Folly of Fools and Foolhardies


On Friday 2 Aug 2013, Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak hosted bukapuasa for media in Seri Perdana. In that event, Pingat Kedaulatan Negara medals were issued to 227 media practitioners who covered the Lahad Datu Intrusion and Ops Daulat in February/March.

02 August 2013| last updated at 12:06AM

13 NST journalists among 227 media practitioners awarded Pingat Kedaulatan Negara

By Azura Abas, Koi Kye Lee and A. Azim Idris

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PUTRAJAYA: Thirteen New Straits Times journalists and photographers were awarded the Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (National Sovereignty Awards) tonight for their relentless coverage of the Lahad Datu intrusion.

The front-liners were among the 227 members of the media to be given the award by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak during special breaking of fast function to commemorate the media’s contribution.

For NST news editor Farrah Naz Karim, the opportunity to cover the events that unfolded during the intrusion was a valuable experience.

“I learned a lot as it was the first time covering such a major event, but I hope the country will not have to go through such a calamity again,”

Farrah, who together with journalist Jassmine Shadique, provided an extensive coverage of the event that transpired before and after the OPS Daulat mopping up operations, said it was a hallmark of both of their journalism careers.

The two were the first to be handed the award from Najib during the function held at his official residence in Seri Perdana near here tonight.

For NST Sabah bureau chief Roy Goh, the government’s extension of the award to media practitioners was an honour for the entire news fraternity.

“I am glad that we have been recognised for our work but we were merely doing our jobs” he said.

Roy, who said he was humbled by the experience, added that it was the security forces who deserved more credit for handling the situation.

For photographer Osman Adnan, the medal was a national pride.

Expressing his joy and utmost gratitude to the prime minister, he said the efforts put in by the media was recognised by the government.

“This is a recognition that I will cherish the most. For me, I feel that this is the biggest acknowledgment the government has given to media practitioners,” he said.

Osman added the medal would also instill the spirit of patriotism, unity, and love for the country.

He said it would also give encouragement to the other recipients mainly security and armed personnel to protect the sovereignty of the country.

Some of the Pingat Kedaulatan Negara recipients with Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Read more: 13 NST journalists among 227 media practitioners awarded Pingat Kedaulatan Negara – Latest – New Straits Times


Amongst those who received the PKN medals are three Malaysiakini reporters.

The role of Malaysiakini during the entire Lahad Datu Intrusion was all about to underminde and riddicule the maneurvres, actions and methods of dissmemination of information of and by the Police and Armed Forces. They played the ‘foward team’ and lay the foundation for unpatriotic Opposition leaders such as Tian Chua, Nurul Izzah, R Sivarasah and HJ Imran Abd Hamid to berate and intensify their attacks against the actions and decisions of the security and  law enforcement agencies.

It was with the malice intent to be highly politicised as these decisions made and actions taken were backed by the Federal Government.

Malaysiakini story, criticised

Malaysiakini story, criticised

It has been proven too many times over that Malaysiakini is a tool of the Opposition’s ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy, to undermine, attack and demonise all law enforcement agencies and authorities. When there is  a deep distrust by the rakyat towards those who are supposed to enforce the law, then there would be a state of distability and disharmony. Probably bordering to chaos, anarchy and pan-demonic.

This is to realise the only track for the minority to overpower and gain control over the majority. After all, the Opposition leaders already attempted to have the ‘Malaysian Spring’ via the manipulation of half truths, deception, fabrication of events and facts and blatant lies, before, during and most importantly post 13GE events such as the failed ‘Black 505’ nationwide rallies.

DG of Jabatan Penerangan Dato’ Hj Ibrahim Abdul Rahman

Then again, who are responsible of including these three agents provocateur in the list of PKN medal recipient?

The list was prepared by Jabatan Penerangan. The Director General Dato’ Hj. Ibrahim Abdul Rahman should take responsibility of this insult of catestrophic cock-up proportions against the men and women risking their lives to uphold the Federation of Malaysia sovereignty in East Sabah earlier this year.

