Courtroom Karam

Courtroom litigator DAP Chairman Karpal Singh and his client Setev Shaariibuu, father of murdered Mongolian woman Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

Another ‘Wayang Politik‘ was automatically activated, the moment the three-man Court of Appeal unanimously acquitted Police Force Special Actions Unit Ch. Insp. Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar from the gallows. Like Swiss timepieces, the Opposition announced a RM 100 million suit by father of the deceased Mongolian woman Altantuyaa Shaaribuu against Political Strategist Abdul Razak Baginda, Azilah, Sirul Azhar and the Malaysian Government in June 2007, to go for trial soon.

Riong Kali’s newsportal report on the subject matter:

Karpal to call Najib and Musa Safri in Altantuya civil suit


AUGUST 23, 2013

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his former aide-de-camp DSP Musa Safri will be subpoenaed to testify in the civil suit filed by Altantuya Shaariibuu’s father, Setev.

Counsel Karpal Singh (pic), who is holding a watching brief for Setev, said he will push for the suit to be heard soon.

Setev filed a RM100-million civil suit against Abdul Razak Baginda, Azilah Hadri, Sirul Azhar Umar and the Malaysian government in June 2007.

The suit had been put on hold pending the appeal filed by Azilah and Sirul. Both policemen were acquitted today while Razak, who was charged with abetting the two, was acquitted in October 2008.

“We will now call the prime minister and Musa. Musa could not have acted on his own,” Karpal said in Shah Alam today.

Karpal said despite Azilah’s and Sirul’s acquittal, Setev still has a recourse in the civil suit.

“This will be a chance to establish guilt on the balance of probability,” he said.

“I will now have to activate the suit to have the case fixed for case management.”

However, he said there was still a possibility the case would remain on hold pending an appeal by the Attorney-General’s Chambers following today’s ruling.

When asked if the acquittal would have a bearing in the civil suit, Karpal said, “Yes. But we still have this avenue to hold them liable. Take American footballer OJ Simpson’s case. He was acquitted for murdering his wife, but was later found liable in the civil suit for her death and was ordered to pay damages.

“This (referring to Altantuya’s case) is a serious matter. Someone comes to our country, gets blown up and end of the day, no one is held liable.”

Karpal also took a swipe at the prosecution team handling the case.

“They should be held liable for the defects,” he said referring to several points which were raised by the Court of Appeal bench in their judgment this morning.

“It just shows they are not up to mark.” – August 23, 2013.


Typically as the Opposition, Karpal Singh would use any opportunity to have a courtroom drama for the political purposes. He plans to subpoena Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and former Aide-De-Camp ACP Musa Saffri as witnesses to the suit trial.

This is no difference how SUARAM brought to the French court system on trying to cook up the story that the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu with the so-called “Corrpution on the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines from DCNi and Thales in France”.

The Opposition via their rogue and illegal NGOs like SUARAM trumped up a twisted lie upon another lie that Altantuyaa Sharibuu was “A translator in the project” and part of the cause for Altantuyaa’ murder is about covering up the corruption in the acquisition for the Perdana Class Scorpene submarines.

It is so remote from the actual truth.

However, Jasbir Singh Chaal clarified that she was never in the picture at all. “In that period, in all the critical stage of our negotiations with the French, as you are probably aware the French does their business worldwide in English.  At no time did we need a translator. Neither did we need a translator, nor for that matter in French. She was never there. There was no such persons”.

Altantuya was never part of Scorpene deal team: Jasbir

Posted on 27 July 2013 – 04:38pm
Last updated on 27 July 2013 – 07:10pm

KUALA LUMPUR (July 27, 2013): The propaganda often used by certain quarters relating to the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, and its alleged link to the country’s leadership, has been torpedoed by the architect of the Scorpene submarine deal, who among others, revealed that the Mongolian model was never part of the negotiation team.

Speaking for the first time about the deal, Jasbir Singh Chahl, also swore that the model was never in France when they were trying to close the deal.

“I am willing to swear on my holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, that I did not know this person, that she was never part of the team, had never met her, that she was never in France during the entire time we were there trying to close the deal.

