You Kiasu, I Tak-Puas-Hati

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has now written a critique on the behaviour and attitude of the Malaysian Chinese at present day which changed through times. It could be summed up as the Malaysian Chinese conveniently forgotten how the opportunity for them was opened to participate in the ‘kongsi-kuasa’ coalition and have now eventually turned ‘Kiasu’.

NST article:
26 July 2013| last updated at 11:44PM

The Chinese dilemma

By Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

’KONGSI’ CONCEPT: Each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something

IN response to the emergence of a Malay political party,  Umno and its success in rejecting the British inspired Malayan Union, the Chinese community of the 1940s saw the need for a political party of their own to present their views to the British government.

Thus was the MCA conceived and born, led by Malacca’s Sir Cheng-Lock Tan. Although it was intended to counter the influence of Umno and protect the interests of the Chinese community, events changed the strategy and role of the MCA.

In 1952 the Kuala Lumpur Umno leaders and the Kuala Lumpur MCA branch leaders decided that in the Kuala Lumpur municipal elections, they should not contest against each other, but instead should support each other’s candidates in their respective constituencies.

The results startled them as they defeated almost all the non-racial parties. Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other the Tunku (Abdul Rahman) and Sir Cheng-Lock Tan, and senior leaders of the MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

The basis of this coalition was the idea of supporting each other and sharing the power gained. Buoyed by the success of the Alliance party in the 1955 elections, in which the MIC had joined, the Tunku looked more kindly at the proposal of Sir Cheng-Lock that citizenship should be based on jus soli (citizenship by being born in the country) and not jus saguinis (citizenship based on the Malaysian citizenship of the father or mother, i.e. citizenship based on blood relation).

The Tunku did not quite agree but he nevertheless decided to give one million citizenships to unqualified Chinese and Indians.

With that the confrontation between the Chinese and the Malays changed into positive cooperation.

It was a classic kongsi that was set up. The essence is an undertaking to share. Sharing involves a give and take arrangement, in which each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something.

As the Malays made up the majority of the citizens they naturally led the Alliance. But the Chinese and Indians were not without adequate power. In any case Malay political power would be mitigated by Chinese and Indians’ voting and economic power.

The Tunku saw immediate benefit from the “kongsi” as he believed Malays only wanted to be government employees and the Chinese wanted to be in business. There would be no conflict or tussle between them.

The Indians would fill up the professional posts. He did not foresee the days when government could not create enough jobs for the greatly increased number of Malays.

The kongsi Alliance worked well. But in 1963 Singapore joined Malaysia.

Immediately the PAP tried to gain Chinese support by condemning the Alliance kongsi for being disadvantageous to the Chinese.  Malaysians, said the PAP, were not equal.  There should be a Malaysian Malaysia where all the benefits should be based on merit alone, with the best taking everything, irrespective of race.

Without saying so in so many words the PAP was inferring that the Malays did not deserve their positions. The best people should rule the country. In the eyes of the PAP, Singapore was ruled by the best qualified people. That they happen to be almost all Chinese is incidental.

In the 1964 elections the MCA and Malaysian Chinese generally valued their cooperation with the Malays. They rejected the PAP and its chauvinistic appeal, giving it only one seat.

The Tunku realised what the PAP was up to and decided that Singapore should not be a part of Malaysia. But the PAP was not done. The remnant of the party in Malaysia set up the DAP to carry on the Malaysian Malaysia meritocratic formula for undermining Chinese support for the MCA.

Harping continuously on the so-called Malay privileges and the unfairness to the Chinese, the DAP slowly eroded the idea of kongsi in the multi-racial coalition of the Barisan Nasional.

Despite the fact that the Barisan Nasional supported Chinese education and the use of the Chinese language, the DAP convinced many Chinese that the Chinese, their culture and language are not given proper treatment by the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The MCA was attacked for not doing enough for the Chinese.

Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sir Cheng-Lock Tan and senior leaders of MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

Read more: The Chinese dilemma – Columnist – New Straits Times


The nation was born out of the proposition of understanding, give-and-take and working to together.

Founding MCA President Tun Tan Cheng Lock already was looking towards co-operation with the Malays when the Chinese nationalist party was formed in 1949. Extracted from Joceline Tan’s “Key roles of father and son”, 25 March 2007.

It was around that time too that the idea of forming a Chinese association germinated; and in 1949 Cheng Lock, together with several others like Tun Leong Yew Koh and Colonel H.S. Lee, founded the MCA.

