Perpetual sin of glorifying rebels

The dialogue in the film "The New Village" as the Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and "They have to defend their homeland"

The dialogue in the film “The New Village” as the resettled Chinese were oppressed by the British authority and “We must fight for our homeland”

Chinese Chauvinist Mini Emperorissimo of ‘Middle Kingdom’ Lim Guan Eng is at his usual self deflecting a crime against the Constitution by attempting to accuse someone else. Manipulating facts doesn’t exornorate him from the fact that DAP is pro-Malayan Communist Terrorists. This came as an immediate reaction of Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s instruction to review the public screening of “The New Village”.

DAP calls Utusan, Umno Youth hypocrites, directs them to pursue Khairy over “communist ties”

JULY 29, 2013
LATEST UPDATE: JULY 29, 2013 02:41 PM

Umno Youth and Malay daily Utusan Malaysia were slammed as hypocrites and practicing double standards for failing to condemn Khairy Jamaludin for forging ties with communist parties said the DAP.

Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Khairy should have been hauled up after forging an alliance between Barisan Nasional Youth and the Communist Youth League of China (CYL).

“These organisations are stoking the fires of racism by questioning the approval of a Chinese-language film “The New Village” which they allege glorifies communism.”

“On the other hand, the same organisations kept quiet when Malaysia established close diplomatic relationships with China, Cuba and Vietnam, all of whom practice the communist system.

“Both Umno Youth and Utusan Malaysia criticised ‘The New Village’ as twisting historical facts and encourages the public to glorify the Malayan Communist Party,” Lim said in a statement today. Khairy is also the Umno Youth chief.

Lim said he did not want to comment on the film as he had not seen it but questioned why Utusan and Umno Youth remained silent when Youth and Sports Minister Khairy announced the setting up of a permanent secretariat in October 2009 to strengthen ties between Barisan Nasional Youth and the Communist Youth League of China.

“It is very clear that both Umno Youth and Utusan Malaysia are hypocrites who practice double standards.

“If both organisations are so worried about communists hiding under our beds, then they don’t need to look far. Khairy should be directly in their sights,” he said.

Lim said if both organisations felt strongly about communism, then “why did they not criticise former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor for signing a peace agreement with the MCP?”

In December 1989, Rahim represented Malaysia to sign a pact with the Malayan Communist Party, which ended its armed struggle in the country.

The Home Ministry suspended the vernacular movie which was to premier on August 22 after Utusan, in a critical article by Awang Selamat, yesterday claimed it glorified communism.

The movie is centred on the Emergency in Malaya in 1949 and portrays the Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) and the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) as fighters for independence, said Awang Selamat.

It also showcases the actions of the British against the Chinese during the emergency. The film focuses on MPAJA, which was linked to the communist party, said Awang Selamat.

Awang Selamat, the moniker representing the paper’s collective editorial voice, said another locally-made movie on nationalism, “Tanda Putera”, on the events surrounding the May 13 riots, had triggered widespread criticisms after snippets of the movie were leaked online.

Lim said Umno Youth and Utusan were up to their old tricks of denying their own communist links, using dirty tactics to scare Malaysians about communist conspiracies and lies linking BN opponents and non-Malays to communists.

“Such tactics won’t work anymore because the Malaysian people now yearn to live in the light and not in the dark. They want human dignity, integrity, freedom of information, truth, justice and democracy.” – July 29, 2013.


It is Lim who tried to steer Malaysians in the dark. The truth is that he is without much dignity and manipulated information, for the sinister agenda about at attempt to glorify the brutalities the Communist rebels brought upon Malayans (later Malaysians)

The quarter million dollars bounty for a Communist rebel chief cold blooded murderer

The fact is that DAP demonstrated its Chinese Chauvinism if not their subliminal greed to gain power to the point that they struggle in making a brutal leader a ‘True Independence Fighter’, who waged a war against majority of Malayans (later Malaysians) for 54 years. That is not withstanding the fact that more than 10,000 persons perished, mostly unarmed non-combatants, women and children children between 1948-1960.

DAP leaders have been stubbornly fighting to bring back and glorify Malayan Communist Party Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng despite majority of Malaysians vehement detest and demonstrated strong displeasure to the notion.

