An impetus for EO

MyWatch Chairman R Sri Sanjeevan

There is a compelling rational for the Emergency Ordinance (EO) to be brought back. A former Negeri Sembilan PKR man and an activist of an unregistered NGO specialising on criticism against Police and official reports of crime was shot by seemingly a hitman.

NST story:

28 July 2013| last updated at 12:34AM

Anti-crime watchdog chief battling for life after being shot by gunman


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SEREMBAN: Gunmen targeting on the chairman of anti-crime watchdog, MyWatch, made an attempt on his life yesterday.

R. Sri Sanjeevan, who was shot at close range at 4.30pm yesterday at Taman Cempaka, Bahau, was at press time was in a critical state.

Jempol police chief Supt Hamzah Alias said Sanjeevan had gone out with his friend, Ramesh Balakrishnan, 35, for a drink after picking up the latter at his house.

“The two were in Sanjeevan’s silver BMW when he (Sanjeevan) stopped at a junction near Taman Awana Indah and wound down the car window for a smoke.

“Two assailants on a red motorcycle rode up next to him. The pillion rider then fired a shot at Sanjeevan’s right rib,” he told the New Sunday Times when contacted last night.

He said the pillion rider then got off the motorcycle and walked towards Sanjeevan but Sanjeevan managed to speed off despite having sustained a  gunshot wound.

“The victim despite being badly injured,  managed to drive off, leaving the suspects behind.”

“The suspects then left the crime scene and rode away towards the road leading to Rompin.” “ he said.

Hamzah said Sanjeevan drove some 300m from the scene before pulling over for his friend to take over the wheel.

“His friend (Ramesh), then moved him to the passenger’s seat before taking and driving  to the Jempol Hospital,” he said.

Sanjeevan is expected to be transferred to Kuala Pilah hospital today.

Hamzah said the police have yet to establish the motive behind the attempted murder.

“So far there have been no leads or suspects.  Investigation is ongoing,” he said, adding that a special task force had been set up by the Negri Sembilan police headquarters to probe the case, which is being investigated under section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

It was reported in January that Sanjeevan claimed he received a death but brushed it off as part of the risk that came with the role he assumed.

Sanjeevan had claimed someone called him from a unknown warning him to watch his back as he had “stepped on too many toes”.

Mywatch president R. Sanjeevan undergoing treatment at Jempol Hospital. NST pix by Abnor Hamizam Abd Manap

Read more: Anti-crime watchdog chief battling for life after being shot by gunman – Latest – New Straits Times


If the crime is really an assassination attempt, then it there is a high probability that it is a professional job. It simply means that a hitman is hired to finnish of Sanjeevan.

The task is now for the Police to look for these criminals. It is not as daunting as providing the motive, evidence and possibile witnesses for the Public Proscecutor the charge the accused.

That’s is the tricky bit. It has been said many refuse to step up to be witnesses in murder cases involving professional hitmen.

More often than not, murder cases like these are linked to organised criminals and the intricate network of underground vices and criminal groups. Individuals with knowledge of these crimes are said to be not forthcoming with information, for fear of having to be witnesses.

The deficiency in admissible evidence and testimony of credible witnesses is the major reason why assassinations involving organised criminals cannot be brought to justice.

That is the very reason why necessary crime fighting apparatus such as the Emergency Ordinance (EO) needs to be brought back.

For the record, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak repealed what some liberal like minded minority pockets of the society described as “Draconian Laws”, such as Internal Security Act (ISA) and EO on the eve when The Mole went live. The endless argument is that these laws are impeding into human rights and principles of civil liberty.

Since 2012, it is believed that more than 2,000 detainees under EO and a few thousand more as ‘Restricted Residents’ were released to society. Many believe that the increased number of crimes include vice related activities, armed robbery, murder and extortion and kidnapping are attributed to these organised criminals being returned to their previous network.

Undoubtedly, it is time to bring these laws back. The society needs to be protected from ‘ruthless and underworld criminals’.

The fact is that the modern world is filled with sophisticated but really brutal and ruthless criminals, where it is almost impossible to be brought to justice. The necessity to take them off the streets and place them away from society surpasses the notion to uphold principles of human rights and democracy.

*Updated 0400hrs

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  1. Totally agree. The Government role amongst others is to ensure security of citizens in his home and in public. Currently security of citizens of Malaysia is very fragile and Some of the latest crimes look like those we used to hear happening in Mexico.

    The public is living in fear!