“I only knew about her when I read the papers in 2006, that they had found her body,” he told the New Straits Times in a special report entitled, ‘Scorpene: The Untold Story’, published here today.

Jasbir also pointed out that if Altantuya had acted as a translator for Abdul Razak Baginda, a local former political analyst who had helped him broker the deal, she should have been present during all the meetings from 2000.

On the contrary, in official French documents made available to the NST, the French police have stated categorically, that Altantuya never entered France from 1999 to 2006, the year she died. It was also stated that all the meetings were held in France, with some in Malaysia, and were all in English.

“This is now what I am saying, you understand. This is what the relevant French authorities are saying,” said Jasbir.

Abdul Razak, who was a close associate of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, became prominent in 2006 when he was charged with abetting in the murder of the 28-year-old Altantuya after she allegedly tried to blackmail him for a $500,000 cut from the deal.

He was acquitted on Oct 31, 2008 when the Malaysian High Court judge found no prima facie case against him, although two policemen linked to the murder were found guilty.

According to Abdul Razak’s evidence in court, he had only met Altantuya in late 2004, whilst the Scorpene deal which entered negotiations in 2000, was concluded, two years later.

To a question on the necessity to appoint Altantuya as Abdul Razak’s interpreter, as she was widely referred to, especially through blogs, Jasbir was cynical in his reply: “You ask me why the blogs have gone around calling this girl, Razak’s interpreter. You should direct that question to the blogs”.

The special report raised doubts on the necessity of hiring Altantuya as the interpreter, when the fact was that all negotiations with the Frech company were conducted in English. The French team, in fact, was initially led by an Englishman, Martin Hill, who was also fluent in French, the report stated.

Additionally, in his deposition to the French authorities in 2010, former Direction des Construction Navales Services marketing manager for Malaysia and Singapore at that time, Fredric Faura, told investigators that there was no need for an interpreter since negotiations were in English and Malaysians were fluent in the language, it reported.

Firing another salvo, Jasbir wondered why no one had questioned the credibility of the opposition figure who had readily admitted to doctoring a photograph to show Altantuya with Najib and Abdul Razak, purportedly in a Paris restaurant.

“By his own admission, this whole affair was a personal matter between (Abdul) Razak and Altantuya. His dealing with her had nothing to do with the Scorpene deal.

“It’s unfortunate that it coincided with our timeline (the submarine deal). Razak was the only common denominator in this. He was the only link, and a tenuous one, at best,” he said.

Jasbir was a former staff of Thomson-CSF International (M) Sdn Bhd, the wholly-owned Malaysian subsidiary of France’s Thomson-CSF (now Thales), on the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessels project, the Crotale man-portable Shorad (short range air defence) system, and other projects of interest to Thomson-CSF and its subsidiaries.

His extensive experience in the field has led Thales to request him to analyse, evaluate and develop a proposal to supply submarines to Malaysia, which culminated in the Scorpene purchase, the report said. – Bernama


Thus, the notion of the Mongolian woman is murdered because of her knowledge and involvement on the project, especially all the so-called corruptions is baseless and a total lie. Therefore the sordid attempt to link the gruesome murder with Prime Minister Najib, then Defense Minister when the project deal was inked in June 2002 and/or when she was murdered in November 2006, is very weak.

The purpose for the RM 100 million suit now is just trying to demonise the law enforcement authorities, be it the Police, Attorney General’s Chambers and military intelligence of the Armed Forces and making a mockery of the judiciary and judicial system.

There is no relevance for Prime Minister Najib and ACP Musa to be subpoena-ed for the trial but for ‘Wayang Politik’. Weighing all available information compiled and aggregated by the Police during the investigation and all mitigating circumstances, AG Tan Sri Ghani Patail explained that there was no necessity during the trial to get ACP Musa to come under oath and testify.

Prosecution not at fault, AG says there was no need for Musa to testify


AUGUST 23, 2013

Despite the Court of Appeal ruling that the failure of the prosecution to call Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri to the stand had weakened its case, the Attorney-General’s stand is still that Musa was of no relevance to it.

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail (pic), in disagreeing with the ruling, said there was no need to call Musa, who was the aide-de-camp of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, to unfold the narrative of the prosecution’s case.