This is should be seen as nothing short of absolute cock-up by the agency which is supposed to do propaganda for the Federal Government.

Dato' Akmal and his PKN medal, on Friday evening

Dato’ Akmar and his proud PKN medal, on Friday evening in the grounds of Seri Perdana

Equally guilty should be the Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Dato’ Akmar Hisham Mokhles, for not vetting through carefully the medal recipient list. Then again probably Akmal was too pre-occupied in the folly of being a recipient of the PKN medal himself that he neglected his duties. Then again, lately he has been seen bent on being a celebrity by also several times been in the news.

The “Thirteen Million Plus Ringgit” question now is Prime Minister’s Office and Jabatan Penerangan acknowledge the manipulation of half truths, deception, blatant lies that connotes the negative perception or worse still, distrust and public anger against the security forces and Federal Government Ministers in the Lahad Datu Incident of Neo Con Jewish funded Opposition’s tool Malaysiakini, as ‘disseminating correct and true information to Malaysians’?

The Malaysiakini main page on 7 March 2013, at the juncture when the nation's pulse stopped

The Malaysiakini main page on 7 March 2013, at the juncture when the nation’s pulse stopped

That is not withstanding the role and consistently of Malaysiakini’s reporting on the ongoing RCI on the Sabah immigration issue. Probably this is someone within PMO’s really brilliant master stroke strategy, to strengthen the entire Sabahans’ resolve of central government role in the state.

If it is so, then there is no necessity what so ever to correct and set straight any stories carried by Malaysiakini. Better still, in the attitude of ‘openness, engagement, embrace and inclusion’, Malaysiakini senior writers or editors should be appointed as one of Prime Minister Najib’s Press Secretary.

The corrupt practices during the 13GE campaign

The corrupt practices during the 13GE campaign

The investure of PKN medal, coupled with the systemic failure before and during 13GE campaign, appointments of Cabinet Ministers, GLC and strategic agency Heads would just compound to the systematic erosion of confidence on Prime Minister Najib’s leadership. That is not withstanding the failed communications on issues such as the ‘Corruption during 13GE campaign’ and the more recent hot topic, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations.

Then there would a reason to have a pre-depature celebrations commemorating the change over the control of the Dewan Rakyat and Federal Government. Most probably PMO could provide a list of in-house hidden but talented court jesters, to add to the folly.

*Updated 2300hrs

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  1. THis Dato Ibrahim Abdul rahaman and Dato Akmar Mokhles must be idiots to suggest this to the PM.

    Are they not sensitive to the real fighters that sacrifice their life at the front

  2. Dukacita dengan cara pentadbiran Najib. Penganugerahan ini secara tidak langsung menjadi satu bentuk pelecehan kepada wira Negara yang dianugerahkan dengan pingat yang sama setelah berjuang dengan mempertaruhkan nyawa mereka. TIDAK ADA pemberita yang berada digarisan hadapan atau “embedded” untuk melapor peristiwa pencerobohan tersebut secara langsung. Kalau ada yang “dakwa” mereka terserempak dengan pengganas itupun adalah atas kesilapan sendiri/tersesat jalan.

    Pemberita tidak dibenarkan berada dalam jarak kira-kira 15km dari tempat kejadian dan mereka berkumpul di pusat media yang disediakan. Adakah ini wajar disamakan dengan risiko yang diambil oleh wira negara sebenar? tambahan pula pingat ini turut diberi kepada golongan yang dianggap musuh dalam lipatan. Saya tidak begitu kisah sekiranya pemberita diberi pingat/apa-apa bentuk penghargaan atas usaha mereka, malah saya turut berterima kasih pada mereka, tetapi berilah yang lain, BUKAN PINGAT YANG SAMA dengan yang diberi kepada wira negara yang pertaruhkan nyawa mereka di garisan hadapan. Negara manakah yang pernah buat seperti ini? Kalau di negara yang lebih menghormati protokal dan adat resam, perkara ini akan dianggap satu penghinaan kepada wira mereka.

