Misinformed Minister?

IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Penang CPO Sr. DCP Dato' Abdul Rahim Hanafi showing the guns recovered from this morning's shoot out in Sg Nibong

IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Penang CPO Sr. DCP Dato’ Abdul Rahim Hanafi showing to media the firearms recovered from this morning’s shoot out in Sg. Nibong

Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Depart P Wathyamoorthy questioned the Police swift action in the shooting of three Indian gang members early Monday morning in the suburbs of Geogetown, Pulau Pinang. The tone of the HINDRAF Chairman’s doubt of Police professionalism reflects his anti-government tendencies.

Was it shootout or execution in Penang, deputy minister questions police

AUGUST 20, 2013

Deputy Minister P. Waythamoorthy has raised questions about the shooting of five Indian gangsters in Penang. He believes the police executed them.

His comments are likely to put pressure on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who was criticised heavily by Umno politicians for appointing Waythamoorthy to the administration.

MIC Youth chief T. Mohan did so too, saying it would further weaken Indian support for the government.

Waythamoorthy, who is also Hindraf chairperson, said that in the past few years many Indian youths had been shot dead by police who were not able to justify the killings.

The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department acknowledged that the crime situation in Malaysia was serious and police were responsible for keeping the peace.

“However, shooting suspects dead is not the way to go about maintaining internal security and public order,” Waythamoorthy said, calling for an inquest into the deaths of the five youths.

“The Attorney-General should call for an inquest immediately while the evidence is still fresh. The inquest would also dispel the mistrust surrounding the police on probing their own alleged misconduct,” he said.

In questioning the way the five were killed in the shootout, Waythamoorthy said, “Photos of their injuries suggest that the five suspected Gang 04 members had been shot at point-blank range.

“Nobody in their right frame of mind would believe that the five had been killed in a shootout if they saw the photographs.

“It has been a standard answer of the police that they were forced to defend themselves after being shot at.

“But the injuries on the suspects don’t fit the description of a shootout. They give the impression that they had been shot at point-blank range.”

Waythamoorthy also expressed his bafflement that the nation’s top cop concluded that the five men had been involved in 10 murders and two attempted murder cases.

Police recovered three weapons from the suspects and several rounds of ammunition after the shootout.

“How were the ballistics tests carried out so fast? Even if it was possible, how could the firearms be linked to 10 previous murder cases so quickly?” Waythamoorthy wondered.

He said the public was no longer easily misled by the standard answers given by the police every time they killed criminals.

Waythamoorthy said if it was true that police had been observing the five suspects for some time, there was no reason why they couldn’t have been arrested instead of being shot dead.

The suspects’ families have complained about their deaths and alleged that they had been shot like “animals”, according to Malaysiakini. – August 20, 2013.


Wathyamoorthy would have means to obtain information about these three Indian men gunned down after Police raided their nest and found three firearms and live ammunitions, without the need to make an Opposition-toned statement via the media.

This brief report about the shooting has been circulated around in the social media:

Bertindak atas maklumat senjatapi pada 19/08/13 jam lebih kurang 0430hrs sepasukan  pegawai/angogta polis dari JSJ D9 Pulau Pinang dengan dibantu JSJ D9 Bukit Aman serta D9 Kedah telah membuat serbuan di alamat: 1104, Century Bay Service Apartment, Sg Nibong , pulau Pinang

Pasukan serbuan terus berbalas tembakan dan menyerbu kediaman tembakan di hentikan sehingga tiada lagi ancaman.

Hasil pemeriksaan dapati 5 Lelaki India telah mati ditembak dan 3 pucuk pistol dirampas. Butir-butir saspek dan senjatapi:

Bilik utama:

1) Nama:  Gobinath A/L Jayasooryam

KPT: 820526-07-5343

Alamat: 1568, Kg Main Road, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Geng 04

Rekod Jenayah  1. Prai no. report 5430/09  Sek. 324 KK, 2. Sek Ceo -6(1)(c)


2) Nama: Rakan A/L Nagaiah

KPT: 880212-07-5089

Alamat: D38 Sg Nibong Kecil, Bayan Baru 11900 Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang.

Geng 04

Rekod jenayah: 1. Pulau Tikus no. report 748/05 Sek 394KK (Dikehendaki).  2.  PPA Machang no. report 00/09 -POPC 4 (1) Ditahan 2 tahun 3. PPA Machang no. report 00/11 – PDPC 7A (1) Ditahan 2 tahun  dan  4. PPA Machang 00/12 – PDPC 7B (1) ditahan (pembatalan)


3) Nama: Ramesh A/L Raganathan

KPT: 861129-35-5801

Alamat: 1-4-2 Jalan Perkaka dua, Sg Dua, Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

Geng 04

Rekod Jenayah : 1. Dadah DDA 39(A)(1) (Dikehendaki).