“While respecting the Court of Appeal, the Attorney-General’s Chambers is dissatisfied with the decision. Non-direction or misdirection by the trial court is not the fault of the prosecution,” Gani said in a statement today.


“As far as DSP Musa Safri is concerned, we maintain that his testimony had no relevance at all as the whole narrative of the prosecution’s case had been unfolded in the trial below. Hence, an appeal to the Federal Court will be filed.”

The Court of Appeal this morning allowed the appeal of the two former policemen, Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar, who were convicted of murdering Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

In their judgment, the three-man panel said the failure to call Musa hurt the prosecution’s case.

Lawyer Karpal Singh, who was holding a watching brief for Altantuya’s family, has said he intends to  subpoena Musa and Najib as witnesses in a RM100 million civil suit filed by Altantuya’s father, Setev Shaariibuu, against Abdul Razak Baginda, Azilah, Sirul and the government over his daughter’s death.

Abdul Razak was also charged with the murder but was acquitted in 2008 without his defence being called.

The civil suit was put on hold pending today’s appeal and is likely to be further delayed because of the AG’s intention to appeal today’s decision. – August 23, 2013.


What would happen is that all these prolonged ‘Courtroom Karam‘ is designed specifically to confuse the majority of Malaysians. Its is pure sinister politics. In this confusion, the Opposition would connivingly manipulate the half truths into a material for another round of nationwide make-believe streets demonstration and rally.

The manipulations would be magnified and the lie is perpetuated further. This is so that more and more Malaysians are ‘disturbed’ to the limitless extension what Government Leaders are willing to do in protecting their acts of abuse of power and corruption. This include, murder.

This is typical plot concocted by popular media for best sellers of fictional work. Otherwise, it is a Neo Con Jewish controlled media fallacy to warrant the disposition of any government which does adhere to their agenda of the ‘new world order’.

After all, as the minority the Oppositions’ hope to wrest power from the majority is through violent streams of deception and staged political drama. They do not have a credible agenda for progress and propel this nation further. Hence, the manipulation and perpetuated lies to stir up emotion and capture the vivid wildest imagination of the younger Malaysians.

This is just another attempt to create the ‘Courtroom Karam‘ as an extension to the constatnt demonisation anything of and by the Federal Government and realising the Opposition strategy of ‘Politics of Hatred’.

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  1. *Comment deleted

  2. Mereka boleh terlepas dalam pengedalian di mahkamah dunia.Mahkamah akirat belum tahu.Membunoh adalah satu dosa yang berat.Mereka hanya boleh dimaafkan dalam hukum Islam jika mereka membayar blood money dan mendapat keampunan dari keluarga si mati.

    Amat menarek bila Azirul mengucapkan,salepas dibebaskan,ia bershukor kapada Allah.

    • betul tu..yg empunya konek boleh la terlepas di mahkamah dunia dari tuduhan meliwat…Mahkamah akhirat , jgn harap la nak lepas….konek bengkok tua itu akan menjadi saksi, di kala mulut semua di kunci….MELIWAT JUGA SATU DOSA YGN BERAT….tak gitu????

  3. Wasn’t there a Karam Singh some time back? Also a politician or something.

    Whatever happened to him?

  4. Be Beneficial for everyone if ALL those involved in the case is required to testify. Let the Court decide if their testimony is Relevent or Not. That way nobody can claim that the trial is being manipulated.

    • “ALL those involved in the case”? What kind of involvement? Being accused without substantive facts also? Where’s the limit? Will the cat also be required to testify?

      It must be in accordance with the law. Claiming that the trial is being manipulated – those even dragged their parents to the streets, walking hands tied in a procession, hurled with abuses, accused of being “counter revolutionaries” etc during the so-called Cultural Revolution in China in the 1960s.

      The Min Yuens are still around in this country although in different forms.

  5. Another avenue available i.e the Federal Court.

  6. Somebody must have killed that unfortunate woman.

    I mean, you can’t just self-shoot and self-blow yourself up, can you? Or have shadowy intelligence operatives executing “extreme prejudice” orders in Malaysia?