    Cukuplah kita dipandang sebagai melacurkan pangkat kehormat dalam tentera. Adalah kita perlu pula mengipas punggung semua orang untuk menang pilihanraya? Sampai bila Najib nak buat tindakan populist sebegini? Tun M ada sebut BR1M dan yang sepertinya tidak membantu untuk meraih sokongan rakyat. Saya setuju. Rakyat tidak perlukan rasuah, rakyat perlukan kerajaan yang mentadbir dengan betul. Kenapa agaknya zaman Tun M sebahagian besar rakyat sokong kerajaan sedangkan pentadbiran beliau tidak pernah ambil tindakan populist yang bodoh seperti ini?

  3. PM Najib ni tindakan nya kadangkala amat susah nak di ramal. Berbanding Tun M yang selalu buat “surprise” dalam membuat keputusan. Lebih agak logik dan tepat.

    Apa-pun hak beliau. Mungkin fia oerlu feedback dari pihak pembangkang dan gerakerja media mereka….

    Bagi saya, no harm done. Tidak melibatkan dasar KECUALI bahagian penasihat beliau dalam agenda transformasi yang tidak menguntung kan pribumi.

  4. Penganugerahan pingat ini kpd wartawan Mkini adalah umpama memberikan anugerah kpd penulis Rocket, Harakah & Suara KeAdilan.

    Tiada beza!

    Lepas ini wartawan media siasah parti pembangkang juga akan menjadi sebahagian dari rombongan PM Najib utk duduk dalam MT UMNO & apabila melakukan lawatan rasmi/kerja keluar negara.

    Lepas ni pengarang Rocket, Harakah & Suara KeAdilan akan diberikan ‘Datuk’ masa Hari Wilayah & Hari Jadi Rasmi Agong.

  5. Mengarut. Amat mengarut.

    Semangkin nampak lintang pukang, tak tentu haluan pentadbiran Najib nih. Kalau dah pengarut pengarut di Malaysiakini pun di beri pingat jasa baik, aku rasa dah macam nak sasau depa yang berkenaan. Memberi gambaran bahawa Malaysiakini buat apa pun, depa di anggap baik. Pada hal Malaysiakini di ketahui umum menerima wang dari puak Yahudi Zionis Amerika yang di aturkan dek Anwar Al Juburi.

    Aku amat setuju dengan pendapat BD, “The role of Malaysiakini during the entire Lahad Datu Intrusion was all about to undermine and ridicule the manouvers, actions and methods of dissemination of information of and by the Police and Armed Forces”.

    Tindakan saperti ini lah yang membuat depa Pembangkang melanda landa menghentam Pemerintah, mencuba menjatuhkan UMNO dan Kerajaan. Jika tujuan Najib dan orang orang nya mahu menunjukkan liberalisasi konon, aku rasa itu amat lah tidak bijak. Itu kata kata yang paling baik keluar dari aku pagi ini. Perasaan aku meluap nak keluarkan macam macam kata kata lain.

    Aku perlu berhenti menulis seketika supaya tidak keterlaluan. Hanya mahu katakan sekarang bahawa jika Najib tidak di gantikan di PAU akan datang, akan menjadi teruk lah UMNO dan nasib bangsa Melayu di negara sendiri.

  6. BD,

    Its evidently clear PM Najib is a really weak and lame leader. Probably he is very smart. However, the incorrigible aloof and glamour cravev stream of advisers, secretaries and aides that encircle him into a bubble would just make him an untouchable blue blood. He is just like the Chinese Emperor, Russian Czar or Shah of Iran.

    He would probably end in the same fate

  7. Politics, they say, is perception. How the public perceives what the ruling parties and the Government machinery are doing. All across the spectrum of the politically conscious and not-so-conscious citizens who give their votes at the relevant times. All levels of education and shades of perception.