Man of tradition: The young Tun Tan Cheng Lock in Baba home attire with his son Siew Sin and three daughters.

It took the form of a welfare group to assist the Chinese who had been forced into new villages to segregate them from communist influence, and it became a political entity only in 1952.

In his inaugural speech, Cheng Lock said: “One of the basic aims of the Malayan Chinese Association is to help, in cooperation with the Malays and other communities, the development of the process of making the whole of Malaya one country, one people and one government.”


In 1956, HRH Rulers agreed to give up their right as absolute rulers in favour of Westminister-style Constitutional Monarchy democratic system and accepted then UMNO President and Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s initiative of admitting the almost one million Non Malays as citizens with equal rights.

The post-Malayan Union negotiations between HRH Rulers and the British as UMNO were accorded observer status

These are substantial components of the ‘Social Contract’, where HRH Rulers’ in return are assured of the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation, Malay as the national language, Special Malay Rights, the Royal Malay Regiment enshrined in the Federal Constitution. On top of that, HRH Rulers (as the Conference of Rulers) through  His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong is accorded with the power and pleasure of convening and dissolution of the Parliament, declaration of Emergency, appointment of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, members of the Judiciary and essential officials such Chief of Defense Forces and all service chiefs, IGP, MACC Chief Commissioner, EC Chairman, Attorney General, Auditor General, Governor of Bank Negara and  Chief Secretary to the Government.

In the same Joceline Tan article about Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin, Siew Sin’s daughter Tan Siok Choo recalled the bit about the ‘Social Contract’:

As such, the group of seven who negotiated the terms of independence included Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak Hussein, Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, Siew Sin, Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin, Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu and Tun V.T. Sambathan.

Given the diverse needs and demands of the different communities, the eventual Merdeka blueprint did not satisfy everyone.

But the non-Malays obtained citizenship and political enfranchisement and the freedom of worship and to propagate their own culture, language and customs.

Upon Independence, only 10% of the non-Malays were citizens but a year later about 90% had been enfranchised.

“My father used to say later that Britain gave independence to Malaya for only two reasons — they saw that Umno and MCA could work together and negotiate differences among themselves, and also to neutralise the political objective of the communists,” said Siok Choo.


The principle of admitting Non Malays as citizens as per the Federation of Malaya Treaty 21 Jan 1948 was not enforced, to allow for the admission on these previously “Stateless persons”.

84% dari pengundi berdaftar semasa Pilihanraya Majlis Perudangan Persekutuan 1955 ialah orang Melayu

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council election were the Malays. The Chinese were only 11%

It is apparent in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council election where the Chinese were only 11% of the voters. Despite the low eligibility to vote, UMNO provided the Chinese via MCA 29% of the seats contested by the coalition Alliance Party. Tunku Abdul Rahman allocated three out of ten membership of his first Cabinet in 1955 to the MCA leaders.

Upon Merdeka, one of the inaugural Cabinet member as the Minister of Health Tun Leong Yew Koh was appointed the first Governor of Melaka. A Malaysian Chinese is now sit with the same stature of HRH Rulers in the Conference of Rulers.

TYT Tun Leong Yew Koh, Governor of Melaka (1957-59)

This Malay-Chinese ‘kongsi-kuasa’ relationship continued and strengthened further. Officers amongst the Malaysian Chinese in the civil service were given the due professional recognition and validation as they were appointed as Chief Secretaries, Director Generals, Ambassadors and High Commissioners and Deputy Governor of the Bank Negara. This is on top of some of the career officers of His Majesty’s Armed Forces were promoted into brass ranks.

Then MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin appreciated the sacrifice of the Malays and remarked on the ‘Social Contract’ and ‘kongsi-kuasa’ coalition formula;

“In return for the generosity of the Malays, MCA and MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving and respecting the special position of the Malays and at the same timesafeguard the legitimate interests of other”.

30 April 1969

Tun Tan Siew Sin

President of the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA, later Malaysian Chinese Association)- from November 1961 to April 1974


Even though the racial riots of 13 May 1969 were caused by the subversive elements, radicalism, Chinese Chauvinism and racism and extremism amongst some of the Malaysian Chinese which include closet Min Yuens, the decision there on to correct the situation was not to isolate them. Instead, then the acting Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein brought the Chinese into the consultation for a consensus to move forward.

All the Chinese political stakeholders participated in the consultation process, which include the Gerakan. Only the Chinese Chauvinist DAP refused to be part of the process and continued their racism attacks, in their attempt to fan the division and hatred between the Malays and Chinese, guised under the ‘Malaysian, Malaysia’ call.

