Three Months Interregnum Period

The sixth Prime Minister swearing in to the fourteenth Seri Paduka Yang DiPertuan Agong, after controlling the thirteenth Parliament

It is exactly three months since Sixth Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak won the 13GE as the BN Chairman. It was his first general election since taking over in April 2009.

Although BN’s control of the Parliament was reduced from 140 (at 12GE  on 8 March 2008) to 133 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, UMNO actually improved and obtained 9 extra seats. BN also re-captured Kedah and Perak Dewan Undangan Negeri.

So what did Prime Minister Najib do since the past three months or 92 days (to be exact)?

When the Cabinet was formed on 15 May 2013, he only allocated two ministerial posts for UMNO Johor. That is equivalent of UMNO Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu representation in the Cabinet despite the vast desparity in Dewan Rakyat seats contribution.

Spent bullets such as Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan Yaacob, Dato’ Seri Shahidan Kassim and Dato’ Hassan Malik were brought into the Cabinet. So is the one time notorious Chief of Operator of the loathed ‘Level Four Boys’ Khairy Jamaluddin. No one from Wanita UMNO was appointed as a Minister.

The more appalling bit is that he also appointed Baling MP Dato’ Azeez Rahim as Chairman of Tabung Haji, Ketereh MP Tan Sri Annuar Musa as Chairman of MARA, Kinabatangan MP Dato’ Bung Mokhtar Radin as Chairman of FELCRA and affirmed Emir Mavani as CEO of FGV.

Former MB Johor Dato’ Abdul Ghani Othman is now Sime Darby Chairman. What surprised many was the appointment of Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop as Deputy Chairman of the board and Chairman of the Exco of Federal Government investment and commercial arm Khazanah Nasional Bhd.

Former Ministers Dato’ Seri Ng Yen Yen and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Ph.D are now Advisers to the Tourism and Culture Ministry.

Besides these strategic appointments, no tangible progress could be seen nor recorded in this period. Even the zestful ‘1Malaysia’ cry has summarily disappeared and practically no one in the streets are even referring to it anymore.

On the other hand, there are strategic downside felt due to decisions Prime Minister Najib took in the previous four years. They are translated in the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Joseph Marino’s political statement to support the ‘Kalimah Allah’ issue and recent public outcry on the compounded shootings in the public, believed by persons linked to the over 2,000 released EO detainees.

These three months should be seen as an ‘Interregnum Period’. Its usually used in the context of the void between the death of a reigning Ruler or Pope and the ascension of the next one.

Probably Malaysia is waiting for a more firm and decisive person who could provide better leadership, since too much is at stake.

Make no mistake; Prime Minister Najib could be the man. He has the necessary training if not the genes. He has to prove himself to be sort of leader Malaysia aspire to have in realising so many from the strength, by priotising and juggling the more pressing matters.

*Updated 6 August 0100hrs

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  1. “When the Cabinet was formed, he only allocated two ministerial posts for UMNO Johor.”

    Wrong! No ministerial post for UMNO Johor. TSMY and DSHH should not count. Deputy and vice presidents are minister by default.

    Tiang seri UMNO kunun. Bila nak undi, puji melangit. Dah menang, tak pandang pun kami di Johor. Dr Latif Mersing sudah 2 kali timbalan menteri. Langsung tak dilantik walaupun berjaya mengekang PAS di parlimen Mersing dengan khidmat yang baik.

    Goodbye Najib. Moga TSMY ada telor nak lawan.

    • BD,

      UMNO Johor is spot on! Honest to God, I was shocked when PM Najib announced his cabinet.

      15 out of 88 UMNO MPs are from seats won in Johor. That is 17% of UMNO MPs and 11.3% of BN MPs in the Dewan Rakyat. That is even more than he aggregated seats by MCA, MIC, Gerakan, combined.

      PM Najib only appointed Muhyiddin, who is the UMNO Deputy President and Hishammuddin, who is the Vice President, as ministers.

