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On Friday 2 Aug 2013, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak hosted bukapuasa for media in Seri Perdana. In that event, Pingat Kedaulatan Negara medals were issued to 227 media practitioners who covered the Lahad Datu Intrusion and Ops Daulat in February/March.

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13 NST journalists among 227 media practitioners awarded Pingat Kedaulatan Negara

By Azura Abas, Koi Kye Lee and A. Azim Idris

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PUTRAJAYA: Thirteen New Straits Times journalists and photographers were awarded the Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (National Sovereignty Awards) tonight for their relentless coverage of the Lahad Datu intrusion.

The front-liners were among the 227 members of the media to be given the award by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak during special breaking of fast function to commemorate the media’s contribution.

For NST news editor Farrah Naz Karim, the opportunity to cover the events that unfolded during the intrusion was a valuable experience.

“I learned a lot as it was the first time covering such a major event, but I hope the country will not have to go through such a calamity again,”

Farrah, who together with journalist Jassmine Shadique, provided an extensive coverage of the event that transpired before and after the OPS Daulat mopping up operations, said it was a hallmark of both of their journalism careers.

The two were the first to be handed the award from Najib during the function held at his official residence in Seri Perdana near here tonight.

For NST Sabah bureau chief Roy Goh, the government’s extension of the award to media practitioners was an honour for the entire news fraternity.

“I am glad that we have been recognised for our work but we were merely doing our jobs” he said.

Roy, who said he was humbled by the experience, added that it was the security forces who deserved more credit for handling the situation.

For photographer Osman Adnan, the medal was a national pride.

Expressing his joy and utmost gratitude to the prime minister, he said the efforts put in by the media was recognised by the government.

“This is a recognition that I will cherish the most. For me, I feel that this is the biggest acknowledgment the government has given to media practitioners,” he said.

Osman added the medal would also instill the spirit of patriotism, unity, and love for the country.

He said it would also give encouragement to the other recipients mainly security and armed personnel to protect the sovereignty of the country.

Some of the Pingat Kedaulatan Negara recipients with Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

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Amongst those who received the PKN medals are three Malaysiakini reporters.

The role of Malaysiakini during the entire Lahad Datu Intrusion was all about to underminde and riddicule the maneurvres, actions and methods of dissmemination of information of and by the Police and Armed Forces. They played the ‘foward team’ and lay the foundation for unpatriotic Opposition leaders such as Tian Chua, Nurul Izzah, R Sivarasah and HJ Imran Abd Hamid to berate and intensify their attacks against the actions and decisions of the security and  law enforcement agencies.

It was with the malice intent to be highly politicised as these decisions made and actions taken were backed by the Federal Government.

Malaysiakini story, criticised

Malaysiakini story, criticised

It has been proven too many times over that Malaysiakini is a tool of the Opposition’s ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, to undermine, attack and demonise all law enforcement agencies and authorities. When there is  a deep distrust by the rakyat towards those who are supposed to enforce the law, then there would be a state of distability and disharmony. Probably bordering to chaos, anarchy and pan-demonic.

This is to realise the only track for the minority to overpower and gain control over the majority. After all, the Opposition leaders already attempted to have the ‘Malaysian Spring’ via the manipulation of half truths, deception, fabrication of events and facts and blatant lies, before, during and most importantly post 13GE events such as the failed ‘Black 505’ nationwide rallies.

DG of Jabatan Penerangan Dato’ Hj Ibrahim Abdul Rahman

Then again, who are responsible of including these three agents provocateur in the list of PKN medal recipient?

The list was prepared by Jabatan Penerangan. The Director General Dato’ Hj. Ibrahim Abdul Rahman should take responsibility of this insult of catestrophic cock-up proportions against the men and women risking their lives to uphold the Federation of Malaysia sovereignty in East Sabah earlier this year.

This is should be seen as nothing short of absolute cock-up by the agency which is supposed to do propaganda for the Federal Government.

Dato' Akmal and his PKN medal, on Friday evening

Dato’ Akmar and his proud PKN medal, on Friday evening in the grounds of Seri Perdana

Equally guilty should be the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Dato’ Akmar Hisham Mokhles, for not vetting through carefully the medal recipient list. Then again probably Akmal was too pre-occupied in the folly of being a recipient of the PKN medal himself that he neglected his duties. Then again, lately he has been seen bent on being a celebrity by also several times been in the news.

The “Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question now is Prime Minister’s Office and Jabatan Penerangan acknowledge the manipulation of half truths, deception, blatant lies that connotes the negative perception or worse still, distrust and public anger against the security forces and Federal Government Ministers in the Lahad Datu Incident of Neo Con Jewish funded Opposition’s tool Malaysiakini, as ‘disseminating correct and true information to Malaysians’?