One of the fundamental policies to correct the disparity between races  by identifying certain ethnic groups with a particular economic activity and power and socio-economic correction that was formed by this process of national consultation is the New Economic Policy. This affirmative action allowed the political stability and social harmony to be harnessed that enabled the climate for economic development programs, growth and eventually progress.

Perak DAP Chairman and Bruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham insulting HRH Sultan Johor for appointing an MCA ADUN as Johor Exco

Fast forward four decades later, the steady growth and continued progress facilitated by the market friendly, stability, political climate and environment, proper policies, planning and execution and comprehensive eco-system (such as Fourth Prime Minister’s ‘Vision 2020’ and ‘Malaysian Incorporated’ policies) for Malaysia to reach the current economic stature. Needless to say, the Chinese and their enterprise (many of the markets and industries which practice as oligopoly) benefitted the most.

DAP leader Hew Kuan Yew and his consistent biadapness

As the Chinese enjoyed better and more powerful economic standing and role, they have since decided to behave differently. They progressively started to be more demanding and pandered into very self-centered wants, instead of previously accommodating and participating as a ‘team player’. The openly and progressively attack policies such as NEP with intensity and question fundamental matters such as ‘Social Contract’, Special Malay Rights and other specific provisions enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Recently in the 13GE polls, they have demonstrated their willingness to even distort history and screw the mind of young Malaysians, back-stabbed ‘kongsi-kuasa’ and defied the tolerance, understanding and good working relation through BN in favour of Chinese Chauvinst DAP.

The Chinese Chauvinist and racist DAP leaders and the like-minded minority groups even resorted to insult position, role and authority of HRH Rulers, Islam as religion of the Federation of Malaysia. They even resort to be seditious.  This is not with standing the fact of their continued open support for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and his attempt to come back to Malaysia.

Issues such as “Making Christianity the official religion”, ‘kalimah Allah’ be allowed to use in place of God and Malay bibles destined for Semenanjung Malaysia and protelysation of Malay-Muslims  are specific recipes for social and peace disaster if the Chinese Chauvinist and racist decide to provoke further and demonstrate their biadapness.

Published: Thursday February 14, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday April 17, 2013 MYT 12:01:53 PM

Jailed for showing obscene sign at Queen

Royal offence: Leong (right) leaving the courthouse in Penang. — Bernama

Royal offence: Leong (right) leaving the courthouse in Penang. — Bernama

BALIK PULAU: A factory supervisor pleaded guilty to two charges of showing an obscene sign in the direction of the Raja Permaisuri Agong and a police officer at the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas here.

Leong Pei Koe, 28, who was charged under Section 294 (a) of the Penal Code (Act 674) for lewd activity in a public place, was sentenced to a month’s jail from the date of his arrest and fined RM6,000 under the first charge by a magistrate’s court.

He was also sentenced to a week’s jail from the date of arrest and fined RM2,000 under the second charge of showing an obscene gesture to ASP Mohd Fakhrudin Abd Hamid.

Both sentences were ordered to run concurrently. DPP Charanjit Singh prosecuted.

Leong, who is said to be working in Singapore, committed the offence at about noon on Monday.

He was outside the arrival hall when he flashed the sign at the passing royal entourage.

One of Tuanku Hajah Haminah’s bodyguards, who saw the gesture, detained him and handed him over to the police.

The Queen was in Penang for a private function.


The recent ultra sensitive issues in the past three weeks are examples of these intense provocations. More over in the Malay-Muslims holiest month, Ramadan.

The Malaysian Chinese must take into serious consideration that the limit of the Malays have its threshold. The Malays have a saying to illustrate their limits;  “Buat baik berpada pada” (There is a limit to good deeds), “Bagi betis, nak peha” (Allowed an inch, the demand is for a foot) and “Jangan jolok sarang tebuan” (Do not poke on the hornets’ nest).

Although the Federal Government under Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak seemingly prefer to take a more centre position and pander towards the liberalisation of almost the system in favour of the dynamism of the globalisation and total market economy, the fact still remain that the mainstay of the political power base still lie with the Malays. These are the same majority Malays who would in most circumstance subscribe into conservatism and  in the past resorted to retaliate when the six days’ insult in May 1969 became obnoxiously unbearable.

Malaysian Chinese abroad holing the Jalur Gemilang upside down

Tun Dr. Mahathir is again right. There is the ‘Chinese Dilemma’. The Chinese have to take stock and decide the role they want to play in symbiosis of propelling and the forward progression of Malaysia instead of compounding their ‘want list’, especially in overbearing proportions and outside the norm of typical Malaysian tolerance.