Senjatapi di jumpai : 1 pucuk Norinco berwarna perak

Bilik dua:

4) Nama: Vinut A/L Anbalagan

KPT: 900815-07-5067

Alamat: 3-12-B Blok Seratus Taman Selatan, Medan Penaga 11600 George Town Pulau Pinang.

Geng 04 . Rekod jenayah : Tiada rekod

Senjatapi di jumpai: 1 pucuk Revolver .38s barrel 4 inci berwarna Perak

Bilik tiga:

Nama: Suresh A/L Murugasen

KPT: 880928-07-5025

Alamat: 7-G-4 Kompleks Teratai, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

Geng 04

Rekod jenayah: 1. Tg. Tokong no. report 2143/11 Sek. 147 KK (Dikehendaki)

Senjatapi djumpai: 1 pucuk walther PPK berwarna hitam.


5. Nama:Gobinath a/l Myavanam

Kpt: 920102-07-5517

Alamat : 44, Tingkat Berani 2, Jln Mohd Saad, Bagan Jermal, Butterworth.

Geng 04

Rekod jenayah : Tiada rekod


It is baffling to learn that Wathyamoorthy is completely oblivion of such information. Unless Wathyamoorthy is hopeless to get co-operation even though he is already in government as a Deputy Minister or he is complete dump for understanding the role that he should be playing when Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak appointed him.

Wathyamoorthy should be supportive of the Police Force, for trying to restore order to the near madness state of serious crimes with the rampant shootings. After all, he is also a lawyer who is deemed as someone who could at least know how to sought for the usual Police Force procedure, when it comes to a case involving gunned down bandits.

Yesterday wasnt the first time bandits were gunned down. It is not rocket science to understand this because of the three firearms recovered in the premise.

Then again during his involvement with HINDRAF, he could be exposed or ‘infected’ by the Indian triad groups since the pressure group once viewed as being an extremist Indian movement with militant tendencies.

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  1. This is a case where the words “Padan Muka” fits in Najib’s face. He took the man in and appointed him as Deputy Minister, to the chagrin of so many people. Clearly a populist measure, designed to bring in Indian votes.

    He did many similar populist acts to bring in Chinese votes but he got the Chinese tsunami. He got worse overall results than Tun Dol got at PRU12. Now even blogger Syed Akabar Ali (Outside the Box?) is said by MalaysiaToday.com as plainly saying Najib should “step down”.

    The problem to the Malays is that he did many of those at the expense of the interest of the Malays. His populist measures include sidelining the New Economic Policy. That is where he should be replaced most of all.

    Some one should tell the Deputy Minister to go and persuade such gangsters armed with pistols and revolvers to surrender next time the Police have cordoned them off in a house or somewhere. Not as a responsibility-relieving measure, but to see whether he has the balls, the guts and gumption to match his words with such a deed.

    • BULLET MARKS: Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar showed reporters the bullet-proof shield with bullet marks following a raid at an apartment in Sungai Nibong on Monday.

      The gangsters shot at the Police. The Police fired in self defence. Will the Deputy Minister use the shield and persuade such gangsters to surrender the next time such a situation occurs?

      “We have solved nine cases (of shooting) after five gangsters were shot dead yesterday. There are 11 more (shooting) cases under police investigation,” he told reporters. Will some one get the Deputy Minister ready, please.

      • Solidarity with the police in fighting violent and organised crimes in Malaysia for the safety of the people of Malaysia. As for those fault finders they will continue to needle in using civil liberties argument and will continue to pressure authorities. It’s a strategy so predictable that in any given war, they will lose.

    • Meanwhile, the Ringgit is the 3rd worse performing currency in the region, after the Indian Rupee and the Indonesian Rupiah.

      It seems to me that we are still cock-a-hoop while foreigners are pulling funds out of Malaysia.

      Just today I read a report which said that AmCham Singapore and the US Chamber of Commerce viewed investing in Singapore favourably because of the country’s key strengths which include “personal security, and a stable government and political system.”

      The report cited Singapore as “one of the most attractive countries in Asean to do business, with low levels of corruption, excellent infrastructure, and predictable laws and regulations.”

