLOT BOX !

  5. “…..Former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor’s call to reinstate preventive detention laws should be ignored by the government, the DAP said today….”

    Since when did government “should” listen to DAP?? PM Najib, enough already lah.

  6. Looks can be deceiving. This low keyed funny faced and failed businessman is the chief strategist of DAP. He is the future face of Chinese chauvanism.

  7. Anti-Malay and anti-Islam fellows must want and must demand for abolition of laws like the Sedition Act. Because such laws have been hampering them when trying to encroach on the rights and privileges of the Malays under the Special Position Article 153 of the Constitution.

    But Najib wanting to abolish the Sedition Act is getting too much and he must be replaced at PAU in November.

  8. Its so unbelievable with all the might of the mainstream media, why cant just any Umno MP loudly and boldly refute this failed-businessman-turned-commie-strategist?

    Cannot stand up for ISA, EO or Sedition Act, is it? “Nanti Boss jeling”?

    What happened to the Umno penerangan machinery?

    • UMNO Information Chief Ahmad Maslan sudah dapat post Timbalan Menteri. Kewangan pulak tu. Kali ni lagi tak berani nak lawan tokeh. Dulu tak berani sebab nak harapkan jawatan. Sekarang takut hilang jawatan.

      I read some time back got in England one MP called Enoch Powell. Brilliant Double or Triple Honours degree from Oxford. Volunteered in 2nd World War, became the youngest Brigadier General. Very popular in his constituency. But his constituents mostly didn’t like immigrants that time. So he spoke against his party’s and the government’s Immigration policies. He knew he’d lose the prospect of being elected party leader and become the next PM. But he stuck to his stand, on a matter of principle, said he.

      Where got like that in this country? Yang sanggup jual emak if guaranteed the PMship, ada lah – that idiot you know who.

    • Perhaps all are attending a course on how to be liberals. Lol…

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