Otherwise, they have to brace for reciprocity. “Tidak Puas Hati” would be just the most diplomatic way of describing a Malay known trait of an extreme spectrum end; Amok.

*Updated 1000hrs

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  1. The whole issue hinges on the fact that chinese of today have forgot. They forget so they question. Tunku abdul rahman was also an asshole for how he abandoned singapore.

    If they, the chinsese of today, wish to question so many thing, may i then, as a malay of today, question the mere fact that their ancestors were given citizenships without my approval?

    The chinese should forget about wanting equality. You cant even spak the national language, yet you want to plunder more. You diss the national schools in favor of your stupid chinese education. Where is your loyalty?

    We must also remember the fact that lineage plays a role. What do we expect childs of prostitutes, fathers who were gang banging and so on to know about their modern day position? They totally neglect history,

    This is why that skunk jib ah whore must go. The malays need to take action. We must remain in power. Do you think if the cinas get power, they want to power share?

    • As long as Rosmah is hogging the limelight with her raspy voice, Najib still has not grown enough spine.

    • Yes, Tengku A Rahman gave away Singapore FOC to Lee Kuan Yew. So-called “kicking him and Singapore out of Malaysia” in 1965.

      No Malay should ever forget about that. Throughout history nations went to war to protect and preserve their sovereignty and territorial integrity. Here was a stupid old man giving away a prized piece of our country. He was lucky being buried in Mesjid Negara. Otherwise his grave would have pissed by many Malays.

      History must record it as a despicable and unforgivable act of betrayal to the country. So that no future leader does this sort of damned unthinking action out of anger or what have you.

      Watch out “that skunk jib ah whore” and this tendency to give away things to the Chinese. Many here and elsewhere have now called for him to be replaced at the PAU in November.

      • Oh ya… Don’t forget that KTM land in Singapore is given to Singapore by Najib. What Malaysia got from the gift is unknow to public.

      • Those wanting him replaced now have longer to campaign than previously thought. UMNO 2013 general assembly would be held over six days from Dec 2, party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced yesterday.

        The Astro Awani report says this is the first time that Umno will be enforcing amended provisions of the party constitution that enables about 150,000 grassroots members to elect the top leadership, and not restricting the elections to about 2,600 assembly delegates as was the practice up to now.

        Good, very good. Now there’s a chance for a larger number of people deciding on the fate of UMNO.

        But anyone knows how the 150,000 members are selected out of the 3.4 million members? Any chance that their votes would be bought?

      • Hamba A. What happened to the 25 miles of steel rails which rightly belonged to KTM ?

    • No, not that “chinese of today have forgot”. The DAP blokes and their kind simply don’t care. They are ultra kiasu by nature, damned selfish, thinking only of themselves, wanting to have power, never sharing it.

      Please allow me to put out this very relevant c&p:

      Chinese Tsunami & Those Descended from Southern China

      Practically all Chinese in Malaysia are descended from southern China. Many are law-abiding and Constitution-respecting and they deserve to be called and may be treated as fellow citizens.

      But a sizable number does not respect the Constitution and have been anti-Establishment all along. This is perhaps traceable to the fact that their ancestors in southern China have always been the anti-Establishment kind. They resented being ruled by foreigners for hundreds of years – the Manchu Emperors were foreigners from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II. They, like the Mongols in the 13th Century, invaded, conquered and ruled China from the 17th until the 20th Century.

      The Manchu invasion of China was helped by the treachery of one Chinese General. During the rebellion against the Ming Dynasty Emperor, a Chinese General, Li Tzu-cheng, had captured Peking and proclaimed himself Emperor in 1644. But Li took the concubine of another rebel General, Wu San-kuei, into his harem. Because of the girl, the embittered Wu refused to recognize the new Emperor Li, opened the gates of the Great Wall at Shan Hai Kuan and let the Manchu Army in, conquered it and the Manchus started ruling China – Professor C.P Fitzgerald, History of China, pg 542-3.

      In this context, watch out the guy with a Rainbow in Penang who has been glorifying Sun Yat Sen of China and trying to get other Chinese in this country to his politics. And note that the British first entered Perak due to the treachery of the Kapitan Cina in Larut who, together with 44 gangsters, signed a petition for the British in Penang to assist them recover tin mines lost to rival gangs that have been fighting incessantly under the Ghee Hin and the Hai San banners, and those led to the British sending troops under Capt Speedy etc, ending in the Pangkor Treaty of 1874 and the bloody British ruling Malaya as colonizers. How treacherous they were.