MCP bandits armed with M3 Carbines

There is a vast difference between glorifying and hero worshipping a rebel leader of 54 years and “Butcher of Malaya” versus forging working ties with political entities of a friendly country with strong diplomatic ties. Attempting to manipulate the difference is an insult to the intelligence of the majority.

Communist Party of China did not wage a war and brutally murdered tens of thousands Malayans (later Malaysians), destroyed properties, caused hardship and put lives of innocent persons under extreme duress. Malayan Communist Party rebels did.

The iconic photo of Tun Razak calling on Chairman Mao Zedong on 29 May 1974

When Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein visited China and forged diplomatic ties, Malaysia established a friendly super-power in the region. This balanced the struggle for supremacy in the region, between the Americans and the Soviet-backed Vietnamese. The diplomatic relationship also forged international trade with China, which is today Malaysia’s biggest export.

The Chinese Chauvinist DAP leaders only proven a fact that they are unable to come to power, on the basis of their political ideology and struggle. They resorted to manipulate history, so that they are to capture the imagination and idealism of young Malaysians especially the Malays that this nation’s ‘True Independence Fighters’ were the Communist Rebels, radicals, subversive and leftists.

Komponen Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu; Raja Melayu, UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British

Komponen Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu; Raja Melayu, UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British

The fact that this nation obtained Independence mainly through the struggle of the nationalists, where UMNO managed to foil the Malayan Union even though all HRH Rulers signed the declaration and the incorporation had already been announced at Westminster Palace.

There on, forced the British administrators to negotiate with HRH Rulers where UMNO attended as observers and the Federation of Malaya Treaty was inked on 21 January 1948. That treaty became the basis of the Federation of Malaya Constitution, came into force on 31 August 1957.

Force 136 Wataniah: Ctr row: Ibrahim Ismail (3rd fr. left),  Yeop Mahidin (3rd fr. right), Abdul Razak Hussein (far right)

The fighters amongst the nationalists – Force 136 Wataniah: Ctr row: Ibrahim Ismail (3rd fr. left), Yeop Mahidin (3rd fr. right), Abdul Razak Hussein (far right)

The position and role of HRH Rulers, Islam as the religion of the Federation, Bahasa Melayu as the national and Special Malay Rights were enshrined and preserved till present day. That is the basis of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ which Chinese Chauvinist DAP tried very hard to erode, if not completely cancelled out from the Federal Constitution.

The immediate reaction and strong support for attempts to glorify the Communist Rebels demonstrate that DAP leaders are anti-Constitution. They are carrying the struggle and perpetual sin of brutal murderers and war mongers.

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  1. Lim Gian Eng can’t even tell the difference between the communist ideology and the people who practice that ideology, which the Chinese in China to day by and large do not do, as evident by the capitalistic practices of the Chinese government. It is justifiable to call him stupid.

    More than stupidity, he is rushing like a madman to pass a judgement on the film “The New Village”, which he openly admitted he has not seen, merely trying to defend the so-called underdogs, obviously forgetting that the producers of the RM4 million film “Tanda Putra” also faced the same predicament and for a much longer period. It is therefore justifiable to also call him a madman in this instance.

    How can he equate blame on promoting the communist ideology that those who have seen the film – in whole or in parts, those who have been given the background of it by those in the know – with the Barisan Nasional Youth befriending the Communist Youth League of China (CYL). Unless he provides proof that the CYL is still practicing communism the way the Chinese communists of old did, including exporting the communist ideology.

    To say more is to strip naked the mental capacity of the man, known, like his father Lim Kit Siang, for narrow and shallow interpretation of political ideologies and practices, showing their communist sympathies by such acts as calling for the great evil Malayan Communist Party leader, the unrepentant and unapologetic terrorist and gangster of huge proportions Chin Peng, to be allowed to enter this country.

    Perhaps to cover his call for those he termed “Malaysia First” Chinese to instead be “China First”, by officiating the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen, a chap who has no connection with this country at all except getting shelter in Penang during the political upheaval in China many years ago. So damn sad that the tsunami Chinese follow this kind of a politically divisive and loyalty-distracting chauvinistic chap. Time will come when he has to pay the price for those.

