Do the necessary ‘Jom Heboh’ for EO & ISA

Minister of Rural and Regional Development Dato’ Seri Shafie Apdal said all stakeholders should be consulted be for the Emergency Ordinance (EO) and Internal Security Act (ISA) to be brought back and enforced.

31 July 2013| last updated at 10:38PM

Suggestion to bring back ISA needs feedback from all

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PUTRAJAYA: Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the suggestion to bring back the Internal Security Act (ISA) should be studied and feedback gathered from all quarters.

“The spike in the crime rate is linked to the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance (EO) and the ISA and the government should implement measures to replace them”.

Mohd Shafie was speaking at a press conference after witnessing the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Rural and Regional Development Ministry and Syamille Agro Farm Sdn Bhd at his office here today.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi recently claimed that a high percentage of serious crimes of late involved former EO detainees who were released from prison.

Zahid defended the Sedition Act 1948 for the sake of national security adding it would still be used although the government plans to replace it with a new Act.

On the MoU between the ministry and Syamille Agro Farm, Mohamad Shafie said the ministry has appointed Syamille as supplier for the bee farming project.

“The bee farming project is expected to generate income of more than  RM10,000 monthly to participants due to high demand in the local and foreign markets.” — BERNAMA

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This came after Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak said the Police “Would be provided with the neccesary tools to combat serious crime”Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also boldly admitted that the recent upsurge in serious crimes which include armed robberies and murder are attributed to over 2,000 EO detainees were released back into society. On top of that, 6,000 plus persons under restricted residence were also allowed move around freely.

Prime Minister Najib shocked the nation when he announced the repeal and abolishment of EO and ISA the evening The Mole went live online.

Naturally, Home Ministry, Royal Malaysian Police, Attorney General’s Chamber, National Security Council, Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency, Royal Malaysian Customs and other related agencies pertaining to national security and process of justice should be brought into a joint committee headed by no less than the Chief Secretary of the Government and formulate the necessary recommendations very quickly.

At the same time, Prime Minister Najib’s close advisers, which include agencies under Prime Minister Department such as PEMANDU and the National Communication Team and all the ‘public relation and branding’ experts and specialist should get cracking. They should come up with a new nationwide intense campaign matching if not surpass the ‘Jom Heboh’ Jelajah Janji DiTepati program to get the rakyat, to come together in full force to support the idea.

The same strategists should also do an intense media campaign, to complement the meet-the-people rally exercise. The first one was held in Batu Pahat on 7 April 2012.

A series of forum should be held via all the television network. Security specialists, legal and prosecution experts, criminologists, retired Special Branch senior officers and former leaders or operators in the organised crime and underworld vice network and groups should be systematically arranged to appear and argue on the subject matter.

After all, there should be a top-to-ground integrated and highly intensive populist approach, designed to get majority of the rakyat to buy in towards the notion for the paramount requirement to bring back EO and ISA. It is as per what Prime Minister Najib promised that the Police would get the necessary tools.

The same campaign should also rationalise if not justify why bringing back EO and ISA isn’t a bad “Getting wiser after the event” after thought. Otherwise, it would demonstrate that Prime Minister Najib has really bad if not totally incompetent advisers, that he often needed to ‘Flip-Flop’ decisions made. Then again the already was a precedent ‘Flip-Flop’ping on the ‘AirAsia-Malaysia Airlines lopsided share-swap deal, after nine months.

The tagline should be “EO & ISA Demi Rakyat, Untuk Rakyat, Kerana Rakyat”. Just like what Prime Minister Najib said in the inaugural  ‘Jom Heboh’ do in Batu Pahat. They should also launch as movement called “IM4EONISA”, to get the youth buy in.

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  1. What a joke. You took away their tools without doing groundwork, now you want to give the exact same candy and suddenly want to gatheppr intel.

    What a nutjob. This guy cant stand on his two feet.

    Just look at his woman. Obese, botoxed, glam queen.

    Must be into bdsm with jibby.

    Out with this loser. Bring back a true nationalist to the top seat.