    Surely, competent police investigations should have identified and caught the alleged culprits, who will then have their day in court.

    That’s how the system is supposed to work.

    Instead, we have allegations and innuendos galore.

    And the father of the deceased woman calling on the Mongolian government to get involved in uncovering the truth.

    How much more messier can it get?

    • No, that woman disappeared into thin air, man. Aiyyo, lu.

      You so skewed and warped mind arr? You are so used to “shadowy intelligence operatives executing “extreme prejudice” orders in Singapore that you think it is done in Malaysia arr? So damn stupid, you.

      You never heard of the thousands of unsolved murder cases even in advanced countries like US arr?

      Why don’t you get some C4 and blow yourself up, stu? Leave a short note so that it’ll be solved without wasting public money.

      If difficult to get C4, just drink some acid. Or herbicide. But don’t forget the note, ok?

      • Zen, Zen

        What is your point?

        That killers and murderers in Malaysia can escape detection and remain unaccountable for their crimes?

        That a foreigner can come here and die a lousy death?

        Where’s your humanity, man?

        Or are you saying that she deserved it, after mucking around where she shouldn’t have?

        “Unsolved murder cases” in any country is a given. In the US, the UK, Japan or Singapore.

        What is important is the quality and rigour of the investigation and prosecution processes.

        In this instance, the learned Court of Appeal judges found fault with the High Court judge and the way the prosecution assembled and presented it’s case.

        Because of these uncertainties, the accused were acquitted, as should be the case where a person is presumed innocent until found guilty.

        Unlike, say, China, where capital trials can last all of 2 days, and then it’s the firing squad!

        As for “shadowy intelligence operatives”, the recent revelations about what they do should be instructive.

        So, if you want to be facetious about this lady’s death, go ahead.

        Just spare a thought for her family, and say a prayer for her soul.

    • goob goob

      “That’s how the system is supposed to work.” Yeah yeah …..

      Somebody must have sodomised Saiful right? Although evidence was found, anwar was acquitted based on technical grounds???

      • Well, Ray – this case is being appealed, right?

        As in the Altantuya case.

        So, let the judicial process take it’s course.

        Unless you are advocating pre-determined outcomes and verdicts.

        Which you aren’t, surely?

        Because that would be highly seditious!

  7. Tajuk ini memang amat bertepatan.

    Semua yg tampil & bikin karam dlm isu pembelian kapalselam TLDM merupakan Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh Deo, Sivarasiah, PI Bala, Deepak Jaikishan, Cynthia Gabriel, Irene Fernandez.

    Semua Keling Keling ni Karam, Karam dan Karam lagi!

    Tu lom masuk Uthayakumar, Wathyamoorthy & Vell Paari lagi!

    Ianya tak bawak progress kpd negara kerana semua yg mereka bangkitkan adalah PEMBOHONGAN BELAKA!

    Dan saman RM100j ni satu gerakan untuk terus secara tak langsung memprovokasi atas org Melayu, sambil mengelirukan org ramai.

    Padanlah org kata, kalau ada dua Keling ja kapal pun boleh Karam!

    • Pembetulan:

      Kalau ada satu setengah je pun kapal boleh Karam!

  8. Pada saya kerajaan (pehak police,badan kehakiman) sengaja mengundang kontrovesi dan prespecative negative terhadapnya.
    Sedari awal kes ini telah menampakan kelemahan dalam penyiasatan begitu juga kes sodomy ’11’, selagi tiada penyeselaian yang kongkrit ,tangapan masyarakat akan terus belegar.

  9. I for one am with karpal on this one. He is milking the cow as far as politics goes but i also want someone to be held accountable and i also want to know the motive.

    Scorpene issue, i dont buy. Never have. Could it be a case of wife against mistress?

    And did you hear about the rumors that razak baginda was brought in to be a coverup?

    Hotels abroad recorded the name mr. Razak. Thats where razak baginda’s cue came in.

    When the real razak is jibby.

    No one really knows why the mongol was blown to bits. The two acquitted will just shut up. Might have brokered a deal. Wouldnt be surprise if they went swimming with the fishes.

  10. AG, then why did you prosecute in the first place.

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