      Here‘s Professor Fitzgerald’s account of the Manchus’ attitude towards the Chinese (he stayed in China for 5 years to study the language and dig the records in the Chinese archives):

      “The north was loyal, and was trusted – up to a point. The south, embittered and rebellious, was … mistrusted, and oppressed … the ever hostile south. “ – pg 545.

      Disloyalty, rebellions, treachery, then foreign wars and more rebellions (Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters originated from south China), suffering and misery in the 19th Century, many absconded China and found their way to the shores of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

      Those who don’t respect and refuse to live by the Constitution of this country carry a hangover of the mental attitude of the southern Chinese. They need to be brought into mainstream Malaysiana, but those who persistently refuse to respect and live by the Constitution, including the sensitive Articles, need to be told to migrate elsewhere, like has been said even by well-known personalities in this country. Especially to the tsunami Chinese led by the DAP.

    • THE PRESENT GENERATION OF CHINESE HAVE BECOME DE-TRIBALIZED ! They only look Chinese but they are hollow with no cultural ballast inside. Worst ! They are neither EAST OR WEST. THIS IS THE CHINESE DILEMMA.

      • The de-tribalised Chinese of today are leaderless. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore is a failure at the end of the day. He is the spiritual leader of the DAP as Singapore is the spiritual homeland of the DAP. THIS IS ALSO A CHINESE DILEMMA.

  2. The chinese working in Singapore must have felt that the situation in Singapore can be duplicated in Malaysia, where the chinese guards political power closely to their “meritocratic” race.

    The younger generation sees NO reason why they should be held ransom by the social contract. Most likely they may not even be aware of that agreement in the first place OR that they choose to ignore because they now have the economic power in their hands.

    There are many cases of “unmeritocratic” corruption among top senior officers in singapore lately, who incidentally are chinese. That in itself is a case for analysis.

    Were these officers appointed based on the accurate criteria for leadership roles based on “meritocracy” or was the race factor a strong determinant??

    Observers have noted 9 failed policies of Lee Kuan Yew. Their banks were recently downgraded to negative. This “tip of the iceberg” may be the push factor for the Malaysian chinese to vote overwhelmingly for communist DAP.

    The red dot may not just be sinking literally but also socially, nationally and politically as well.

    • I agree that “they may not even be aware of that agreement (the Social Contract)”. They pratronise Chinese schools generation after generation. Brought up (if there is such a thing as upbringing among many of them) in an environment of resentment against authority, of kiasu selfishness, of wanting more, more and more all the time, they never learnt or want to know the history of this country.

      There have been attempts to re-write the history of this country to portray them in good light, to justify their wrong doings. Like that DAP MP Kua Ka Soong who wrote a book saying DAP was not responsible for the race riots of 13 May 1969 but tried to shift blame on Tun A Razak of all people. But the kind of gangsterish and always-wanting-to-fighting thinking was reflected in the very fact that he quarreled big time with DAP leaders and absconded the DAP even before his book was publshed.

      And the ex-DAP bugger Kua lied in broad dayight – in Paris representing the so-called human rights Jewish-funded NGO Suaram, he kept talking to the press that there was an on going trial on the submarine Scorpene purchased by Malaysia involving a huge sales commission. Until he was shamed, stripped naked to his underwear by a French Public Prosecutor in KL on a corruption conference saying there was no such trial in any of the French courts.

      Yes, they don’t like history and reject the established history of the country. They would want the history of this country to begin with the mass arrival of the pendatangs in the 19th Century. Good of Muyhiddin to have made History compulsory in schools beginning in 2013. Muhyiddin should replace Najib at the PAU in November. Then there’s a hope that the erring Chinese respecting and living by the Constitution fully.

      • They know they won’t have life any better elsewhere because in Malaysia, they can accumulate as much wealth unhindered. The Malays are also easy going and contented, who will not wrest their wealth.

        But being the kiasu kind and descended from a communist doctrine, as well as motivated by a racist inclination, they RESENT the fact that they have to accept the Special Status of the Bumiputeras, respect the Malay Raja Raja and tolerate Islam as the official religion. They also bark incessantly on paying taxes to support NEP (a malicious brainwashing propaganda).

        With economic power they feel that it is only a matter of time that Malaysia will become Singapore where their race holds political power and in complete control of all policies in the country.

