Raja Petra the Gossip King

The screenshot of Gossip On Broadway

The screenshot of Gossip On Broadway

Malaysia Today Editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin is now a proud Malaysian kopitiam owner-operator in Greater Manchester. His kopitiam Gossip On Broadway, has been on operation since 8 August. Coincidentally, that is the day Muslims in the UK celebrated Eidul Fitri.

It is located on 2 Broadway, New Moston, Manchester M40 3LN. Its north west of Manchester, near Oldham.

Screenshot of the location of Gossip On Way

Screenshot of the location of Gossip On Way

Raja Petra has been living in Oldham, Greater Manchester since fleeing the country since March 2009. He was then on trial since 6 October 2008, in a criminal case of four charges for sedition and criminal defamation. The charges were brought upon him after a series of investigations to an SD he made on 18 June 2008 against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor pertaining to the gruesome murder of Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaaribuu.

The SD was first made known into the public domain on 20 June 2008 here in this blog.

The scrumptous typical everyday Malaysian favourites are featured in Gossip On Broadway

The scrumptous typical everyday Malaysian favourites are featured in Gossip On Broadway

The member of the Royal Selangor extended family told us last year about this kopitiam project. Then, it was targeted for operations in April 2013. However, technical delays postponed the operation till last week.

When contacted, Raja Petra told us that Gossip On Broadway has been very well received by the local community. The kopitiam is serving the typical Malaysian everyday favourites. The more popular dishes are Satay, Rendang and Roti Canai and Dhal. He also told us the investment for the kopitiam is GBP 160,000.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin at Paddington, London 16 March 2012

Raja Petra Kamaruddin at Tuk Din’s, Paddington, London 16 March 2012

Raja Petra also said that three of his sons are running the place.

We wish Raja Petra and his family all the best in their new venture. Let us hope this is the sort of gossip which will bring pride to the effort of introducing common Malaysian culinary to the Brits. Especially in the North West England area.

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11 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Can’t forget his wife’s delicious nasi dagang Terengganu.

    I’m sure you will be hearing more gossip from Malaysian, who can’t do without nasi lemak even though they are abroad.

    All the best Pet

  2. He should have on the menu a submarine sandwich stuffed with Bar-B-Que meat Mongolian sytye

    Call it The Rosmah.

    No PI Bala curry sauce please.

  3. Eh?

    Isn’t he a wanted man?

    Or is that just another Gossip?

    • Yes, a wanted man. He’s called the fugitive blogger.

      No principles like Anwar Al Juburi. One time supported Anwar like mad. Then fell out.

      Many years in UK, fell lonely, home sick. Tried to fish leniency or quashing of the charges against him. Changed his stand and wrote strongly anti-Anwar and pro-BN. Met some one said to be a representative of the Malaysian political masters in Australia. But apparently no deal.

      He went back to UK. Merekut di sana. The restaurant looks like rumah kampung. 160,000 pounds? Capital or losses to date?

      • Moral of the story is: if you want to break the law, be prepared to face the music. Up to 2 years in jail if under the Sedition Act. Maybe he’ll wait it out until Najib discards the Act. But maybe charged under a different law if falsifying a Statutory Declaration.

        He cannot run away because some one said there are hundreds of laws a seditious bloke can be charged under. So, if not prepared to face the music, got to stay in UK permanently and die there.

        But don’t know if situation will remain the same permanently in UK. British PM David Cameron has said, “Multi-culturalism is dead.” RPK is not of British culture, is he? Despite being half British by blood.

  4. Rpk should be writing more books. He can certainly spin a web or two. When im tired and want to smirk, i go to malaysia today. That site is a semi fictious site. The 10 percent or so truth is wrapped in 90 percent skill

  5. Bukan ke raja petra sudah murtad..adakah makanan yg dijual itu halal..

  6. azman mana lu tahu raja petra murtad…..jangan cari dosa kering.

  7. It could have been called ‘ Gossip on Merseyside’.

  8. Sudah bikin havoc d negara sendiri lari ke luar negara buka rest sgghpon anak2 uruskan. Baguih la lepas ni ai pula buka kedai roti d france pak dollah buka business tepong d msia. All is forgotten after the s*@? they did to the rakyats and country. They live with the big dough rakyat yg dungu2 masih terpinga2 dgn kelakuan hodoh depa.

  9. So sincere of you to point out where his restaurant is?

    Is this an open invitation to all readers to find RPK?



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