    • Like Who?
      One of the Three Stooges?

      • Like Joe Black. But not brought back into the national political scene. Into the pig sty where he can talk to the pigs where his language above fits in.

        The Three Stooges he has in mind: Kit Siang, Guan Eng and Tony Pua.

      • I think zul noordin or ibrahim ali would make wonderful prime ministers. Be in office for a term then a new radical pops up.

  2. I want the contract for those three colored t shirts, I love EO hand banners and the development cost of the 6 million ordered manifesto.

    • You can check out under the umnoasshole category

  3. Najib the Felinist would be most popular if he quits. Now is even better.

    Can even wayang a bit. Go take sabbatical leave and do whatever God forsaken America has to offer.

    Follow the footsteps of Omar Ong. Do proper Ph.D in GW coupled with fellowship with Eisenhower or something.

    Let Muhyiddin run the show as ‘Acting Prime Minister-stroke-UMNO President’. Where as Zahid Hamidi could do the nationwide campaign for EO and ISA. With the help Tun Dr Mahathir, the majority of Malaysians would come together and support the new bill on EO and ISA.

    Comes Dec, get UMNO to formalise the Presidency because ‘Dato Sri is unwell to carryout his duties’. The transition of power is smooth and the UMNO is not fragmented.

    And don’t forget that pondanish cousin-brother could join him. Many esp the those in the Police would be gratified for this.

    Some Malaysians would even campaign for a statue of Najib to be erected, as a throw in for his ‘noble sacrifice’.

    • Aku sangat setuju dengan cadangan yang bernas ini…Najib… tunggu apa lagi?????

      • Kena Tanya Rosmah Dulu…
        Ugh! Tak Brani Tanya Lah..

      • Kalau Kit Siang atau Guan Eng, kena tanya mainland China dulu.

        Diaorang mahukan bukan Malaysia First tapi China First. Remsikan bagunan bernama Sun Yat Sen 1-2 tahun lalu. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

        Si tua Kit Siang mahukan kominis Chin Peng di benarkan masuk Malaysia. Kepala hotak dia.

    • Najib is not a big man.

      He will ignore and ignore then suddenly give out millions to srjk(c).

      This idiot belongs down in the sewers.

      He will not retire peacefully.

      It will be interesting to see who will try to oust him (if any).

      Im beginning to lose hope in muhyiddin too. Becoming a sissy

      Hope that if najib stays as prezzzz, perkasa man up and go political.

      • Hello, if you say that he belongs to the sewers, since he is our PM are you suggesting that we are living in the sewers!

      • No, only you living in the sewers. Eat and drink sewage, too.

  4. Masalah kita di malaysia terlalu dengar sangat pandangan consultan yang terdiri daripada ramai orang muda tidak berpengalaman. Maklumlah dia orang berpelajaran tinggi. Tapi jangan lupa orang berpengalaman khususnya yang jaga keselamatan. Suara mereka juga berharga dan jangan lupa mereka lebih tahu selok belok jenayah. Jangan ukut sangat NGO yang ada agenda terutama peguam yang benci sangat dengan ISA dan EO. Mereka lebih berjuang untuk hak manusia daripada keselamatan. Kepimpinan Najib gopoh sikit kerana nak popular konon. Tapi raayat terasa tak selamat. Demi keselamatan raayat jangan cari populariti. Dah terbukti sekarang tembak menembak dah jadi macam cerita cowboy. Dah macam tak ada undang-undang. Akhirnya semua raayat rugi. Najib terlalu dengar cakap consultan. NGO dan cari populariti. Kalau Mahyudin tak berani lawan Najib Zahid boleh lawan untuk presiden UMNO. Hidupkan semula ISA. pergi jahanam peguam -peguam yang sebuk nak mansuhkan ISA. As salam

    • Semua Ibarat Hang Tuah! Tak kan derhaka terhadap raja kan! Itulah Melayu Liberal tak mau ikut Cara Lama…..