        In Singapore the national language is already a museum item together with the Kampong Melayu.

      • In 1964, I was there in the Dewan Rakyat when I witnessed the full force of the PAP team duelled with our Tun Dr Mahathir. I was there in Sulaiman Court, KL where the PAP rally took place. I was there when the gangster led demonstrations against the shooting of a person at Kepong, along the Foch Avenue (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock), and the victory celebrations along Imbi Road. I was there when the MCA withdrew from the Alliance at 2.30 pm out of pique and rejoined at 10 pm that fateful day. I was there in the midst of the riots which began at 5 pm. You may say that I was fairly well informed by my friends the UMNO Youth, my relative the most senior adviser on Communist Insurgency Tan Sri C.C. Too, and my brother-in-law who was the paediatrician at the KL General Hospital

    • All Malaysians please view and downgrades 3 Singapore banks, DBS, OCBC and UOB to NEGATIVE.

  3. Bro,

    We shall wait and see.

    Amok Tok Nading


    • Let it be known that the word “amok” has been adopted by the English language. It has existed in the Oxford English dictionary for a long time. It must have originated from the case of Datok Maharaja Lela and his men mengamok by kerissing/ spearing the first British Resident to Perak, J.WW Birch, to death along the banks of the Perak River at Pasir Salak in the 19th Century.

      Birch came up river to start implementing the Pangkor Treaty of 1874. Brought men to stick up posters about paying tax to the British colonial government. Foreigners trying to rule this country.

      The Malays didn’t have guns and fire power those days. Now they have. Held by the Army etc. Which the Chinese do not want to join. Let it be. Difficult if they do, anyway. In fighting the enemy with them around, it’d be difficult to distinguish friend or foe. Especially after the Chinese tsunami.

  4. The chauvinist Chinese seem to have the upperhand in brainwashing the young generation chinese to view Malaysia not in the context of the Fed Constitution, social contract, jus soli and kongsi concept. So successful so much so the middle ground chinese and the ones who uphold the kongsi concept are now standing on shaking ground with a huge dilemma i.e to follow in the chauvinist bandwagon or to be honourable men who keep to the social contract and fully respect the Fed Constitution.
    The chinese chauvinist is waging a strategy of attrition to weaken the social contract and kongsi concept. The tools they use seem to be anchored on 2 ideologies i.e liberalism as an excuse to gain equal standing in all aspects and the neoGramscian ideology by using narratives to subvert traditions, norms and beliefs that uphold the Constitution, social contract, Malay special positions, Islam as the official religion and Malay as the official language. Thus we see attempts to ‘test the patience of Malays’ by needling into sensitive issues. Unfortunately there are one or two liberal Malays who encouraged the non Malays to stand up to the Malays in the name of rights, civil liberties, freedom and a whole basket of other bs. It is apparent that economic wealth and prosperity of the Chinese as compared to the Malays provide fertile ground for chauvinist chinese to play the game of the ‘ we want more’ list. Uppermost in their list is political power upon which other power can be wielded to become dominant and spread the ideology of Malaysian Malaysia. When this is achieved their game is complete and their dominance complete. These people won’t migrate elsewhere because they see lots of potentials exploiting the current trend of political liberalism to achieve their hideous agenda.

    • Exasperated and in consternation, one is reminded of the Fiji scenario where the pendatang became the majority of the population but could not rule even after winning the general elections – the Army grabbed power.

    • Many of them have migrated. In small numbers. Over decades. Even to Singapore. They did vamoose.

      Migration agencies are still active. Advertising in the mass media. One huge ad is painted on the wall of a two storey terrace house beside the main road in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

      But even if they won’t migrate in a mass exodus fashion like perhaps after the race riots of 13 May 1969, we must continue shouting out “Berhijrah lah” or plain “Get out” to those who don’t respect and don’t wish to live by the Constitution of the country.

      It’s that kind of blokes who cause problems in the country. All citizens must respect the Constitution and all the laws that are enacted in pursuit of the provisions of the Constitution. If they don’t, they should scram. Good for them, good for us who are left behind.

    • Postgrad. For decades, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore has brainwashed the naive and receptive minds of innocent Malaysians for his own ends. At the end of the day, the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is ended up with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore which turned Singapore into FAILED STATE AND MALAYSIA A RUNAWYA SUCCESS IN HUMAN TERMS. See how unwittingly our beloved Malaysia has aroused the jealousy and ire of others especially Singapore which is a one-street town and its only natural resource is BLUFFOLOGY !