  2. Tak tau lagi bukti yang Najib nuthead hendak???

    Akibat terlalu mengikut telunjuk “pakar penasihat” serta mahu mesra pembangkang haram jadah lah perkara ini berlaku dan Najib dibuai mimipi didalam tidurnya yang lena……sedang rakyat merana dan menderita…..

    Najib…KAU bertanggung jawab keatas semua gejala kurang sihat ini….berjawablah didunia dan diakhirat….

    • Berjawab sahaja tak cukup. Gantikan Najib.

      Dia dah kata ikut cara baru, 150,000 ahli UMNO mengundi memilih pemimpin di Perhimpunan Agong UMNO (PAU) kali ini. Tidak lagi hanya 2,600 ahli macam dulu.

      150,000 Ahli UMNO yang ada hak mengundi di PAU awal Disember, tolong lah.

      Ke pemilihan Presiden di buat sama masa dengan pemilihan Majlis Tertinggi di bulan Oktober? Apa hal pun, tolong lah gantikan Najib. Teruk negara di buatnya.

  3. I completely fail to understand why such laws as ISA are deemed archaic when the US still practices ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. The last I read there were some 160 prisoners still there.

    And the Patriot Act which the US enacted only several years ago – after the airplane bombing of the New York Twin Towers – curtail the rights and freedom of movement both into and within the US. Yet US is touted as the most liberal of all the countries in the world, itself claiming to be the champion of democracy. Surely PM Najib is not trying for Malaysia to be better than US?

    Now no less than the Minister of Home Affairs himself has said 90% of the serious crimes in this country are either done or master-minded by the EO prisoners released from the Simpang Renggam Prison as a result of the EO repeal. Those figures being based on the statistics of the Police. And the Police having records of all of the EO criminals, their modus operandi, their pattern of crime and the commission of the crime, etc. The Police may even have valid sources of information on the crimes but those concerned are unwilling to be witnesses in court and therefore it’s impossible to get conviction on these people under the other laws.

    The EO, like the ISA, is a preventive detention law that allows the government to detain individuals who it deems to threaten public order. Suspects may be held without charge or trial for two years after arrest and the government may then renew the detention indefinitely. This has greatly helped control public order in the past. Now the public is feeling – and have expressed it here and there – that there is no sense of security when going out and even when in the house, The EO – and the ISA – should be brought back. DS Najib should know many have called for him to resign or be replaced at the UMNO party elections.

    • Replacing so-called antiquated laws simply to please nasty politicians and their supporters is not politic, to say the least. It’s called appeasement. British Prime Minister Ian Chamberlain tried appeasement of Adolf Hitler of Germany prior to World War II and history has him recorded as unwitting, giving time for Hitler to amass greater resources for the invasion of Poland and Czechoslovakia that started the world war.

      Doing away with much needed and very useful laws to show he is liberal and hoping to win votes is not smart, to say the least. It’s simply not liberal to take away the tools your own Police Force needs to combat crimes in a country with a lot of secret societies, thugs and gangsters brought from China since the 18th/19th century.

      Giving in to ultra kiasus who exploit each and everything, and never stops almost at anything is simply dumb. Bring back EO and ISA. Or put back Najib where he belongs – with Tun Dol.

  4. Malaysia is ruled by liberalists. They think the way and only way to govern a country is to be liberal..i.e liberalise everything from social, to economy, to politics, to crime, to religion, to immigration..i.e to ensure civil liberties and rights of individuals and market economy are not tied to rigid rules…which they belief in their screwed up minds should be as free as possible. The police have repeatedly spoke in favour of the EO as a preventive measure to prevent crime before it happens and help facilitate police in crime investigations. But do people like Najib and other liberals pay heed? No..they talk about ensuring freedom and rights of individuals. The trouble with the liberals is that they dont listen and they think they are going down the right path. In a nutshell it has become a chauvinistic liberalist thought where the conservative views which are tough on crime is considered archaic and inhuman. Liberalism thought is equally archaic born in the 17th century. Even if these dimwit liberals in Malaysia place priority in indivodual rights and freedom, one would expect or even demand they have the intelligence and brain to differentiste between law abiding citizens and criminals. It was an act of stupidity to abolish EO and to release detainees by the thousands back into the society and some have become repeat offenders. This ain’t no way to govern a country and this ain’t no way to fool around with the trust through votes which the people have given them.