      • Kamu nak ikut Mao Zedong? Tahu kah kamu bahawa China pun dah tak ikut cara kominis lagi. Tamadun China banyak ribu tahun kononnya, tapi di anggap dek kuasa kuasa Barat sebagai pariah sehingga hanya 10-20 tahun yang lalu.

        Tak macam Hang Tuah. Cara cara dia masih di ikut dek Melayu lagi.

  5. Why the hell is the Minister of Rural Development making a comment on a matter that involves the Ministry of Home Affairs? Is he saying the bees don’t need ISA? Wait until the bees go amok, then he knows.

    What kind of a feedback does he want, anyway? Has he got forms for people to fill, unhappy the ISA is gone?

    Good that he said the suggestion to bring back the ISA should be studied. But isn’t there sufficient feed back already?

    • Maybe the Honourable Minister wants to see 100 dead chicken lying in the streets and not 23 dead chicken in 6 months eh ? Seeing is believing eh ?

  6. Our beloved Malaysia is not Monte Carlo. Our citizens need a security blanket as provided for by the ISA and the EO which successive Governments successfully protected our citizens. These laws were the same laws which were promulgated at the same time as Singapore in 1948. The Singapore set of these laws is still there unexpurgated. and WITHOUT A SINGLE MURDER BY FIREARMS IN THE STREETS. In 6 months this years, our citizens were slaughtered like chicken in the street. BN GOVERNMENT HAVE A CARE AND BRING BACK THE ISA AND THE EO which were thrown into the dustbin with no hearing or debate !

  7. Hidupkan semula akta-akta ini. Termasuk kuasa Menteri Pendidikan yang PM Najib mansuhkan.

    Bila kita lawan emak bapak ini lah jadi nya. Pandai sombong tak bertempat. Pihak pembangkang amat menginginkan :-

    1. Akta ini di mansuhkan agar platfom politik mereka melampaui sensisitiviti agama dan kaum dapat di manipulasi dalam GE13 dulu. Ini lah modal untuk berkempen dan politik. Apa lagi kebaikan mereka yang hendak di taja?

    2. UMNO akan jadi kambing hitam kerana tiada lagi kekangan untuk menghambat buruk laku mereka. Kita sudah saksikan umno di asak kesudut sehingga tidak berdaya melawan.

    3. Memudahkan kerja-kerja ejen mereka menerobos ke segenap entiti jabatan kerajaan dan di manipulasi. Lihat contoh Petronas dan beberapa glc. Pemandu dan keliling PM Najib terdiri dari mereka bukan Islam. Qpq yqng kita harapkan. Ini bukan cara yang bijak mengurus rumahtangga kita.

    Dan banyak lagi. Anda semua tahu. Dilemma Melayu kini yang di libas sendiri oleh bangsa nya yang di gerakkan dari belakang tabir….

  8. The Government must call for citizen Referendum to bring back ISA and EO,am very sure if this is done more than 70 percent of the rakyat will say YES to bring back ISA and EO.

    • Anything that’ll bring results to the rakyat’s favour Najib won’t have it. He also didn’t do a referendum on whether the rakyat wants single-stream schooling now or not.

      He merely gave a political statement in his 1Malaysia blog that “Sistem Sekolah Satu Aliran akan di laksanakan bila rakyat mahukannya”. Nearer PRU13 it became obvious he’d never do the referendum. Now even after the Chinese Tsunami, he’s not likely going to do it.

      He fancies himself as a liberal, that so many in Facebook etc call him Ah Jib Gor endearingly, so he thinks. He wants to leave behind a legacy of being a liberal PM in this country. Never mind what it costs to the protection of Malay rights and the promotion of Malay interests, no need to level the playing field and put the NEP in the closet. He thinks UMNO will simply carry on supporting him, never mind the hopes and aspiration of the party in the last 60 years or so.

      This is very dangerous to national stability. The Malays are the majority in the country and are not prepared to be playing second fiddle all the time, and in all aspects of the country’s development. The Malays must have the seditious elements questioning Ketuanan Melayu and Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu satisfactorily controlled. Those secret societies, thugs and gangsters tightly reined in. The subversive elements kept in their proper places. The vast majority of the Malays want ISA and EO back. And the Sedition Act to be left intact.

