Getting wiser after the event

This morning Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak pledged to the Police everything the law enforcement agencies require to combat serious crimes. This include new laws.

30 July 2013| last updated at 01:22PM

PM pledges heavier focus on serious crimes

By Roziana Hamsawi |
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PUTRAJAYA: In view of the recent spate of shooting cases, the government will bring up the issues of serious crimes in the next Parliamentary session, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak here today.

The Prime Minister has also urged police to take action on the recent shooting cases.

This is to strengthen the provisions which will allow the police to act within their capacity to tackle such crimes.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Ministry of Finance in Putrajaya. Pix by Mohd Fadli Hamzah

Read more: PM pledges heavier focus on serious crimes – Latest – New Straits Times


It is without doubt since Prime Minister Najib is reacting to current increased of shootings and murder in cold blood, where there is a public outcry.

When he repealed the Internal Security Act and Emergency Ordinance the eve The Mole went live on 15 August 2011, so many voiced their concern on the security of this nation.   We did raise then whether Prime Minister Najib was willing to commit substantial number of men and materiel to combat crimes and keep the internal security safe after the both laws were abolished.

Obviously that wasn’t the case.

Police had a strategy to check on serious crimes and those related to underworld vices and activities. The head of these groups and network are detached from their network and operations and held under EO. Therefore, the operation of these organizations of is impaired.

NST frontpage 30 July 2013

NST frontpage 30 July 2013

Last year, the Police had to release over 2,000 detainees from Simpang Renggam under the repealed EO and 6,000 more of restricted residence persons were allowed to walk free. It is believed that these persons rejoined their previous underworld criminal organisations and network. Hence, their previous groups and organised crimes network are back into proper planning and execution.

Coupled with increased smuggling of firearms from neighbouring countries, the nation suddenly saw the surge of serious crimes especially armed robberies and murder.

It looks like Prime Minister Najib is again reacting to popularity (in this case, public outcry) as oppose to proper planning, projection, consultation with experts and stakeholders before making a decision. By displaying the tendency of “Getting wise after the event”, there is high probably the rakyat will see him as a ‘Transactional Leader’ instead of a ‘Strategic Leader’.

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  1. PM paling dungu.

    • Nothing much said in the report. But being a NST report, I also can’t expect much.

      But why does Najib want to “bring up the issues of serious crimes in the next Parliamentary session”? Knowing that BN has the majority and not intending to amend the sensitive provisions of the Constitution, why need to debate the crime situation? Just come out with the draft of the relevant replacement or whatever new laws.

      Don’t have arr? Not ready arr? That’s why lah, if not ready, don’t simply simply repeal the important and necessary laws like ISA and EO, Mister.

      And “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” like the Yanks say.

      So now manyiak lakyat malah sama lu, atak lakyat mau UMNO tukat sama lu, apa lu mau bikin? Instead of debate, debate and allow the Opposition to hit you again and again, why not just put back ISA and EO at the next Parliament session?

      Sure less people ask you to be replaced if like that.

  2. macam lagu shidee dulu ingat tak ? ” sayang semua nya sudah terlambat
    Tak guna di cakap lagi” bak kata pengawal raja pada Lunchai ” Lunchai terjun dgn labu nye biar kan….biarkan. Juga macam lagu Ito juga “apo nak di kato….

    Old pensioner

  3. That’s true. Najib is a transactional leader and not a strategic thinking leader. More of a knee jerk reaction. Warning calls had been sounded on the negative consequences of removing preventive laws. Dimwit liberals live in a utopian world imagining the world would be a better place if liberal ideas are followed blindly. Wrong is the answer. Leaders cannot be tinkering with raw liberalism without putting in place mechanisms that also protect the society, not merely individuals. We told you so. Haven’t those dimwit lib
    erals heard it already?

  4. No, not even as a “as a ‘Transactional Leader’” and far from being “a ‘Strategic Leader’”.

    I would rather see him as a “Transitional Leader” – transition from a “Chinese Tsunami Leader” to a “Strong, firm and courageous Leader” fighting for the Malays that UMNO had sword to do since over 60 years ago. Yes, Najib should be replaced.

    I would not accept him even as a “Transformation Leader”. There’s nothing to transform if it means putting the NEP at the back burner, playing to the tune of the ultra kiasus and anti-nationals by removing ISA, EO and soon the Sedition Act. Tiada ma’af baginya. Rosak negara di buatnya.

    • Either the weak fingers or the poor mental control up there during the fasting month –

      the intended word “sworn” came out as “sword” on the 2nd para above.