      He could very well appoint Dr Latif Ahmad, who has been a deputy minister since Nov 1999 and MT UMNO as a minister. So could the promotion of Razali Ibrahim.

      But no!

      PM Najib’s cabinet isnt about progress. Its not even about political fairness. UMNO Johor has the same number of cabinet representation as MIC.

      Its all about him protecting his position as UMNO President.

      His Akademi Fantasia/American Idol strategy obviously failed. Hundreds of million RM were spent exorbitantly, sometimes with opulence.

      That failed to substantially prop him politically. Then again all his advisers and now even the aides were and still are in the state of obtuse.

      Then again PM Najib proven himself to be a weak leader. He is starting to ‘Flip-Flop’, on policies and decisions made.

      The most glaring is the short lived ‘MAS-AirAsia share swap’.

      It is evidently clear Tun Dr Mahathir has started to complain about PM Najib. Especially about Malay issues and recently, the TPPA.

      BTW, I’m third generation UMNO grassrootman. Even in Johor at grassroot level, many hv started to lose confidence in his leadership. Its more like a seven-year Dejavu!

      • I agree that he has flipped flopped on a few instances. But he’s trying hard not to on the very matter we don’t want him to – we want him to change his decision to repeal the Sedition Act.

        I’m hoping Tun Dr Mahathir will give some strong indications on the need for replacing Najib. I can see the reason why he has not. But his comments on the changing of too many laws will lead to not much laws left was an indication.

        Those of us who know newspaper reporters should try to get them ask pointed questions to draw out TDM’s views along the lines stated above.

      • Interesting analysis.

        Let me add:

        UMNO Johor contributed 15MPs, 2 ministers.

        UMNO Sabah only contributed 14MPs but they hv 3 ministers.

        Shows Najib’s attitude towards Johoreans; a political push over.

        Considering that he is half Johorean and his grampy is a Johorean UMNO leader, he’s ready to demonstrate that he could take UMNO Johor for granted.

      • TQ Guderian.

        Yes. PM Najib obviously insulted UMNO Johor.

        Johoreans shouldnt be taken for granted.

        Probably UMNO Johor could teach him a lesson. Just like Slumberhead Sleeper-Dozer.

      • UMNO Johor deserves better but some are of the view that Najib (Bijan) did that to marginalise Muhyiddin. If that is the case UMNO Johor doesnt have to back up Najib in the UMNO elections. The post for President is opened for contest anyway. That should be the ripe time to exercise the power of the grassroots and show the exit to leaders who have proved to be incompetent and off tangent from the aspiration and struggles of the political party born in Johor a.k.a UMNO.

    • Agree with Umno Johor.

      Question is what do we do? No other useful thing than to keep on speaking up. Especially to every Umno member we know. Hoping a few of them will be among he 150,000 voting at the coming party elections.

      Let’s persuade them to replace Najib.

  2. You know big dog, nothing run in genes. Its a man made fallacy. If so, abraham would have been an idol worshipper. Jibbys dad was something else. Unfortunately, none of the traits seemed to fell on him.

    Jibby or ah whore or ah gor is not the man. He is a wannabe rajnicunt. He boast himself up and acts like a pussy warrior. He has no balls. Thats why FLOM dare makes those faces she makes on tv3. She’s not getting anything from jibby no balls.

    This article is called for and i respect you for it. However, the last para about him could be the man, is mind boggling.

    Jibby fucked up in his cabinet. He fucked up with abolishing preventative measure. He fucked up with giving too much muka to the cinas. All hell is breaking loose in malaysia.

    This malay doesnt know how to control anything. Umno is messed up. He had the chance to clear it, but guess what he did, he messed it up even more. Umno is where people join to get contracts and become the ali in ali baba.

    Down with umno. It is eating itself up. Umno is losing balls. Until it becomes again more nationalist and serving the best interest of the malays, i say umno can go to hell. Most of the umno leaders are closeted cinas and most of its members are nothing more than stupid paper pusher who aspire nothing more than to retire in the sun.