      So, I support the call for Najib to be replaced at the coming Perhimpunan Agong UMNO. And hope those with the power to have the replacing entered in the PAU agenda do so. And those with votes to have him replaced will do so.

  9. Yes, we must have the ISA and EO back and not touch the Sedition Act.

    I don’t understand why there is a need for consulting all stakeholders, am not sure who are the stakeholders. As far as I am concerned, the Police are the most important stakeholders – some of them lose their lives over such acts of gangsterism, robbery and the like, man.

    Sure the millionaires and the businessmen want them back as they also would not be at ease even if they pay protection money etc.

    The rest are the public. You and me. Bloody hell, 3 of my family already experienced kena ragut, every other relative we meet also complain kena ragut, what else want to “consulting all stakeholders”?

    Come on, man, just table it at the Parliament sitting and have the ISA and EO re-instated – in toto. If you make replacement laws, a lot will be lost not in translation but in what have you (I have just refrained from typing abusive and vulgar words thinking of the Sedition Act – see the effect that Act has on people). Simple example of lost effect – ISA allows detention without trial indefinitely but the so-called replacement SOSMA allows only 28 days. Where got meaning?

  10. And of course Sin Chew will exploit the situation like Opposition groups always do, blaming everybody else but themselves. Details may be read at

    Our society is filled with chaos, they say. Problems complicated by stereotypical judgements, double standards and selective blindness
    Blaming non-Muslims over a viral short video of a Muslim dog trainer cleaning her dogs, following the sex blogger duo’s Ramadan message.

    Sure they are blaming the authorities for practically all the wrongs in the country. “Charging some people in courts for staging a protest rally but no action taken against some others who wiggled their hips in front of someone’s house … Charging some people with sedition for making racial sensitive remarks while some people provocatively called the Chinese and Indians to go back to China and India with impunity.” Yet the school Principal has apologized for bursting out remarks in anger.

    The paper says it is terrible “to refuse to understand and even expand differences into confrontations, and misunderstanding into hatred.” Absolutely no mention at all the party that has been spewing hate all along since its formation over 40 years ago. The DAP that had caused the race riots of 1969. That has continued with the same stand all these years. That requires the ISA, EO and the Sedition Act.

  11. And the latest statement by PM is that the govt shared the concerns by Fitch ratings that downgraded Msia’s sovereign credit rating outlook to negative and the govt would seek to address Fitch’s concern. So addressing Fitch’s concern is more important than addressing problems of unemployed graduates, low salaries, widening gaps between the rich and the poor? His priority is absurd. Std & Poor’s and Moody’s didn’t downgrade Msia’s outlook , so why is he concern about Fitch’s concern? These neo liberal institutions are only concern about tightening belts, reduce public spending, cut subsidies and a whole list of bs. Just like the IMF and the World Bank which are tools of neoliberalist players. The question is why must Msia dance to the tune of Fitch’s concern? Why is the govt so concerned abt household debts when it is the one that encourages domestic consumption to prop up Msia’s economy? Correct the gaps between the rich and the poor in order to reduce household debts. That will be more equitable. By the way, Spore’s household debts are more than70% of its GDP. Pretty high too.

  12. Ladies and Gentlemen. We are not 18th century France or Monte Carlo. We are citizens of our beloved Malaysia. We elected the BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties. We did not elect someone who would listen to pressure from minority groups or the soundly defeated legitimately Oppostion at the ballot box as per our Malaysian democracy. Any one who aspires to be the Prime Minister should have these 3 Golden Attributes. i) Commonsense 2) The Ability to think out of a Box 3) Compassion because 27 millions of Malaysians depend on just one person. I have every confidence in our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. As my favourite American President, Harry S. Truman once said, ‘ The Buck stops at my desk !’

  13. […] made the call to do a nationwide campaign for a new preventive law, to help the Police in restoring order and ensuring peace and […]

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