    Now, just what kind of perception does Najib and so-called advisers and policy implementors hope to get from such a strange decision as giving awards to Malaysiakini reporters? True, a large number of voters are not politically conscious and are generally fence sitters. But they are easily “persuaded” by others, aren’t they? And won’t they fall easy prey to those who go round propaganda-ising that what they say count because some of their reporting are even recognized by the Government? Including such nonsense as the KL Pasar Seni market car park can accomodate 10,000 people during Bersih 2.0 Rally.

    More so are the “masses” kind of perception the readers and commenters at Malayisakini have. The Chinese school educated, the housewives who hardly mix around with mainstream Malaysiana and who don’t read anything else other than Malaysiakini and such opposition so-called news portals. They sure will get “inspired” to read them more often and bring in new converts to the Opposition cause.

    If those responsible for recommending and those deciding the awards to the Mkini blokes are hoping many will appreciate the decision, they are dead correct. With the ISA and EO now dead and the Sedition Act death is in the pipeline, will the emboldened seditious and malicious comments in those Opposition blogs not lead to UMNO/BN being “dead” in time to come?

  8. It is Customary for Any No.1 to Recognize the Saying:


    HERE Meaning at MY Desk!

    It Seems in this Country, the BUCK STOPS EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT NOT AT MY DESK!

    Dulu The Buck stops At the Advisers/Consultants Desk

    Now the buck stops at the Civil Servants Desk.

    Yang Kita Tahu Banyak Penolong No 1 Made BIG BUCKS (Contoh Printing Manifesto UMNO)

    Agaknya No.1 Tak Ada Meja Kot!

  9. See how the Singapore government handled the abnormal reporting of a newspaper in that country:

    The Singapore Foreign Ministry director of public affairs wrote a stinging letter to the The New Paper (TNP) of Singapore which was deemed insulting to Malaysia. “Singapore newspapers should report on our neighbours in a professional and objective manner. TNP failed to show judgment in how it presented the story,” it said.

    TNP has published its regret at the insulting report and taken down the article from its website as well as its Facebook page.

    Why the hell can’t Malaysia do such a thing? Instead reward 3 blokes from the always insulting and offensive Malaysiakini?

    • Maybe the Malaysian diplomatic service books say be diplomatic to everybody irrespective of what everybody says.

      And Malaysian Info & Multi Media Ministry books say reward everybody who report on Lahat Datu. Irrespective of how dastardly (spelling intended on this fasting month) the organization they represent.

      And Najib’s books say follow what Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng etc say – throw away the ISA, EO, RRA and SA.

      And so the people have asked Najib to BLA.

      • He boleh blah or choose to join a liberal political party of his choice. PKR suits him. He has used UMNO to source his power and position, and then distribute largess to Malaysians who have spat and stepped on UMNO and the special position of the Malays. If this is not foolhardy of the highest order, it must be a dimwit liberal who fantasises his make belief political glory , propped up by incompetent yet narcisstic bunch of advisers.

      • Zen

        “Communist terrorists”? Really?

        That’s rich, seeing as how Malaysia is courting China for trade and investments. A China where the Communist Party reigns supreme, and where the armed forces are subject to the Party’s politburo and political commissars?

        Or maintaining cordial relations with a China that sends it’s navy to patrol the South China Sea or that discriminates against the Uighur minority?

        Is it realpolitik as usual with China, or a recognition that there are some gorillas that you don’t want to mess around with?

        As for Guantanamo Bay and the Patriot Act, weren’t they a direct response to the 9/11 attacks?

        Have you seen how the Fox Channel reports on Obama? Address that fair and square, won’t you, instead of ducking the issue!

        Of course, we wouldn’t expect any “loyal” Malaysian journalists to be nominated for Pulitzers now, would we? Not when they didn’t get to graduate from the Columbia School of Journalism!

        Tapi Universiti Malaysia also can, what!

    • Freedom of speech, Zen.

      Is that too difficult a concept for you to understand?

      In the US, there are journalists, TV networks and newspapers who routinely ridicule President Obama and his administration.

      Yet I don’t see Obama pushing to charge them with disloyalty, sedition or inciting hatred.