  5. BD,

    It is clearly as you hv stated the attitude and perspective of the Chinese today hv changed and in a landscape no longer recognisable.

    Chinese hv been known to honour their words and promises, otherwise they and the community they represent will bear shame and humiliation.

    Back then even opium traders, gambling den and brothel operators and triads had and observed values, principles and codes of conduct.

    Today, the dynamism of globalization made the Chinese very greedy, self-centred and no longer upholding the values, principles, traditions and most importantly trust and honour put in place by amongst them to represent the identity and respect of their community.

    All of that hv been defragmantised at the expense of newly adapted and assimiliated artificial traits of individualism, bastardization of Western philosophy such as ‘democracy’ and ‘free enterprise’ and went grossly overboard with ‘freedom of speech’.

    Often when discussing about the Chinese, they only two currencies they understand, respect and probably fear are the violent ‘motivation’ of force or money.

    That is probably the only strategy left to keep them checked and toe the line.

    Unfortunate, the Malays hv a very weak leader. Probably the masses would hv to organise this on their own. Probably also, the roll out would be sloppy.

    But that’s a different problem, for a different day.

  6. They will continue to behave arrogantly, without respect for the law and for authority. The communist sympathising bloke Lim Ki Siang who wanted communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter this country.

    They broke their own party rules on election to the CEC, yet Lim Kit Siang arrogantly said

    DAP has vowed to fight any attempt to de-register the party following complaints of election fraud. Party adviser Lim Kit Siang claimed that there was no plausible ground for the de-registration.

    He should be shoved Anwar’s tool into his arse for saying the above.

  7. Roots of the problem is that UMNO lack of a competent leader as good as Tun Mahathir Mohamed…
    Yang ada sekarang semuanya Pak Pandir….

    • Let’s call for Tun Mahathir to lead UMNO again, amacam? He looks healthy, still active and busy, thinking as clearly as he was PM before.

    • alkahfi. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

    • alkahfi. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his predecessors safe-guarded our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, SELF-ESTEEM. Our beloved Malaysia lost money, assets, territories etc. in peacetime without embarking on a War after 2003. Our hapless grandmothers were sold donw river in a hurry.

  8. Remember tunku abdul rahman? That junk got to drive on campus. He was the only one who could drive on campus during his time. Tunku was well off look how he handled singapore? Imagine driving around campus when mat salehs were forbidden.

    Now we meet that skunk jib ah whore. He too is from a well off family. And as one commenter comment, he too gave the ktm land to singapore for some paltry sum for god knows what.

    See the things these two got common?

    I hope to god that during PAU, jib ah whore get kicks out. This jack ass hired the hindraf guy to be a deputy minister.

    Whoring to the chinese and the indian. He should have sucked another hindu cock. Not that one.

    The cinas mustve rued the day pak lah wasnt kicked out of office sooner.

  9. All please note that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which was founded by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore pursues issues which are verboten in its homeland, Singapore eg. ISA. Chin Peng, etc.etc. The DAP did nothing for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all for 47 long years. From 2008 onwards, the DAP was all sound and fury, whipping up the emotions and the sentiments of the DE-TRIBALIZED Chinese. Surprisingly, even right up to today, not many Malaysians know that there are many different types of Chinese whose behaviour may reveal the clan and place they originated from China. Outside of China, Malaysia has the most number of different Chinese clans which all behaved differently from each other. Here are some of the ingredients for instigation of the DE-TRIBALIZED Chinese by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP.
    1. The political hiatus between 2003-2013 which resulted in a slowing economy which profits was the glue or lubricant which held the tempers between the different communities together. The new BN leadership as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties forgot how to rule with the iron pyramid and the goodies which used to flow downwards were seen by all to defy gravity by flowing up to the apex. Hence, the general angst created since 2003.
    2. The failure of the major Chinese political party MCA to :
    i) To embark of an inter-communal relationship policy since 1949 to explain to the Malays and the Chinese and others the reasons for their existence in this beloved homeland and it was/is mutally beneficial. But the MCA leadership embarked on a course which only made them very wealthy to this day.
    ii) To have sorted out a simple language issue, Mandarin, instead of allowing this matter to be politicised and to fester through time

    • Sorry. I continue..

      3. The creation of the mischievous Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which antics with all the sound and fury are for all to see since 2008 to arouse the emotions and sentiments of the Malaysian Chinese with the PAP slogan of 1964,’ Malaysia for Malaysians. until 2013 when it was switched to ‘Malaysia for Malaysians with a Malay based.’ I DOUBT THAT THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 9 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE DARES TO SHOUT ‘SINGAPORE FOR SINGAPOREANS’ AT HONG LIM GREEN, SINGAPORE TODAY.’