The Malaysiakini main page on 7 March 2013, at the juncture when the nation's pulse stopped

The Malaysiakini main page on 7 March 2013, at the juncture when the nation’s pulse stopped

That is not withstanding the role and consistently of Malaysiakini’s reporting on the ongoing RCI on the Sabah immigration issue. Probably this is someone within PMO’s really brilliant master stroke strategy, to strengthen the entire Sabahans’ resolve of central government role in the state.

If it is so, then there is no necessity what so ever to correct and set straight any stories carried by Malaysiakini. Better still, in the attitude of ‘openness, engagement, embrace and inclusion’, Malaysiakini senior writers or editors should be appointed as one of Prime Minister Najib’s Press Secretary.

The corrupt practices during the 13GE campaign

The corrupt practices during the 13GE campaign

The investure of PKN medal, coupled with the systemic failure before and during 13GE campaign, appointments of Cabinet Ministers, GLC and strategic agency Heads would just compound to the systematic erosion of confidence on Prime Minister Najib’s leadership. That is not withstanding the failed communications on issues such as the ‘Corruption during 13GE campaign’ and the more recent hot topic, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations.

Then there would a reason to have a pre-depature celebrations commemorating the change over the control of the Dewan Rakyat and Federal Government. Most probably PMO could provide a list of in-house hidden but talented court jesters, to add to the folly.

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Anti-Constitution Advocates

Opposition leaders have proven themselves to the advocates of anti-Consitution over and over again. They systematically and progressively intensify their attacks either against the administration, provisions and practice of Islam and the relationship of Malay values and norms in their arguments of all sorts of ‘universally correct’ excuses.

Lay off, lawyers for Muslim dog handler warn Jakim

AUGUST 03, 2013

Lawyers for the Muslim dog handler have expressed shock at what Jakim had to say about the controversy, calling it “unlawful”.

Yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom announced that Jakim has found that the YouTube clip of Maznah Mohd Yusof and her three dogs which went viral online was insulting to Muslims.

He had directed the Muslim authority to relay its findings to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further action.

Maznah’s lawyers, Latheefa Koya and N. Surendran, responded that Jakim had no authority to issue such a statement, noting that it had brazenly and unlawfully interfered with the judiciary system.

They criticised Jamil Khir for supporting Jakim’s stand on the issue and for threatening to go to the MCMC with their declaration, saying that his actions showed that he was “ignorant and indifferent” to the roles of Jakim.

“Jakim has acted beyond its authority and in excess of its jurisdiction,” they said in a statement today.

Latheefa (left) and Surendran say Jakim has acted beyond its authority. The Malaysian Insider picLatheefa (left) and Surendran say Jakim has acted beyond its authority. The Malaysian Insider picThey pointed out that Jakim’s declaration is equivalent to finding Maznah guilty for posting the video.

“In this country only the judiciary has the power to pronounce the guilt or innocence of a citizen,” they said, adding that Jakim was merely an administrative body with no powers to make such a statement.

Calling for an end to the attacks on their client, Latheefa and Surendran warned that they would be taking the “necessary action” to protect Maznah’s rights.

Maznah,  better known as Chetz, found herself in hot soup after the three-year-old video clip caused a stir among Muslims.

She was arrested on Thursday and was released yesterday after being held at the Segamat police station and is being investigated under the Penal Code for causing disharmony among religions. – August 3, 2013


The fact is that dog trainer Maznah did insult the sanctity of Islam by portraying her K9 animals with the background of Hari Raya takbir. Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Aidil Adha are Muslims most revered holidays, to celebrate triumph of fulfilling Islam’s third and fifth pillars, the month of fasting in Ramadan and Hajj in Zulhijjah.

So was when earlier in this Islam holiest month of Ramadan when Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino’s deemed political support for Christian Federation of Malaysia’s quest to use the word ‘Allah’ in place of God. Also sexebitionist bloggers Alvin Tan’s and Vivian Lee’s insulting ‘Selamat Menyambut Ramadan’ posting in Facebook by portraying a meal of Bah Kut Teh.

Jabatan Hak Ehwal Kemajuan Islam (JAKIM) opined that since the Youtube recording used the Hari Raya Takbir chants depicting ‘Allah is great’ and call for prayer, it is an insult to Islam.  The Youtube recording is a demonstration that the person in the portrayed in the video is Maznah Mohd. Yusof aka Chetz.

Aidilfitri dog video an insult to Islam, Jakim decides

AUGUST 02, 2013UPDATED: AUGUST 02, 2013 03:06 PM

Screen capture of a YouTube video shows a Muslim woman cleaning the paws of her pet dog.