      Do you?

      So, in spite of it’s many faults, the US still gets some things right.

      • Oh yeah?

        And why the ISA-like detention without trial still on at Guantanamo Bay? And their recently enacted Patriot Act decried as one of the most dehumanizing curtailment of freedom in their country? You blind to all those? Cakap tak serupa bikin?

        You wanna allow the communist terrorists back in this country? The secret societies, thugs and gangsters, the 6,000 restricted resident buggers, the 2,000 EO prisoners released from Simpang Renggam prison continue to create havoc and mayhem shooting people dead at road junctions, outside a temple etc like seen in the last several months?

        Are you Malaysian anyway? You think all Malaysians are loyal and want to serve and die for their country like the Americans do? Instead of belittling the 10 soldiers and Police troopers who died defending their country at Lahad Datu, like the bastak Tian Chua was charged in court for?


  10. Lately Najib try to be popular like Anuar Ibrahim I think. He try to play stupid by given “Pingat Kedaulatan Negara” to “Two Malaysiakini and a KiniTV journalists, which we know telling untrue story about Lahat Datu incursion in Sabah. Why to please these minority, always against establish government?

    I think Najib have forgotten or not realize most majority of Malay still support him. If still play stupid games by introduce something new and effect majority feeling especially the Malays. These will be a major setback to gain Malays support for next PRU and this will be end for UMNO.

    Silver spoon leader sucks…

  11. Alamak, sori off topic but how to say

    Don’t Destoy What We Have Just Because We Want Change – Najib

    PEKAN, Aug 4 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said whatever change wanted by the people should be a carefully planned and organised change for their own betterment and the nation’s.

    Throw away ISA, EO, now crazy crime rate – “carefully planned”, issit?

    • Frankly, I dont know what Najib was rambling about. His meaning of change, keeps changing dictated by political expedience.

  12. Why blame the 2 cunts. Can we know genuinely that jibby didnt want to be looking fair and classy?

    Even those against him, who lie and manipulate also be given a fair crack of the whip?

    Thats his problem. Always looking to be sincere and unbiased. His attitude is as follow:

    I am a pm for everyone, against me or for me except for the malays and other pribumis who voted my sorry ass into office.

    If a 10 year old fucks up, the guardian is to be held accountable. Why is jibby not blamed? Is he that much of a retard like his paper pushers?

    This guy is glorifying himself day and night.

    If one of his guy sees this comment, remember, no one thinks of you like you do.

    We see you as the village idiot who contantly forget to zip your fly after taking the piss.

  13. When a person makes a mistake people usually ask what’s wrong with him.

    When a person repeatedly makes mistake the same question is asked.

    But Ah Jib Gor is different. He makes deliberate mistakes. Everything is wrong with him.

    Is he PM material? I doubt it.

  14. What’s the big deal of this PKN medal more of a publicity stunt . During the Emergency the soldiers fought for many years only then qualified for a medal that too no investiture ceremony just hand over like part of the ration box. How come at that not one reporter got medal ?

  15. […] course the controversy of the investure of Pingat Kedaulatan Negara which many started to question the relevance and appropriateness of its issuance for non combatants […]

  16. […] of the glaring instance is the ‘Endless Possibilities’ campaign. When media officers who are supposed to facilitate news for the Prime Minister are themselves craving for news attention…, then the troff fit as pig’s swill gets […]

  17. […] us not forget Ibrahim and Prime Minister Najib’s own foolhardy who arranged for Malaysiakini reporters to get PKN, when they did were rubbishing the ‘Ops […]

  18. […] year, Department of Information under Director General Dato’ Ibrahim Abdul Rahman include three Malaysiakini journos in the award of…. That stirred a controversy considering that Malaysiakini was their usual self in sipping and […]

  19. […] year, Department of Information under Director General Dato’ Ibrahim Abdul Rahman include three Malaysiakini journos in the award of…. That stirred a controversy considering that Malaysiakini was their usual self in sipping and […]

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