  5. I hope by now najib realise the mistake he has committed by repealing ISA and EO. Tak payahlah lebih2 sangat nak ikut hati kononnya hendak mengikut peredaran zaman dan mahu transform undang2 yg sudah archaic. Tak payahlah nak tunjuk kepada orang cina yang kerajaan mesti berubah untuk menangi hati orang bukan Melayu. Yang penting adalah keamanan negara dan rakyat dapat hidup dengan selamat. Janganlah menyusahkan urusan polis untuk buat kerja. Jangan sibok nak buat heboh dengan slogan transformasi, dan kuasa polis dihakis. Yang susah ialah rakyat yang tak ada bodyguard macam menteri2.

  6. Big Dog,

    You make a general point about the EO which I have now come to agree. The criminal masterminds have regrouped and launched a crime way on the people.

    But in this case specifically you have surprisingly chosen to omit the most glaring fact. And this was that R Sri Sanjeevan was subject to many threats after he did an expose on alleged policemen in Negeri Sembilan who was offering cover to illegal gambling.

    This claim, which should have warranted a thorough investigation was completely ignored by the PDRM. They buat “dono” and life carried on. RSS made a very serious allegation and everybody kept quiet. Either clear the force of these elements or charge RSS for making a false report.

    The onus must have been for some reaction of sort. Acting silent was not an option.

    These allegations destroys confidence in the police. People would assume that all police are like this and not trust them. Personally, I belong to that category but caveat my opinion. If the police want to do business, then so be it. After all, they get paid pittance to do a very tough job.

    So now, what happens even if there is EO? Can EO be used as a tool to threaten gangsters for protection money? If u dont pay then we can banish u?

    These are the other salient facts. As I am mostly in crime free Singapore, the issue of crime in Malaysia does not affect me directly. The people who are mostly affected are the Malaysians so it is up to them to deal with the issue in a thorough manner or accept the consequences.

    • If you are in so-called crime-free Singapore, why the hell do you comment in here? To gloat over what you perceive as weaknesses of others across the causeway? To cause ill feelings against you?

      And who the hell says what you say is correct or worth the space you have used here? You don’t even live in Malaysia or Negeri Sembilan to know beyond what you read in the mass media.

      If “the issue of crime in Malaysia does not affect (you) directly”, why the hell do you want to have a voice in this country? Are you not bloody ultra kiasu, minding others’ business and trying to cause maki hamun on you in a Malaysian blog? Bugger you.

  7. How do we know the police are not doing anything? They are probably monitoring the person/persons as claimed by R.S.S through surveillance without having to go public about it. How do we know the shooting is linked to the expose? It is better to wait for the task force to investigate. The issue here is on the far reaching negative consequences following the abolition of EO. If there were loopholes to be plugged, then EO should be revised and a better mechanism put in place to ensure no abuse of power by those enforcing EO. What happened was the EO was abolished without a proper new Act to replace it. They talk much about Harmony Act but it will take awhile before it materialises. In the meantime there is a vacuum, a lacunae and that thousands of EO detainees have been released back into the society.

    • A lacunae – wow nice term.

      Yes, EO is required and I think a Harmony act sounds much different than an Emergency Ordinance. After all it would sound weird to prosecute a kingpin gangster who has committed murder, extortion and all manners of crime for violations of the “Harmony” act.Sounds like a law you break if you make too much noise at night or publish some stupid stuff on the internet.

      However, I think AG Ghani has already said that the EO is gone and is never going to come back again in any shape or form.

      So in the mean time, those in the country are consigned to live in this legal world lacunae.

      • This bloke comes in here to gloat and irritate. Accusing the Police not taking action, etc. I agree with postgrad’s rebuttal above.

        This bloke tries to be a Mr Know-All, pretending to know the Harmony Act even before the draft is ready. Yet talking “sounds” here and “sounds” there.

        And trying to laugh at those who draft the laws of the country, saying “Sounds like a law you break if you make too much noise at night or publish some stupid stuff on the internet.” That’s the kind of bastard stuff the bloke is made of.

        We should just wallop and shit him with whatever that makes him look stupid and unwelcome in here. He doesn’t have the balls to air his nonsensical views in Singapore blogs. He comes into Malaysian blogs like here trying to irritate us. Bloody hell of a bugger.

  8. Pls stop calling this MyWatch as an NGO. It is not even a proper NGO. It is just a two man show, both Keling & both the ‘karam’ type. They are not even registered & only use Musa Hassan as their ‘Adviser’, so that their so called ‘crussade against crime busting’ warrants some pathetic traction in the last months of that ultra-lembik IGP Ismail Omar.

  9. […] That is probably why Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and Charles Santiago never pushed the Police to investigate on R Sri Sanjeevan. They might uncover something so deep and probably warrants the Emergency Ordinance as right apparatus to keep these underworld criminals off the street. […]

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