      The Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, have been let down by their own political leadership which on the one hand neglected them on the other pander to their foreign creator by trying to conquer our beloved Malaysia to deliver to him to save his legacy

      I have always said the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the World better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. And yet this new generation of DE-TRIBALIZED Chinese spearheaded by the DAP and the new Christians from the untaxed and unmonitored RM2 incorporated churches lead the fray in this dangerous and futile attempts to enrage the sleeping tiger. AND THESE INSTIGATIORS HAVE NO EXIT STRATEGY. Lee Kuan Yew has already announced that the gates of fortress Singapore will not be opened to Malaysian refugees a few years ago. This confirms his view of future problems in our beloved Malaysia.

      If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew failed with his 9 Policies for Singapore a small one-street State with a homogenous population, we should not expect the DAP LEADERSHIP TO DO BETTER with an intellect much less than that of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew !

      • And finally, through the years, UMNO is the United Malays National Organisation and the MCA is the Malaysian Chinese Association. I keep hearing that the fault lies with the UMNO by the game-blamers. I categorically say that the fault lies FIRMLY in the non-Malay political parties as EACH AND EVERYONE OF THESE PARTIES INCLUDING UMNO STRICTLY CARE FOR THE INTERESTS OF EACH COMMUNITY OR CONSTITUENTS WHICH THEY REPRESENT. How can UMNO represent the interests of the Chinese or the MCA represent the interests of the Malays. FOR THESE TROUBLEMAKERS TO BLAME UMNO FOR ANYTHING IS A TRAVESTY OF FAIRPLAY AND JUSTICE AND IS DANGEROUS AND MISCHIEVOUS.

      • If “failed with his 9 Policies for Singapore “, how come LKY is “brilliant”?

        I know you are sarcastic, but I wanna say that the Chinese, especially the DAP buggers, do not understand or care about sarcasm.

        Ultra kiasu tak reti sarcasm. Sentiasa buat muka nohe saje. Ada yang orgasmic bila selalu dengor their demi-god LKY brilliant!

      • Haba. The brilliant Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 Policy failures for Singapore.

        1. Lee Kuan Yew scored a Doube Star First in Law at the University of Cambridge in 1948. For this, he has my deepest respect and admiration.

        2. Lee Kuan Yew’s 9 Policy Failures are as follows :-

        i) Money was used as an investment of Foreign Policy which killed innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no such blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin. Bangkok Riots.
        ii) US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) were lost by the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of ‘yes’ men with the smartest fellow at the top, of the citizens’ Trust money in October 2008 on Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew November. 2008. All Singaporean Blogs.2009-2013. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. Saturday Columns.
        iii) The 2 child-family Policy of the 1970s and 1980s. This is the killer. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2013. In 1959 when Lee Kuan Yew took power, the indigenous population was 100%. 2013 – 62%. 2030 – 45%.
        iv) Humanity and Multiculturalism not practised. Vide. Channelnewsasia. 2011. The Curry Smell Tribunal. 2012. The 188 bus drivers strike. 2012. The toilet fights. etc
        v) The perfunctory Judiciary which is well-known the World over. Vide. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. The Aussie and German drug mules. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw (If the Police stopped at 1, he would not be in trouble. But they stopped at 51. Poor girl !).
        vi) 5,000 pigs imported daily. The flower nurseries contracts. King of the Road. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank.
        vii) The Government officials are the highest paid in the World. Vide Warren Buffet.
        viii) The failure of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which was indirectly or directly founded by Lee Kuan Yew in 1966, to conquer our beloved Malaysia to deliver to him to save his legacy in ONE EASY STEP ON 3 OCCASIONS, 1997, 2008, 2013.
        ix) Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister in 1959. He is still there. During the same period, 1959-2013, Malaysia has had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

      • Haba. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leadership is way below in intellect to the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 9 failed Policies for Singapore. IF LEE KUAN YEW FAILED AS LEADER TO HIS OWN PEOPLE AND HE IS THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THE DAP AND SINGAPORE IS THEIR SPIRITUAL HOMELAND, you may now discern that the 90% Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, BACKED THE WRONG HORSE. AS I ALWAYS ADVISED ALL TO BACK THE UMNO in their own interests. Now they will slowly realise that THEY HAVE BEEN USED BY THE DAP.

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