    • The call for the return of chin peng signalled the failure of anwar to thwart UMNO so as to rejuvenate Malaysian Malaysia.

  2. Chinese tsunami, abolition of EO, ISA and Seditions act are part of a carefully planned implementation of a revived Malaysian Malaysia.

    Iskandar Malaysia is also another facet of this yellow peril colonisation.

    In 2004, National University of Singapore author Timothy P. Bernard had written a book entitled “Contesting Malayness : Malay Identity Across Boundaries”. This book opines that there is no such thing as the Malay race.

    Now they resort to making films to brainwash the Malaysian youth in their attempt at rewriting history to glorify the chinese race.

    Several excavations in Singapore points to a “long history” of chinese existence. Many roads and schools are given hanyu pinyin names which will erase Malay historical existence in that kiasu island.

    There was also a drama series that adopted the 50’s as the setting, The characters featured were only chinese and whites, no Malays or Indians. But the second season has a Malay man as the Satay seller and his grandson. Perhaps as an afterthought.

    So Nurul. Anwar, Mahfuz, Mat Sabu and PR will help to “pupuskan Bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu sendiri”.

    • Bloody shit that National University of Singapore Timothy P. Bernard saying there is no such thing as the Malay race. And what race does he belong to? Adolf Hitler’s so-called Aryan race? Tell him to ask the Jews if they think the Aryan race ever existed anywhere anytime in history.

      Ball-carrying bugger wanting long-term employment at the NUS. Like the Walsh whatever name NUS woman who also has funny views about Malaysia and the Malays. Their employment was probably designed by the bloody chauvinistic and racist PAP buggers in Singapore. Damn them.

      Tell them to read the books, “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, a society that was established since British colonial times. Scores of professors of history, anthropology, sociology, archaeology etc have their research findings on the Malay race explained in those books.

      • Yes, those books tell of

        A civilization of over 6,000 years, originating in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago, skilled at boat building, beginning with the perahu fitted with outward riggers, later crafting multi-tiered ships as large as the ancient Roman galleons.

        The Chinese Buddhist pilgrim, I Xing, on his way to visit the birth place of Buddha in India, made a “monsoon stopover” and visited the two centres of Malay civilization in the 7th Century – Palembang and Kedah, travelling in such a huge Malay-crafted ship from Palembang to Kedah, was over-awed by their ship building and navigational skills. All these were recorded and are available in the Chinese archives until to day.

        The Malays with ship building and navigational skills have been plying in and out of the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu, including the Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. They have also travelled beyond the Malay Achipelago – to Madagascar, Indo-China,Taiwan, the Pacific islands and Hawaii, leaving communities of Malays whose languages the linguists say belong to the “Large Family of the Malay Language.”

        That Timothy P. Bernard bloke must be a dumbass and blind not to have read the many research and academic studies about the Malays carried out scientifically since the 18th century, continued in the 19th century and heightened in the second half of the 20th century. The hypotheses that the Malays originated from Yunan or Taiwan have been debunked a long time ago. The Malays WENT to Taiwan from the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Pulau Melayu, not came from there to this area.

        A Thai Archaeologist found ancient rice grains among other artifacts in a cave in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula which, through British politics in the region in the 19th century, became a part of south Thailand. Carbon-dated etc, they were found to be over 6,000 years old, showing that the Malays had the rice-eating culture even earlier than the Chinese of mainland China. All these are explained in the books referred to above. Timothy P. Bernard and the likes of him should be shoved onto piles of those books, his eyes torn open made to be glaring at the relevant pages.

  3. Of course Chin Peng and the commies are idolised.

    Their version of liberated Malaya did not include the Article 153.

  4. That Communist Youth League of China did not try to grab power in this country and kills my relatives. Your uncles, unties and possibly your dady tried to grab power by force of arm (and/or propaganda) as well as massacred my relatives many of whom was children, women and the elderly. I bet some of them was successful too albeit for a brief period of time. Where got same one.

    So don’t push it la ah pek.

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