    • I share your sentiment on the genes thing and have always wondered why human beings think the sons of a good leader is also one – including Americans who voted in the stupid George W Bush.

      For Malays, it may have been the lazy attitude – why susah susah to choose leaders, just vote in the sons of past leaders, even if they may be dudes or don’t have the interest of Malays at heart and now we know Najib does not really care about the aims, hopes and aspirations of Umno declared since its formation over 60 years ago.

      He has the gall to think that he can continue to live on the laurels of this father, to presume that whatever he does, Umno will continue to vote him as President or speak for no contest on the top 2 posts, and the disgraced Shahrizat, a TKC buddy of Rosmah, jumping about placing Najib on her shoulders. And having appointed the cikus like Khairy a full Minister, the MBA tipu Azeeez as Tabung Haji CEO and such, he now assumes both wings – presumably totalling the most number of delegates to the party elections – will ensure he continues as Umno President.

      No, we must not give up on Umno. There is a vast number of the silent majority among the 3.4 million members. Let’s do what we can to make them conscious on the need to have Najib replaced. And persuade them to speak up. To the 150,000 with votes going to the coming party elections.

      • Lets hope but i doubt there will be any significant change come PAU.

        Tun M had earlier voiced his opinion. He gave his thoughts on why the professionals are all up in arms against Umno and joined the opposition, mainly PKR. And i dont have much faith in the old timers to voice anything.

        I think as long as the funds trickle down, the PAU is in the bag for jibby. But lets hope im wrong and his sorry ass is thrown out on the street.

        Selamat hari raya Haba.

        Selamat hari raya bigdog.

        Selamat hari raya to those who frequent this site.

      • Selamat Hari Raya Painkiller judas priest (hesitated a bit typing your name just now – judas priest may not be celebrating HRaya, haha).

        Whatever the outcome, we must keep on asking the UMNO party election voters to replace Najib and put out all the arguments against retaining him.

        Remember, no one thought about the demise of the mighty British Empire for a long period of time before. But they are no more for half a century already. Hope we don’t have to wait for him to be bongkok before going bengkok.

  3. […] The “thirteen million plus Ringgit” guy rambles…. […]

  4. Najib ni kunun kunun waris Raja Bugis. Bugis ni terkenal dgn kepahlawannya. Berani & perkasa! Kuasa tentera & maritim yg begitu santap sehingga berjaya mengalahkan Belanda.

    Tapi Najib tak cam tu pun!

    Lembik & penakut!

    Sanggup mengampangkan Perkasa yg begitu kuat menyokong BN, hanya kerana tamak yg rebut undi Cina.

    Najib lupa dia naik sampai jadi Presiden UMNO sebab kepeecayaan & sokongan org Melayu.

    Bikin malu bapak dia aja!

  5. Looking forward for popular votes – pemilihan kepimpinan dalam Umno tak lama lagi…

    1. maybe major reshuffle of cabinet lines up – that’s what the expression from PM Najib…

    2. maybe back to ” ground zero ” and new Umno aspirations for the next four years…

    3. maybe there’s no change at all…

    Hoping for real transformation

  6. I’m still waiting for his Aidilfitri iklan or is Ah jib gor here to stay.

    • This elitist guy has so much hung ups about the Malays and about himself. UMNO has chosen the wrong guy to lead it.

  7. tak payah nak selindung lagi.

    najib mesti letak jawatan atau tidak bertanding dalam pemilihan umno nanti. jangan sampai dia kalah masa jika bertanding. mana nak letak muka. lagi satu, adik beradik dan sepupu dia jangan nak berlagak sangat.


  8. Najib should be the bigger man and step aside. Let real men get the job done.

    The sort of leader who is realistic enough becoz he has his eyes on the ground and understand the pulse of the grassroots.