      No intention of sword-ing Najib, I assure you – just wanting him replaced, that’s all.

    • Let’s hope that he is not Transforming the Country from a Peaceful to a Bullet Ridden Society!

  5. This guy is a joke. He is:

    Fucks up a girl, cant control himself and cums inside,
    Does not worry until 2 weeks after the girl has missed her period and suddenly becomes einstein in how to handle the problem.

    Jibby pink lips a.k.a jib ah whore is a scumbag.

    These cases of security breach is serious problem but wait till this asshole endorses the TPPA. Nothing as tantamount as that where the whole nation will be fucked up in the ass by this asshole who is afraid of his wife.

    Out with najib, i cant wait for the day this moron packs up and leave this nation. He will eventually be like pak lah the dozer.

    Walking around aimlessly at events and no one approaches him except a few who pity that piece of shit with no company.

    Jibby is next in line, tun ah whore.

  6. Singapore a one street town of 4 Million souls has the complete set of Laws which were promulgated in 1948 at the same time as Malaysia. These laws are still in place. FOR NO REASON AT ALL OUR ISA AND EO WERE REPEALED in the face of endemic crime in Malaysia. It is alleged that Singapore had 2,000 registered gangsters in 1972 and none in 1982. Already 8,000 criminals have been released by the Government into freedom. If these persons were not criminals, why were they locked-up in the first place ? And then they released just like that. The safety of the 27 Million Malaysians is now in jeopardy because there was no reason to abolish the ISA and the EO which served us so well since 1948. Can anyone tell me where there is a place with no crime ?

  7. Dah terantuk baru nak tergadah.

    “PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has instructed the police to use all existing laws to fight serious and organised crime.

    Najib said the police would have to look under existing laws on what action must and could be taken to restore public confidence…..” – TheStar.

    Don’t you think that something is wrong with this statement? Is it not what the police have been doing all this while and been trying to knock some sense through that thick skull of yours that they are having difficulties with these new set of populist law YOU introduced?

    Kena beri arahan ke pada polis macamana nak buat kerja dia? Are you implying that the police is not looking at all existing law, that’s why they need to be given a directive to do so? shheesss..

    It looks like Najib is just a “fair weather leader”, he look good when things are fine but is incapable of steering us out of trouble waters, let alone a storm. If anything he seems to have ran us all aground!!

    • Totally concur!

      Pandering into the public outcry is another populist move by a popularity seeker.

      It is a really bad after thought. Lives lost, public confidence waned. Probably it would affect the expatriates’ feeling of being safe.

      The fact is that Najib the Felinist never did learn nor get wiser after the event. No arms acquisition was announced despite that there is serious necessity for some of them. The Lahad Datu Tragedy six months ago is still fresh in so many Malaysians’ mind.

      What did Najib the Felinist comment on arms acquisition, during French PM Ayrault’s visit a few days ago?

      “We hv to look at our deficit”

      Probably Najib the Felinist should save on worthless expenditure purely for politics like indiscriminate spendings on Chinese schools and the series of ‘Jom Heboh’ rallies, instead of being stingy on defense and security.

      He did inherit this nation in a sordid state. However his tendency of populism coupled with closet-liberalism is actually capsizing the vessel during a storm instead of running aground. Worse still, he and his inner circle clowns are busy having a ball when the vessel start to sink.

      • Actually. at the present time, he’s not a popularity seeker. He is a desperate actor.

        So many people have been hitting him hard, asking him to be removed. Including UMNO members.

        One in the name of Ahli UMNO Titiwangsa, asking him to be removed, in one of the popular blogs.

  8. This Najib fella still doesn’t get it or just trying to look good in the face of a fiasco on the abolition of ISA and EO. He is grappling for answers now and asked the police to look at existing laws. Yeah right, existing laws because he had abolished preventive laws. That’s what happen when politicians get narcissistic and believe they know best about other people’s work so much so they decide to cast aside preventive laws and make matters worse. This ain’t no way to govern a country, man. For once, no one sho uld refer the govt as a Najib’s administration but refer to it as the Malaysian Cabinet without vesting so much power on the PM to call the shots and others follow. If the shots are not wisely called, who wants to take the responsibility? And this fella wants to bring the spike in crime issue to the Parliament? Crime issues have to be tackled by the govt of the day as the country is under its watch. By bringing it to be debated in the Parliament is akin to admitting that the govt is unable to handle it. Parliament should be debating on TPPA and other new issues that require some consensus in terms of the directions towards formulating policies.

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  10. […] came after Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak said the Police “Would be provided with the necc…. Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also boldly admitted that the recent upsurge in […]

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