Screen capture of a YouTube video shows a Muslim woman cleaning the paws of her pet dog.PETALING JAYA, Aug 2 — The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has weighed in on the storm over the Aidilfitri dog video and decided it was insult to Islam, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom confirmed today.

The minister in charge of religious affairs said in light of Jakim’s decision, he had directed the department to present its views to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further action, Malay language daily Berita Harian reported on its website today.

The Communications and Multimedia Ministry had yesterday directed the MCMC to consult with Jakim in its probe on the video, saying this was because the matter involves religious sensitivities.

“The issue raised here could be very sensitive to a majority of our citizens… we must see the background and get views of religious experts because I understand there are several differing views,” minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek told reporters at a function yesterday.

The minister acknowledged that the video was created three years ago but pointed out that once any content is published online it would continue to remain accessible to Internet users.

“The essential and most important part in this case is to investigate the individual’s real intention whether she intends to state her background as an animal trainer or to insult the Muslim religion and such,” he said.

He said that should Jakim deem the video an insult to Islam, the MCMC would then proceed with its probe.

In the 105-second video reposted on YouTube on Tuesday, dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof is seen walking and bathing her three dogs as the “Takbir Raya”, or Muslim call to prayer traditionally reserved for the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, plays in the background.

The juxtaposition appeared to be a reference to the wudhu, or ablution performed by Muslims before prayer; dogs are also considered unclean by adherents of the predominant faith in Malaysia.

Maznah has since been arrested and was released from remand in Johor earlier this afternoon on a court bond.

According to her lawyer N. Surendran, the dog trainer has also been questioned by the MCMC.

She is being investigated under section 4 of the Sedition Act and section 298A of the Penal Code.

Section 298A includes a variety offences, namely causing “disharmony, disunity, or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will, or prejudicing, etc., the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.”

If convicted under Section 298A, Maznah, better known as Chetz Yusof, can be sentenced to a jail term of not less than two years and not more than five years.

After the video started making its rounds on the Internet, local news site quoted Chetz as saying that she made the video in 2010 to show that dogs are not “haram” (forbidden) as widely-believed, and that Muslims could keep canines as pets.

“Dogs are not ‘haram’; if they are wet, just ‘samak’,” she was quoted as saying.

“Samak” is the ritual cleansing performed by Muslims when they come into contact with items considered ritually unclean, of which wet dogs are considered to be by some followers of the faith.

Maznah had also told news site Free Malaysia Today in a 2011 interview that she follows the Shafie school of thought in Islam that does not deem dogs as “haram”, but merely requires believers to cleanse themselves after touching a wet dog.

Maznah’s arrest comes after sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee were charged recently under the Penal Code and Sedition Act, for posting a mock “Selamat Berbuka Puasa” (breaking of fast) greeting on their Facebook page that showed them eating “bak kut teh”, a soupy pork dish. Muslims are prohibited from eating pork.

– See more at:


Islam is enshrined as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and His Majesty Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong is the Head of Islam for Wilayah Persekutuan, Melaka, Pulau Pinang, Sabah and Sarawak where as HRH Rulers are for the respective states.

JAKIM is a Federal Government agency with the authority for the administration and planning of programs pertaining to Islam and the development of the religion of the Federation. JAKIM did not act up and above its jurisdiction because it is fulfilling its second function and key performance index, which is protecting the sanctity of Islam.

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

Article 3.1 & 3.2 of the Federal Constitution

Attacking the administration of Islam in these non Sultanate states is a symbolic premonition of insulting His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong’s role and authority, as the Head of Islam for Wilayah Persekutuan, Melaka, Pulau Pinang, Sabah and Sarawak via JAKIM. It is defying Article 3.1 and 3.2

That is clear outright Anti-Constitution.

Extending the arguments with manipulation of half truths, skewed interpretation of the Federal Constitution, deception and even fabricating lies are necessary in the Opposition’s game to attract negative perspective and attention, especially from the international community. The majority would be painted as denying the rights and oppressing the minority.

Although presented out of the ambit from the limitations defined for Muslims are per the Federal Constitution such as individuals in the excuse of exercising their right, they are being interpreted as ‘being oppressed by the unjust system that violates the principle of basic human rights’.

That is realising the Opposition’s strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’ where all authorities and law enforcement agencies which is controlled by Malay-Muslim officers are being systematically and consistently attacked and demonised. This is to create the public distrust against these agencies.

This is long term objective for the minority strategic plan to over power the majority. As for now, they should be expected no less than their will continued provocations.

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