    Not those who could be lulled by self serving greedy and ambitious advisers.

    Najib cannot be in perpetual denial and not realistic that either he makes very drastic changes and a landmark game change OR be pushed out by the power of the grassroot masses.

    Otherwise, say goodbye to BN comes 14GE.

    • Cannot hope Najib will step aside. He won’t, his wife Rosmah especially won’t. Remember the attempt at creating a Malaysian First Lady institution, with a retinue of staff, ball carriers and all?

      He has had a marvellous life all this while. Attended to all the time. Minders from the Malaysian Students Dept in London even at school-going age right to to university. 1-2 Officers at their bek and call. Attended to by Tun Mahathir when he returned here going into politics.

      He cannot imagine a life not being attended to. Jongos, Supir, Orang Suruhan, Pengangkat Bola – yang ada bola dan takda bola (Eunuchs).

      The 150,000 pengundi Umno di PAU perlu banyak fikir dan jangan makan pau. Mungkin pau besau besau akan keluou. Siapa kata money politics dah takda lagi? Ingat, Ketua Pemuda ada lah penjenayah money politics. Ketua Wanita suaminya di tuduh songlap RM250 juta.

      Wahai 150,000 ahli Umno yang mengundi tak lama lagi, tolong lah kawan, fikirkan lah nasib bangsa Melayu. Macam mana nak laungkan “Melayu akan hidup 1000 tahun lagi” kalau Najib tak di ganti?

      • He’s been a damn lucky fellow, isn’t it? Got away with a lot of things. PRU13 nyaris lingkup with Chinese tsunami. Even with women. The one in Port Dickson and all.

        Going personal? Sure lah. He doesn’t care much about Malays, what. Can anyone tell me the good things he did for the Malays in his political life?

        For the Chinese, he even amended the Education Act in protection of Chinese schools when he was Education Minister. Forget about sekolah satu aliran and all lah so long as he is in charge.

      • Most of UMNO fellows are oblivion of materials available online. They are very weak on updated information, the analysis, back and forth arguments and most of all, when half truths are manipulated.

        Middle level leaders too.

        Look how UMNO argue against anything the Opposition throw to and against them.

        What ever is in the blogs, esp those written in English, would just pass them by. Even they’d stop to browse, it would just pass them through. The Malay blogs are simply pathetically shallow and add little intellectualism to their capability of presenting a credible argument.

        The only way out of this is to take all these materials, simplify it and do a person-to-person explanation and campaign. Just as a typical MLM model.

        You’d need a large army of campaigners for that, considering there isn’t so much space left.

  9. The blogs that try to prop up Najib glorify his Transformation programmes. I dislike those programmes mainly because they hardly benefit the Malays whose rights and interests he, as UMNO President, would have sworn to protect and promote but didn’t appear to have done so.

    The hardly any mention of NEP in the first draft of his New Economic Model was a blistering intended glitch on his part, blaming it on the foreign consultants, appointed at huge costs, to prepare the draft. The final draft was not much better and he started giving scholarships to those whose kind, like UTAR, even refused RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire for scholarships etc.

    And he promoted the Director General of the Economic Planning Unit of PM’s Dept, who must have a huge input in his NEM/ Transformation Programmes, to the post of Chief Secretary to the Government over the head of several others, which must have sickened many PTD senior Officers. And those responsible for placements at the IPTAs appeared to have disregarded his Transformation policy by continuing the same policy on university intakes, until the boycotting-government-posts-MCA Youth could only make a noise over it as “outsiders”.

    I’m quite convinced that Najib cares very little about the future of the Malays. He keeps telling himself to “look at the big picture” and rush towards a developed status even before 2020, disregarding the need to level the playing field, perhaps grumbling to his “bastardizing NEP” brother Nazir of CIMB that the Malays should fend for themselves, go to battle with the keris and catapults against the tanks and missiles mounted by the those who have been controlling the economy of the country for decades.