      I wonder if our PM and his advisors in Miti, Pemandu etc are keeping tabs of business sentiments.

      Personal security is a big thing with foreign business people and investors.

      So, are the recent actions by the police a way to reclaim the narrative or, as is typical in Malaysia, fix the problem now and let the long-term take care of itself, because it will be on someone else’s watch?

    • Isa. The NEP really began 10 years late durinig the tenure of the 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. To his credit, the new and large Malay middle income group was created with the expansion of the urban Chinese middle income group. This was TDM’s finest hour.

  2. Its clear that this deputy minister has feelers in gangs. It wasnt parents who complained, it was his buddys.

    Again, bravo to pink lips. He thinks he is 1st world, 1st mind mindset.

    Only problem is, najib is an idiot. Electing this pariah outcaste was a genius stroke by yours truly

  3. Why Najib Appointed this Person as Deputy Minister is known only to him. Idris Jala was appointed to the cabinet for being responsible in turning around MAS. Is Wathya chosen for being able to turn around the Indians? Will Najib be successful in turning around UMNO?

  4. Do you think this Deputy Minister will come out with such statements if the dead criminals were other than Indians, Such is the narrow-mindedness politician we have in the Cabinet.

  5. Najib all fucked up……please leave. You and those in cahoots don’t deserve to run the country…..

    The sooner you leave, the better


  6. Sebelum PEMBELA jenayah berat ini lebih kalut : –

    1. PM Najib mesti mengeluarkan kenyataan keras supaya Ops Cantas di teruskan oleh pihak polis. Pihak polis mesti di beri sokongan penuh kerana badan ini lebih arif dan professional membenteras semua jenis jenayah.

    2. KPN mesti tegas. Penasihat Undang-Undang kerajaan mesti bersedia dan peka dengan keadaan semasa dan bertindak dalam bidang mereka demi menjaga imej Polis dan Kerajaan. Selama ini mereka biarkan pembangkang bertindak sesuka hati mencemuh dan menghentam setiap tindakan kerajaan. Ada mereka sahaja yang betul sehingga PM Najib hilang kawalan?

    3. Mohon pihak polis bertindak lebih cekap terhadap semua kes yang di laporkan pihak awam dari sekecil-kecil nya (penghinaan individu atau kumpulan yang di lakukan secara sistematik di media siber yang lebih menjurus kepada penghinaan tokoh-tokoh Melayu, Melayu awam dan Agama Islam) sehingga ke jenayah-jenayah terancang. Polis kita memang cekap cuma kekangan politik menghalang mereka bertindak. PM Najib sudah berjanji untuk menyokong dan menyediakan apa yang di perlukan oleh pihak polis. Perbetulkan sebelum GE 14. Rakyat akan lebih menghargai.

    Semoga bloggers pro kerajaan kita lebih aktif membantu.

    • Saya blogger pro-Kerajaan dan akan membantu mana yang boleh.

      Tetapi saya bersetuju dengan mereka yang mengatakan Najib perlu di ganti dengan pemimpin yang berjiwa Melayu sepenuhnya.

      Saya fikir tak boleh harapkan sangat Najib, PDRM akan teruskan Ops Cantas selagi perlu. Malangnya demikian banyak jenayah berlaku akibat Najib hapuskan alat alat penting bagi membenteras jenayah saperti ISA, EO, RRA dan tak lama lagi Akta Hasutan.

      Bila di sebutnya sahaja niatnya menghapuskan Akta Hasutan, melanda landa mereka yang bertabi’at menghasut. Contoh terkemuka terakhir ini ia lah Alvivi dan pembantu ADUN DAP Johor. Menteri Ahmad Zahid telah menerangkan “spin off” dari beribu penjenayah dan penjahat yang di lepaskan dari Penjara Simpang Renggam.

      Bukan kah begitu banyak masalah akibat Najib menghapuskan alat alat membendung kegiatan penjahat itu. Hingga theStar melaporkan senjata api di iklan jualannya di dua ekaun Facebook yang di jumpai setakat hari ini. Gila, melampau punya kerja.

      Penasihat undang undang Kerajaan ada lah Peguam Negara. Saya fikir pejabatnya pun dah susah nak bernafas bukan sahaja akibat demikian banayk kes yang perlu di bawa ke Mahkamah tetapi juga kehendak Kerajaan menghapuskan undang undang yang sedia ada, mengakaji perlu tidaknya ada gantiannya, dan menderap unndang undang baru bagi gantiannya.