    If he had cared for the Malays, he would have changed his posture after what he himself termed as “the Chinese tsunami” at PRU13. The rakyat hardly cares about 1Malaysia these days, the relentless questioning of the Ketuanan Melayu and the Special Position of the Malays will continue unabated, even emboldened when he repeals the Sedition Act. It now seems that only God can help the Malays – in their own country. The 150,000 UMNO voting members have to act.

    • Have you tried posting this on jibby’s fb?

      Will in no time be old news since jibbys so popular, rakyat loves him, so many people will post on his shitty wall and your post will not only be acknowledge, it will be history.

      Defeats the whole purpose of fb. Sort of. But thats what assholes have fb for. To be deemed popular yet lost more seats than the dozer badawi

      • Got your point. So we keep writing calling for him to be replaced in bogs such as this one. It’s popular, too, BD has hit many million visitors mark.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen. If the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties signs the TPPA now, the BN will lose the next 14th General Elections. It is a death warrant for all the hard-work in building up Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra businesses and SME. With the flood of manufactured goods coming in through Singapore overnight, most Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra businesses will close down. Unemployment, cost of living, inflation and the ringgit will depreciate. The BN Government with falling revenues cannot subsidize essential items anymore or spend to develop. It has to borrow more money at usurious rates leading to more calamity. THE OPPOSITION WINS HANDS DOWN AT THE NEXT 14TH GENERAL ELECTIONS. The holistic guardian of the Malays of their heritage and legacies the UMNO falls. The non-Malays will be a group of wandering souls without a credible political leadership.


    • Mr AK47,

      Anything against Bumiputera interests I no like. Including Najib.

      But I no understand why death warrant to sign TPPA. Your arguments not convincing, I’m afraid. Can explain in convincing manner or not? Like how come Malaysia will not be able to counter dumping of US goods that’ll kill Malaysian enterprises? TPPA not one-way benefit, ain’t it? And how come “borrow more money at usurious rates”? Borrow from Israeli banks only, issit?

      I read about TPPA being part of “US pivot”, the “containment of China” etc. If so, I like. I no trust China. They supported the Malayan Communist Party which aimed at bringing Malaya/ Malaysia under communist Chinese suzerainty. And now they economically strong but appears sabre rattling in the China Seas. Japan oso reacting with increased defence spending already.

      Like Phlippines, Vietnam etc, we have claims on territory that China also claims. So how to fight China? Cannot use catapults, my friend. And I don’t know how many in this country will form a Fifth Column in the event of trouble. I know, I know, lion and elephant fight, the mouse deer will die in the middle. But maybe better than being gobbled up wholesale by a crocodile if it turned nasty, innit?

      • HaBa. Good question. I am glad you asked. I was the last real Malaysian industrialist who made textiles in the 1980s. Since then, there is no real Malaysian industrialist even that guy who boiled brown sugar into white. True examples of industrialists are to be found in Taiwan and South Korea both countries were behind us in industrial activity in the early 1970s. By the 1980s, supported by the Americans and their own altruistic policies, they shot past us into the major league of industrialised nations. But Malaysia focussed on the FTZ which catered entirely to foreign owned multi-nationals which provided only employment ot the workers from the 1980s to 2013. We see billions of US dollars zooming in and billions of US dollars zooming out. By now, most of these FTZ industries would have zoomed to lower cost countries. So, MALAYSIA IS A PLACE WHERE VERY LITTLE MANUFACTURED GOODS ARE PRODUCED. SHE DEPENDS ON PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AND PALM OIL AND SOME EXPORT OF NATURAL RESOURCES. OK ?
        The countries like Singapore, U.S., Canada, etc have only

  11. It is Customary for New Leaders to Ensure his Survival by Appointing those he trust the Most in Strategic Positions. And this is done in the First 100 Days. DS Najib is no exception. He has Successfully appointed those he feels he can trust whilst ensuring that those who is a threat be cast as far away as possible.

    This UMNO GA will see whether TSMY will still remain as a trusted Deputy. If he is Challenged and fail to garner enough support, it is an indication that he is no longer trusted. Najib still call the shots and whether the person is from johor or not, loyalty matters most. If TSMY is Out, the question will be who will be in to replace him?

  12. HaBa. Sorry ran out of space. The countries connected with the TPPA are all developed except Malaysia and Vietnam. IF MALAYSIA SIGNS THE TPPA, SHE HAS NO MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS TO SELL, HER PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AND PALM OIL ARE SOLD IN THE OPEN MARKET. OK. BUT UNDER THE TERMS OF THE TTPA OUR MALAYSIAN MARKET IS OPENED TO ALL MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS WHICH WILL COME THROUGH SINGAPORE OVERNIGHT. Because our industries are small and new, these cannot compete against imported goods. And most telling of all, they cannot even export because of their small size which cannot support export costs. OK. All Bumiputra businesses and non-Bumiputra businesses will close down. Unemployment, cost of living, inflation shoot up. Our Ringgit depreciates adding more cost to goods all round. Our Government collects less revenue which stops it from giving subsidies to essential items and to develop the country. SO THE BN GOVERNMENT WILL LOSE BIG TIME AT THE NEXT 14TH GENERAL ELECTIONS DUE TO THEIR SIGNING THEIR OWN DEATH WARRANT. THE TPPA. Ah HaBa ! If the TPPA GUARANTEES US ALL SORTS OF GOODIES, THEN IT IS A DIFFERENT STORY BUT THE TPPA GUARANTEES US NOTHING ! What is the hurry ? What is the motive ? We can always sign later when our beloved Malaysia is on a sounder footing in all aspects. What is the hurry ? I AM ALL FOR A FREE CAPITAL MARKET but I AM NOT FOR SNEAKY WAYS AND MEANS TO SCREW US UP AND DESTROY US BY OUR OWN HAND. Thank you very much.

    • Txs my friend for your industriousness in replying – until you ran out of space!

      But you raised another question – why my name spelt HaBa, haha. But never the mind, I do not catch any meaning attached to it anyway.

      But the question I saw asked by others as well is: why the secrecy on the TPPA negotiations? I have not seen any satisfactory explanations made by the Malaysian authorities.

      Though I dislike Najib for other reasons, I find it difficult to believe he deliberately wants to screw us up in sneaky fashion. He talks about liberalization all over, surely the economics he read at the British university he attended would have taught him to avoid the pitfalls like you said would come if the TPPA is signed. But I can’t say any more on this, being untrained and unexperienced in anything economics and in detailed international trade stuffs. .

      I agree that he has been rushing even to reach developed nation status. Again, I wonder why the economics he studied (was it industrial economics?) and the economists all over the place and around him didn’t tell him the dangers that you see in the TPPA.

      One thing that lurks on my mind now – what I was told long ago by a reliable source that the wife of a former top gun in the country was unexpectedly notified, after his passing, of a numbered account with a huge amount in an overseas bank. Is it possible that a foreign government places a huge sum of money in an account somewhere as an inducement for the signing of agreements that are negotiated on a secret basis? If it is, then I’d understand better.

    • Are there not other developing countries as well? Like the Philippines and Thailand.

      Wikipedia says other countries that have expressed interest in TPP membership are Taiwan, the Philippines, Laos, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Thailand. But Wiki is Wiki.

      • Thailand and Indonesia are out of the TPPA. These have manufacturing factories much bigger than ours.

  13. Fair weather PM, looks good when everything is well. Ada krisis sikit langsung tak tahu nak buat apa. Asyik-asyik “biarlah dulu, jangan rock the boat…” Try to appease everybody except those who actually supported him/his party.

    Najib is fast becoming a strong contender for the worst PM ever (reigning champion still slumberjack). He may well go down in history for that.

    The only populist leader who is not popular!

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