      Yang saya amat kesalkan ia lah masakan Amerika Syarikat pun masih ada tahanan tanpa bicara saperti ISA di Guantanamo Bay, Najib sudah hapuskan ISA di Malaysia dan mahu hapuskan Akta Hasutan yang melindungi perkara perkara sensitif di Perlembagaan saperti Ketuanan Melayu, Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, dan juga hak kerakyatan bukan Melayu yang menjadi balasan bagi nya. Pendirian sebegini amat kudut dan mengecewakan, dan saya sokong Najib di gantikan di pilihan pemimpin UMNO akan datang ini.

  7. Najib is not an idiot…but he thinks the majority of his bangsa melayu are idiots! his actions has shown that he has little respect of his own race…no wonder the young malays do not support him.

    The Malays deserved a leader who is SANE….Najib seems to be losing the plot…he is no better than Pak Lah. He should honourably resign and let the DPM took over.

  8. It must be the ethical protocol of ministers in the government cabinet to resolve such issues through joint inquiries between the administrative bureaucracy and the PDRM. Surely, there are no caste barriers to hinder the deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office from initiating a board of inquiry into the matter. On the contrary, accusative exclamations aimed at the tensioned lawkeepers of the land in the prevailing chaotic gangster climate can only come to zero in alleviating the problem situation. Is this why the Indian community has the highest rate of committing suicide in Malaysia? Because their leaders in high positions are pathetically reactive when they should rather be proactive for the sake of the people’s true welfare?

  9. In that case, I would like to question the deputy minister background and records. Is he in any way affiliated with the murderous gangsters and the underworld? His action seem to indicates that he has.

    As for Najib, take a good, hard look at these Churchill quotes:

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

    “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

    – Winston Churchill

    In case none of your highly paid advisors tells you, the sentiment on the ground is that – thus far you have been a disappointment, a fair weather, spineless leader (and I am being kind with words).

    All those strategies that you employed previously worked; to get you to the top that is. Today you are at the top! you cant behave like you are still trying to get there!


  11. If PDRM hands are tied to keep law and order due political, race, caste, religion and social class reasons…lets us citizen resort to having our own militia group to protect our own interest..e.g we could have HINDRAF MILITIA, GENG 04 MILITIA, SYIAH SEKUDAI MILITIA, DONG ZONG MILITIA…So dont play-play..if you play-play with our groups we go for inter militia war..PDRM can just do guard duty …guarding Royalties, UMNO elites, PKR elites, DAP elites, PAS elites..

    • What “Dr” are you, Salleh Belenggu? Not PhD tipu I hope – many are like that these days.

      Wat you talk one, Mister, me no unerstand.

  12. Ni sorang lagi Keling Karam!

    Polis dah berbalas tembak & jumpa pistol kat tempat kejadian. Dah tunjuk kat media pun pistol yg dirampas.


    Dia ni tak ingatkan ke masa Sosilawati, lawyer dia, driver dia & CIMB Banker tu kena bunuh dgn Keling Keling kat Banting tu?

    Ada Ultra Ultra Melayu ni buat isu?

    Semua serahkan pada Polis!

    Memang dasar Keling Karam, Keling sial sekor ni. Dah jadi timb menteri pun pekerti cam Keling Estet lagi. Wayang + Kecoh tak habis habis. Meroyan macam ketagih todi.

  13. mampos kita
    mampuih kita

  14. Najib bela serigala jadian…makan tuan tu…HRP aka HINDRAF…pergi website dia…depa memang anti-Melayu. Depa kena sedar diri populasi kat Malaysia tak sampai 10% jgn buat hal lah….dont act like majority beb…

  15. Now even the lawyer assisting the families of the dead blokes get bullet threat. Aiyyo, Ah Jib Gor, bring back the laws you chucked away and don’t throw away the Sedition Act, lorr.

    Lawyer receives bullet threat for helping Gang 04 families
    New Straits Times – ‎2 hours ago‎

    GEORGE TOWN: A lawyer, who assisted the families of the five alleged Gang 04 members shot dead by police earlier this week, received five live bullets at his home this morning.

  16. Najib najib, first he gets the chinese tsunami slap. Now he gets an indian punch in his face.

    And all because of the “I love PM” banners and posters.

  17. I strongly support the Minister of Interior, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi and the PDRM. We must have law and order in our beloved Malaysia. No more. No less.

  18. […] send very strong messages as a reaction to Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Wathyamoorthy’s statement of “Shootout or execution” for the Police gunning down of five Indian gang members on Monday.  It has been seen as in the […]

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